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Exclusively Yours - Episode 49



Exclusively Yours - Episode 49

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

With my heart heavy with betrayal and disappointment, my eyes blurry with tears, and my body weak with exhaustion, I drove my car to the place I know would take Riccardo time to find since he wouldn't quickly figure out that I'm there. 

His safe haven as he calls it was as quiet and eerie like my first time here, and weirdly enough, I liked it because peace and quiet was all I needed now. 

The cottage-like building was bigger than a usual cottage, but smaller than a normal house, I don't know if you get. Unlocking the door with the key I took from Riccardo's cupboard, I crept into the dark house. 

I have never been scared of the dark since I spent that horrifíc night in the house while heavy rain crashed on the ceiling—the night my parents were brútally múrdered by none another person than my own husband. 

I can't believe it. No matter how much I try to, I just can't wrap my head around it. 

How is it even possible? 

Why didn't he tell me earlier? 

Does he even love me? 

Or, is he pretending to love me to make up for taking my parents away from me? 

More similar questions poured into my head even as I tried my possible best to stop it. Giving up on trying to clear my foggy head, I slumped tiredly on one of the sofa and laid down. 

My position gave tears the opportunity to stream out of my eyes as my head ponder and ponder like a freakíng FBI, which it isn't. After like half an hour of crying myself a migraine, my head finally decided to pass out and trust me when I say that I gladly accepted it. 

I am woken up by the familiar, soft and gentle touch that I'm so used to. My lids flew open and I pulled myself away from him. 

Sadness clouded his dark eyes as his hands stayed midair. His hair is all ruffled up like he has ran his fingers through it like a million times. And his lips is pulled to a thin line. 

He looks tired. 

And I hàte myself for noticing it and even feeling bàd. 

"Sunshine," Riccardo called out the nickname he has for me with a low and exhausted voice. "I'm sorry." 

I scoffed, rolling my eyes in exasperation. What the héll does he mean he's sorry? What can sorry do? 

Exhaling hard, I sat up to make sure more distance are between us. It broke him further and I also hàte that I still notice it. "Well, sorry can't bring back my parents, can it?" 

"Please, let me explain myself..." 

Angér surged through my body system so rapidly that I think I'd literally explodé. Abruptly, I stood up on my feet, staring at him with every single ounce of angér I feel. "Explain?! What the f+ck do you want to explain? Do you want to give detailed explanation on how you took my parents away from me at such a young age?!" 

Riccardo shook his head and tried to hold me again. I stepped backwards, purposely avoiding his touch. "No. Please, listen to me." 

"I don't want to." 

"Olivia, please." 


"Why won't you just listen to me?" He asked brokenly, his hands coming to touch me again. Once again, I shifted backwards. "Stop doing that." 

"I don't want you to touch me." I snapped.

"I'm your husband." 

"Well, maybe I don't want you to be anymore." The words left my mouth before I could hold it in and I regretted it instantly. 


Swallowing the huge bile blocking my throat, I muttered. "Maybe, I don't want to be your wife anymore." 

"You don't mean that?" 

"I do." 

"No, no, you don't." He muttered, forcibly taking my hands in his. "You love me. You said it yourself, with your mouth." His eyes glassen over and the tears immediately spilled out of his tear-filled eyes. "Please, tell me you don't mean it." 

"I do." 

I don't.

"No, you're lying." He held my face, forcing our gaze to meet. "You are saying that because you're húrt and I understand. But please, don't say that again." 

"Do you really understand? You grew up with your family complete. What painfúl experience have you gone through in life?!" 

Riccardo sighed softly. "Let's not compare our problems, please, Olivia." 

"Let go of me." I said. 

"No, I can't." He replied. "Give me a few minutes of your time, let me explain myself and if you still don't believe me, I'll let you go." 

"You will?" 

Please, say no. 

Riccardo hesitated. "Yes." 

"Fine. Let's hear it." I let out in a grumble. 

Riccardo nodded, took my hand and sat both of us down on the sofa. "I found out about it a few days ago, and I swear I really wanted to tell you. But, I couldn't and still can't bear the thought of loosing you, Olivia because I know you will haté me." 

I don't think I can ever haté him. He has managed to force his way into my heart, my mind, making every fiber of my being his. 

But, I don't say that; instead, I said. "Is that what you wanted to say? Because I still can't hear you explaining to me how the f+ck you...kílled my parents or why I shouldn't compare 'our problems' to each other, like what have you suffered?" 

He looked like he wanted to yell, shout or scream at me; but with a sigh, it is gone. "I was in an accidént that might have my life. Do you think that will be better? Me dyíng? At least, we wouldn't have met because there wouldn't have been a Riccardo Torrence, would there?" His voice low and smooth, and also tired. 

I feel my eyes prick and shifted in my seat to somehow hide it. "Don't do that. I'm not going to fall for it." 

"Baby, I'm not doing anything. I just... I just..." His lids shut and a groan slipped out of his mouth as he massaged his temples. 

God, how I wanted to help him so bád now. I can't though, without knowing whether or not the voices in my head are right. 

"Yes, it was my car that hít your parents car, and yes, it went flying in the air." Air choked me as I tried to gulp. His eyes exhausted and guilty-filled. "But it wasn't me that kílled them." 

"What?" The disbelief rising in me, I stood up. "What do you mean?" 

"Sit down, Olivia." His voice came out as an order—an order I can't not listen to. Rolling my eyes, I sat down back. "After Jade told me or more like forced me to question my entire existence, I went to my parent's house and Mom told me what happened." 

"And how the héck does this tell me anything about my parents?" 

"Listen, Sunshine." He said almost instantly and I bit my lip. "While trying to sleep that night after our fight, I remembered everything." 


Remembered as in what? 

Did he forget what happened when he was fourteen? I mean, after the accidént? 

"After my car collided with theirs, mine was plunging into the water. All I could breath was water and I passed out, but somewhere in my head could hear someone struggling to get me out. They succeeded and revived me. While I laid on the floor of the road, I opened my eyes and saw your parents staring at me, both soaked and heavily breathing. They were badly injured too and after they noticed I was okay and breathing, they called 911 and I passed out again." 

But...but my parents were found right in their car after their deáth. I know Riccardo wouldn't lie about something like that. 

But, what if he is because he wants me to stay with him? 

My subconscious mind asked and I want to shut her up when another question popped up. 

What if he is making all of this up, making you look gullible because he knows you love and trust him enough to believe him? 


He wouldn't do that. 

"Why then didn't you tell me after you found out?" I whispered, my low and shaky, tears at the verge of pouring out of my eyes. 

"I wanted to confirm it." 

"And have you?" 

"No." He replied. "I wanted to look into the autòpsy photos, but there were none." 

"Yeah, Aunt DeeDee didn't do any." I paused, trying to remember the reason she gave, but nothing scratched my brain. 

If they weren't killéd by the accidént, that means that they were....murderéd? 


Who would want to kíll my parents? They were good people, I know that for sure. 

"Don't think anything yet, Sunshine. Everything will fall into place soon." 

"What if it doesn't? What if I find out that my parents were murderéd by some vengeful person? Because how is it possible that they saved your life, left that place and managed to end up déad right in the same place?! I just don't get it." 


I jerked away from his touch. "Don't touch me." 

Why would someone want to get ríd of my parents? 

Who did they offend? Whoever did that has a criminàl mind to kíll them and plant their bodies back in that spot? 

Who would a simple cosmetician, my mom and a doctor, my dad do to offend someone like that? 

"Olivia, snap out of it." Riccardo ordered. "I'm working on it." 

"Work better then." I snapped. 

A whole minute passed in silence and I kept clenching and unclenching my fists as I tried to think something out. 

I haven't heard Riccardo's voice in a minute and honestly, it felt like more. So, I let my gaze travel to him and he looked like he was fighting a migraine.

I go to touch him, but retreated my hands and whispered instead. "Are you okay?" 

He slowly shook his head and replied. "I feel lightheaded." 

"Have you eaten anything today?" 

"How can I eat without you, Sunshine?" The question came out in a whisper, or more like a barely audible murmur. And when my hands foolishly attempted to touch him again, his lids closed and his head fell forward, hitting the headrest of the sofa. 

"Riccardo?" I called out his name as I shifted closer to him. I gently tapped him on his cheeks. "Riccardo? Baby? I don't know what to do when someone passes out, please just wake up." He didn't budge, not one bit. "Fine, I forgive you. Jeez, just wake up. Baby, please...." Words halt in my mouth as his head slipped from headrest, landing on the sofa itself. 

Tears instantly started to pour out of my eyes and my hands lazily and slowly inches to his forehead. Immediately my palm and his forehead met, I hissed at the hotness of it. 

He is burniñg up. 

"Riccardo?" I whispered. 

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