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Dear Ave - Episode 65&66




Dear Ave - Episode 65&66

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"I did it" Jayson grinned evilly, and Vaughn began clapping, nodding at each jam of his palms.


"Wicked? Well I won't deny. I've always been like this and will always be. I was brought up this way, with hatred from my father. The only family members who loved me were mother and Yolanda. Mother died cos of Grayson, and now Yolanda will die in his hands too? That won't happen when I'm still breathing" Jayson replied, and Vaughn sighed.

"Anything you say, I'll do. Just give me the orders, but how do you intend to get Harper? He knows you're hunting for him and Gray, so I'm sure he'll go everywhere with packs of guards" 

"He's Harper anyways, he'll make mistakes. Even if it's a slight one, he always leaves a loophole to dig through" Jayson smiled, looking at the weapons on the table.

"We might not even need the weapons" he said, and Vaughn smiled.

"I trust you... Need to use the restroom" 

He left Jayson and made his way to the restroom, getting his phone out of his pocket.

He turned on the water dispenser and the water was running as he made a call.

It's a suspicious number saved as G.



Grayson finished taking a call, and he dropped his phone with a slight smile on his face.

He hasn't turned around when he felt arms around himself, and his smile grew immediately.

"Next time, we're bathing together" he said, facing her to pull her closer by the waist.

"What if I say no?" She teased.

"I'll kidnap you and throw you in the tub, and maybe go several rounds before bathing for real" he said, and she laughed, jumping on his body.

She clipped her legs on him, and he kissed her br+asts through the singlet she's wearing.

"Go away!" She pushed his forehead, and their laughter came out at once.

"Aren't they mine?" He chuckled, holding her in place by the arse.

"What was your first thought when you saw them back then during the kidnap?" She asked.

"I was like wow! Nice decimal points" he replied flatly, and her mouth widened as he began laughing.

"I take back what I said about marrying you...let's cancel the promise" she said.

"Expensive joke!" He continued laughing.

"Wait! That girl....the one who was naked on video call with you that night you gave me a lift in your car. Who's she?" She asked.

"She's nobody" he replied.

"What do you mean she's nobody? She was stark naked on your screen! I saw it!" She glared.

"I stand on she's nobody" he replied.

"Are you even sure you didn't screw anyone when you were out of the country? I don't think I trust you anymore" she came down from his arms.

"I watch strippers in club, and she was just one of them. I never went beyond watching" he replied.

"Sure" she replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes, and her phone began ringing on the bed.

She went for it, and she smiled largely when she saw it's Harper calling.

"What's up Dad!" She picked happily.

"What's up daughter-in-law? Do you have some time today? Why don't we go out?" Harper asked, and her eyes lit up.

"I have all the time in the world!" She said, walking out of the room.

"I'll send Noah to pick you up then" Harper replied.

"I'll be wa...

She couldn't finish when Gray grabbed her from behind, and her laugher filled the house as he carried her again, going back into the room.

"Put me down womanizer!" 

"Just cooperate, then I can consider allowing you to go to the campus" he hushed, and she laughed again as he shut the door.

The happiness is just too much. She has never experienced this much since the demise of her dad, but right now, this men brought it in folds.

He's her happiness, her only reason to laugh uncontrollably.

Her joy, and she wishes for nothing but for it to last long.




This month awards ceremony is coming next week, so as the usual routine, trainees are undergoing longer-than-usual training sessions.

The hallways looks busy as everyone is hurrying to one class or the other.

Monica and Ethan's car drove into the park at once.

They alighted at once too, and months went wide as they held hands before starting to walk into the hall, making heads turn.

* Are they dating?

* Whoa! That was fast!

* Monica of all people?

* I knew something was fishy when he stood up for her.

* Can't believe that handsome face belongs to Monica!

Monica was giving her best cocky look as she tightened her hold on Ethan.

She's feeling so on top of the world right now... She could crush an  elephant with her feet.

It felt like all the respect she lost from the trainees after her grandpa's case is now back.

She suddenly kissed Ethan on the cheek, and gasps erupted.

Ethan's eyes met with Demi's in the crowd, and the glare in her eyes could possibly melt down anything.

He did his best to avoid her eyes till he completely left the hall with Monica.

"That was...epic" Ava said beside her.

"And what's epic about a kiss from Monica to Ethan's cheek" Demi faced her .

"It's on the cheek, not on the lips...calm down it's a game and we all know" Ava replied.

"So you're ok if someone kisses Gray on the cheek" Demi smiled.

"Don't go there" Ava patted her back, and Demi scoffed, making her laugh.

"Hey Octavia...your silence is deafening" Demi faced her, and she sighed.

"I made the mistake of my life last night" she muttered.

"Don't tell me you kissed Alex" Ava narrowed her eyes, and Octavia bit her lip

"What!" They chorused.

"I'm screwed, aren't I?" Octavia replied, and they began walking away from her.

"Girls!" She went after them immediately.



Ethan got to the front of it with Monica, and they faced each other, their smiles still intact and their hands still on each other.

"So..." She said.

"We'll see at lunch?" He replied.

"We're training together in one class" she frowned.

"Then I guess we'll see in class" he smiled, and she leaned in to kiss his cheek again, but he shifted back.

"Later" he said.

She nodded as he walked away, and she eventually entered the locker room.

Walking past the washroom, someone suddenly pulled Ethan in and shut the door.

He'd have screamed, but he stopped when he saw Demi's face.

"I swear I didn't know she'd kiss my cheek, trust me" he said immediately.

"When is the game ending anyways? Seeing you with her everyday might just make me kill her faster than your game... Everyone hates her" she replied, and he held her shoulders.

"Just trust me" he said.

"I do, Ethan...I do" she replied, and he reeled in.

Her eyes closed as their lips met in a gentle kiss.

By the door, Felicia is standing with her ears glued to it.

She stood straight after hearing everything, and her eyes widened the more everything makes sense.




The moment Alex entered the cafeteria to start serving trainees, Octavia shoved her face into her table, making Ava laugh.

"The fuçk is wrong with her?" Demi asked.

"Can't you see? Alex is here" Ava replied, and Demi started laughing too.

"Girl, just toughen up and hold your head up. You only kissed Alex Chambers, you didn't kill" Ava said.

"Leave her alone" Demi giggled, and Ava's phone began ringing.

A big smile rented her face at the sight of cookie, and she went out to pick.

Demi sighted Monica and Ethan eating together on a table, and she almost threw up.

She definitely can't wait for the end of this shit.

"Here. Your lunch, my girls" Alex said cheerfully, dropping their tray of food on their table when he finally got there.

"Thanks, Alex" Demi smiled, and he tapped Octavia's side of the table.

"Hey, snitch" he said, and she slowly looked up.

"Don't call me that"

"But you're one. You stole a kiss last night" he said, and she spranged up.

"I fell by mistake, and I landed on you. Our lips met mistakenly too so don't give me crap!" She shouted, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Nice announcing to everyone" he winked, walking out.

Octavia looked around and found all eyes on herself, and she rushed out of the cafeteria immediately.



Grayson looks bored to death as he sat on the couch, eyes closed .

Ava should be here with him right now, but his father had to take her out.

Today of all days?

He might have to start considering sending him out of the country for vacation at this rate.

He sighed out, the boredom increasing by length, then the ringing of the doorbell made him open his eyes.

A maid opened the door, and a woman came in.

Gray's eyes widened immediately he saw her, and he stood skeptically, unable to look away from her.

The woman who rang the fire alarm during their kidnap, the one who saved them and called his dad...the one who took Ava away.

"You?" He said, walking slowly to him.

"You've grown so well" she smiled, and now that he has a better look at her, she's seeing the face of someone on her... Ava's

"Is my daughter in? I mean Ava..." She asked.


"Suzanne, her mother" she replied, and Gray's phone began ringing.

He retrieved it and saw Noah's name on screen...he picked fast.


"Boss left with Miss Ava some minutes ago, and I'm just finding out that they didn't take guards along" Noah reported.

"It's showtime" Gray smirked, cutting the call.

He got a text from a different number immediately, and that confirmed his hunch.

"Jayson, it's hightime you pay" 



Ava came down from a limo with Harper, and they held arms like father and daughter as they stepped in together.

"Are you sure we're fine without guards?" Ava asked.

"I needed a private time with my daughter-in-law, and that's why I came with you. Besides, this place is for elites, so put your mind at rest" Harper replied, and she smiled.

They were welcomed like dignitaries into the store, and Harper just sat proudly, watching as Ava picked her taste from the numerous collections.

Ava couldn't pick enough, she even got confused at a point cos there are so many to make choices from, and she had to try them on and come out to show Harper everything.

"Why not try out a wedding dress too" Harper said, and she gasped.

"Dress?" She blinked.

"You're getting married to Gray very soon. I should brag to him that I'm the first one to see you in a wedding dress" he replied, and she laughed as she was led back into the fitting room.

Immediately they arrived, their necks were met with needles, and the two attendants slumped on the ground.

Ava turned around swiftly, but before she could catch a glimpse of the culprit, she was injected too.

She fell unconscious beside the attendants 

Jayson and Vaughn came to view afterwards, though their faces are masked.

"I'll get Harper himself" Jayson said, and Vaughn nodded.

Jayson left the fitting room, and luckily for him, he met Harper already coming that way.

He actually got worried since Ava was starting to take too long.

Jayson quickly hid, and immediately he walked past, he grabbed Harper from behind, injecting him intravenously too.

He carried Harper, and Vaughn carried Ava , both cutting corners till they got to the backdoor of the store.

It led to the second park, and Jayson laughed when they finally got out.

"Told you, didn't I? I said Harper would make a mistake. He's my father anyways" he said

"You might be wrong" vsihh replied, and several red danger lights from snipers appeared on their bodies.

Jayson looked ahead with wide, shocked eyes, and the shock lengthened when he saw the whole park is surrounded with cops, over 20 of them, even on the rooftop, all aiming for them.

"How did this happen? This was supposed to be a hidden plan! How did they find out!" Jayson said shockingly.

Vaughn went mute.

"The weapons, get them out and blow them up. They won't be able to shoot if we take Ava and Harper hostage! Cover yourself with Ava and get the weapons!" Jayson ordered, but instead of obeying, Vaughn dropped Ava's limp body on the floor gently, then he removed his mask.

One of the cops from the rooftop threw him a sniper rifle, and he caught it professionally, making Jayson's mouth drop.

He pulled out his ID, and Jayson's eyes widened.

Kai Greg, commander of the regional cops.

He returned his ID before aiming for Jayson too.

Jayson slowly dropped Harper, then he removed his mask ....

"You motherfûker, you're a fake?"

Kai smirked, remembering how it all started.


Kai gave order for Gray's entry immediately his presence was announced, and Gray came in calmly.

"Are you here about the hijacked criminals? I can promise we're working tirelessly on it so...

"No. I'm actually here about the one roaming the streets, my twin" Gray interrupted.

"Jayson?" Kai said.

"Now that Yolanda is out of his game, he'll need another partner, and that's where Vaughn comes in, you know who I'm talking about" Gray said.

"Miss Riley's boyfriend? He's dead. He died in a car accident that same year" Kai replied

"I know, but why don't we employ the internet? He's probably not aware of his death cos he has been out of this country for long. He'll look for him, and that's where you come in" Gray said.

"What happened to the investigators?" Kai smiled.

"I don't trust them enough" Gray said.

"Good Intel, I'm on it" Kai replied.


Jayson looked around immediately, and the number of red lights on his body increased.

"Jayson Harper, you're under arrest" Kai said, bringing out an arrest warrant.

Jayson moved a step back, and he was shot on the leg immediately.

He went on his knees, holding the leg as he groaned painfully.

A car drove into the park, and Grayson came down with Noah.

"Sir!" Noah rushed to Harper, and Gray knelt beside Ava too.

"They'll be fine" Kai said as a cop took the handcuffs to Jayson.

His hands were cuffed, and he was pulled up, his leg bleeding so much.

Grayson walked to him, stopping in front of him so their heights matched.

Jayson couldn't talk, his leg sending pains to his vocals.

"I warned you, didn't I? Gray muttered with a smirk, coming even closer.

"Don't mess with what's mine" 


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