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Golden High 2024 - Episode 63&64




Golden High 2024 - Episode 63&64

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



"Come on lovely,you said you have a lot of gists for me,you're keeping me in suspense,I'm dying" Ariana touched her chest dramatically with a pout. 

She's a younger version of Isabella pretty face,long hair,model body,she's totally beautiful,she's even taller than Isabella while she's only sixteen. 

Isabella chuckled and dipped a fork into the chocolate cake she was eating. 

"Who made this? Mom? Or it was bought?" She asked. 

"Gist me and I will tell you" Ariana blinked cutely. 

"Then keep it to yourself" 

"Fine fine,I bought that yesterday,for you" Ariana sight and sat down on the kitchen cabinet,staring at Isabella with angry but cute look on her face. 

"I got another boyfriend" Isabella muttered and Ariana's eyes grew. 

"Another?? So you had a boyfriend before? You didn't tell mom or anyone,since when?" She questioned. 

"I don't want to talk about him,but I have another boyfriend now" Isabella said,opening the fridge. 

"Do you have a picture of him? Let me see" Ariana climbed down and took Isabella's phone,she tried to unlock but couldn't. 

"What,you changed your password?" She raised her head and Isabella nodded,she was drinking from the milk bottle. 

"What's the new one?" 

"Let me open it....."

"No tell me...you used my name before,so what did you change it to?" Ariana asked. 

"Let me spell" Isabella bite her lips and Ariana raised her brows suspiciously but then nodded. 

"L.o.v.e.T.e.e" She spelt. 

"You mean Love Tee,you should have told me,what's the spelling about? Now please who's Tee?" 

"Theodore,my boyfriend" 

"Whoa!!!!!! So now your boyfriend is more important than me!!!" Ariana screamed. 

"Stop being dramatic" Isabella chuckled. 

"Let's see if this boyfriend of yours deserve the love,show me his pictures" 

Isabella took her phone and returned it to Ariana after some seconds. 

"Keep swiping,I have a lot" She muttered,returning back to her cake. 

Ariana's eyes widened. 

"Where did you get him?" She looked up. 

"Huh? Meaning?"

"You said you once had a boyfriend?"

"Yes why?"

"So Theo wasn't in your class before?"

"He was......"

"Were you blind or something?" Ariana asked. 

"Hey! Are you crazy?!" Isabella yelled. 

"No offense,I'm just asking,how could you......this guy is f+cking cute!! He's handsome,oh my goodness,wow...." She kept swiping,with shocking looks on her face. 

"Wow.....now I regret not following mom to school on your visit day,I was having test in school" Ariana pouted. 

"He said he want to meet you" Isabella smiled.

"He stay in Seoul too right? When can we visit? I'm too eager right now,I should take a picture with him and post on my Instagram,my class mates are gonna die I swear,the boys in my class are ugly and dirty,I just can't deal with them,damn" Ariana made a disgusting look and Isabella laughed. 

"Sorry for you,the boys in my class are all hot,the girls too." She winked. 

"I wish I can meet all of them,but that's by the way,Lovely I saw you on TV......wait wait!!! Wait.....that guy....wait....the brilliant boy....his face looks like....wait" She picked up Isabella's phone again and checked Theodore's pictures. 

"You're right,that's him" Isabella smiled and Ariana fainted. 

"Come on please" Isabella laughed. 

Ariana woke up

"Lovely!! The girls in my class are all crushing on him!! Including me!! You should have seen the Monday after that quiz,the gists were all about him,like they forgot the brilliancy and focused on his face....like damn I'm inviting your boyfriend to my school party this weekend if possible" Ariana said. 

"School party? Oh come on,you don't even know if......"

"He's your boyfriend,call him. But I hope you're not the jealous type coz the girls in my class can flirt badly, they wouldn't care if he's your boyfriend" 

"I will crush them,the heck,in fact he's not going anywhere" Isabella scoffed. 

"Oh wow,you're super jealous" Ariana laughed. 

"Give me my phone,I missed his calls earlier,I need to talk to him. And when is mom coming back?" Isabella asked as she started leaving the kitchen. 

"She might be late....And Sis!! When can I come over to check on your clothes?" Ariana asked. 

"Don't even go there,I have no clothes to give you. Your wardrobe is currently fuller than mine,don't be wicked baby please" Isabella said and left. 

"Well I can just steal them" Ariana chuckled and ran after her. 

"More gists!! You can't tell me about your boyfriend alone! Do you have a rival? You must have since your boyfriend is super hot" she entered Isabella's room. 

"I don't have a rival,he only loves me"

"At least there should be a girl crushing on him" Ariana sat down on the bed.

"A lot,but the craziest one is his crazy bestie"

"What?! He has a female best friend?!" 

Isabella narrated all the sagas between her and Chelsea. 

"What? She got some guts,I wish I was there,is the girl crazy? I would smash her silly face for touching you,I'm getting angry already,do you know her house?" 

Isabella laughed. 

"Don't worry,everything is fine now...." 

"Still I'm annoyed,you know me,I would have destroyed her face and locked in detention which I don't care about but she should be taught a lesson,what sort of girl Is that?" Ariana hissed. 

"So you fight in school or what?"

"I wouldn't fight,nobody tries rubbish with me. I just stay on my own and respect myself. And besides I don't fight coz of boys,so how would any silly girl enter my lane?" Ariana scoffed. 

"You don't have a crush?"

"I can't imagine having one,so I will start getting jealous unnecessarily? I don't do love,I only admire handsome guys,and besides I'm more focused on  being the best in my school" Ariana smiled and Isabella clapped. 

"I'm so proud of you,so you're still rank 1 in your school?"

"Nobody comes close,recently we got a new student who claimed to be the best in the school he came from,but trust me....he's nowhere near me"

"Tell me more after my call" Isabella muttered and dialed Theo's number. 



Theodore stopped his bike beside the road,the street was so rocking at the moment,a lot of people walking,music playing from an angle,shops and stores still open. 

He removed his helmet and arranged his hair with his fingers before climbing dowm. His phone rang almost immediately,a groan came from him when he saw that it was his mom. 

"Yes mom?"

"Baby where are you? I just got home and I was told you left alone,why? You took bike? It's late,what if something happen to you? Tell me where you are right now so I can send the......"

"Mom I'm fine,I promise. I just want to leave it house because it's super boring" Theo replied. 

"But it's not safe enough to......"

"I'm hanging up,I will be back soon" Theo hung up immediately and turned off his phone knowing fully well that she would call again. 

"Theo?" Someone called at the back which made him looked back. 

"Adriel" He called with a bright smile and Adriel hugged him. 

"Whoa,you live close to this place?" 


"What?! Gangnam? We are quite close to each other,isn't this amazing?" 

"Are you alone?" Theo asked. 

"Yeah,what about you?"

"I came alone,I was bored" 

"Me too,where should we go to?" Adriel asked. 

"No idea,I just stopped somewhere,I don't really know this place but I see a lot of fun places" Theodore looked around. 

Adriel suddenly smirked. 

"What are you thinking in your head?" Theo's brow lifted. 

"Should we have some soju?" Adriel asked. 

"They won't let us buy,we are in high school" Theo shook his head. 

"We are not putting on uniforms,let's try our luck" Adriel grabbed his hand and they walked to the nearest alcohol store. 

They already got what they are buying in the basket,only to pay. 

"Let me pay" Adriel said and Theodore nodded. 

They both walked to the cashier,Adriel cleared his throat to make it sound more deeper. 


The cashier looked at Theo and then Adriel. 

"You two.....aren't you in high school?" She asked. 

"Of course not" Theo and Adriel said at a time,she was even more suspicious after that. 

"How old are you?"

"Twenty two" Theo muttered. 

"Dude,you can't even lie,so you think you look twenty two?" Adriel whispered to him and Theo blinked. 

"Sorry but we can't sell for you" The cashier said. 


"Please leave,don't cause more problem" The cashier snapped. 

Adriel and Theodore walked out like lost souls.

"I told you they won't let us... "

"This is all your fault,yo should have at least said nineteen,twenty two? You?" 

"I admit I was wrong,but it was a mistake" Theo said. 

Adriel chuckled. 

"Let's just go somewhere else" Theo mumbled. 

"Chicken....I want some fried chicken" Adriel said. 

"Yeah me too" 

"Should I call Leo and Angelo? Who knows,they might be close...."

"No,don't call them" Theodore immediately said. 



Chelsea walked out of her room and entered her mom's room first,it was empty,she walked out again and went downstairs,everywhere was so quiet and as expected empty. 

She checked the kitchen If she cooked at least but nothing,there are even plates to wash in the sink. 

Chelsea brought out her phone and dialed her number. 

"Mom!!" She shouted. 

"What is it?"

"You left again?"

"You don't expect me to stay home,to keep your company?" 

"Mom it's been three days since I got back home and I can count how many times I've set my eyes on you,you leave before I wake up and come back after I'm asleep? There's no difference between home and school,do you even miss me at all? You didn't show up on visiting day,we vacated,you didn't come,just why are you doing all these! Why!" Chelsea shouted in tears. 

"I'm working! If I don't work how do I take care of you?"

"What are you doing exactly? The last time I checked,you're not even paying a dime for my school fees,so what are you working for exactly?! What will you do if I'm paying school fees?"

"Probably put you in a less expensive school of course,you think it's only school fees money I Care about? Should I stop working so that I can stop paying house rent? I buy all your clothes,your father is not even here,I've been surviving on my own,so who do you think you are to complain about me not staying home?!! You don't even know anything!" Her mom yelled at her. 

"When are you coming back home....."

"I won't be home tonight" 

"I can't stay here alone! I've been staying here for three days abd the silence is killing me,and now you won't be coming home tonight??" 

"Then pack your things and call Mrs Andrew,stop disturbing my work Chelsea,don't bother doing the dishes,just leave,I will come check up on you,maybe weekend" 

Her mom hung up. 

Chelsea wiped her tears and dialed Mrs Andrew's number. 

She didn't answer the first time,Chelsea called again and Mrs Andrew picked up. 

"Mom" She called. 

"Chelsea dearie,how are you?" 

"I'm fine" 

"Is something wrong? Your voice" Mrs Andrew said with concern. 

"Can I come over? Mom is busy these days,I'm all alone" Chelsea muttered. 

"Of course,why not. But right now I'm not home,I'm at the office" 

"Oh" Chelsea bite her lips. 

"Why don't you call Theodore,he can come with the driver......"

"No mom" Chelsea immediately cut in. 

"Fine,let me call the driver by myself,you can start getting ready before he gets there. I will get home soon,I just came here to supervise some stuffs,so let's meet at home" 

"Thank you mom" 

After the call,Chelsea returned to her room to get ready. 



"Good afternoon young master" The maids bowed as Theodore walked toward the stairs while rubbing his eyes sleepily,he's just waking up. 

"Huh? Afternoon?" He turned back at once. 

"Oh,its twelve sir" 

"That's crazy,is anybody home?" Theo asked. 

"My lady just returned home" 

Theodore nodded and went downstairs with his fluffy and scattered hair,still looking handsome. 

He walked straight to the dinning room,he stopped walking just before going in,he saw his mom with Chelsea who was eating and at the same time smiling and talking to Mrs Andrew. 

Theodore rolled his eyes and run his fingers through his hair,he wanted to go back but his mom saw him. 

"Baby,you're awake. Chelsea is here" Mrs Andrew said. 

Theodore ignored her and walked toward the kitchen,two maids immediately ran to him. 

"What do you want sir? We will get it........"

"Move" Theo snapped and they quickly moved away. 

He scoffed and went to the kitchen by himself. 

"Good morning........." The maids inside tried to greet. 

"Can you at least hold your greetings to yourselves please?! Gosh my ears" Theodore half yelled and they all kept quiet. 

He grabbed a drink from the fridge and closed it angrily before going out. 

He wanted to pass the dinning room again without talking.

"Theo!" Mrs Andrew called and he turned. 

"Is there a problem between you two?" Mrs Andrew asked,looking lost. 

"Ask her mom,why me?"

"I'm asking you because I've asked her but she wouldn't say anything" Mrs Andrew snapped. 

Theo rolled his eyes. 

"There's no problem at all,absolutely nothing" he said. 

"Then why are you acting so cold toward her,even if you have a girlfriend,she's your friend,am I wrong? I don't like this atmosphere at all,she came here because of boredom,don't make it worse,please" Mrs Andrew scolded. 

"Bring my food to my room" Theo told the maid passing before walking away. 

Chelsea took her lips In. 

"Don't mind him,you know he's stubborn" Mrs Andrew smiled at Chelsea. 

"Thank you" Chelsea smiled. 

"Ma'am,your room is ready" a maid said to Chelsea. 


"Since you're done eating,why not go and take a rest? Let's talk later in the day,okay?" Mrs Andrew said. 

"Thanks mom" Chelsea stood up and followed the maid. 



Mrs Andrew was sitting on the bed watching a movie on the TV,some snacks and wine on the bedside stool. 

The door opened and Theo entered,she looked up and smiled. 

"Hey baby" 

Theodore fell on the bed and placed his head on her laps. 

"So you missed me?" Mrs Andrew asked,stroking his hair. 

"Tomorrow,Isabella will be coming here" Theo said. 

"Oh,your girlfriend?" 

He nodded. 

"I can't wait then,she's welcome anytime" Mrs Andrew said and Theo sat up. 

"You have to be nice to her no matter what....."

"Come on,I like her,you don't have to tell me that,I promise" Mrs Andrew said. 

"Enjoy your movie mom,goodnight" Theo said and got down from the bed,he sipped from the wine. 

"Young man!" Mrs Andrew shouted. 

Theodore chuckled ran out......he went downstairs to get something,getting to the kitchen,he met Chelsea just opening the fridge. She turned back when she heard steps and their eyes met. 

Silence followed. 

Theodore waited for her to pick whatever in the fridge but she was taking too long,he walked over to another one and opened,he took a bottle of youghut and then water,he was about leaving.

"Theo" Chelsea called and he sighed out before turning slowly to face her.

"Can we please not talk to each other?" He asked bluntly. 

Chelsea shook her head.

"I need someone to talk to......you're the only one......" 

"I'm not the only one you can talk to.....you should get dressed,wear something beautiful and go out to have fun,trust me you're going to meet people who wanna talk to you,I don't want to be your only friend,I don't want to be the only one you want to tell everything,I don't want that anymore,so please.......let's maintain boundaries,I've had enough,now I'm even scared of getting close to you again. So enjoy your stay here,you are free to do whatever you want as always,you're welcome here anytime,but let's avoid each other,for our sake,both of us" Theodore said and made to leave 

Chelsea grabbed his arm. 

"I'm sorry" 

Theo faced her. 

"See Chelsea,I'm sorry too. I'm sorry if my attitude toward you,my behaviors and cares confused you so badly to bring those feelings of yours,I admit everything was my fault. I should have maintained boundaries from the start,I shouldn't have been too nice,I shouldn't have treated you so well with Care,I confused you with all that and I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry I can't reciprocate your love,I'm sorry for making you cry and for breaking your heart,I'm f*+*king sorry. Let's just say everything was my fault,I was just being silly and childish"

Chelsea shook her head in tears. 

"You're regretting all those times" She looked into his eyes.

"Stop crying,I hate tears" Theo muttered. 

She wiped her tears. 

"I'm bored" Chelsea said. 

"I'm lonely and.....I can't seem to get along with others,I'm just alone.....mom is too busy to have my time,I'm....so hurt,I thought home would be better but no....it's worse and,I can't think straight,I just need someone to talk to,so please stop the silent treatment please....my heart,I can't......." She stopped and her eyes went shut.

"Hey" Theodore called and moved closer,she fainted and fell into his arms,the drinks in his hands fell. 

"F*+*k" Theodore muttered and immediately carried her in a bridal style.


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