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Golden High 2024 - Episode 67&68




Golden High 2024 - Episode 67&68

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Adriel came in and all the boys looked up. 

"Where's Theodore?" Leo asked.

The door opened,Theo came in with Isabella. 

"Come here dude,how do you set this?" They dragged him away from Isabella. 

"I love the hoodie,Theo's??" Phoenix asked and Isabella nodded. 

"What are you girls doing?" She asked. 

"Waiting for them to start whatever game they are planning to play" Cleo replied. 

"Why? I can see a lot of other fun games to play here" Isabella said,looking around. 

"That's right" Cleo smiled,running over to the board game. 

"Who's interested in monopoly?" She asked. 

"I honestly don't know how to play it" Phoenix shook her head. 

"Me too" Isabella chuckled. 

Ariana came out of another room and ran to them. 

"There's a karaoke machine in that room" she said. 

"Karaoke?!" Phoenix and Isabella gasped and she nodded. 

"Really?" Cleo looked at Chelsea and she Nodded. 

"Finally something I can do,I'm singing" Cleo said and ran in with Phoenix. 

Chelsea and Isabella started walking at a time and almost bumped into each other. They looked up and their eyes met,Isabella rolled her eyes and moved back for her to enter first. 

Chelsea went in and she followed. 

"What song are you playing first?" Phoenix asked Ariana. 

"Choose anyone" Ariana smiled. 

"Ice cream by black pink" Cleo and Chelsea said at a time. 

"Right" Ariana set the music and all the girls grabbed a mic each. 

"I'm Jennie for today" Ariana said. 

"Oh no,Jennie is my favorite too" Cleo pouted. 

"Nobody is choosing Rosé right? She's my idol" Chelsea said. 

"Rosé is Lovely's favorite too" Ariana smirked and looked at Isabella. 

"I will go for Selena" Isabella muttered. 

"Lisa for me" Phoenix said. 

"I will just go for Jisoo then" Cleo smiled. 

"We are getting at least 80%,please don't disappoint me" Ariana said and Phoenix chuckled. 

Isabella moved closer and waited for the beat. 


Come a little closer 'cause you looking thirsty

I'ma make it better, sip it like a Slurpee

(She kissed Ariana's cheek)


Snow cone, chilly

Get it free like Willy

In the jeans like Billie

You be poppin' like a wheelie 


Even in the sun, you know I keep it icy

You could take a lick, but it's too cold to bite me


Brrr, brrr, frozen

You're the one been chosen

Play the part like Moses

Keep it fresh like roses


 Look so good, yeah, look so sweet

Looking good enough to eat


Coldest with the kiss, so he call me ice cream

Catch me in the fridge right where the ice be


Look so good, yeah, look so sweet

Baby, you deserve a treat


Diamonds on my wrist so he call me ice cream

You could double dip 'cause I know you like me


Ice cream, chillin', chillin'

Ice cream, chillin'

Ice cream, chillin', chillin'

Ice cream, chillin'


I know that my heart can be so cold

But I'm sweet for you, come put me in a cone (In a cone)


You're the only touch, yeah, that get me melting

He's my favorite flavor, always gonna pick him 


You're the cherry piece, just stay on top of me so

I can't see nobody else for me, no


Get it, flip it, scoop it

Do it like that, ah-yeah, ah-yeah

Like it, love it, lick it

Do it like, la-la-la, oh yeah

They finished singing and checked their rating. 

"98%!!!!!" They all screamed out and jumped on each other. 

"Play me a song!" Isabella shouted excited and Ariana immediately played a cardi B song. 

Isabella climbed on a table and started twerking. 

"Go baby!!! Go baby!!" Phoenix,Cleo and Ariana started hyping in unison. 

"Come on come on!" Ariana slapped Isabella's @$s repeatedly. 

After their drama,they all fell on the floor,breathing heavily. 

"That was super fun,I want to do more" Ariana muttered. 

But the the door opened and The boys entered. 

"Food is ready!" Leo announced

"Oh thank goodness" Chelsea groaned. 

They all left the game room together,Theodore grabbed Isabella's hand from the back and she turned. 

"I missed you" He said and she smiled. 

"I guess you had alot of fun,you didn't miss me" Theo said. 

"I won't lie,I was having so much fun to think about you,but seeing you now,I want to hug you" Isabella said and hugged him. 

Theodore lifted her up at once and pecked her lips. 

"Can you at least eat before all these?" Adriel and Angelo walked past them. 

"Stop being a mood spoiler Adriel" Isabella said and wrapped her arms around Theodore's neck,he carried her that way downstairs. 

Getting to the dinning room,the maids already set the table. 

"Whoa,this is insane. Is this a feast?" The boys said unbelievably as they sat down to enjoy their food. 

Isabella sat down next to Theo,followed by Leo and Cleo,Adriel and Phoenix opposite them,Alex also found his space right beside Chelsea,Angelo sat down next Chelsea too. 

Theodore gave Isabella the cutleries and kissed the back of her hand which made her smile. 

They were eating in silence until Cleo broke it. 

"But,how come Adriel know where you stay?" She asked Theo. 

"We met the other night" Theo replied,eating his food slowly. He took from the chicken on the large plate and cut a small piece,he chewed it. 

"Really? You met?" Leo asked. 

"Yeah" Theo nodded and lick his lips. 

Isabella tapped him and he faced her. 

"You look hot when you eat,I want to kiss yoir lips" She whispered and Theo chuckled.

"You two met to do what?" Leo asked Adriel. 

"We just.....met coincidentally and we ate together" Theodore answered. 

"It was fun tho,we even wanted to buy Soju" Adriel said. 

"What?!" They all exclaimed. 

"It was his idea" Theo said. 

"So were you able to buy it?" Phoenix asked. 

"Of course not,we were to lie about our ages and Theo claimed to be twenty two" Adriel said and they all laughed out. 

"Who would believe that?" Chelsea asked. 

"Exactly,I don't even understand him" Adriel scoffed. 

"Leave my baby alone,he can't lie to save himself,it's cute" Isabella said and Theo faced her. 

"Thanks barbie" 

"I love you" Isabella said and pecked his lips. 

"Gosh" Everyone groaned. 

"Is this supposed to be an oppression or what?" Adriel asked. 

"Whatever you wanna call it" Isabella said. 

"Hey Alex,what grade are you?" Theodore asked. 

"12.....what about You?" Alex smiled. 


"That's the school king,looking for the best student,there he is" Angelo said. 

"Oh wow,that's amazing" Alex said. 

"Are you eighteen too?" Cleo asked. 

"Everyone can't be eighteen" Theo immediately said. 

"But I am" Alex said and Isabella cracked. 

"I was thinking we could be friends but...." Theo shook his head. 

"Huh? Why?" Alex asked immediately. 

"Because all my friends don't have sense,I was looking for a change at least,but I don't think you will be any different....." Before Theo could finish,Adriel and Angelo both pulled his ears from two sides and everyone laughed. 

"You see what I'm talking about,it's not by age" Theodore said and they laughed again. 

"Don't worry,I'm not like them" Alex smiled. 

"Exactly what this crazy one told me" Theo pointed at Adriel. 

"That's right,I remember he said he was more mature than Leo and Angelo,but in the end...." Chelsea shook her head. 

"But I'm not like him" Alex faced her. 

"We can't be sure" Chelsea said. 

"What about you? You don't look gentle either" Alex said. 

"I can be gentle and crazy,anyone you want" Chelsea muttered and Alex smiled. 

"Me too" He whispered. 

"Alex,do you like our dear Chelsea?" Cleo smiled. 



Chelsea and Alex said at once and Chelsea's eyes widened.

"Huh?" She asked. 

Alex chuckled. 

"You look funny" He said and Chelsea blinked. 

"You two look so amazing together,in fact,you are soulmate from heaven" Ariana clapped. 

"I support her" Leo also clapped. 

"Same here" Angelo started clapping too. 

Chelsea looked at Theo but he was totally in another world,not hearing a thing they are saying. 

"Here,water" Isabella put the glass In his mouth and he drank from her hand. 

"Thanks" He smiled. 

Isabella wiped her lips. 

"Open,Ah" He also fed her. 

"Looks like we are getting married" Isabella joked and Theo chuckled. 

"Uncle Theo,don't forget my pictures" Ariana pouted. 

"Let's do that after eating" Theodore said and she smiled. 



Mr Williams walked over to Mr Andrew with his secretary beside him,Mr Andrew smiled immediately he saw him. 

"You're here" He said. 

Mr Williams almost bowed but Mr Andrew stopped him at once. 

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with you this time,I'm so happy" Mr Williams said. 

"It's nothing,I've always wanted the same" Mr Andrew smiled. 

"I'm looking forward to that sir" Mr Williams said. 

They shook hands. 

"I actually made a reservation for us,let's eat lunch together" Mr Andrew said. 

"Of course,I would love that" 

They started walking together,Mr Andrew's bodyguards following them behind with Mr Williams secretary too. 

"I heard you own Golden High" Mr Williams said. 

"That's right"

"Oh, one of my daughters attend that school,final year" Mr Williams said. 

"Wow,amazing. My son is there too,same year. I wonder if they know each other. I can't wait to meet your daughter" Mr Andrew said. 

"I can't wait too,how about a family dinner together when we return to Korea? I will be leaving this weekend" Mr Williams said 

"Same here,my work is done here,until next time. So weekend it is" Mr Andrew smiled. 

"And don't worry,my daughter is pretty and brilliant" Mr William said and Mr Andrew laughed. 

"You will confirm when you see my son too" He said and they both laughed. 



Theo opened his eyes and a flash of tiredness spread all over his body,his eyes landed on Chelsea first and then his mom. 

"Son! You're awake" 

Theo raised his brows,looking confused. 

"What happened?" He asked. 

"You don't remember?" Chelsea asked. 

Theo sat up properly. 

"Am I supposed to remember something?"

"You pased out last night son,you complained about headache...no time to explain,go wash up,we are going to the hospital right away" Mrs Andrew said. 

"But,I'm okay....."

"Ten minutes" Mrs Andrew cut in. 

The door opened and Summer came in. 

"Can you not act stubborn this morning? You came to meet me in school in remember? So please don't argue and go get ready" She said and went out again with Mrs Andrew. 

Theodore said no word. 

"It was bad last night,I'm surprised you can't remember" Chelsea muttered. 

Theo sighed and got down from the bed,he took off his shirt and looked at Chelsea who immediately looked away. 

"Later" She mumbled and left the room. 

Theodore went into the restroom still looking confused as hell. 



Ariana entered Isabella's room and met her sleeping on the bed and hugging her pillow to herself. 

"Are you seriously still thinking about your boyfriend? We just left him yesterday evening,nothing happened to him sis!" Ariana groaned. 

"It's been hours and he haven't read my texts,it's unusual,I'm so worried. He won't answer my calls either" Isabella muttered. 

Ariana sighed and sat down on. 

"I'm sure he's just busy,come on" She hugged her. 



"Doctor" Summer and Mrs Andrew called as the Doctor came into the office,they've been waiting. 

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting,he's still asleep so I went to check on him" The Doctor sat down. 

"It's nothing serious right? He's been complaining of that headache for a while now,but it suddenly got worse last night,the worst part is...he can't remember anything" Mrs Andrew said. 

The Doctor sighed. 

"It's normal to experience all these after a brain surgery,but I'm surprised he even got to this age without all those feelings" The Doctor said. 

"Does he have any idea about his surgery?" He adked. 

"No,,he thought he had surgery because he was just ill" Summer replied. 

"You should tell him now,right now,the second part of his brain is completely active and that's the reason behind his split attitude he told you about,you have to tell him about it. And for now,he should stay away from critical thinking...like studying too hard,it's part of the reason why his brain got so much affected" The Doctor said and Summer blinked out tears. 

"It's all my fault,I shouldn't have forced him to become serious with his studies" she said. 

"But....what happens now? You said his brain is completely active,does that mean.....his twins brain won't be in sync with his?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"Exactly,but it can be controlled....only him can control it. It's either he control them together or his other brain control him"  The Doctor replied. 

"That's why you need to tell him what's going on,it might be quite dangerous if he continue feeling that pain"



Mrs Andrew sat down right next to Theodore on the bed and stroked his hair,she sniffed in her tears. 

Theodore opened his eyes. 

"Mom?" He called and she immediately looked away. 

"Are you okay?" 

Mrs Andrew nodded and faced him. 

"You should know something" 

"What's that?" Theodore listened. 

"Do you know why you got a surgery done when you were a child?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"I was sick?" 

Mrs Andrew shook her head. 

"You had a brother......a twin brother" Mrs Andrew said and Theo raised his brows. 

"A twin brother? You've never mentioned that" He said. 

"He was.....just.......you two were....conjoined" Mrs Andrew said and Theo's eyes widened. 

"What part of my body?" Theo asked. 

"Just.....your brain region" 


"I don't have any idea,but I was supposed to have twins...I did a lot of scan and it was confirmed I was going to have twins,but then....I had just you" Mrs Andrew explained and Theo was confused. 

"So you're saying,he was hidden in my brain? How?"

"Because you started acting strange from the age of four....your attitudes were just too strange,you have split behaviors,you might be crying and just a second later you're laughing,it wss so scary,we thought you were a psychopath....until we were told you have another soul in your brain,existing in there" 

Theodore blinked. 

"Then.....what happened after that?" 

"He was violent and scary and the only to separate you two was the surgery,but we were told we couldn't. It was too dangerous, So we only killed one part of your brain,at least until you're old enough to control it" 

"Which means,I have half of my brain and the other half is more like a....psychopath?."

Mrs Andrew nodded. 

Theodore chuckled unbelievably. 

"So the reason for my headache is because of what?"

"The Dead brain cells are active now.....reason why you felt those violet feelings...."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? Why?" 

"I'm sorry son" 

Theodore got down from the bed. 

"Son wait....."

"Let's go home,I can't stay here" He muttered and stormed out of the ward. 



Mrs Andrew entered Theo's room and it wss empty. 

She immediately ran out. 

"Theodore!!" She called. 

Chelsea came out,some maids also. 

"Where's my son?"

"The young master left home some minutes ago"

"What?! And you allowed him?!"

"We couldn't stop him ma'am" 

"Geez that boy" Mrs Andrew groaned and immediately dialed Summer's number. 

"Is Theo with you?"

"No mom" 

"He left home"

"What?! By this time of the night?!" 



Isabella looked around as she walked gently out of her room,making sure no one would hear sounds or see her. 

She got Theo's text that he's outside and she didn't think twice before putting on some clothes,she suceeded in sneaking out. Getting out,she ran to the gate and immediately opened. 

"Foxy!" She called and rushed to hug Theo where he was standing. 

"Barbie" He smiled,hugging her more tightly. 

"I missed you all day,I was scared something happened to you" Isabella mumbled. 

"I'm sorry" Theodore said. 

They broke the hug and Theodore cupped her cheeks,their eyes locked against each other,staring affectionately like they are the only ones in the world. 

"Barbie" Theo called and she blinked. 

"Do you...want to run away just for tonight?" Theo asked and Isabella swallowed. 

"I want to spend the night with you,let's go somewhere,away from home,just for tonight,we will be back in the morning,I know we will get into trouble with our parents but......"

"I will follow you anywhere,I don't care" Isabella said without thinking and Theo smiled. 

He immediately removed his jacket and wear it for her,he put on the helmet for her also and got on the bike. 

"Climb on" 

Isabella obeyed immediately. 

"Hold me tight,I'm all yours" Theodore muttered and Isabella wrapped her arms around him. 

Theodore started the bike at once and rode off in full speed. 

Isabella smiled and placed her head on his back,not knowing where they were going but she doesn't really care,as long as they are together. 

"I love you Foxy" She muttered. 


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