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Golden High 2024 - Episode 61&62




Golden High 2024 - Episode 61&62

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


Phoenix was reading a book in her hand while walking,she popped out the gum in her mouth loudly. 

"Do you read everywhere?" Someone whispered into her ear all of a sudden and she turned at once. 

"Angelo! You scared me!" 

Angelo shook his head. 

"Now you read while walking?" 

Phoenix rolled her eyes. 

"Our exam is in two weeks,next week is revision week,you should also start studying,I'm planning to beat Leo again,I can't allow him be ahead of me again,never" 

"He's also reading to stay ahead of you,who's going to win now?" Angelo laughed. 

"I'm winning,no doubt. It was a mistake,and I'm getting ahead again,trust me" 

Angelo suddenly saw Cleo walking and his eyes followed her. 

"Seriously? I thought you liked Chelsea" Phoenix raised her brows. 

"I can't keep chasing forever when she's not interested"  Angelo winked and went after Cleo.

"Wow,guys. How could he change so fast because she's not giving him attention" Phoenix shook her head. 

"Now you know I'm different" Adriel popped up beside her,grinning. 

"You need an award or what?" Phoenix scoffed. 

"What are you reading?" They started walking together. 

"Biology,I need to finish this before tomorrow" Phoenix replied. 

"So no time for me?" Adriel breathed and Phoenix looked at him. 

"What do you want?" 

"I just want to be with you" Adriel smiled. 

Phoenix closed her book. "Fine" 

"For real?!" Adriel was astonished when he heard that. 

"What should we do?" Phoenix. 


Phoenix laughed at his expression. 


"Mmmm" Cleo gushed about the delicious taste of the cupcake she was eating. 

"I guess you like it" The lady who sold the cupcake said. 

"Of course,it's really amazing" Cleo smiled cutely. 

Someone cleared throat beside her and she turned. 


"Does it taste so good?" Angelo asked. 

"Yeah,do you wanna try?" Cleo immediately stretched it out to him.

Angelo took the fork from her instead about ate from her hand. 

"What do you think?" Cleo asked,her brows lifted in curiosity as Angelo chewed the cake gently. 

"Whoa...mashisoyo!(Delicious)" he gushed and Cleo smiled.

Leo walked over to them. 

"Finally you're here,sorry I already ate one before you,let's go in" Cleo said and entered into the shop. 

Leo's eyes on Angelo. 

"What" Angelo asked. 

"If you're not going to be serious about her,don't start it. I don't joke with her" Leo said in a warning tone. 

"I'm serious,come on" Angelo groaned. 

"Think well,I'm serious too" Leo said and went in. 

"Oh wow,do I look like a Casanova or something?" Angelo scoffed and walked away. 



Isabella came into the bedroom,dressed,immediately her eyes met with Theo's own,she looked away and Theo chuckled. 

"Are you seriously shy right now?" Theo asked. 

"No I'm not" Isabella snapped,Theo laughed again. 

"Should I take off my clothes too?" Theo asked. 

"Don't you dare" 

"Whoa" Theo laughed and clapped. 

"You're so cute,you're acting like you've never dated......"

"Who said Maxwell saw anything?" Isabella snapped. 

"He didn't?" Theo blinked. 

"He did not"

"That's great,then wait....I'm the first......"

"Shut up Theo,let's go" Isabella groaned. 

"You're blushing,your cheeks are totally red right now" Theo grinned and touched her cheek. 

"You should at least act like this is your first time too,you're making me go crazy already,pervert" 

"Well we are different" Theodore pushed his hands into his pockets. 

"How are we different?"

"You can't understand sexy barbie,I was born to be a romantic boyfriend,you can't find out that secret. I've not even started yet" Theodore smiled. 

"What a show off" Isabella scoffed and went out. 

Theo laughed and followed her. 

"I'm hungry" Isabella pouted. 

"You can eat me,I'm all yours" 

"Stop it!" Isabella cried out and he laughed out. 

"Okay okay,I'm sorry. Let's go eat" He winked and held her hand. 

"Piggyride" Isabella grumbled. 

Theodore turned back to her. 

"Any ride you want" He smiled and bent in front of her. 

"Any other ride you know?" Isabella asked after climbing on. 

"Doggy ride" Theodore mumbled and Isabella opened her mouth speechlessly. 

"Don't hit me" Theo said. 

"Thank goodness you knew I was about slapping your head,stop being naughty!" Isabella screamed. 

"I will try" Theodore chuckled. 

"Don't try,do it" Isabella snapped. 

"Okay boss" 

Isabella placed her head on his back. 



"You smell so good"

"You too" Theodore smiled. 

"Do you have any siblings?" Isabella asked. 

"Yeah,I have a sister"

"Big sister or little sister?" 

"Big sister,what about you?" 

"I have a kid sister" Isabella mumbled. 

"Wow,really? How old is she?"

"She's 16" Isabella said. 

"She's in high school already? Then why is she not here?" 

"Mom won't allow that,this is a boarding school remember? If she's also here,that means our parents will be the only one home" Isabella explained. 

"I can't wait to meet her" 

"I can't wait to meet your sister too" Isabella smiled. "How old is she? And also,your mom looked so young the last time,she was so beautiful" 

Theo chuckled. 

"My sister is 23"

"Whoa!!!!! I bet she's gonna be so pretty! I can't wait to meet her" Isabella gushed and Theodore smiled. 

"We are here" He dropped her as they entered the dinning hall. 

"Thanks for the ride baby Boy" Isabella caressed his cheek before walking away to join Dakota and Cindy. 

Theodore on the other hand kept staring at her. 

"Blink dude,she's not running away" Leo and Adriel showed up beside him and he smiled. 

"Where have you guys been? Where's Angelo?" He asked. 

"I'm here" 

They all settled down around a table. 



Jeremy came out of his room and locked the door,he turned and also saw Jayce coming out of his own room. 

"Hey" Jeremy smiled. 

Jayce rolled his eyes and ignored him,he was walking past his side,Jeremy held his bag and pulled him back. 

"What the fuck!" Jayce shouted. 

"Are you avoiding me?" Jeremy raised his brows. 

"Do you know who I am? We don't know each other,so why are acting like we are friends?" Jayce groaned out in frustration. 

Jeremy let go of him. 

"Let's go together" He said. 

"Why should we go together?" 

"Because i want to be your friend" Jeremy replied. 

"And why do you want to be my friend?"

"Because you're cute" 

"What?!!" Jayce's eyes widened in total shock. 

Jeremy burst into laughter. 

"What are you thinking?" 

"Why would you say that to me? Cute? What?"

"Fine you're ugly,are we good now? Let's go" Jeremy muttered and led the way. 

Jayce still have the shocking look on his face. 

"What was that about?" He shook his head and followed him slowly behind till he entered the B class,Jeremy entered the A class. 


Adriel and Leo were walking together when they saw Angelo and Cleo. 

"Oh wow,I guess Angelo really meant what he said" Adriel grinned. 

"My foot" Leo scoffed. 

"Come on,I think Angelo understands more than anyone else not to hurt her,he probably know you don't play with your sister so he wouldn't dare,or we are going to kill him together" Adriel said. 

Leo looked at him and they both laughed. 

"See you later"  Leo walked into his class. 

Adriel also went into his,getting inside he saw Clara sitting on his seat,she waved at him from there with a wide smile on her face. 

Adriel  walked over to her with a blank expression on his face. 

"Why are you here?" 

"I couldn't talk to you all through the weekend since you don't hang out with us anymore" Clara pouted. 

Adriel  rolled his eyes. 

"Hey Adriel!" Violet showed up beside him and he turned. 

"Hey" He muttered and faced Clara again. 

"Can you stand up? I need to sit down" 

"Oh" Clara got up and Adriel dropped his bag. 

He was about sitting down when Lionel came over. 

"Let's talk" He said shortly and went out of the class. 

Violet chuckled,while crossing her arms. 

"I guess he's tired of the silent treatment,what a Jerk" She scoffed. 

Adriel said nothing and went out. 

"Hey Jayce,are you even here at all? You've been lost since you entered the class" Violet tapped him and he flinched. 

"Oh he's gone" Clara shook her head and Violet laughed. 

"I'm just......never mind" Jayce sighed. 

"That's too loud,the heck" Violet snapped and walked back to her seat. 



The whole school seems disorganized,everyone walking with their bags and luggages,all dressed in mufties,it's vacation day,finally. 

Alot of cars in the school,parents and guardians coming in and some already leaving with their kids. 

While others already left,some are still running around,playing with their friends,at least today might be the last day they see each other until three weeks time. 

"Bye" Adriel waved at Phoenix with side eyes as she was about entering into the car with her mom. 

Phoenix smiled and waved shortly,she entered the car and the car drove off. 

"You look like a groom whose bride just ran away" Leo whispered beside him. 

"Damn i'm missing her already" Adriel mumbled. 

"Is Angelo gone? I've not seen him for like twenty minutes now" He asked.

"I really have no idea.....oh" Leo stopped when he saw Angelo and Cleo hugging each other. 

"Wow,I didn't know they've gotten that close" Adriel smiled. 

Leo rolled his eyes,then his phone rang,a call from his mom

"Oh.....hey Cleo!!" He shouted and Cleo turned. 

"Mom is here" He said.

Cleo was the one with their boxes,Angelo help her with her own and she was left with Leo's box. 

"Why would he ditch the two for you?" Angelo scoffed. 

"I know right" Cleo chuckled as they started walking to the school parking lots. 

"That's she right there" Cleo said happily as soon as she sighted her mom. 


"You don't really have to walk me to the car" Isabella said beside Theodore. 

Theo stopped walking and she also stopped. 

"What's wrong?" She asked. 

"We are going to see each other right? I'm going to find you even if you don't,the three weeks is just too long,I can't stay away for that long" Theo mumbled. 

"I already promised you,stop making me feel sad too. We are definitely going to see each other and hang out,I can't wait to meet your sister and get to know your family better,isn't that enough proof?" Isabella asked. 

"I'm missing you badly already" Theo hugged her. 

"Me too,but I have to go,mom is waiting already." Isabella mumbled but Theo didn't break the hug. 

"Two more minutes" He said and she stood still.

"Isabella" Someone called and they both broke the hug and turned. 

"Mom!" Isabella called. 

Her mom looked at Theodore with a light smile. 

"Hello ma'am" He bowed. 

"Theodore right? How are you?" 

"I'm fine" He smiled shyly. 

"Are you going to let my daughter go now or you need more time?"

"No mom,we are done,right?" Isabella looked at Theo. 

"No we are not" Theo replied and Isabella's eyes widened. 

Her mom chuckled. 

"Meet me in the car baby" She said and left. 

"Hey" Isabella hit Theo's arm. 

"You're in so much hurry to leave me" he pouted. 

"Will you just take me to your own house then?" Isabella asked sarcastically. 

"I don't mind" Theo smiled. 

"You're annoyingly cute" Isabella chuckled and pecked his lips. 

"Let's go now,we can't keep her waiting" 

They started walking again,Theo pulling her traveling box with one hand and holding her with his second hand,till they got to the car. 

"Bye Barbie" He said and opened the car door for her. 

"Bye" Isabella smiled,she kissed his cheek shortly before entering the car. 

"Bye ma'am" Theodore bowed. 

"If your house is close to ours,you're free to come anytime" Isabella's mom said 

"Really?! Thank you!" Theodore said excitedly and Isabella chuckled. 

"Bye" She waved. 

"I love you" Theodore mouthed and she blushed. 

The car started,Theodore waved lastly,staring till the car was out of sight. 

By the time he returned back to the school,all his friends were gone,he was only seeing their texts. Then he proceeded to Summer's office,he entered and met Chelsea sitting with her bags too. 

Theo raised his brows as their eyes met. 

"You two will be leaving together" Summer said and Theodore faced her. 

"Aren't you going?" He asked. 

"I still have few things to do,and besides I won't be going to your dad's house,I have things to do at my place" Summer replied. 

"Pride" Theodore scoffed and took the cake on the table. 

"Drop it that's mine" Summer snapped. 

Theodore ignored her. 

"Share with Chelsea if you're gonna eat it,that's my breakfast" Summer said. 

Theo cut just a little piece from it and gave it to Chelsea. 

"Thanks sis" Chelsea said. 

"You're welcome honey" Summer smiled. 

Summer's phone rang shortly after. 

"I think they are here" She said. 

"They? Please don't tell me it's what I'm thinking" Theo frowned. 

"You know mom won't allow you go home without guards,she's scared...."

"Do I look like a baby?" Theodore scoffed. 

They heard a knock on the door and Summer ordered the person in. 

The guard entered and bowed,he carried both Chelsea and Theo's bags before going out. 

"Bye sisi" Chelsea waved at Summer. 

"I will see you home sweetheart" 

Chelsea went out and Theo faced Summer with a cold look. 

"What's the look about? Did something happened between you two?" Summer asoed curiously. 

"Ask her,you two seems close than we are" Theo scoffed and also went out. 

He got to car and the guard opened for him. 

"I have hands,the heck" He muttered and entered. Chelsea was already sitting on the left,he sat down,keeping enough distance between them. 

"Can we go sir?" The driver asked.

"Yeah,but I'm hungry" Theo sighed. 

"I will get you something on our way" The guard in front immediately said. 

"Good" Theo used his headphones and closed his eyes. 




"Young Master....Young Master" 

Theodore opened his eyes slowly and pulled his headphones down,he looked up to see he's already home. 

They already dropped Chelsea in her own place. 


The guard opened the door more widely and Theodore got down from the car. 

*Welcome back home young master!*

*Sir Theo*

*Welcome home*

The guards kept bowing but Theo couldn't even answer well,he was feeling too sleepy. 

He was walking to the entrance when the door suddenly opened and someone shot confetti into the air which made him stop walking in shock. 

Mrs Andrew came out with the maids. 

"Welcome home son!!!!!" She said loudly. 

"You're welcome sir!" The maids all bowed at once. 

"What's this?" Theo mumbled to himself before smiling and running to hug his mom. 

"Oh my king,I missed you so much" She said. 

"Me too mom" Theodore said. 

They broke the hug and Mrs Andrew immediately grabbed his hand. 

"What are you all waiting for?! Go and set the table for my son" Mrs Andrew said snd tge maids immediately ran inside. 

"You look even more handsome son,but you are quite slim,are they not feeding you well in school,they don't give you enough protein or what? I don't like it when you loose too much weight" 

"Mom please,it's just school stress" Theo groaned. 

"I'm just worried...anyway,you should eat before anything you must be so hungry" She said,taking him to the dinning room. 

"I cooked specially for you" 

"You're trying to be so nice,amazing" Theodore said. 

"You have such a bad mouth son" 

"Sorry" Theo chuckled and sat down,watching the maids setting up the table as if ten people will be eating. 

He could see both boiled and fried chicken,turkey,ramen,jajangmyeon,Korean stew,seafood dish,Kimchi and others. 

"Did you invite anyone?" Theodore looked up. 


"Then why all these?" 

"No,they are all yours,eat up. Should I feed you?" Mrs Andrew sat down 

'Gosh,why did I come home' Theodore thought inwardly and bite his lips. 

"Go on and eat,go on" 

Theo took the cutlery and started with the fried turkey laps,he ate from it,Mrs Andrew fed him with the fried chicken too. 

"What do you think?" She asked. 

"Delicious" Theodore managed to talk with his full mouth. 

He began eating from every plates on the table,his mom fed him too and after few minutes,he was full. 

"You can eat more..."

"I'm okay mom,I want to rest" Theo stood up. 

"A kiss" Mrs Andrew tapped her cheek,Theo pecked her before leaving. 

He went upstairs and got to his suite,he input the password and entered. It was neat and smelling so good. 

"Home sweet home!!" He screamed with his eyes closed.

He looked around the provate living room and then went out,he entered his bedroom and fell on the king sized bed. 

"I miss you buddy,so much" He closed his eyes. 

Almost immediately he heard the suite bell amd he groaned. 

He got down from the bed and went to open the door,it's a maid. 

"What is it?" 

"My lady said I should give you this sir" she said,she was holding a tray. 

"You can have it,don't tell her I reject it tho,you know what I mean,and please nobody should disturb me again" Theodore said and closed the door. 

He returned to the bedroom and took his phone,he dialed Isabella's number first but got no answer. 

"Where is she?" He took his lips in. She haven't called either,not even a text. 

"I miss you" He mumbled and closed his eyes. 


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