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Exclusively Yours - Episode 54



Exclusively Yours - Episode 54

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Author's POV

It has been three days since Olivia went missing. Everyone—the police, the royal family, and Riccardo—is searching for her all over the States. 

Since the day she went missing, everybody has been restless. Felicity, Axel, Riccardo and even Asia could barely concentrate on whatever they did. Their mind was stuck in somewhere else. 

Questions like; What happened to her? 

Is she fine? 

What if she isn't fine? 

Is she in dànger? 

Her phone has been switched off since the second she went missing, making it very well that there's no way of contacting or tracking her down. 

Aunt Delaney hasn't been able to sleep a wink; she blames herself for her niece's disappearance and vowed not to eat or drink until Olivia comes back home. Her body is extremely weak, almost giving away and her eyes still shed tears every second. 

Meanwhile Riccardo is the most restless amongst every single of them. This is the second time Olivia is going missing and it is taking a toll on him. 

Everything he tried to eat made him puke, he could only have water without vomiting. His migraine is starting to resurface even more violently now as the fourth night rolled in closer and closer. 

On the day Olivia went missing, they both promised to meet up after her visit to her aunt. But when she didn't call him to tell him that she was done, he knew something was wrong and tried calling her number. One second, she was on another call, and the next, her phone is switched off and that's how it has been since then. 

Meanwhile, somewhere in the farthest outskirts of USA was a rather strange building where Olivia was locked up. The building looked more of a maze than a building. 

Beautiful? Yes. 

Weird? Also yes. 


Olivia's POV

I don't know how long it has been that I have been stuck in this room, but it is starting to get into my head, like in a bàd way. 

Almost every hour, food is slid from under the metal door—that I banged my hands and head on the first time I woke up after being kidnappéd—and I looked at it with disgust even though it looked like a regular meal. 

I couldn't risk it though, what if it is poisoned? 

I don't want to try my God. I'm not a freakíng cat that has nine lives, I'm human and I can't díe without knowing who killéd my parents, especially now that this whole issue cropped up. 

I know that I have people who will be working tirelessly to rescue me from this... whatever it is called, but they are taking their precious time in doing so. 

My determination and willingness are slowing evaporating from my being, and I feel myself slipping away from life itself. I could barely walk, even though I don't have any injuries. Whenever I attempt to stand up from the only thing—a bed—that was in the room, I get lightheaded and fall back down to the bed. 

It is exhausting and weakening to not eat for many hours. Even my throat is parched from not drinking water that I think I will actually díe in the next minute, if someone doesn't walk through that door. 

And as if my thoughts were broadcasted worldwide, a figure cat walked right into the room and a grimace instantly slapped itself in my face. 


Of course, who else would do this? 

I bet she's with her cohort, Asia. I swear, if I get out of this without dyiñg, I'll make sure they pay dearly for their sins and misdeeds. 

"Hello there, how are you doing?" She taunted upon seeing my face, a big smile plastered on her face. "Gee, I missed it. It has been so long we've seen each other, don't you miss me?" 

"I would rather díe than miss you." I snapped back a reply. 

Her smile became a grin as her eyes shone maniacally. "Oh, what's the rush? Calm down, would you?" Jade folded her hands on her chest and hummed. "I heard that you haven't eaten a thing since you have been brought here, why not?" Her fake sympathy irked me more than I want to admit. "Come on, answer me." 

"Why am I here?" 

"To be killéd." She replied so casually, like it was nothing. "You see, you need to be out of Riccardo's life." 

Although, my heart started racing uncontrollably, I firmly said. "Even if I do go away from Riccardo's life, he will still not be with you; he will never be yours, Jade, so just give up." 

"Give up?" She laughed. "Oh, I will, but only when you are gone out of this life." 

I stood up on my feet, glaring at her. "What's wrong with you? Why won't you just leave us be? Why don't you find something or someone else to craze over?" 

"Well unfortunately, Riccardo is the only thing I want that I don't have. And if I can't have him, no one else will." Jade replied. "Do you know how long I have waited and longed for him? Who are you? Why does he love you so much? He wouldn't even look at another woman because of you, tell me what you did to him?" 

"Can you hear yourself talk? You sound like a cràzy person...."

"Shut up!" She barked out, her smile leaving her and anger replacing it. "In less than ten minutes, this building will start to shake and after that, it will collapse down on you and you'll be crushed to deàth." A pause. "And if that somehow doesn't do the perfect work of getting you out of the land of the living, the debris will be lit on fíre. That sure would be fun, wouldn't it?" An hysterical laugh exited her mouth and her body vibrated with it. 

I stared at her like everything she just said didn't reach my ears, because it is simply unbelievable to think someone would do such a thing to their fellow human and because of a man that doesn't even have any feelings except for hatréd for her. 

No, I wasn't going to stay here and díe like a cockroach. Even if I am going to díe, I can't let it be Jade who does it; it will mean she has won and I can't let that happen. 

My eyes shifted from her and landed on the only exit which she came in from, and my first instinct was to run, but her voice stopped me. 

"Oh, you can run, but you might get húrt because the men I hired can be very brutàl." She said. "Go on, run. Run, Olivia, run." 

And I did, not caring that I obeyed her instructions. Unsure of where I was running to, I just kept running and just when I think I got away, I'm yanked backwards so much force, I shrieked loudly. 

"Let go of me!" I yelled on the top of my voice as the huge man behind me threw me over his shoulder. "Let me go! Let go of me! Just let me go!" Tears pricked my eyes, but I refused to let it flow. "Let me go..." My voice cracked as he dropped me back in the room and on my feet. 

"Ciao, I gotta go 'cause I don't want to be, you know, here when you, you know, díe." Jade said as I struggled to free myself from the firm grip on whatever man was behind me. "See you later...oh, wait; that isn't possible." 

And she is gone together with that man, and I rushed to the door, but it is slammed shut on my face. 




I cannot díe, not without punishing my parents' kíller and definitely not before confirming that I have grandparents. I also need to see my Riccardo, because I can't díe without seeing him, even if it's just a glance. 

Soon enough, little sounds of cracking and rumbling of the walls and ground reached my ears, and fear overwhelmed me even more than before. So I do the next best thing I could do—cry because I'm really going to díe. 

I am going to díe.

TBC 📖✍️ 

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