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Exclusively Yours - Episode 56



Exclusively Yours - Episode 56

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}



Author's POV

A few minutes ago, Asia's knees hít the ground as she tried cough out the gas filling both her insides and the building, which bruised her knees in the process. 

"Oww," tears spilled from her eyes as it shut tightly. Slowly, she opened them back up, instantly sighting a key on the ground. "A key?" Wiping away the tears to clear the blurriness in her vision, she picked it up, examining it with the keyhole on the metal door. "Can... Let me try first." 

Asia ignored the slight pinch of pain in her knees, insert the key in the keyhole, said a little prayer and twist. 

It unlocked. 

Pushing her way into the room, she is met with an even more gas-filled room and a nearly unconscious Olivia, struggling to not breathe in and from the look of it, it was failing. 

"Olivia, can you get up?" She inquired, bending down to assist her up. 

Olivia's eyes trailed from Asia's feet to her face and let out a scoff. "Why are you even here? Want to come and finish what your co started?" 

"No. First of all, I will never work together with Jade, I haté her everything. Second, can we argue next time, you know, when we are not about to dié due to the smoke?" 

Olivia looked at her for a millisecond, made her decision and stood up. But clearly, shr overestimated her strength and fell back down on her knees. 

"Oww," she cried out in pains since her knees were bare. 

"I know, right? That makes two of us." Asia stretched out her hand with a little smile on her face. "Take my hand." 

"I don't think there's anything in this world that accepts both of us in one sentence like what you just said," Olivia took her hand and stood up. "Thank you." 

Asia hummed softly and looked down to Olivia's knees. "Can you run with the injured knees?"


"Okay, let's go." 

Asia and Olivia dashed out of the room, with Asia leading the way since she seemed to know where she came from. There was still a long way to go when a big part of the ceiling cracked and fell down on Olivia. She saw it, but was too slow to move out of the way and her body slumped on the ground as blood oozed out from her head. 

"Oh no, Olivia?" Asia knelt down, jerking Olivia's body, but she was out cold unconscious. "Seriously, I did not bargain for this." 

With a groan, she lifted Olivia up to her back, placed her properly on her back and stood up. Her eyes travelled across the building, looking for where next to turn when suddenly red flames rose from the ground. 

Oh shít. 

Gulping down nervously and scared, she exhaled and inhaled, not caring whether or not she just breathe in toxíc air into her system. Running through the maze of firé, she fought like a warrior but the flames were just stronger and faster than her. 

Wherever she turned to, flames erupted there until there was only one way to exit — the back. And that means going backward and finding out where the back exit is. 

Asia nodded her head with determination, exhaled again and ran as fast as her legs could carry her even with Olivia on her back. She was just ten feet away from the exit when the first explosion happened and luckily, it was from the front. 

Without bothering to turn and check what happened, she ran out, finally out of the building when the second one and final one explosion happened. 

The impact of the explosion threw them away, also making her lose consciousness as she slipped into pure and utter darkness, her head also bleeding from landing on a rock. 


Exactly twelve hours later, Asia opened her eyes to an awfully bright room and closed it back. Slowly, her eyelids flutter opened, getting used to the brightness after being lockéd in the dàrk for hours on end. 

Looking at her side, she noticed a bag of liquid plugged into her hand and winced, biting her lower lip in pain. 

It was then all of the pain from hitting her head came and a groan left her mouth. She turned her head to her other side and saw her friend, Kathryn sleeping on the sofa that rested on the wall. 

Asia's lips twitched with a smile upon seeing her one of her friends here. Lifting her head from the pillow under her head, she took it and threw it direct hít on Kathryn, and it woke her up. 

"Okay, so I'm not going to ask if you're okay 'cause you obviously are if you can throw that pillow on my face." Her friend teased, coming to her. 

"Aren't you supposed to be awake, looking after me?" Asia equally taunted, raising her brows. "I was left in your car, like come on." 

"I know, I know, but I just dozed up." Kath said. "And shut up. Lemme go call the doctor." 

Asia nodded and Kathryn made her way to the door, and just when she made to open it, Asia's question stopped her. 

"Wait." She turned to face her friend, knowing what she's about to ask and she did, "Is Olivia okay?" 

Kathryn's face paled with empathy as she shook her head. "She...she isn't responding to anything and she also lost a lot of blood. The doctors also can't find a donor for her since the blood bank is empty at the moment with the one she needs." 

"Okay, what will happen to her?" Asia pushed on. "Can't they go find it in another hospital?" 

"They already did," Her friend replied and left to get the doctors. 


"What Kathryn said about Olivia cannot be true, can it?" Asia questioned when she got to the place Riccardo was standing, staring at Olivia through the glass window. 

Riccardo's gaze tore away from the window and landed on Asia. "It depends, what did she say?" 

"That Olivia lost a lot of blood..." 

"She's still losing blood, Asia." He cut her short to correct her, tears in his eyes. "It's not past tense." 

"Can't you give her some of yours?" 

"That's the problem, our blood don't match. We've even tried her aunt, her niece, her aunt's husband, Nicole, my mum and Dad, even Beck and Phillip and Felicity and Axel. None of us match with hers." 

A thought dropped in Asia's head and she hesitated to question herself. 

Why am I doing this? 

Why do I suddenly care about her wellbeing? 

Shouldn't I be happy that she's finally leaving Riccardo's life? 

But none of her questions were answered by anything or anyone, so she muttered. "I can try." 

"No, you are already húrt from saving her and I haven't even thanked you yet, you need to rest and eat something, so you won't pass out on me again." 

"You care?" 

"Of course, I do. I love you so much; you're like a little sister I never got to have." 

Tears welled in Asia's eyes as a small smile stretched out on her lips. The realization that he will never love her like he loves Olivia finally dawning on her, the tears slipped down. 

"Hey, are you okay? Did I say something wrong?" He asked, worry and guilt overwhelming him. 

"You're great person." 

Riccardo scoffed. "Great is kind of a stretch, don't you think?" 

"No. You're a great friend, a great son, a great brother, a great...husband and I trust you will be a great father one day." 

"Yeah? That's if Olivia wakes up because I can't be a father without her." His gaze shifted back to the window to look at his Olivia. 

"Yep, that's why I'll do the blood transfusion for her." Asia told him. "It's my body and my blood, don't try tell me what to do with them." 

Riccardo smiled a little, knowing that Asia is serious. "Sure thing, ma'am." 

"Hey, little sister, remember?" She teased before entering into the ward and walked to the doctors. "Can I get a blood test done to check if I can transfer blood to her?" 

"Sure, she's in urgent need of it." 


Ten minutes later, a nurse strode to the where Riccardo and Asia were asked to wait. 

"Ms Asia, your blood fortunately match with your sister's blood." 

"Sister?" Asia rose from her seat. "Olivia isn't my sister." 

"Yes, she is. It says here in the test results that both of you are ninety nine percent related." 

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