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Exclusively Yours - Episode 55



Exclusively Yours - Episode 55

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}



Author's POV

Thirty minutes ago, Jade remained standing on her feet, bored and anxious to get this done and over with. 

It's remaining a few minutes before this building crashes into nothing but rumble and debris, and all she wanted at that moment was for Olivia to be at the right spot where there is no hope for survivàl. 

Her gaze travelled across the empty room as she waited impatiently for Olivia to be dragged back to the room which she just ran away from, ignoring her hidden warnings. 

The sound of a ringing phone made a frustrated hiss slip out of her teeth as she brought it out to check who it is, a smile upturn her lips and she picked up. 

The caller was the first person to say something, "Jade, where's Olivia?" 

"And why should I know that, Asia?" 

"I know you know where she is. Héck, you might be with her...sorry, let me rephrase that, you have her locked up somewhere." She said. "Tell me, you bítch, why the fúck is Olivia?" 

Jade's smile grew wider. "It is strange, you know. I mean, why do you all of a sudden care about Olivia's whereabouts? She's not a baby, she might have gone away on a trip or something, I don't care." She replied. "I don't know where she could be." 


"Asia, enough of this bullshít. I have told you that I don't know where Olivia is, stop pestering me." Jade snapped, the smile exiting her facial expressions. "I can't believe you called me up for this. You know, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe we can be friends, but clearly, you don't want that." 

"Friends? With you? That's no less than being friendly with a snake who is also a bug. You're nothing but an obsessed, shréwd illiterate that is not only stúpid but also dúmb. I hàte you, I hàte your existence and I wish you never came into our lives then and even now." Asia expressed softly yet with so much wrath it could be felt from miles away. "Olivia is far, far, far better than you can ever be. You're a nobody wrapped in money, just a glorified monkey..." 

"Hey!" Jade snapped, cutting the latter shut. "Just because I let you say all of those words doesn't give you the permission to continue insultíng me..." 

Asia scoffed out a mockery laughter. "Ínsult? Come on, sweetheart, those are merely compliments than what I truly feel about you. And trust me, you do not want to hear them." 

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes, annoyed. But it soon vanished when Olivia was brought back. "Adios, America." 


Back in Asia's location, she anxiously tapped her foot on the floor, watching the team she hired tracked Jade's phone. 

It has been going on for over one hour and yet still no luck. First, they tried tracking her without calling her up; it didn't work. So, they tried the opposite and the process is still on. 

"Found it." One of the hacker guy said enthusiastically as he turned his laptop to her. "I'll send and connect the location to your phone's GPS." 

"Okay, good." Asia nodded, retrieving her phone from her jeans pocket to call Riccardo. When he picked up, she wasted no time in saying, "I want to listen very carefully, Rick. I'm going to send you a location now, please hurry up and get there; Olivia is there, I can promise you that." 


"What do you mean by the machine won't start anymore? I asked you before and you said all was good, why the nonseñse now that I'm so close to having what I want?" Jade questioned angrily, her face going beet red with annoyance. 

"I am sorry, but..." 

"Just shut up and fix it." She snapped. 

"It will take ten to twenty minutes to do so." 

"Well, do it! Hurry back!" She barked out the order. 


Exactly twenty-five minutes has passed with an impatient Jade pacing up and down on her phone when one of her men came to her. 

She looked at him with angér and snapped, "what?" 

"It's done. Should we start now?" 

"Yeah, go ahead." She muttered. "It's better late than never." 

The man beside her gave the other man operating the demolisher a signal, and soon, it restarted. 

The machine hit a part of the structure and it made to begin to quake and he got down from it from achieving his aim. 

"It's such a pity that such beautiful masterpiece will go down because of one person." Jade murmured to herself as the two men faces her for their next instructions. "Eishhh, how unfortunate." 

"Is everything set?" She asked them. 

"Yes. The fuel has being poured all over the place and the fire will start on its own with the gas that is on soon after the building reaches the ground." 

"Hmm, how exciting." Jade chuckled darkly. "Good, let's go." 


Asia's POV

With almost inhumane speed, I managed to rush to the place only to see that is collapsing to the floor. 

The air became suddenly heavy to breath in, or maybe it's just me. My heartbeat accelerated more than usual as my eyes scanned the nearest entryway. 

"Olivia isn't in there, is she?" Riccardo's voice reached my ears and I briefly turned my head to face him. "Oh no, I need to find her before it fully collapses."

"But it's a literal maze, how will we do it?" 

"We? You can't risk your life like that, I'll do it." He argued, but I paid no attention to him. 

I don't know what it was, but there's something wrecking inside me, almost like a crack or a tear, and it's húrting way too much. 

My head is repeatedly telling me to find Olivia, and now that I have, my heart is urging me to go into a rumbling building. 

And who am I to say no to an impulsive decision my heart is set on? 

"You go left, I will go right." I told him and ran in without waiting for his reply. 

My body shook with the building and my hands did the best they could do in protecting my eyes from sand. But they could do nothing to shield me from the bits of the roof from falling on me, I had to do that on my own by noticing it before it happens and moving away. 


I paused on my tracks, my eyes snapping everywhere to know where that voice came from. 

"Help me..." 

Without thinking about anything but her safety, I ignored normal human rational brain and dashed to the direction of the voice, to end up in front of a metal door. 




It's locked. 

That bítch, how could she do this without even a single remorse or humanity? 

Exhaling even though there's no need for that right now, I placed my palm on the metal door and leaned my ear into it. "Olivia?" 

Please, be fine. 

Why am I worried? 

I mean, why shouldn't I? 

What's the painfúl feeling in my chest? 

"Olivia?" I tried again, and this time, there was a cough. 

"I'm going to get you out of there." I promised her and I swear by my parents that I will. 

Soon, there was a loud hiss and another and another, and soon enough, I too was coughing as gas filled up the place. 

It was like my head spun around multiple times, making me dizzy. I even stumbled on my feet, falling to the ground and bruising my knees. 



Riccardo's POV

Asia called and after listening to her, I drove as fast as I could to get here, ignorîng all traffic regulations. 

I wanted to find my wife. I needed to find Olivia, but somehow, I'm incompetent. I don't know how I manage to end up in the same spot that I started from. 

Staring at the building, I breathe heavily as my chest rose and fell hard. My head entered autopilot and I waited for the thought to properly land in my head before doing anything drastic. 

Although, drastic things needs to be done to stop this impending wreckage. And is that gas I smell? 

I exhaled deeply, ready to lurch in to Asia's direction to find my wife because desperate times calls for desperate measures. But I am pulled to a standstill as the building went up in flames right before my eyes. 



God, please, no. 

Without a care in the world, I still badly wanted to enter and save my wife, but Beckett and Phillip held me down so tight I couldn't move. 

When did they even come?  

It doesn't matter. All that matters now is Olivia and is dying in the furnace. I need to go and rescue her, and even Asia needs my help. 

"Leave me. Olivia is inside, my wife is inside that for Christ's sake. Let me go." Tears blurred my vision until I can barely see anything but my own tears as I cried uncontrollably. 

"You can't go in..." 

"My sunshine is in there and Asia, let me go. Just leave me alone." 


As if it wasn't already enough that the building was on fíre and I was being held back, the firé chose the perfect time to make an exploding sound. And the impact of the explosion had all of us blown back with force, landing on our backs many feet away from it. 

No, it can't be.

TBC 📖✍️

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