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Dear Ave - Finale




Dear Ave - Episode 69&70

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



Monica's monitor was beeping clearly in the warm room, and her face is as pale as f+çk as she lay on the bed alone, still unconscious.

She was chained to the bed in case of necessity, since the tests revealed her brain got affected by the fall. Though it got operated on, but there's still a chance she's not well enough.

Her eyes opened slowly, but she remained still on her bed, studying her environment first before moving her eyeballs

She made to stand, but she couldn't.

She chains held her back, and her eyes widened.

"Why am i chained? Get rid of them right now!!!" She yelled crazily

"Remove the chains from me!!! Get them away!!! Remove them!!!!!!!" Monica yelled,, 

She was struggling with the chains, and they began hurting her wrists, but she doesn't even care as her blood spilled out.

A doctor rushed in with several nurses behind.

He quickly loaded an injection and released the shot into her blood bag since holding her still is impossible.

Three minutes later, her words faded off, and she slept off.

Sandra has been watching from the door with Felicia.

She started crying immediately she saw the display. It's over for her without Monica.

Felicia smiled.

"All hope is lost, isn't it? I'm glad I found redemption fast, now you can suffer with her" she said and walked away.

Sandra knelt in front of the ward, crying louder.



Ava might be without any parent, but Demi and Octavia didn't even let her feel the emptiness.

They shouldered all the wedding preparations for her, and it got especially busy today since tommorow is the big day.

Same with Grayson. Oscar, Alex, Ethan and Noah did everything. He barely touched anything, and they're fine with it.

Even Harper wasn't left behind. Despite the busyness at the flourishing company, he took part in it.

He made sure he chose his suit despite Gray's grumbles about it.

Grayson came with Noah to the secret house today.

He promised to kill Jayson a day before the wedding, he'll be doing that today.

Noah didn't talk this time, but surprisingly, they met Jayson's limp lifeless body on the chair when they got in.

The tortures must have gotten a big hold on him. He literally died in misery without waiting for Grayson's bullets.

"He must be so impatient to die. He didn't even wait for me" Grayson said plainly, and Noah sighed.

"I'll transport him to the morgue" Noah said.

Grayson said nothing as the other guards came in to untie Jayson's body, taking him away.

Karma is totally a bî+ch, but anyways, bastards payed, and bî+ches did, too.

Grayson inhaled, feeling a newfound peace. The peace he has been chasing for years.

He found part of it when he found Ava, and now with all enemies gone, he's free.



The wedding is happening in the biggest events hall in the hotel, and as expected, it's already in sync with the wedding theme.

There are big posters of Gray and Ava hanging on every wall in the hall, and they're all so beautiful.

Flowers of different species are part of the decor, giving it that rarity and uniqueness.

The tables and chairs were covered with expensive linens, and the stage has the biggest picture frame of Ava and Gray.

There's a rose path in the middle of the hall, forming an isle down the stage, and the lights are stable white 

The hall is too gorgeous, and the guests are arriving already, though they're just still mingling since the ceremony is yet to start.

Felicia is in the middle of the crowd, picking a raspberry from a table which she ate, but immediately she turned to leave, she was shocked to see Demi and Ethan behind her.

"Hey..." She fidgeted.

"What are you doing here?" Demi demanded.

"All the campus trainees were invited, remember?" Ethan replied.

"But still... isn't it shameless? Thought she hated Ava" Demi said hatefully.

"Can we just go?" Ethan said.

"I'm sorry" Felicia quickly said, and he blinked.

"I know no amount of it can take away the memories of what I did, but I promise I've changed" she continued.

"Change or not, it's none of my business. You own your life. Congratulations though" Ethan replied, leaving with Demi.

Felicia smiled sadly.

Alex and Octavia came into the hall at a time, and they smiled before walking to each other.

"Did you come in a taxi? You should have called me to come pick you" he said.

"I called" she replied, and his eyes widened.

"You did?"

He quickly checked his phone and saw three missed calls.

"I'm so sorry Octavia. It must have been during my bath and I didn't even check my phone" he quickly apologized.

"It's fine" she smiled again.

Since she went to his race at the tarmac weeks ago, they became so close that they can't even believe it, and they didn't try to step back.

"You still haven't told me why Gray hurt you on the neck...the scar" she asked.

"It wasn't from Gray, it was from a fight with another boy" he replied, and she laughed.

"You lied? Childish!"

"I know" he smiled.

"And about your father's company...

"I'll join Oscar on Monday. Happy now? I'll see you later" He interrupted.

"Sure" she waved him with a big smile before going to the bridal room

Demi and Amy are with Ava already.

Her wedding dress spread several meters away from her. It'd surely drag on the ground for minutes if she walks with it, and her makeup looks rich. Her jewelries screams cash too. Everything looks ethereal, and her smile completed it.

She's perfection.

"Have you seen a pretty bride today?" Demi said.

"She's right here OMG who did the makeup?" Octavia gushed, kissing Ava on both cheeks.

"Gray hired her, ion know" Ava replied.

"So sweet... can't believe it's finally today" Octavia started crying.

"I'm not going away yunno?" Ava giggled.

"But your honeymoon might take two long months" Octavia replied.

"I want more than two months" Ava replied, and Demi started laughing.

"You might just do honeymoon throughout your marital life" Amy said.

"Tell me about it" Demi replied.

"I'll miss you girls. Your breakfast in bed" Ava pouted, and they both hugged her at once.

"Happy married life in advance, pretty" Amy said, hugging her too.


Gray came out of the groom room with Alex and Oscar, Ethan and Noah behind him.

He's smiling his brightest smile as he stepped into the hall.

The guys stayed back this time, leaving him to walk down the stage alone.

The crowd began clapping , and cameras clicked on his face endlessly as he made the soft strides.

He didn't stop smiling till he arrived at the stage and stopped to face the second door, expecting his bride.

It all started fifteen years ago, one week of darkness and hunger. One week of pains and misery. One week of sufferings brought him his soulmate.

She was the light in his darkness,the fullness in the hunger and happiness in misery.

Throughout those days, watching her sleep on his shoulder was enough to make him smile.

That little girl bloomed so radiantly, and he's finally claiming her completely today.

His eyes met with Harper's who's sitting on the front seat with Noah, and Harper smiled largely at him.

It'd be hard for anyone to snatch the place of best father in the world from him right now.

Noah is his brother, they're just not from different parents, but after Harper in the male line, he comes next.

The second door finally opened, and gasps filled the hall when his princess finally came in.

The cameras turned to her, and she started smiling as she carried herself with elegance and unmatchable beauty, walking to him with her flower trapped between her hands, and her dress sweeping the ground voluminously behind her.

The crowd was even too stunned to clap. They just stared at the fairy , awed by her gorgeousness.

She held eyes with Gray, and Gray couldn't look away either... it's impossible.

His heart was thumping as if he's seeing her for the first time, and he felt his throat drying up. She looks unreal.

She finally got to him, and he took her gloved hand gently, bringing her to his side.

The vows followed immediately, and the two were beaming as they read it, accompanied with silence from the audience.

They finished up and dropped the pamphlets at once, then they exchanged the wedding rings accordingly.

The officiator cleared his throat before speaking...

"Grayson Harper, Ava Harper, you can ki...

He hasn't even landed when Grayson grabbed Ava's face and captured her lips hard, making everyone laugh out loud.

"That's my son!" Harper said proudly.

"And that's my daughter too! I'm so happy" he added, and Noah grinned beside him.

Amy was chuckling as she clapped too.

The couple's kiss is still going on, and the crowd began clapping excitedly.

Alex suddenly held Octavia's hand in the crowd, and she looked at him with a big smile which he returned.

Ethan and Demi are smiling between the others too, and Oscar stood beside them, screaming happily.

Felicia was smiling as she clapped, loving her new self so much.

Gray finally broke the kiss, but Ava clearly wasn't satisfied.

She pulled him back into it, and the claps intensified as their hearts conjoined.

Nothing is stopping them, they're made for each other.

Loving each other endlessly is their watchword.

No other one will fill them better.

They'll remain the beautiful "Harper Couple"

AG Harper, Till death.


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