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Exclusively Yours - Episode 51



Exclusively Yours - Episode 51

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Author's POV

Two whole month has gone quick. To some, it went in the blink of an eyes, while to others, it went even slower than a snail. Meanwhile, Olivia and Riccardo are still trying to find out clues on what happened years ago to Anastasia Donovan and Jeremy Donovan. 

Jade hasn't been heard from or seen in the last forty-five days, Asia meanwhile has been busy with work or so she told Riccardo whenever he asked. She knows that since Jade's plan fired, she will go for the bigger kíll, literally and she was just waiting to find out her next move. 

Nonetheless, Olivia who was working on something on her laptop looked at her ringing phone and picked it up, absentmindedly. 

"Yeah, who am I speaking to?" She said to the unknown caller at the other end of the line, her attention entirely focused on her laptop's screen. 

"Is this Olivia?" A stern, rather professional voice inquired, richly. "Olivia Donovan?" 

"Yes, who are you?" 


"Am I supposed to know what you are by your name?" 

"No. When are you free? We need to talk." 

Olivia's attention finally got taken away from her laptop and she spun around on her swivel chair before standing up. "We? Talk? Excuse me, who are you and how do you get my number?" 

"Are you free right now? I could drop in." Harry replied, completely ignoring her own question. 

"No, no, I'm not free. Who the fuck are you?" 

"Language, Olivia." He scolded with this authoritative tone that made her flinch a little. "See you in five." 

"See you in five?" Olivia repeated, surprised and shocked and most of all, confused. "What the..." The line went off. 

Not even up to five minutes later, a man clad in the finest suit that looked like it took years to be sew walked in as if he owns the ground it was built. The grey hair sprinkled on the top of his jet-black hair gave him a natural, healthy vibe, not hiding the fact that he's old enough to father her father. 

Her inquisitive eyes roamed across his body, taking in every bit of his clothing before a sigh leaves her mouth and she queries, "You're Harry?" 

"Not quite." The answer came from nowhere, causing Olivia to look around before her eyes caught a tall, young man dressed into a casual black and white outfits. "I'm Harry." 

She nodded her head, slowly and tactically. "Right, right. Well, Harry styles or whatever the héll your last name is, why don't you take your grandfather and yourself out of my office? As you can see, I'm a busy woman." 

"Your grandfather, you mean." The Harry bite back, not backing down from the glare Olivia was giving him. 

"Excuse you?" The utter surprise on her face and even her voice was evident from miles away. Her mouth even dropped a tiny bit as her pupils ping-ponged between both of the men; the one whose name is Harry and appear rude, and the other one who wouldn't stop staring at her like she's his long lost daughter. 

Her feet worked on its own and faltered backwards. "Get out of my office before I call the police." 

"You look just like her." The other man whose name is still not known expressed softly and dreamily. "You are her exact copy." 

"Okay, I'm calling security." She round her desk to pick up her phone to do exactly that, but the next words that leaves the man's mouth stopped her. 

"Your mother, Anastasia was my daughter." 

“Crazy psychós!” Olivia thought internally. Her fingers tapped on the screen of her phone, in search of the security's number she had somewhere in her contacts when it is snatched right out of her hands. "Hey." She snapped at Harry. "Give it back." 

"Sit down." He ordered. "Right now, Olivia. Don't make me do it for you." 

"And what exactly will you do, huh? Nail my butt to the seat, yeah? Please, for the love of God and everything you love, get out." 

"Give him a minute of your time and we'll leave." That was a lie, but she didn't have to know and neither did she. 

Her gaze leaves Harry and wandered back to the unnamed man who is still staring at her. Hmm, weird, if you ask me. 

"Fine." Olivia grumbled. "Have a seat, sir." The man smiled and did so, but when Harry wanted to sit, she said. "Not you, Harry." 

Harry rolled his eyes and still sat down, ignoring her earlier words just like before. 

"You're obviously curious as to why I'm here and I won't waste any time." The older man muttered, but somehow it still carried some sort of power to his tone. "Ingrid was your mom's real name. She ran away from home years, years old and we tried looking for her, but couldn't find anything. But recently, we...sorry, Harry here noticed something and brought it to my knowledge. Your mother changes her name to Anastasia and married that peasant..." 

"Excuse you, my Dad isn't a peasant." 

"He was then when he came to Switzerland. He ruinéd your mother and put thoughts into her head, that's why she ran." 

“Which alternative universe did I wake up in today? Is this a dream? I mean, yes! This is one hundred percent a dream that will end soon.”

She inwardly thought, keeping her eyes on her “grandfather” and Harry. 

"You don't believe him." It wasn't a question, but she nodded her head at Harry. "Why not? Does he look like he is lying?" 

"It looks like both of you are jobless and don't have anything reasonable to do, and you want to bother my peace. And how dare you use my mother for your tricks, but not her." 

"Utter one more..." 

"Harry, no." The old man stopped Harry's train of words, or should I say thréats?

"Listen to him and get out." 

"No, you listen here, little girl." The old man finally snapped. "I made your mother, raised her with everything a child would ever want in life, and she still ran away, married your father and birthed you." Pausing to gaze into Olivia's eyes, he leaned his head closer. "Unfortunately, she is deàd and so is he, but you aren't. Ingrid didn't show or tell you about your origin, but I will." 

"Thank for your kind offer." Olivia stood up and pushed down on the alarm. "But, I don't need it. If there's anything my mom didn't tell me was that there are cràzy people in the world today. Please, get going." 

The older man stood up, with a smile on his stern face. Harry followed him out, not without dropping something off first on Olivia's desk. 

"Princess Ingrid Gartmann, check it out." He said and Olivia's glare intensified. "For someone who I actually admire before, you're kinda daft. I also have the information on who killéd them, call me when you are ready to talk to him, your grandfather." With that, he is out. 

"Wait, did he say 'princess'?"

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