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Golden High 2024 - Episode 59&60




Golden High 2024 - Episode 59&60

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


At the count of three,Theodore turned immediately and ran over to Isabella,ignoring Chelsea completely. 

He grabbed Isabella's waist and slammed his lips on her own,Isabella closed her eyes and kissed him back without wasting any time either. 

"Heyyy!!!!!!!!" Chelsea cried out. 

Isabella raised her middle finger up at Chelsea,she broke the kiss and Theo focused his eyes on her,he didn't turn back to look at Chelsea not even once. 

"Am I forgiven?" He asked. 

"I will think about it" Isabella mumbled and he smiled. 

Isabella looked at Chelsea. 

"Hey bitch,why aren't you jumping yet?" She asked. 

"Theodore" Chelsea called,finally moving forward from the edge. 

Theodore rolled his eyes and faced her. 

"You really choose her again?" Chelsea asked. 

"To make you understand better,that's my answer" Theodore said. 

"Poor thing" Isabella shook her head at Chelsea mockingly. 

"Let's go" Theodore grabbed her hand. 

"Stay away from my boyfriend!! Get yours!! Do you understand that?!! Bitch!!" Isabella yelled as Theodore dragged her away. 

"I said that's enough!" Theodore snapped at her. 

"Don't shout at me okay? It was all your fault from the beginning,you allowed her manipulate you and use your head badly,she's obsessed with you!" Isabella said. 

Theodore sighed and released her hand.

"Keep on blaming me for everything,I don't care. But were you really planning to break up with me forever? You want me dead or something?" Theo asked. 

Isabella scoffed and wiped her lips. 

"I shouldn't kiss you today" She said. 

"Did you just wipe off my kiss?"

"You mean the same lips,mouth and tongue you used to kiss your favorite person?" Isabella snapped. 

"No,I brushed when we returned from the quiz" Theo mumbled. 

Isabella said nothing and they both found a bench to sit on,while watching the stars brightly in the dark cloud. 

Silence enveloped the air,Theo heaved out a sigh and took a gaze at Isabella,she was looking up,counting the stars with her eyes. Theodore looked down at her hand on the bench,he placed his palm on it and she looked at him. 

"I'm sorry you had to see that in the morning" he breathed,then continued. "Actually,I had the same headache again,just like that day on the rooftop,you came and I asked you to hug me remember?" 

Isabella nodded and continue listening without saying a word. 

"This morning......it got kind of worse,my vision was blurry and I wasn't in my right state of mind,when the door opened,I just assumed it was you....I swear I called you to be sure,it was me who asked for the kiss,I'm sorry" 

"I'm sorry I overreacted......"

"No you didn't,I would have reacted angrily too if it was me" Theodore sighed out. 

"But.....don't say that word again" 

"What word?" Isabella asked. 

"....let's break up....we are done...stay away from me...all those words" Theodore shook his head. 

"I'm sorry" Isabella mumbled. 

Theodore stood up from the bench and bent in front of her,Isabella stared at him down. 

"I'm never going to fall in love with another girl,never" 

"I should have done that...all those period you cared less about me,but instead I loved you even more,so I don't think I'm ever going to ditch you for someone else,,trust me okay?" He stated and brought out her bracelet. 

"And also don't take this off again,you broke my heart" He mumbled like a child,Isabella smiled. 

Theodore wore it back on her wrist and kissed the back of her hand. 

"I love you" He said. 

"I love you too" Isabella smiled brightly. 

Theodore got up and sat down beside her. 

"Are you not hungry?" He asked.

Isabella placed her head on his shoulder. "No,I prefer staying with you,I missed you all day" 

"Really? I thought you hated me all day" Theodore teased and she hit his chest. 

"Do you want to sit on my laps"

"Yes" She replied and sat down on his laps. 

"Your headache,shouldn't we go to the school clinic? Maybe run some tests? I don't want you to feel the pain again" 

Theodore sighed. 

"I should do that I guess" 

"Tonight....let's sleep together" Isabella bit her lips and Theodore looked at her with wide eyes. 


"What are you thinking?! Not that type! I'm just saying we should sleep,natural sleep!" Isabella shouted and Theo laughed. 

"I wasn't thinking about anything,I know what you are talking about,come on. I'm not a shameless pervert" He said. 

"Let's sleep in your room together,on the bed,next to each other" Isabella added. 

"You know you don't have to force yourself to do things right? I'm going to wait until you are comfortable......"

"I'm comfortable" She cuts in. Their eyes locked. 

"I just.......I was....nervous I might do something silly" She mumbled. 

"Huh? Something silly? Like what?" Theodore asked. 

"You don't know you're irresistible right?" Isabella scoffed. 

"Wow....am I?" Theodore grinned,curious for more from her. 

"Whenever I'm next to you,I always want more,I want to hug you,kiss you,do all sort of things,I don't want to stay away. That night,on the bed....I was feeling strange,I wanted more when you broke the kiss...the only way I could control it was to chase you out. You're really irresistible...your pretty eyes piercing into mine,your lips are attractive and your gazes are seductive,you really don't know?" 

Theodore shook his head. 

"No I don't" 

"You look at everyone with those innocent eyes and you expect them not to fall in love with you?" Isabella scoffed. 

"Oh,so what's the solution now? I don't want any other girls falling for me,should I start using glasses? Or helmet..."

"Stop it" Isabella snapped and they both laughed. 

"Do you know you're irresistible too?" Theo asked. 

"Am I?" Isabella smiled and he nodded. 

"That's why I'm addicted to you...I'm really going to choose you over and over,I don't care whatever happens. I want to be with you all day,I want to cuddle with you and spoil you with my kisses" 

Isabella kissed his eyes. 

"Let's go to your room" she whispered. 

Theodore carried her in a bridal style as he stood up. 

"Hey! What if a teacher see us this way?" Isabella asked. 

"I don't care" he winked at her and started walking. 

Isabella smiled and kept staring into his eyes. 



The door opened and Phoenix walked in,her eyes fell on Chelsea on the bed with her phone. 

"I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone" Chelsea grumbled without looking up. 

"What did you do to Isabella and Theodore again?" Phoenix questioned and Chelsea frowned before raising her head up. 

"Who said I did anything" 

"Isabella told me she broke up with Theodore....."

"Oh wow,you two became friends?" Chelsea smiled. 

"This has nothing to do with friends,I thought you've gotten over this shit,after everything that happened last time,you're not satisfied yet?" Phoenix asked. 

"Hey" Chelsea stood up. 

"Who do you think you are to talk to me that way? You don't even know anything! What do you know about me?! What!" 

"What exactly are you going to prove than the one I've heard countless times? You two are childhood friends,you don't like Isabella,you hate seeing them together,she's a show off,really? Do you really love Theodore the way you claimed? Wake up from your fucking delusions Chelsea,he doesn't see you the same damn way and that's on period,you've ruined your friendship all in the name of your crazy feelings. I thought you said you wanted his happiness,but now you're becoming the thorn in his flesh,making him break up with his girlfriend? You don't even feel remorseful,your attitude these days are irritating and disgusting!! I'm telling you all these because I'm the only one who can do that since I'm your only friend" 

"Friend? You and I? You really think I see you as a friend?" Chelsea scoffed. 

"I guess I'm a push over then,I'm the one forcing myself on you. We should end it then,being friends with someone like you is beginning to sound sick,suit yourself,you can go ahead and fuck Theodore for all I care,but trust me he will never be yours,so borrow some sense babe" Phoenix walked out and slammed the door loudly. 

She walked to her room,she was about going inside when Cleo showed up with her drowsy eyes and duvet in her hands. 

"What's this?" Phoenix looked at her hand.

"Let me sleep with you" Cleo yawned. 

"Oh wow" Phoenix chuckled and opened the door. 

"I like to cuddle in my sleep tho" Cleo entered with her. 

"I have teddy bears on the bed,cuddle with them all you want ,not me"

Cleo laughed and fell on the bed,she sat down. 

Phoenix removed her earrings and turned to Cleo. 

"Is something wrong? Your eyes...."

"I'm angry,but I am fine. Going to take my bath" Phoenix entered the bathroom. 

Cleo heard her phone's buzzing sound and she took it on the table. 

"You got a text from Adriel!!" she shouted. 

"Ignore it!" Phoenix shouted back. 

"He said goodnight prettiest!" Cleo shouted. 

"Fuck Cleo I hate you!" Phoenix yelled. 

Cleo laughed. 



Jeremy was standing behind one of the pillars in the corridor just close to the swimming pool hall,his two hands in his pocket. 

He looked around and let out a sigh before bringing out a cigarette and a lighter,he light it up and started smoking. 

All of a sudden he heard a splash of water,definitely from the swimming pool. Curiously,he started walking there,the cigarette in the middle of his fingers. 

He entered the hall,the lights were all turned off but there was someone inside the pool floating. A boy

"What the f+ck" He immediately threw the cigarette away and jumped into the pool. He was already swimming over to the boy when he suddenly opened his eyes and turned. 

"What happened?" Jayce asked in confusion and Jeremy stopped. 

"Weren't you floating just now?" He asked. 

"Floating?" Jayce asked and broke into laughter. 

"This is not funny! You were on your back......"

"You've never seen anyone swimming that way?" Jayce asked. 

"But you weren't moving" Jeremy said. 

"Is that why you jumped in like that?  Superman" Jayce laughed and swam out of the pool,Jeremy stayed inside the pool still confused. 

"Aren't you coming out?" Jayce asked,sitting down by the pool edge. 

"Gosh" Jeremy muttered and also got out. 

"Did you drop that?" Jayce asked,pointing at the cigarette on the floor. 

"Pretend you didn't see it" Jeremy muttered and picked it up,he sprinkled some water from his shirt on it and the light went off. He turned and looked at Jayce. 

"You're in class B...right?" 

Jayce looked up. 

"Yeah,why are you asking?" 

Jeremy sighed and sat down beside him. 

They were sitting there in silence until they suddenly saw a ray of light,coming closer. 

They exchanged meaningful glances and immediately stood up,they ran into an hideout. 

"Anyone there?!" The security came in. 

Jeremy and Jayce looked at each other in the tight corner they are,it was so tiny for two people. 

They heard the steps of the security walking,but Jayce was so uncomfortable,he almost let out a groan. 

Jeremy immediately covered his mouth with his palm and Jayce's eyes widened,he didn't move. 

Two minutes later,the security left. Jeremy brought his hand down from Jayce's mouth. 

"Why did you do that?" Jayce snapped. 

"Your voice sound tiny,he would have caught us" Jeremy said. 

"What do you mean by tiny?" Jayce frowned. 

Jeremy came out and Jayce followed. 

"Are you going to answer me or not" Jayce came in front of him. 

Jeremy pushed his hands into his pocket and chuckled before walking away. 



Isabella was still sleeping,a totally whipped Theo sitting on the bedside stool,staring intensely at her like a gone boy in love. 

He leaned closer and gave her a light peck on the lips.

"You should be tired by now Foxy" Isabella opened her eyes and sat up.

"Tired of what?" Theodore looked at her. 

"You did that all night,are you planning to eat my lips or what?" Isabella scoffed,getting down from the bed. 

"Good morning Barbie" Theodore smiled. 

"So you woke up and got dressed for school without waking me up?" Isabella asked. 

"You were too pretty in your sleep,I couldn't wake you up"

"Oh wow,most amazing boyfriend in the whole world,do you need a morning kick?" Isabella snapped and Theo laughed. 

"You know I'm going to wait for you,so go on and get dressed" 

"We are gonna be late,you don't have to wait for me" 

"Do you know the funniest thing right now?" Theo asked seriously.

"What's that?" 

"Today is Saturday" Theo replied.

"But....you're putting on a uniform" 

"You fell for my trick baby,Yesterday was Friday,wasn't it?" Theodore smirked. 

"Hey!!!!!!!!" Isabella yelled and rushed to him. 

Theo laughed out loudly as she hit him playfully. 

"Stop laughing!" She pushed him,he grabbed her and they both fell on the bed. 

"Gosh,how can you look so pretty even in the morning?" Theo asked. 

Isabella pushed him off and stood up. 

"I need to take my bath,coming with me?" 

"Yes!" Theo immediately jumped up. 

"Pervert" She pushed him back on the bed and ran out. 

Theo smiled and bite his lips,he started taking off the uniform he was wearing. 



"What?!!" Leo,Angelo and Adriel exclaimed at once. 

Theo just finished telling them everything that happened yesterday. 

"That's crazy" Adriel mumbled. 

"But I'm glad you and Bella are back now,you were looking dead all through the quiz" Leo said. 

Angelo chuckled. 

"I heard the instructors aren't coming today" He looked around,everyone doing different workouts. 

"It's better that way,I don't think I'm ready to listen to those crazy instructions" Adriel shook his head. 

Cleo came in with Phoenix,Angelo's eyes followed Cleo. 

"Leo,your sister is hot,honestly" 

"You've said that once dude,don't fuck with my sister" Leo snapped. 

"Who said I'm fucking with her? I'm damn serious" Angelo scoffed. 

"You don't expect me to believe you right?" Leo chuckled. 

Theodore was already searching for Isabella with his eyes,Chelsea wasn't in either. Isabella's friends are already in,now he's worried. 

"Dude what happened?" Adriel asked 

"I'm coming" Theodore immediately walked out of the gym.

"Hey" Jeremy said beside Jayce,he looked up and scoffed the moment his eyes fell on Jeremy. 

Jeremy chuckled. 

"Are you still angry?" He questioned. 

"I don't know what you're talking about" Jayce mumbled 

"Oh,do you have a twin brother?" Jeremy asked. 

"You're annoying" Jayce mumbled

"I know" Jeremy nodded. 

Jayce ignored him. 

Theodore saw Isabella coming his way and he stopped walking,not without sighing out. 

"Boyfriend!!" Isabella screamed and started running to him.

"Careful careful" Theodore said worriedly,he also started walking to her. 

Isabella got to him and jumped on him. 

"You took so long" Theo said. 

Isabella kissed his lips. 

Theodore saw Chelsea coming and their eyes met. 

Isabella noticed and also turned back to see who he was staring at. 

She hissed and tried getting down from Theo's arms. 

Theodore held him even tighter,he looked away from Chelsea and walked away with Isabella in his arms. 



Theodore entered the room,it was empty,Isabella wasn't in. 

"Huh? Where did she go to?" Theo removed his headphones and dropped it on the bed. 

Meanwhile,Isabella was busy in the bathroom,The warm water from the shower doing some type of wonder to her body. She was still enjoying her bath when suddenly the door opened. 

"Ahhhh!!" She screamed out. 

Theo entered. 

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Isabella asked. 

Theodore stood still like he was also shocked,he never knew she was having her bath,. 

"I'm...sorry I..." He stuttered 

"Don't look,don't!!" Isabella screamed and closed her eyes. 

"I won't do...." He wanted to say he wouldn't,but his eyes betrayed him after that. 


They moved down from her face down,to her check,her firm and pretty breast,down more,her body is just too perfect. 

Isabella opened her eyes and was surprised to see him still standing. 

"Hey,you are......." The remaining words were silenced as Theo approached her and pinned her against the wall. 

A gasp escaped her lips and their four eyes locked. 

"Theo........I think we should.....go.....out......." She stammered. 

"Why?" Theo asked and she swallowed. 


Theodore kissed her neck and her body Froze,he kissed her more deeply on the side of her neck,using both tongue and lips,making sure to leave a sexy hickey there. 

"Oh gosh" She moaned,her eyes shut. 

She felt his absence on her neck and she exhaled,the last moment she decided to open her eyes. She felt his mouth on her nipple and her eyes widened. 

"Fuck....Theo!" She screamed.



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