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Dear Ave - Episode 67&68




Dear Ave - Episode 67&68

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



Gray arrived at the hidden house with Noah, and immediately they came out of the car, Noah held him back.

"Yes?" He raised his brows.

"Are you gonna continue the torture? It's been one long month. Joe can't even use his hands anymore cos of what you did to them with the pliers. Chambers can't walk too cos of what you did to his toe nails, and Yolanda can't talk cos of what you did to her throat. I feel like it's enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to lecture you" Noah said, and Gray sighed.

"I have no plans to carry on" 

"Why? You said you were gonna kill them" Noah asked.

"I changed my mind. Killing them means ending their sufferings. I'm not ready to do that yet, so the rest of their days will be spent in total misery in jail. I'm sending them back" Gray replied, and Noah smiled.

They entered together with some guards, and the three are so unrecognizable. The past one month has been incredulously torturous, and it's doubtful right now if they still have any blood left in their systems.

The three were taken out by the guards, and Noah followed them, but Grayson stayed back.

He opened another door, walking in calmly to meet Jayson who's also as miserable as the others.

Since he got caught two weeks ago, Grayson didn't even had to hijack him. He took him from the cops directly with the promise that whatever happens to him will be on him.

Jayson is totally naked except for the boxers covering his lower body, and his skin is a home of torture wounds.

He looks boneless as he sat weakly on the metal chair he's tied to, and his eyes hurts as he tried to open up.

"How're you doing brother?" Grayson asked, stopping in front of him.

Jayson couldn't talk, his eyes are only slightly opened and the pains in the balls is immeasurable.

"I promised to kill you, and I'll be doing that. You won't be getting sent back to jail like the others" Grayson continued.

"You did tons of things that are unforgivable, but I'd have involved my pity if you didn't involve the lake incident. You pushed her, and indirectly... you killed her father..." Grayson said, and Jayson's mouth finally opened.

"Are you proud that...that you have me in... captivity here?... Just kill me already" he managed to talk, and Gray bent over him, resting his palms on the chair armrest to whisper...

"I'll do you that favor, but only when I'm ready. For now, be my guest" 

He got a plugged pressing iron and pressed it on Jayson's chest.

His screams rented the whole house.



"Heard your grandpa and the other two has been returned to the station by whoever hijacked them, and they'll be getting transported to the jailhouse later today. Shouldn't you go see him?" Sandra asked as she came out of a washroom with Monica.

"I don't want to" Monica replied.

"What!" Sandra stopped, and Monica did the same, turning to face her.

"What? I said I'm not interested. It's his fault that he sent an idiot like Jayson to the the job. If he sent a more capable person, he wouldn't be in that condition, so it's none of my business" she said, and Sandra cleared her throat awkwardly.

Monica turned to leave,but she came face-to-face with Felicia who's smiling.

"Felicia?" Sandra said surprisingly.

Since they cut ties with her, Felicia always avoided them, so it's surprising that she's knowingly coming up to them.

"What? You wanna rebound with me now that I'm dating the hottest guy here? So you can snatch him away?" Monica sneered, and Felicia laughed out loud before grabbing her shoulders.

"Dream on, Moni. I guess you don't even know what's coming for you, and I'll be the happiest if it finally happens , lover girl" she said.

Monica threw her hands off and walked away.

Like a leech as usual, Sandra followed, and Felicia watched them till they went out of sight, then she heaved.

"Ethan... please make this fast, and then I can think of ways to apologise to you" she muttered before following them.


"Are you gonna really confess to Ethan first?" Sandra asked as she entered the cafeteria with Felicia.

"Yeah. We're dating and he doesn't even allow a kiss on the lips. It only ends on the cheeks, and he didn't even tell me he loves me" Monica replied, settling down on a table with her.

"So...you feel like if you confess first, he'd confess too?" Sandra asked.

"Who knows? He might be waiting for me to go first" Monica replied.

"It's still so surprising though. I'd have denied it if anyone told me you'd fall in love. It's so unbelievable" Sandra said, and Monica smiled.

Alex came to serve their table last, then he left the cafeteria.

Octavia stood from her table and made to follow him...

"Where are you going?" Ava asked.

"I'll have a word with Alex and come back in a jiffy" she replied, walking out.

"I wonder what they're always talking about these days" Demi muttered.

"It's been heated since their accidental kiss got out" Ava replied.

"I know, right? And you...I can't believe you're getting married soon! All obstacles are out and now you only have to walk down the aisle. I can't wait to be your bridesmaid!" Demi gushed, and Ava smiled widely.

"I can't believe it too. I'd have denied it last year if anyone told me I'd be getting married this year at the age of 23!" Ava replied.

"Me too, anyways I can't wait, but what about your mother?" Demi asked.

"Not ready to even see her. She's the cause of everything and I don't even wanna look her in the eyes" Ava replied.

"Great. Do anything that makes you happy" Demi smiled.



Alex came out of the changing room after getting rid of his apron and stuff, and he met Octavia waiting in front of it.

"Hey" he smiled.

"Hey, you're leaving already?" She asked.

"Of course...to my next shift" he replied.

"Have you considered taking over your dad's company yet?" Octavia asked.

"This again? You and Oscar just won't stop bugging me right? Well my answer stays constant. NO" He replied.


"Can we talk about another thing?" He cut her off as they walked out of the kitchen together.

"How do you feel? Ava is getting married soon...to Gray" she asked.

"Strangely, ion feel hurt or anything" he replied, and she looked at him.


"Yeah. Maybe you were right. I was only chasing after her cos Gray was involved back then. It was competition to me, not real" he replied, and she smiled.

"I'm glad you realized"

"Cute, our Octavia grew so bold that she's now giving me relationship advise" he said, roughing her hair playfully.

"Stop it!" She pushed him with her arm, and he laughed, but then he suddenly brought a card out of his backpack.

It's an invitation to the tarmac.

"Wanna come watch me tomorrow night?" He asked, and she took it with red cheeks.


"Alex!" Oscar rushed into the hall, and Alex started walking away fast

"Alex you really have to take over the company as soon as possible I can't handle it alone! Alex!!" Oscar ran after him, and Octavia started laughing, staring at the card.

Suddenly, her phone chimed , and she checked to see a message from Gray.

• Can you help? It's happening tonight.

"OMG yes!!!" She screamed.



Ava was wondering what's going on when she suddenly got invited to Mrs. Colour's office, and she didn't get any idea till she arrived there, only to meet Suzanne.

"Have your seat, Ava" Mrs. Colour said.

"What are you doing here?" Ava questioned glaringly, and Suzanne stood.

Since she showed up two weeks ago, Ava hasn't allowed any fruitful conversation between them no matter how much she tried.


"Why exactly are you back? The man you left my dad for, is he dead? Huh?" Ava questioned lividly.

"It wasn't my fault. I was under pressure from my family to marry the rich, and...

"How sweet of you to marry the rich and leave I and my dad all alone. I begged you on my knees and father cried. He wasn't rich but he did everything to satisfy you" Ava cut her off.

Mrs. Colour just sat back since her intervention will be useless.

"I was able to track you down in Riley's hideout cos I was a regular at her boyfriend's clinic. I accidentally heard them talking about it and I made sure to do all I can to trail them and find you. I've always cared about you. I'm...

"Well I don't care. The fact still remains that dad will still be alive if you didn't leave" Ava cut in.

"I know you can't forgive me, but...

"Of course I can't. I'm getting married soon and yunno what? I'd rather have just Gray's father on seat as the only parent than have you there. He's more like a dad to me and I'm sure  dad will smile up there at how good he's treating me. I'll not accept you now or ever. Don't ever show up in front of me" Ava rolled eyes and stormed out of the office.

Suzanne started crying profusely, and Mrs. Colour clicked her tongue 

"You should have done better" she said, and Suzanne cried harder as she walked out of the office.

Immediately she left, Felicia came in.

"Any issues, Felicia?" She asked.

"Do you know Chad's surname?" Felicia smiled.

"Chad Cruz. Coincidentally, he shares the same name with Ethan. So?" She replied.

"Are you sure it's a coincidence? Or..." Felicia said with a knowing smile, and Mrs. Colour stood sharply.

"It better not be what I'm thinking"


The last practice ended at 5:30 exactly, and everyone went to the locker rooms to change.

Since Ethan is the only male, he gets a single one, and he just finished dressing up when he received a text from Demi.

• In my car? I'm hungry for you.

He smiled widely and left the room, but surprisingly, he met Monica waiting in front of it.

"Hey Moni...

"You've been avoiding me these days. Are we really dating?" She interrupted.

"Of course, we're..

"In case you dunno, I've never felt this way before. It's not my style to go after boys. You're my first and ... And I love you a lot" she confessed shamelessly, not minding the girls around.

They began gasping, getting their phones to start videos.

Monica Hawkins confession should make the headlines...the cold stone is in love?

"I love you Chad. You do too, right. You've been the only one calming me down since my grandpa's case, and...I hope we can...

No matter how much Ethan tried to hold in the laughter, it didn't work.

The laughter came out so loud, and  he had to hold his belly , making Monica choke on her words.


"You love me?" He said with a ridiculous look, and she gulped.

"I'm glad it's finally over though. At least I can be with my Demi fully" he said.

Her eyes widened.

"Ethan!" Demi came into the hall with several other trainees, and he smiled as she walked up to him 

They kissed right in front of Monica, and Monica felt her blood freezing.

"Hey y'all, meet my man... Ethan Cruz!" Demi announced, and Monica staggered like she got stabbed.


Trainees couldn't hide their shocks, and phones almost fell from some of them.

"You really thought I loved you? Delusion 001" Ethan said, and Demi laughed as Ethan kissed her again.

Monica staggered again.

"You made my life hell here, and you made my sister's life hell at your house too. For complete two years, you tortured us, so I don't think this is even enough punishment" he said, looking at her hatefully.

"I hope you suffer for the rest of your life" he concluded.

"Ethan Cruz!" Mrs. Colour rushed into the hall with Felicia, and he smiled handsomely.

"Yeah...yeah. nice to see y'all again" he said, and without giving Monica another glance, he walked out hand-in-hand with Demi, leaving trainees speechless.

Felicia came forward immediately, pushing Monica by the chest.

"I told you, didn't I? You're finally caught by your karma" she said.

Monica pushed everyone out of her way, rushing out of the hall in tears.

"No no...no no...no...no no...no please....no...no!!!!....no...no!!!"

She was muttering and screaming at the same time as she ran.

Her head components slammed on each other, and a tough migraine gripped her at the middle of the hall.

She held her head tight, and her eyes began turning on their own, tears blinding her too till she got to the stairs.

Immediately she stepped on it, her foot missed, and she slipped, falling and rolling repeatedly till she got to the far ground where she landed on tile.

She sustained a head injury which began bleeding immediately, and blood began trickling out.

Sandra rushed over, and her eyes widened.




A really big ship was already waiting at the shore when Gray arrived with Ava.

They came out of the car at once, then they met each other in front of the car where they hugged tightly.

"You still haven't told me what happened in the campus today" he said, rubbing her waist.

"Monica fell into hell, and she's still unconscious. The doctors confirmed she might wake up with mental health issues" she replied.

"I know that already, I'm talking about you...what happened? You came home looking upset" he said, breaking the hug to hold her face delicately.

"Suzanne came, but can we not talk about it? Can't wait to be in that ship" she pouted childishly, and he smiled at the cuteness, kissing her lips before heading into the ship with her.

He got in first, then he helped her in, taking her bag from her.

They stood by the white armrest, staring at the water which has the reflection of the shinning moon in the sky.

The ship moved, and he quickly covered her with his suit cos of the cold.

She slid her arms around him, and they watched the sea together as his arm held her shoulders securely.

"Why did you suddenly change our date location to the sea though?" She asked.

"Wanted to experience it with you for once" he replied, and she smiled, resting her head on his chest.

Fireworks began popping and cracking in the sky, and her smile grew as much as her admiration.

It's obvious she loves it a lot, and the sparkle they add to the water surface.

"It's beautiful" she muttered.

"Of course" he replied, staring at her.

She felt his eyes, and she turned to look at him.

"What?" She chuckled.

"Remember you owe three wishes" he said.


"Yeah. When I handled your menstrual cramps with banana split, then when i saved you from S+xtus, then for taking so long to remember our memories...you promised to pay" he said, and she faced him completely.

She hung her arms on his shoulder, and he grabbed her waist.

"So... what's the payment?" 

"Three kids. Pay me with three kids" he replied, and she laughed heartily.

"Kids? We're not married yet remember?"

And that was when the last firework cracked, writing a long sentence in the night sky...


She gasped deeply, and a bright glow appeared in her eyes immediately she saw that.

"Oh my f+çking gawd!"

He was already on a knee when she faced him again, with a rectangular ring box, colour red.

She turned pale with shock as he opened the gorgeous ring.

"I'm asking again, properly this time. Marry me, Ava Huang" he said, and she started crying as the hidden people came out of their hiding places 

Alex, Octavia, Harper, Noah and Amy,... Demi and Ethan....

"Don't be a crybaby and take the ring already" Octavia said, and Alex grinned.

"Yes on her behalf!" Harper shouted energetically, and Ava laughed despite her tears, then she pulled Gray up and wrapped her arms on him, sobbing gently.

"You're not gonna say no, right princess?" He teased.

"What if I say that?" She teased back.

"I'll kidnap you again" 


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