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Exclusively Yours - Episode 48



Exclusively Yours - Episode 48

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Riccardo's POV 

You know that feeling you get when life is already upside-down, but chooses to stumble and shake uncontrollably, destròying every single thing you've worked for or known for your entire existence? 


Well, you're lucky then because no one is supposed to ever feel like that ever. But, unfortunately for me, I seemed to be curséd. 

I knew today wasn't going to go well just like the pass few days and expected less. But, what I didn't expect was Olivia finding out that I killéd her parents. I also didn't expect to see the betràyal in those orbs of hers that I love so much. 

I haven't even gotten over the fact that I raiséd my hand on her. And yes, I know I didn't hít her, but I did raíse my hand and I will never forgive myself. 

And since then, I couldn't even talk to her after that atrócity. But when I wanted to talk to her and explain myself, she completely vanished. 

Where's Olivia? I don't know. 

I have checked every nook and cranny for her. I left no stone unturned in search of Olivia, but still she was nowhere to be found. 

Dejected and disorientated, I slumped heavily on the sofa with an equally heavy sigh. My eyes heavy from hours long exhaustion, fatigue stretching itself on every inch of my body, I threw my head back and groaned. 

"Ricky, just calm down. You'll find her." My sister, Nicole tried her best possible to console or convince me, but it clearly wasn't working. 

"How do you know that?" I snapped. "It has been five hours, Nikki. Five hours!" 

She slowly nodded her head, understandably. "I know, Riccardo. I think you should eat something." 

My head snapped to her so fast, I legit thought it'd break. "What? Eat? Now? Are you freaking serious?" I rasped. "Do you have any idea that my wife is missing?!" 

"She's not missing, she's just hiding from you." Nicole apparently thought it was a wise choice to correct me now. "And you can't find someone who doesn't want to be found." 

Not paying attention to her, I slipped my fingers into my hair for the umpteenth time tonight and tugged at it, definitely ripping out some strands. 

"Stop that. You'll húrt yourself." 

"I'm already húrt, Nikki." 

Silence reigned over the atmosphere as no one said anything again. The obnoxious ticking of the clock loud and annoying, irritating my ears at every tick that I even glared at it a few times. 

"This is all my fault." I heard Nicole muttered in a barely audible tone and I turned to look at her only to see her lowered head. 

I wanted to quickly tell her otherwise, but there was something in her voice that says certainty. So, I asked, "What are you talking about?" 

She lifted her head and I readjusted myself on the sofa upon seeing the tears in her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Ric." 

"Why?" I reluctantly inquired. 

A tear dropped from Nicole's eye and she gulped down. "I'm the one that told Jade about Olivia's parents deàth." 

I sprang up on my feet, distancing myself from her. She mirrored my actions, more tears spilling from her eyes. "You knew?" 

"I didn't know that it was your car, but I knew that they diéd in a car accident. I did the investigation myself and told Jade. She somehow managed to find out that it was you. I'm so sorry." 

"Why?" I asked. "Why did you do it? Why did you tell Jade? You don't even like or know her." 

Nicole slowly nodded, the tears increasing every passing second. "I know that, but I... I don't know, I just... I just... I am sorry." 

"Sorry?!" I yelled. Soon, an humorless laugh spilled out of my mouth. "You're sorry? That will totally fix every broken thing your words ruinéd. Why, you don't even know." I paced around the living room, tugging my hair harder. "Like what did I ever do to you?" 

"You're way too loved by Mum and Dad!" She snapped. 


"I was here first, but immediately you arrived, everything and everyone shifted their attention to you. I was pushed aside like I was nothing but mere tràsh by my own fuckiñg family!" 

What the f+ck is she even talking about? 

When was she ever pushed aside?! 

"Did you know that I was rapéd when I was in highschool?" Her voice wavered shakily and I stumbled on my feet, nearly falling to the ground. "Yes. I was molestéd by my private tutor and whenever I tried to tell mum, she always had her head stuck in you. Eventually, I was rapéd by him and decided not to say anything because she wouldn't even listen to me. And it was all because of you!" Nicole's body shuddered as she spoke and I remained stuck on a spot, unable to move an inch. "I hatéd you so much. I even wished for you to dié, but when you got into that accidént, I don't know, I just... Just fell in love with you. I saw you as my baby brother for the first time ever and I knew I loved you even after everything. So, yes, I am sorry, Riccardo." 

"You were rapéd?" I barked out. 

My own sister was molestéd and rapéd against her wish by a f+ckiñg disgústing piece of garbàge and I didn't know all this while. And I claim to know her?!

I don't know her! I don't know her at all because if I did, I'd know what happened to her. 

I'm a bàd brother. A bàd husband. A bàd human being. I... I am a mònster. 

She tearfully nodded. 

"What's his name?" 

"Riccardo, no." 

"I asked a question, Nicole." I snapped, the anger in my body pulsing so hard, the blood could burst out. "What's his name?"

"Forget that, please." Her voice nearly cooled my hot temper down upon seeing her panic-stricken face. "Just look for Olivia. She might be in trouble or some sort." 

"After I find Olivia, I'm going to kíll that sorry excuse of a man if he isn't already déad. And so help me God, he better be." 

She nodded. "I'm sorry for telling Jade and I promise, it won't happen again. I guess, I just wanted you to feel a pinch of pàin I felt and I wasn't even thinking straight." 

"You never think straight though." I teased and she threw a throw pillow at me. "Nikki, you should have told someone." 

"I did. I told my husband and he was the only person who understood me then and even now. I am so sorry, brother." 

"It's enough, Nikki. I'm glad you found your own person, but my own person I found is missing because of what you said." I said. 

"I know and I'm really and genuinely sorry. I don't want Levi to lose his godfather, please." 

"That's impossible." I stretched open my arms and her tear-filled eyes met mine, confused. "Your baby brother needs a hug, big sis." 

More tears streamed down her face as she stepped into my arms, wrapping her hands around me. "Do you forgive me?" 


Nicole pulled out and wiped her face clean. "Where did you check?" 

"Axel's house. Felicity's house. Her previous apartment. And even, the closest hotels." 

"When I didn't want to be found on some gloomy days, I go to the place no one will ever think of." 

That sentence brought my brows to a narrow and I deeply thought about it. My brain waves speeding up. 

"Do you know anywhere like that for Olivia?" She added. 

No, I don't. But I do know where she could have gone, I'm not sure though. She might be there because I once took her there and that is also the place I go to when I needed peace and quiet in past. 

"You got an idea?" 

"I think I do."

TBC 📖✍️

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