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Golden High 2024 - Episode 57&58




Golden High 2024 - Episode 57&58

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


Isabella froze for a complete second,seeing the crazy scene in front of her. 

Theo and Chelsea were still lost in the kiss that they didn't notice her presence. 

"Theo....dore!!!!!!" She screamed out. 

Theo opened his eyes,getting his runaway sense back and broke the kiss,his eyes grew wide the moment he saw Chelsea's face. 

He immediately shifted back in shock,like he just saw what's bigger than him. 

He looked up to see the angry looking Isabella and he immediately stood up. 

"Barbie,it's not what you're thinking,I........" He didn't finish before a slap landed on his face. 

Chelsea's eyes widened. 

"Hey! How dare you hit him....."

Isabella moved closer to her and slapped her even harder,before Chelsea could think of returning the slap,Isabella slapped her again. 

"You must have been praying so hard for this to happen,obsessed bitch. And lucky you,,you can have him to yourself now,slutty ass" Isabella said. 

She removed the bracelet around her wrist and threw it on Theo's face. 

"We are done,continue your precious kiss with your favorite person,good luck to you" She said and walked out of the room. 

Theodore on the other hand couldn't even move or utter a sentence,he was totally confused and out of it,he was going insane for a second until Chelsea touched him. 

"Hey" She called. 

Theo turned and looked at her. 

"What.....what......happened?" He stuttered. 

"You don't remember what happened?" Chelsea asked. 

"I remember hearing a voice and I called Barbie to confirm if it was Isabella,then I asked for a hug and then a kiss.....so how come it was you?" Theodore asked. 

"Because I was the one who came in,what else? Am I supposed to run out to call your barbie before making you feel better??" Chelsea asked and Theo looked at her face. 

"So you.......knew...I was referring to her but.....fuck" Theo mumbled and a tear dropped from his eyes. 

He picked the bracelet Isabella dropped on the floor and arranged his scattered bag. 

"Is this supposed to be my fault now that she's breaking up with you?" Chelsea asked. 

"No,it's my fault,you didn't do anything wrong" Theo muttered.

"If she's going to break up with you,her lose" Chelsea scoffed. 

Theodore said nothing and walked out of the room. 

"Hey! I'm still talking" Chelsea followed him. 


"Oh,Isabella is back" Phoenix sighed out. 

The driver already arrived about ten minutes ago. 

"What about Theo?" Leo asked Isabella. 

"You have a phone to call him or you don't?" Isabella snapped. 


Everyone looked at her with confusion. 

"Come in everyone,we are going to be late" one of the securities going with them said and they started entering the bus one after the other. 

"I think something happened" Leo mumbled,he was sitting beside Adriel. 

"Yeah,but what happened?" Adriel asked. 

"No idea"

A minute later,Theodore entered the bus. 

"Finally he's here! The last person!" Violet announced. 

Theodore ignored everyone talking to him,his eyes only fixed on Isabella,she's the only one sitting alone but he couldn't bring himself to sit beside her either,he walked to another side of the bus and also sat down alone. 

Everyone noticed that and began to murmur. 

"We are off" The driver announced and started the bus. 

The journey was quite long,about two hours journey from school,the drive was interesting too,everyone talking,pointing at different unknown places. Only Isabella and Theo were'nt feeling it. 

Isabella had her airpod plugged and connected,she was listening to music while staring out of the glass,Theo couldn't keep his eyes off her,he kept staring without getting tired of it. 

Finally after about two hours,they arrived at the auditorium where the quiz competition was holding. The competition would be starting in an hour time but the contestants are arriving already,that's the rule. 

The students started getting down from the bus one after the other.

"Wow,this place is so big,what the heck" Lionel said beside Maxwell. 

Phoenix brought out her phone to take pictures. 

"Where's Theo?" Adriel suddenly turned back. 

"He went after Bella" Phoenix replied. 

"I just wonder what's going on" Leo muttered. 


"Izzy wait" Theodore grabbed her hand. 

"Don't touch me!!" She yelled,throwing his hand off herself. 

"Can I explain what happened? That wasn't intentional,you know I wouldn't do that to you,I won't do that......"

"It wasn't intentional? That deep kiss wasn't intentional? It was a mistake? How could you?? You're worse than I ever imagined....."

"I thought she was you" Theo cut in. 

"And I don't care any longer Theodore Andrew,I'm f*+*king tired! I'm tired of seeing you and your best friend,I'm tired of her seeing me as the bad person just because I'm dating you,I'm tired of everything! I can't do this anymore,I think there will be peace between you two now,she's your childhood friend,you two look better together......."

"You're scaring me,,everything is all my fault,I admit that and I am sorry,can you forgive me just this once? I can't imagine life without you....."

"Shut up" Isabella said. 

"You have your best friend! So let's break up,I don't care if you want it or not,I'm breaking up with you and that's it,don't ever talk to me again" She said and walked away. 

Theodore swallowed and blinked,trying hard not to tear up. 

"Break up?" Leo and Adriel were in shock as they moved closer to him. 

"What the hell happened?" Adriel asked. 

Theo shook his head. 

How is he going to tell them what really happened? That he kissed Chelsea and Isabella caught them but he didn't know the person he kissed was Chelsea?

"I'm screwed" He mumbled. 

"Did you do something that bad?" Leo asked. 

"What I did was bad,but I really can't break up with her,I can't" Theo said in tears. 

"Fuck" Adriel cursed. 

"Let's settle this when we get back to school,you need to be focused right now for this" Leo said and wiped Theo's tears. 

"Right,you need to focus more than anything right now,let's go" Adriel grabbed Theo's hand and they proceeded into the auditorium. 

Summer and the school principal already arrived also. They were busy talking to some coordinators. 

In the auditorium,it was beginning to get filled up,little by little. Groups of Students in different uniforms walking together,just like the students from Golden High school. 

"Are you okay?" Phoenix asked beside Isabella. 

"Yeah" Isabella replied. 

"You and Theo...."

"We are done,thanks to your best friend" Isabella said and Phoenix's eyes widened.

"That's not true"

"Ask your best friend when we get back to school,I don't want to talk about it" Isabella muttered. 

Phoenix kept mute but was screaming inside,wondering what went wrong. 

"I thought someone said all grade 12 students would be here" Adriel spoke up. 

"Lies,but I think they can watch us from school,you see all those TV stations ready to capture the moment,live" Violet answered.

"That's right" Maxwell muttered. 



The auditorium got full and they started. 

First was the introduction,the schools participating were introduced,the coordinators,judges,quiz masters and others,all introduced by the emcee. 

After that,two schools from the contestants were called up to the stage and the auditorium became silent. 

🎙There are twenty questions in this section,each schools have ten questions to answer and they all carry ten marks. If a school answer the ten questions correctly,that gives you hundred marks in total. But note,for every wrong answers,ten marks will be deducted from your points. Which means you have to be careful when you answer,there will be no bonus Question for the second school,once you fail your question,that's the end. Is that well understood??

The quiz master asked after his full explanation. 

"Yes sir"

🎙 Then,let's start. 

"I'm f+cking nervous when we are not even the one on stage" Violet exhaled. 

Lionel squeezed her hand and she looked at him.

"We got this" He said. 

The quiz section lasted for about fifteen minutes and in the end,a school had 60 points...the second had 50 points(Out of the competion) 

"Wait.....that's all? They are out,just like that?" Phoenix asked in shock as the school left the contestants seats for the audience seat. 

"Yeah,if we fail,that's how we are gonna be moved from here to the audience,so let's focus" Theodore muttered. 

"You finally said something" Violet said. 

The same process went on and on,Bright high school competed with another school and they won,they had 90 points and the other school had 70 points. 

Three schools were out in less than an hour and the final schools to go on stage are Golden High School and the last school. 

They all settled down,each school facing each other. 

🎙 If you answer all questions correctly,that means you are leaving this stage with 100 points,full points. Ready??

The quiz master asked and they nodded. 

They were seated in this manner...Maxwell sitting at the edge,followed by Violet,Phoenix,Leo,Lionel,Isabella,Adriel and Theodore sitting at the last edge. 

🎙I will ask J&D high school their questions first,please think well before you answer. 

Golden high students exhaled. 

In the end of the quiz questions,J&D students answered 7 questions correctly,giving them a total points of 70

🎙 Now to Golden High School,please listen to your questions and answer,you have less than thirty seconds to answer a question as you know. Ready??

"Yes sir"

Q1. Which element is the lightest in the periodic table?

Phoenix: Hydrogen (H)

Q2. What is the general formula for alkanes?

Isabella: CnH2n+2

Q3. What is the unit of entropy?

Leo: Joules per Kelvin (J/K)

Q4. Which law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted?

Adriel: First Law of Thermodynamics

Q5. What is the periodic table organized by?

Violet: Atomic number

Q6. Which scientist is credited with the discovery of the elements?

Isabella: Dmitri Mendeleev

Q7. What is the building block of proteins?

Phoenix: Amino acids

Q8.  Which molecule is the primary energy currency of the cell?

Lionel: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Q9. What is the function of DNA?

Maxwell: To store genetic information

Q10. What is the name of the phenomenon where a solid's solubility increases with increasing temperature, but decreases with decreasing temperature?

Silence followed,nobody talked. Then a second,they all turned to Theo who haven't said a word since the quiz started. 

"Are you even here at all?" Adriel whispered to him. 

Theo: Retrograde solubility.

🎙 And that's correct!!! For the first time since the beginning of today's quiz,a school got their 100 points. 

Audience👥: (Claps And Screams Loudly)

They left the stage and returned to their seats,Bright High School students glared at them angrily and jealously. 

🎙 Now we have just four schools,and listen to the new rules. 

Same process will be repeated for the second section,two schools are going to be out by tbe time the second section is over. Then we are going to have the last two left to compete here on stage. For that last section,only two students will be allowed from each school.


Bright high school won against their opponents with 70 points. 

Golden High school had 90 points in their second section and they won. 

Finally it was time for the final stage,Summer and the principal,Mr John came over to them. 

"Theodore,are you okay? You've hardly participated in the competition" Mr John said. 

Theo sighed,without saying a word. 

"But.....who are the two representing us?" Phoenix asked. 

"Any volunteer?" Summer asked. 

Nobody moved.

"Are you kidding me right now? You guys are scared?" Summer asked. 

"I don't want to be the reason why we fail" Violet said. 

"But still we need someone...."

Isabella raised her hand.

"Good,then...Theo join her" Summer said 

"I didnt raise my hand" Theo immediately said. 

"Join her" Summer snapped. 

"Good luck to you two" Mr John smiled. 

Two minutes later they were on stage,with another two students from Bright High School. 

🎙 For this section,I have forty questions,meaning,twenty questions for each other. If you fail a question,five points will be deducted from your points. This time,there will be room for bonus questions,that means,if Bright High school fail a question,Golden High have the opportunity to answer,they will gain 5 points by doing that. You have the grace to get up to any points for this section,it is not limited to 100 points. Shall we proceed?


🎙 I will start with Bright High School. 

After about twenty minutes,they were done with Bright High....They got 18 questions correctly,giving them 180 points,they failed 2 questions and  10 points was removed from it,leaving them with just 170 points. 

Isabella answered two bonus questions and Goldeb High have 10 marks for a start. 

🎙 Golden High School....are you ready for your questions?

"Yes sir" Theo and Isabella answered.

🎙 Bright High School...remember you can still get some points from them if they fail,so listen carefully. 

Q1. Which type of spectroscopy measures the absorption of radiation by a molecule, resulting in the excitation of nuclear spin states?

Theodore:  Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

Q2. What is the name of the reaction where a carboxylic acid reacts with a primary amine to form an amide?

Isabella: Schotten-Baumann reaction.

Q3. Which type of chemical reaction involves the transfer of a group of atoms from one molecule to another, resulting in a new compound?

Theodore: Group transfer reaction.

Q4. What is the term for the process by which a molecule's electronic energy is transferred to a solvent molecule, resulting in the quenching of fluorescence?

Theodore: Solvent quenching.

Q5. Which type of chemical bonding is responsible for the structure of borane (BH3)?

Theodore: Three-center two-electron bond.

👥 Wow,that boy is do good

👥 I can bet they are getting all the questions right. 

In the end,Theodore answered 13 questions and Isabella answered 7,all correct. Finally it wss time to call the results. 

🎙 That was such an amazing section,I enjoyed every little bit of it. 

The audience were already screaming. 

🎙 I have my result right here,so please listen. 


🎙 At the end of the final stage of the Chemistry quiz competition.....Bright High School scored a total of...330 points.....from all the sections. 

👥 Whoa!!!

Loud clippings filled the auditorium before the Judge continued. 

🎙 Golden High School,scored a total of............400 points!!!!

👥 Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

"We won!!!!!!!" Phoenix screamed and didn't know when she jumped on Adriel. 

Happiness and screams filled the air. 

"We did it" Violet smiled and hugged Lionel. 

Isabella and Theodore remained in their positions,none of them rejoiced or jubiliated. 

The award and prizes were next and in the end,it was time to go back to their destinations. 



The whole school are still celebrating their wins,the dinning hall was more interesting and full of joy than any other day,everyone happy. 

Isabella just left her room,she was on her way to the dinning hall when she saw Theodore. She rolled her eyes and ignored him. 

"Izzy" Theo stood in front of her with pleading look in his eyes. 

"I'm sorry.....I know I was wrong and...I don't know what to say but I really can't accept this break up,I love you so fucking too much,I might go insane if you leave me,I'm sorry,just one more chance.....I can't let go of you,I just can't" Theodore said in tears. 

"Can you please just stay away from me? For now,just stay away Theo,I don't want to see you,I don't want to talk to you,so stay away from me" Isabella said and walked away. 

Theo lean on the wall and wiped his tears. 

"Theodore" Chelsea showed up in front of him. 

Theo said nothing,he ignored her and turned to leave. 

"You can't keep on avoiding me" Chelsea grabbed his hand. 

"What the fuck do you want?!!" Theo yelled. 

"You" Chelsea replied. 


"You heard me,I want you. At this point,I don't think I'm sane enough to let go of you,not when I've tried so much but...nothing is working. You should look st me also! Not just Isabella,I'm in love with you also!!" Chelsea cried. 

Theodore shook his head. 

"Isn't it obvious?" He asked. 


"That I don't f+cking feel the same way and I can never feel that way,not in this life Chelsea. You and I...will never happen,so please,just forget about me,I'm begging you!! I love Isabella,I'm fucking crazy about her" Theodore said. 

"She broke up with you already!" Chelsea snapped. 

"I'm going to get her back,she's mine,and I also belong to her alone,my heart have no space left for you,so please.......forget about me" Theo said. 

"Really?" Chelsea asked with a sad smile. 

She started moving backward,they are upstairs in the girls dorm. 

"What are you doing?" Theodore asked in confusion,watching as Chelsea kept on moving backward,her eyes on him. 

"I will rather die than see you go back to her" Chelsea said,tears pouring down her eyes. 

Theo's eyes widened. 

"Hey,stop whatever you are thinking" he saud snd moved clleer. 

"I'm going to jump!" Chelsea said. 

"Are you crazy? What do you mean by you're going to jump? You're going to die!" 

"I prefer that to seeing you everyday with that girl! Do you even consider my feelings for once?!! I love you! I'm crazy about you also!! Why can't you just return those feelings,why!" She cried smd kept on moving back. She got to the sharp edge. 

"Chelsea wait......"

"Date me or you see me die right here!!"she screamed. 

Theodore was speechless,he was watching her with tears in his eyes,not knowing what to do. 

"I'm going to jump after counting three....."

Theodore almost took a step forward....

"Once you go to her,forget about me forever" Isabella's voice came from behind him and he turned. 

"You are free to choose one right now,you save her,then we are done forever" Isabella said. 

"One" Chelsea counted and Theo swallowed. 

"Two" she counted. 

Theo looked at Isabella and she crossed her arms, unbothered. 

"Three!" Chelsea shouted. 

At the count of three,Theodore turned immediately and ran over to one of them. 



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