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Exclusively Yours - Episode 47



Exclusively Yours - Episode 47

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV 

I was seated on the bed when Riccardo finally emerged from the bathroom after spending nearly an hour in there. He didn't even spare me a glance as he entered the walk-in closet, as if actively trying to avoid my gaze. 

What was wrong? 

Had I done something to upset him? Was he angry with me? 

Did he find out that I went to see Axel today? But we only talked, so why wouldn't he look at me? 

Swallowing the huge lump in my throat, I cleared it before calling out his name. I looked up at the ceiling, slowly growing upset.

"I just don't understand why you won't even look at me," I said or maybe snapped when he came out dressed. "Riccardo, what's wrong? You can talk to me."

There was no reply, just the sound of his exhausted sigh filling the room. 

What had happened at his workplace?

Standing up from the bed, I stormed toward him, stopping right in front of him. I looked up at him, but he continued to avoid meeting my eyes. "Babe, please look at me. Talk to me, please."

"I'm fine."

"You don't look fine."

"Baby, I'm just so tired."

"Is that why you won't look at me?"

Riccardo let out a small groan before his eyes slowly met mine. "I'm looking at you right now."

He was looking at me, but what was with the guilt in his eyes? 

Had he done something he shouldn't have? What could it be?

I allowed my eyelids to flutter closed, trying to dispel the rising doubts within me. But it did nothing, if not multiplying it.

"What happened, Riccardo?" My voice wavered shakily. "What did you do?"

Panic flickered in his gaze, his fists clenched tight. "What do you mean?"

"Why are you getting defensive?" I rasped.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Olivia."

Olivia again.

Something had definitely happened at his workplace, but what exactly? 

Was it something or someone?

Without hesitation, I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Did Asia come? Did something happen between the two of you?"

"What?" It was his turn to snap, his anger and tension palpable.

"You heard me," I said. "Did something happen between you and Asia? Did you do something you shouldn't have?"

Riccardo's gaze shifted from panic to fury, causing me to step back. "And what exactly do you mean by that?"

"I don't know, you tell me. You came back home late from work, looking exhausted. You didn't even want to look at me, and you kept calling me Olivia like I did something wrong." I exhaled hard, growing frustrated. "I mentioned Asia once, and you got all flared up and defensive as if you were guilty about something. Did you..." The words hesitated on my tongue; I knew they shouldn't. I knew I should trust him, but he wasn't helping matters right now.

"Did I what, Olivia?" He asked, almost as if he knew what I suspected and wanted me to say it aloud.

"Did you have s+x with Asia?"

"Olivia!" Riccardo yelled with ràge, frighteñing me. But it wasn't his outburst that scaréd me the most; it was the way his hand swiftly rose towards my face, causing me to flinch.

Did... Did he just... Did he raise his hand to hît me?

A moment later, realization dawned on him, and he clenched his fist before lowering it as I stared at him in utter shock.

Did he really raise his hand to hît me because I mentioned Asia?


I stepped back as his hands reached out to hold me. "Don't touch me."

His fingers tangled in his soft, long hair as he tugged hard, his breath heavy. "Baby, I'm sorry."

"For wanting to hît your wife?" I scoffed. "Or for hiding something from her?"

"You won't understand," he muttered.

What did that mean? 

What wouldn't I understand? 

Why was he acting so strangely?

"Then make me understand," I snapped. "Or maybe you just want to hît me, huh?" Stepping towards him, I pushed a hand against his chest. "Come on, hît me. Why did you stop? Go ahead, Riccardo, hît me."

"Olivia..." Riccardo called my name again, increasing my annoyance. I pushed my hand against his chest repeatedly, and each time, he murmured my name.

"You'd better get whatever is wrong with you out because the next time you try that, you won't like what I will do," I told him and left him alone in the room.


It had been fifty-something hours since Riccardo and I last spoke to each other. The morning after our fight, I didn't see him before he left, and when he came back, I made sure to be in my own room.

I am tired, though, and I miss him. I miss him so much even though he was in the same vicinity as me. We were so close yet so far away from each other.

Maybe I overreacted. Maybe I didn't. All I can think of right now as I drove to Riccardo's office was Riccardo.

Initially, I wanted to wait for him to get back home before talking to him, but something strange kept ringing in my ears to go right away. And who am I to refuse such an impulsive thought?

"Good morning, Mrs. Torrence."

I halted on my feet as the greeting reached my ears. I turned my head to the lady and nodded with a smile.

I guess no matter what happens, I'll never get used to that.

Striding to the elevator, I entered and pushed a button that would take me all the way to Riccardo's office floor.

Anxiety started to creep up in my body system, and I wondered what it was. I chewed nervously on my bottom lip as I waited for the elevator to get to its destination.

And immediately it did, I stepped out and walked straight to Riccardo's office. Luckily, his secretary slash personal assistant wasn't around. Even if she was, she didn't have enough power or authority to stop me.

Just when I was about to knock, I heard a voice other than Riccardo's own. A feminine voice, if I may add.

Jade's voice, to be precise.

What is she doing in Riccardo's office?

Why did he even let her in?

Riccardo despíses her. He told me that himself, and I see it in his eyes every time they meet.

What then could have happened for him to let her into his office?

No matter how much I searched my head for the answers to my questions, I just couldn't fathom them. So, I did the next best thing I could do and inched closer to the door to decipher what they were saying.

"I asked a question, Jade. Why the héck are you here?" Riccardo's voice was the first one I heard.

"You look horrible."

"Thanks for the observation. Get out."

"You can't talk to me like that, Rick. Remember, I can destroy your and Olivia's relationship in a snap of my fingers."


Why would she say something like that?

Is she blackmaíling him with something?

Is that why he has been acting strange lately?

Oh my, he could have just told me. We would have solved it together as a couple.

Wait. But, what is she blackmaíling him with?

"Do not threatén me, Jade. I'm not in the mood for your nonsensícal bullshít right now. Get out of my sight, please, before I do something dràstic."

Jade's évil laughter erupted so abruptly. "And what, pray tell, will you do, Ricky?"

"Don't dare me."

"Don't dare me either." She snapped. "If I tell Olivia what you did, she wouldn't hesitate to leave you at once, and you'll be so shattered and heartbroken."

Tell me what?

What could she tell me that would make me leave him?

"I thought I told you not to threatén me. You are just saying that. You wouldn't actually tell Olivia, my wife, anything because if you do, you will have nothing against me."

"You sound proud. I don't like that."

"I told you not to touch me, Jade!" Riccardo yelled. "And when have I ever cared what you like or don't?"

"You should care because when I tell Olivia that you're the one who killéd her parents, she is..." Her voice tuned out of my head as I stumbled backward, my lungs ceasing to work.

Riccardo did what?



It is not possible.

How could he be responsible for that?

It doesn't make any sense. Right?

"Jade, please just stop all of this. You'll never get what you want. Olivia loves me."

"Not for long, she wouldn't. She might even file for a divorce."

"She wouldn't." Riccardo's voice shuddered. "She can't. Get out!"

Before I could think of anything, my body had another idea as it worked on its own and opened the door.

Two pairs of eyes immediately fixed on me, but my gaze was solely on Riccardo.

Approaching him slowly, my knees threatening to give way, I inquired, "Is it true?"

Please, let it not be.

No, please.

Deny her words.

"Of course it is," Jade interjected sharply.

"Shut up and leave," I commanded, repulsion clear on my face. She scowled and exited. Turning back to Riccardo, I implored, "Tell me, my love. It's not true, is it?"

Riccardo exhaled uneasily, his head shaking as he struggled to speak. "Sunshine."

"Please, assure me it's false," I begged, fingers tightening on his arms. "Baby, tell me, please."

"It is," he stated, but I couldn't process it.

Surely, he didn't say what I think he did, right?

He isn't the one who shattered my childhood, is he?

Seeing my disbelief, Riccardo reiterated, "Olivia, it's true. Jade is right."


"Please, spare me from saying it."

"Say what?" I'd feign ignorance or disbelief if needed to avoid accepting it.

I refuse to believe the man I love took my parents from me.

"Fine, Olivia," he sighed wearily. "I caused the accídent that took your parents' lives. It wasn't a hit-and-run; it was me. I'm sorry."

I was mistaken. We can't address this as a couple.

Are we even together?

This marriage is a sham—a damn charade. It's not genuine.

"Sunshine, I'm deeply sorry. I recently learned the truth and wanted to confess. I feared your reaction, exactly as it is now."


That name now tastes bitterly unpleasant in my ears.

Without a second thought, I spun around and fled from his office and his presence.

I'm unsure of my destination, but I know I can't face Riccardo at this moment.

Jade... How did she uncover this?

TBC 📖✍️
Well, that was quick, wasn't it? 
What will happen now? 🤔🤔

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