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Exclusively Yours - Episode 53



Exclusively Yours - Episode 53

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Olivia's POV

Aunt Delaney, or should I say Delilah's face paled even more when I repeated the question. Her eyes became panicky as she shifted uncomfortably on her own sofa. 

"I asked a question." I hissed, the leftover anger and betrayal from yesterday starting to resurface at her hesitation. "So, answer me." 


"Do not lie to me." I cut her off from whatever bullshí+ she was about to spew. 

"Okay, fine." Delaney resignedly said. "Your mum is Ingrid; she changed her name after emancipating from Switzerland and her role of future queen, and I'm her younger sister, Delilah." 

Hearing the truth from her own mouth felt even worst than seeing it on the freakíng internet. I could hear the breaking of my heart and I felt myself shrinking into the littlest bit of dust. 

"Your Mother didn't want the throne and neither did I. And moreover, we were being forced into arranged marriages because ‘that is how it's supposed to be’ and we just didn't want it." She added. "Sorry. We didn't intend to keep it from you, it just happened." 

"It just happened?!" I snapped, violent tears streaming from my eyes. "All my life, I always wondered why I didn't have grandparents. Both Dad and Mum parents unfortunately were deád and I half-heartedly accepted it, and now, you're telling me this. You're telling me that I had grandparents all along and I was been lied to and deceived and manipulated by you both." 


"Can you please stop saying that?!" The yell is out of my mouth before I know it and I'm up on my feet, sweeping my hair back. "Just stop it. Stop apologizing because I know if I didn't find out, you had no intention on telling me; so quit with the apologies, it's itching my ears." 

"Olivia, you are right, I had no intention on telling you neither did your Mom." Her reply came out oddly calm and she too is on her feet. "Your Mother and I left their life because it wasn't good, it demanded way too much from the descendants of the royal children and your mother didn't want that for her children." She explained, more calmly even though her eyes were watering. "Who even told you?" 

"Does it matter?" 

"Yes, yes it does. If someone from the royal family told you, it means they want you back to assume the role your mother dropped." 

Confusion washed over me and I asked, "assume what role?" 

"The queen." 

"Why do they need me for that? Can't another person be the queen?" 

"Only a direct royal blood can ascend the throne, Liv. Mum and Dad has been on it, and when they díe—I am wishing them deàth, but when they do—you ascend the throne. It should have been your Mum, but she..." 

"I'm not ascending any f+ckíng throne." I let her know. "All I wanted while growing up was to have grandparents to visit whenever on summer holiday, but I didn't because I was lied to..." 

"Olivia, it was for the best." 

"Best for her and for you, not for me." 

"Why are you talking like you were stuck in somewhere you didn't want to?" Aunt DeeDee snapped, her anger finally showing on her face and in her tone. "You were given everything a child could want. Your parents loved you with everything they had, and now, you're yapping on and on about your grandparents like you lacked something." 

It hit me right in the chest, piercing deeply into the depth of my heart and making me question myself. 

Am I a good daughter? 

Why am I acting like I was betrayed? 

I mean, if Mum ran away from her home to an unknown country and started her life all over again means she did it for a reason. So, why am I feeling so añgry with her? 

Even if I was lied to, she must have done it for her betterment and mine and even Dad and her sister. 

"You were given everything a child could even asked for and more because you grew up with love surrounding you, while we—your Mother and I—did not. Our parents' marriage was nothing but an arrangement, you should be grateful instead of being a brat." She added. 

"I am not being a brat, I'm simply asking why I was lied to by Mum, you and Dad all my life. And you don't get to make me feel guilty or bàd about wanting to know about my own grandparents that I've been kept away from my whole freakíng life." 


"No, you don't also get to talk to me like I'm not the victím here because I am." I stated, wiping the tears streaming from my eyes. "I'm so stúpid, I am dúmb. I mean, everything was so glaringly bright from the onset." I breathed in and gulped down, brushing my hair back again. "Mum is always so put together, so..." A scoff mixed with a cry choked itself out of my mouth. "It was like it took her years to master the way she carried her yet it also looked like it came easy to her. Her elegance, the way she spoke, everything she did showed it, but I paid no attention to it. Dad also called her princess and sometimes, queen and whenever it happened, she gets this gleam in her eyes as if she is scolding him but also secretly loved it."

Everything was always there. Almost everything she did looked practiced or mastered, even the littlest things. Like the way she tucked in her hair behind her ears, the way she smiles, the way her head is always raised up like there is something on it, and she doesn't want it to slip and fall. Yet, I ignored all of it. 

I paid no attention to them. God, I feel so dúmb right now. 

Shaking my head out of disappointment in myself, I'm out of the door and I could hear Delaney calling me and running after me, but I got in my car and zoomed off. 

I picked up my phone and dialled Harry's number which was answered at the third ring. 

"Well, well, well, look who called. How might I be of help to you, Mrs Olivia Donovan Torrence...or wait, should it be Mrs Olivia Donovan Torrence Gartmann? Would you like that instead?" I could practically hear his smirk even though he was so far away from me. "How was your visit to your Aunt's?" 

How did he.... Why am I even thinking about it? 

He is a freàk and might have even followed me. 

"Ah no, I didn't follow you; I have more important thing to do with my time." 

Did he just indirectly call me unimportant? And he addressed me as a ‘thing’, how dare he?

"You have a sour mouth." I told him. 

"So do you, princess." 

"Do not call me that." I snapped. 

"Why? Will your husband think I am flirting with you? Because I am not, it's your title." 

"F+ck you." 

"Sorry, you're not my type." 

"You're an às$hole." I said. "And I don't want to be your type, I'm a married woman." 

"Good for you." I could also see him roll his eyes. "What do you want?" 

"Where are you?" 

"I'm sorry, did you miss the part when I said you're not my type." 

"I'm not..." I paused and exhaled deeply. "Where the f+ck are you, Harry?" 

Harry chuckled and it tickled my ears. "At the hotel I'm staying." 

"Send the location, I want to see..." I hesitate to say that one word. 

"Your grandfather." He completed. 


He laughed again. "For someone from a royal family, you cursé a lot." 

"And for someone I don't know anything about, you have a lot of opinions on me and a pretty bàd mouth." 

"I know, my mouth is pretty." 

Before I could reply, he hung up while laughing. 

Stúpid, f+ckíng piece of shít. 

My phone pinged with a message from Harry and it brought a snarl to my face. I was still looking at the phone and driving with the other hand when a van suddenly swerved to the front of my car. 

There wasn't enough time on my hand for me to press the brakes and it caused me to slam the front of my car to the side of the van. I coughed, out of breath before reversing my own car a little and getting out of it to know why the driver of the van just did it and if they are okay. 

Big mistake because the moment I stepped out of my car, I'm being suffocated by an handkerchief and struggling to fall into sleep, but my resistance didn't match up to whatever drug was on the handkerchief. 

My body went limp against the body behind mine and with my consciousness dropping drastically, I noticed I was carried into the van. 

"Be careful with her, we don't want to angér our client." I heard one of them say. 


My thinking was cut short as I drowned into the darkness that overwhelmed me.

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