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Golden High 2024 - Episode 65&66




Golden High 2024 - Episode 65&66

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Chelsea opened her eyes slowly,meeting with the beautiful view of the bedroom,the amber color bulb to set the perfect feeling ever,she knew exactly where she was. 

"Finally awake?" Theo asked from across the room,he was leaning on the wall,close to the window side. 

Chelsea sat up on the bed. 

"Did I fainted? I can't remember" She muttered. 

"Yeah,but I guess you're fine now. You should go to your room,I need to sleep" Theo moved closer to her. 

"You're not going to keep on being cold to me right?" 

"There's no point,I'm not mad at you,but if you can't respect my relationship or give regards to my girlfriend,this can't work" Theo shook his head. 

Chelsea got down from the bed and stood before him. 

"I'm going to try,even though I've tried,I will do better,I will try to get over you no matter what,you can still  be friends with me right?" She asked. 

"I've never stopped being your friend Chelsea,you're the one who doesn't want it" Theodore replied. 

Chelsea took her lips in and then spoke up. 

"Don't worry,from now on....I won't interfere in your relationship again,just don't abandon me,don't ignore me. I don't want to loose you on both sides,I don't want that" Chelsea said. 

"We are still friends,like I said" Theo stated. 

Chelsea nodded a smile. 

"Did you carry me up here?" She asked. 

"You should eat more,you've lost alot of weight" Theodore muttered. 

"Are you feeling bad? You always complained I was too heavy back then" Chelsea scoffed. 

"If you are losing weight naturally,I don't have a problem with that,it's your body. Just don't fall sick" 

Chelsea smiled. 

"Sounds so much like you....goodnight" 

Theodore nodded,and watched her went out before falling on the bed with a loud groan. He checked his phone and found that Isabella texted him about an hour ago. He immediately dialed her number and called her. 

She answered at once. 

"Baby!! You kept me waiting! I missed you" Isabella said on the phone and Theo chuckled. 

"I'm sorry,I was attending to something" He muttered.

"I can't even sleep well,I can't wait for tomorrow,but I'm nervous. I don't know what to wear,what style does your mom likes?" Isabella asked. 

Theodore laughed. 

"Are you trying to impress my mom right now?"

"Of course I should,shouldn't I?"

"Just focus on me alone" Theo muttered. 

"Come on Foxy,this is not the time for jokes,I'm serious right now. I have four outfits I picked,but I don't know the one to go for" Isabella sighed. 

"Do you want my help?" Theo asked. 

"Yes please"  

Theodore switched to Video call without Isabella in view. 

"Where are you?" Theodore asked. 

"I'm trying to get something to wear......"

"Stop it barbie,I'm feeling bad already" Theodore groaned. 

"You're a pervert,I need your full attention,that's why I need to cover up......"

"I promise I won't get distracted,I will control my eyes no matter what" 

Isabella laughed. 

"Oh gosh" 

She came on screen and waved,she was wearing a crop tank top and same pattern of shorts. Her exposed tummy looking so s+xy to look at,the short was seductive enough,her perfect long legs doing wonders too. 

Theodore smiled and shook his head. 

"What,why are you smiling?" Isabella asked. 

"Because I'm going crazy already,I love you so much" 

Isabella blushed. 

"Do you always look this hot anytime you sleep?" Theodore asked. 

"Yeah,for my bed and pillow"

"I want to be your bed" 

"You promised you won't be naughty,please" Isabella groaned. 

"Okay I'm sorry,can I see the outfits now? Even though you look good in everything to me" 

Isabella smiled. "Thanks babe,you always look hot in everything also" She said and Theo smiled. 

She started showing him the outfits one after the other. 



"Mrs Andrew was the only one in the living room with some maids standing,in case she needs something. 

They heard the ding dong sound of the door bell and one of the maids immediately went to open. 

"Whoa" Ariana mumbled beside Isabella who immediately cautioned her with just her eyes. 

"You're welcome young misses" The maid greeted and Ariana waved at her with a grin. 

Mrs Andrew turned and a smile appeared on her lips the moment she saw Isabella. 

"Baby girl,it's you" She said and stood up. 

"Good morning ma'am" Isabella walked over to her nervously. 

"Oh come on,give me a hug" Mrs Andrew opened her arms and Isabella smiled. 

"Thank you" She mumbled before hugging her. 

"You're so pretty girl,really pretty" Mrs Andrew said and touched her haur. 

"Thank you...You're beautiful too ma'am" Isabella said. 

"Oh,thank you baby" 

She looked at Ariana who was smiling and enjoying the moment. 

"Oh,let me guess,your sister?"


"Hello ma'am" Ariana bowed. 

"She's cute,what's your name?" 


"Pretty name" 

"Thank you"

Mrs Andrew and Isabella sat down together. 

Ariana also sat down somewhere else,still mesmerized by the beautiful space called living room. 

The maids came to serve them soft drinks. 

"Thank you" Ariana smiled at the maid who served her. 

"I wish I can stay a little bit longer,but I need to go to the office,maybe we could have dinner together some other time? If your parents approve,I can't wait to know you more" Mrs Andrew said. 

"I don't mind,I will love that a lot" Isabella said. 

"And your parents? How are they?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"Mom is good,she left for office. And dad isn't in the country at the moment" Isabella replied. 

"Oh wow,that's amazing. Which country?"

"Switzerland" Isabella said. 

"What a coincidence,,My Husband is there too at the moment" Mrs Andrew said. 

"Oh" Isabella smiled. 

"Good morning young master" The maids greeted. 

"I said I don't want your greetings....."

"Theodore Andrew!" Mrs Andrew yelled and Theodore turned,his eyes widened when he saw Isabella. 

"Can you stop being rude to those girls? They did nothing wrong greeting you please" Mrs Andrew snapped. 

Isabella chuckled. 

Theodore rushed to them. 

"Hey,how come you're here?" He asked Isabella. 

"You thought I was gonna miss road or what?" Isabella scoffed. 

"You should have called me,and you got here without telling me? Whoa..."

"She's not here for you young man" Mrs Andrew snapped. 

"That's right" Isabella said. 

"Whoa,I'm speechless. Mom you were leaving for the office right?" Theo asked. 

"Are you chasing me out of my house because of your girlfriend?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"No mom that's not what I...."

"I'm leaving sweetheart,don't talk too much" Mrs Andrew stood up. 

Isabella chuckled and also got up. 

"Like I said,there's going to be a lot of moments for us to talk better,so feel comfortable and you're welcome here anytime" Mrs Andrew said 

"Thank you ma'am" Isabella smiled. 

"And son,you took after your father,she's totally pretty" Mrs Andrew said. 

"Of course,what to you expect? My eyes are the best" Theodore said proudly and Mrs Andrew laughed. 

"Bye Isabella,next time" 

"Take care ma'am" she bowed. 

A maid followed her with her bag. 

Isabella sighed out loudly and faced Theo. 

"Were you nervous?" He asked. 

Isabella was about to answer when someone pushed her away and she fell on the couch,Theo's eyes widened but then surprise to see Ariana in front of him. 

"You're really the one! Oh my gosh,you're so handsome,I'm a fan,a fan,you're so hot" Ariana gushed. 

Theodore batted his lashes in confusion. 

"I'm Isabella's sister" Ariana finally said. 

"Oh! Really?" Theodore smiled and she nodded. 

"My name is Ariana,,I attend Royal high school,Grade 11" She said. 

"Oh....nice meeting you" Theodore said. 

"Why not give him your ID card instead?" Isabella scoffed and Theo chuckled. 

Ariana ignored her.

"Can I take a selfie with you? I need to show my classmates"

"Huh? For what?" Theo asked. 

"She said her classmates are crazy about you" Isabella rolled her eyes. 

"But....how? They know me?" Theodore still confused. 

"We all watched you during the quiz"

"Oh....can we take the picture later? My cloth isn't nice" 

"But you still look hot" Ariana said and Isabella spanked ber @s$. 

"Ouch! Come on Lovely!" She cried out. 

"He said later,don't suffocate him!" Isabella snapped. 

"You don't have to hit her" Theodore pushed Isabella's head.

"Oh I see" Isabella muttered. 

Ariana pouted and went to sit down. 

Theo's phone suddenly buzzed and he checked the text,his eyes widened. 

"Is something wrong?" Isabella asked. 

"Damn Adriel" Theo mumbled. 

"What happened?"

"He said he's on his way here with everyone" Theo said. 

"Huh? Everyone? He knows where you stay?" Isabella asked. 

"Yeah,some nights ago. Gosh he's crazy" Theodore sighed. 

"House tour please" Isabella pouted. 

"Let's start from my room then" Theodore winked. 

"Teddy no...." Before she could finish,Theo already carried ber. 

"Bye" Ariana waved. 

Theodore dropped her when they got upstairs. 

"Where's your room?" Isabella asked. 

Theodore held her hand,they stood in front of his suite and he was about inputting the password when Chelsea showed up,Isabella turned and their eyes met. Isabella looked away and faced Theo back. She wasn't surprised,Theo already told her Chelsea was there. 

Theo opened the door and they went in. 

Chelsea went downstairs and from the stairs,she saw Ariana,the maids serving her snacks. 

"Oh thank you" Ariana said and brought out her phone to take pictures. 

The maid changed the TV to Netflix. 

"Please call whenever you need anything" She said and Ariana nodded. 

"Oh,good morning ma'am" The maid greeted Chelsea who replied with a nod,her eyes still on Ariana,she also turned back and their eyes met. 

"Oh....you must be....Uncle Theo's friend" Ariana smiled. 

"Who are you?" Chelsea asked. 

"Your enemy's sister" Ariana smirked. 

Chelsea thought about Isabella and scoffed inwardly,she rolled her eyes and walked away. 

"Gosh,so nice" Ariana focused back on the TV. 



"I love everything about your room" Isabella said after a perfect tour all over the suite,she fell on the bed. 

Theodore joined her and they faced each other,smiling. 

"I missed you" Isabella said. 

"More than you do" Theo muttered and his eyes moved to her lips. 

Isabella reached out and came close before he could even do a thing,she captured his lips and closed her eyes. 

Theo wrapped his arms around her waist,lost in the moment of pure connection. 

As they deepened the kiss,their lips moved in perfect sync,their hearts beating as one. 

Theo pulled her more closer and she came in position on top of him,his hands playing sweetly with her butt, rubbing her waist line at the same time,moaning against each others mouth. 

The moment was interrupted by Theo's phone which suddenly started ringing. Isabella broke the kiss and Theo groaned. 

"Answer your call" She said and got down off him.

Theodore took his phone.


"We are here,come downstairs" 

"What?!! You all arrived at a time? You took a bus or what?"

"None of your business,come downstairs with your girlfriend" Adriel snapped and hung up. 

"Oh wow,he hung up on me" 

"What's up?"

"They are here" Theo sighed. 

"Then let's go" 

"You can go on,I need to put on something more nice" Theo said. 

"I will wait for you" Isabella pouted. 

Theodore smiled and pecked her lips before going into the dressing room 

"You can come in if you want...."

"Shut up" Isabella snapped and they both laughed. 



Ariana watched as they all were talking loudly and laughing already,Cleo and Chelsea were together. Angelo,Adriel and another guy,he's a friend of Adriel,also his neighbor. Alex. 

"Are you really Isabella's sister?" Phoenix sat down beside Ariana and she nodded. 

"What?! Isabella has a sister?" Angelo asked. 

"As you can see" Phoenix said and Ariana smiled. 

"Whoa,she's pretty" Adriel said. 

"Thank you" Ariana smiled again. 

The door opened and Leo came in. 

"Dude what were you doing outside?" Angelo asked. 

"Shut up I told you I was receiving a call and........" The remaining words refused the come out the moment Ariana turned and their eyes locked. 

Leo's mouth remained opened,the way her two side braids moved with her hesd position almost made him go gaga. 

"Guy guy guy,close your mouth you're embarrassing me" Angelo said and Leo closed his mouth. 

Ariana chuckled and looked away,she turned her face back to the movie. 

Leo rushed to the boys. 

"Who's she?" He whispered. 

"Bella's sister" Adriel whispered. 

"Where's Isabella?" Leo asked. 

"Stop it,she's a kid" Angelo said. 

"I'm also a kid,what are you talking about?" Leo snapped and the boys laughed.

Theodore and Isabella came downstairs together. 

"Theo!!!" The boys shouted and rushed to hug him at a time,except Alex. 

"I can't breathe" Theodore groaned and they immediately let go of him. 

"I'm so happy to see you all" Theo smiled. 

"Hey Theo" Phoenix waved. 

"Wow you're here too" Theo grinned. 

"Me too" Cleo smiled. 

"Perfect,today is going to be fun" Theo chuckled. 

"Food first,I knowingly refused to eat at home because of you" Angelo said and Theo laughed. He saw Alex waving. 

"Huh? Who's he?"

"My friend,I'm sorry I didn't tell you......"

"Is he an American?" Theo asked and immediately walked over to him with smiles playing on his lips. 

"Yes I am" Alex replied in a perfect American accent. 

"It's so f+cking obvious,you're so handsome,I love your hair" Theodore replied in his clean accent too. 

"Wow,you speak so good" Alex smiled. 

"I was born with it" Theodore winked and Alex chuckled. 

"You're handsome,I love your hair too" Alex said. 

"Thanks" Theo simply said and faced his friends back. 

"We are hungry dude,quit that accent" Angelo said. 

"Calm down dude,I didn't call anyone here,you came willingly" 

"Pride is that you?" Leo asked and they laughed again. 

"I would be proud if I was him,come on" Alex chuckled. 

Theodore called a maid and she came over immediately. 

"You can tell her what y'all want" Theo said. 

"Like for real? Anything?" Phoenix asked. 


"Uhm,let's ask for one food then,we can't stress them...."

"No it's fine,whatever you want" The maid said as Angelo saud that. 

"Whoa" Leo clapped. 

"Foodie" Adriel chuckled. 

"Can i have a very spicy bowl of ramen? With chicken?" Phoenix asked. The maid nodded. 

"I will love...creamy tomato pasta" Ariana said. 

"Noted" The maid smiled. 

"I want pasta too" Leo said and Ariana looked at him,their eyes met and Ariana immediately looked away with a totally flushed red cheeks. 

Everyone mentioned what they want to eat,including Theo and Chelsea and tbe majd left. 

"Wait,when did Isabella got here?" Phoenix asked. 

"This morning,like an hour ago?" Isabella replied. 

"Oh wow" Cleo said. 

"Don't be boring guys,is there something we can do before we vet to eat? I wanna have a lot of fun here" Adriel said. 

"Video games?" Theodore suggested. 

"Yesss!!!" The boys all jumped up. 

"Let's go" Theodore mouthed,pointing upstairs. 

They were about running off when Isabella crossed them. 

"So if you guys leave,what are we supposed to be doing here?" She asked. 

"Movies" Angelo replied. 

"And who said we wanna watch movies?" Phoenix snapped. 


"Let's just have fun together" Chelsea said. 

"I still wanna okay video games tho" Leo said. 

"Then let's go together,we can be your cheer leaders" Ariana said. 

"Finally someone with sense" Leo grinned. 

Isabella slapped his head.

"Ahh!!" Leo grabbed his head and everyone laughed. 

"So you mean we don't have sense?" Isabella snapped..

"I'm sorry queen mother" Leo chuckled. 

"Wait here,I need to get something" Theodore said and walked toward the kitchen,Alex followed him. 

Theodore took a bottle of water from the fridge and left the kitchen,he bumped into Alex on his way out. 

"Oh" Theo smiled. 

"Can I ask you something?" Alex said and Theo nodded. 

"I heard that pretty girl with black hair is your best friend" Alex said and Theo blinked. 

"And??" He asked. 

"What do you mean and,,she's damn hot" Alex said. 

Theo chuckled. 


"I want to talk to her badly,can I?" Alex asked. 

"Wait,are you like...taking permission from me right now or something?" Theodore asked. 

"Something like that" Alex replied. 

"I don't own her,what are you saying. Talk to her if you want to"

"I just thought......"

"Oh come on,we are friends but I don't own her,that's funny" Theo chuckled. 

"Bunny" Isabella came over with a pout. 

"What's that?" Theo smiled on seeing her. 

"I suddenly feel cold" Isabella mumbled and curled her arms around his neck,Theo carried her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

"Can I get something bigger from you?" She asked. 

"Sure,let's go" 

"Where are you two going again? No more game?" Leo asked. 

"Chelsea can take you guys there,we will meet you" Theodore replied and went downstairs. 

"Oh wow,he's gone" The boys muttered. 

"Follow me deciples" Chelsea said. 

"What?!!" They all shouted and she smirked. 

"Come on" She said and led the way,Alex followed first. 

"Hi" He said and Chelsea looked at him.

"Hey" She smiled shortly and Alex touched his chest. 

"Madness" Adriel scoffed and Angelo laughed. 



Isabella came out of the dressing room,she was putting on Theo's hoodie and baggy jean trouser. 

"How do I look?" She turned around. 


"How come I didn't notice you're so tall? Can you see this?" She asked,showing him the hands of the hoodie. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"You're so f+cking cute barbie" He said. 

"Let's go,I'm done" Isabella said. 

"Not now" Theodore grabbed her waist.

"What now"

"We have an unfinished business remember?" Theo winked s+ductively and Isabella chuckled. 

In a minute they are on the bed smooching, devouring each other,their lips moving against each others,their tongues dancing together. 

They rolled over and Theo came on top. 

Theodore's hand already slide into Isabella's hoodie and captured her breast when they heard a knock. 

"Come out you two before I break this door" They heard Adriel's voice and they broke the kiss. 

"I'm not ready to be a godfather yet so come out" he said. 

Isabella bite her lips and chuckled. 

"Damn F+ck you Adriel!!" Theodore yelled 

"Screw you! Little f+cker" Adriel replied. 


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