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Exclusively Yours - Episode 52



Exclusively Yours - Episode 52

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Olivia's POV

"Princess Ingrid Gartmann, check it out." The goddàmn Harry said, glaring at me like I did something outrageously questionable. "For someone who I actually admire before, you're kinda daft. I also have the information on who killéd them, call me when you are ready to talk to him, your grandfather." With that, he is out like he was never here. 

"Wait, did he say 'princess'?" I questioned no one in particular as I stared at the door they went out of. 

Mom, a princess? 

How is that even possible?

That's not possible because if she was a princess, she would have told me. I mean, yes, I remember when Dad calls her princess, but it doesn't mean she is. Right? 

Problem after problem just keep arising wherever I turn. As if their deàth isn't already mysterious enough, this one comes wrecking in without any remorse whatsoever. 

It doesn't matter anyway. It is not like I believe him or even that obnoxious Harry who thinks because he's tall and huge, he can order me around. 

Hell nah, I'm not a freakíng puppet and I goddàmn well don't have a string for someone to remote me with. 



Riccardo's head lift up from his laptop. "Yeah?" 

"Someone, no, two people came to my office today and they said some things that won't leave my head." I explained. 

Since they left, I haven't been able to do anything without Harry's words hitting me like a train. 

This is all getting too complicated and I don't think I can deal with it. 

"What did they say?" 

"Something about my mom being a princess and running away from home which is Switzerland, and even changing her name." 

Riccardo upon hearing that closed his laptop and let out a small scoff. "But if that was true your mother wouldn't have promised to take you to Switzerland." 

Wait, I didn't think of that. But I didn't just ask her once to take me to Switzerland; I've been asking her since I was five because I saw a picture of their mountains online and instantly fell in love. 

I can still remember the look of shock on her face when I told her about my wish. It was like I told her I was going to commit suicidé; she even froze up for two whole minutes until Dad joined in. 

"I haven't been to Switzerland till date." I muttered, trying to put two and two together on my own without having to listen to Harry. "Even Aunt DeeDee kept pushing it further back when it's time for our annual vacation. It's almost like they didn't want me to go there." 

"Olivia, your mother wouldn't lie to you if she was a freakíng princess of Switzerland." Riccardo tried to divert my attention from piecing up the puzzle. "They could playing with your mind, those people. What are their names?" 

"No, they looked pretty serious and certain about what they were saying." I said. "Can I have your laptop? Mine is upstairs." 

"Sure, Sunshine." He shifted it to me and I brought it to my lap before typing in my search. "What are you doing?" 

"One of the men mentioned a name; I'm looking it up." I replied, waiting for the search to finish loading as I chewed impatiently on my lower lip. 

If this is true, my whole life is basically a lie. I will find out that I've been lied to my entire existence by everyone I considered close to my heart, by those I thought would never húrt me whether physically or emotionally. 

Different articles scattered on the screen as my eyes gave them a quick scan. Letting out a rather heavy exhale, I clicked on one. 

★ Princess Ingrid Gartmann, who is the first daughter of King Emanuel and Queen Eden was officially crowned Crown Princess, and will start receiving lessons on governing the kingdom. 

★ Princess Ingrid and her sister, Delilah appearance at the annual royal ball put smiles on the people's faces. 

Delilah, who is that? 

I swallowed as my index inched to open it. The article took zero second to open and my eyes skimmed over the blah, blah, blah words as I searched for any pictures. 

"If you find anything useful, what will happen?" 

I turned my head to look at Riccardo and when I opened my mouth to talk, words just didn't come out. 

"How did they even find you if you're truly connected to all of this?" 

"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. All I know is I don't want it to be true." Tearing my gaze away from him, I put it back on the laptop as I scrolled to the bottom where a picture would probably be. 

And I was right; three different pictures was there. In one of the pictures was two pretty girls, wearing ball gowns and smiling at each other seemingly unaware of the pictures been taken. The two girls that looked awfully familiar to my mother and her sister from their side profile. 

Ignoring that, I went to the next picture and it took all of the air in my lungs, scrambled it up and threw them out like my body didn't need it to survive.

It was my Mum, smiling directly at the camera. Her lilac ball gown was so beautiful like it was made in a fairytale dream, her hair was gorgeously parked and a tiara hung on her head, her eyes bright like she loved where she was in and her smile almost a grin.

I looked at the bottom of the picture to see a caption on it. “Princess Ingrid radiates the places with her bright personality once again.” 



It's not possible. It can't be possible. Why would she lie to me? This isn't right because I know my mother wouldn't lie to me, ever. 

Scrolling down at see the last picture, a single teardrop streamed down from my eyes as they landed on Aunt DeeDee who is actually Delilah and not Delaney. 

My whole life...a complete joke. A lie. A complete and utter falsehood. 

Not only have I been lied to, but I've been deceived and manipulated since age five. Jeez, I can't even believe this. 

That's right, I can't believe this because it seemed so unbelievable to be real. 

"Olivia, I think you should go to bed and tomorrow morning, you'll go and talk to your aunt about this." Riccardo tried to reason with me and I nodded my head absentmindedly. 



I sat cross-legged on one of the many sofa in aunt Deedee's house, waiting for her to come out of the kitchen. 

"Long time, no see, my love." Her voice reached my ears before my eyes reached her. She came out in front of me and the smile that was always on her face was still there. "To what do I owe this visit?" 

"You don't want me here?" 

"What? Of course not, why wouldn't I want my favorite niece here?" 

"I'm not your only niece, Aunt." I replied, almost snappishly. "Please, sit, I want to talk to you." 

"Alrighty, I'm sat." She beamed. "What is it? 

"Does the name Ingrid Gartmann and Delilah Gartmann ring a bell in your head?" I went straight to the point, without any dillydally. 

Her smile instantly fell and her face contoured to pure shock. Aunt DeeDee opened and shut her mouth like a fish out of water. "W-what?" 

"You heard me, Aunt, but I'll repeat the question." My voice emitted from my mouth with firmness, without a single crack. "Do you know them, Ingrid Gartmann and her sister, Delilah Gartmann?"

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