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Dear Ave - Episode 63&64




Dear Ave - Episode 63&64

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


He kissed her, and Demi's bag fell from her hand to the ground.

She has felt this before, she recognized the feeling right away.

The same tingle she felt when she kissed Ethan that day in front of his house on his birthday, that same f+çking feel.

Her heart began racing immediately.

She's not kissing back, and he's not moving his lips either. He just continued placing it on hers, allowing her to feel.

She snapped out of it and stepped back from him.

She didn't wait to carry her fallen bag before rushing into the house.

The shutting of the front door made Ethan blink, and he got a text immediately.

It's from Monica.

• Aren't you coming anymore? I'm waiting at the restaurant already.

His face morphed into hateful when he finished reading that, and his eyes caught Demi's bag on the ground.

He took it, dropped it in his car and drove out.


Demi got to her room and backed the door after closing it.

Her heartbeats were still coming fast, and she has not even the slightest control over the wildness.

She squatted gently, her back doing a slide down the door frame as she remembered his words.

"Ethan... Ethan? No it can't be him" she shook her head, gripping her propped knees.

"It's not him" 



There aren't so many cars in the park, but the seen ones are exotic, foreign cars, and that's the first signification that it might be a old school club, it's still for the rich.

It doesn't only offer the club service. There are various stands surrounding it, serving varieties like fries, popcorns, lollipops, cookies and of course ice cream.

Everything teenie is present, and there are couples in uniform in every angle of the stands already.

A lot are snapping or playing around like kids, and lots are making out in the open.

The music from inside the clubhouse is reaching the outside so loudly, and some are dancing to it.

Gray and Ava came out of his S-class, and her eyes widened, looking fascinated by what she's seeing.

"My gawd, exactly how I pictured it. C'mon look at that!" She gushed, facing Gray who has been grumpy about this throughout the ride here.

He still has the frown on his brows 

"Cookie, c'mon" she hung her arms on his neck, and he held her waist.

"We're gonna have fun, I promise"

"Fun like kids? Boring" he replied, and despite the frown, he looks beautiful with his tousled hair. He looks more like a girl cos of it's longness.

"Don't you love me anymore?" She teased, and he scoffed.

"Is that even a question?"

"Then shouldn't you want everything I want? I'm hurt and you're even frowning. I don't like it when you frown and...

"Fine, you win...where should we go first?" He interrupted, and she smiled victoriously, letting go of his neck to grab his hand.

Gray followed the lead till they got to the cookies stand, and the cookie mad did them the favor of giving them a whole lot of it on a foil plate.

"Here" she placed one on his lips, and he opened up to eat without hesitating.

"Isn't it so sweet? Like you" she said, and he just stayed quiet, staring at her.

"Open up" she said, bringing another one to his lips again.

He hesitated this time, and it's because her face and the beautiful smile right there.

He'd pay millions to see that everyday, but the millions aren't even necessary right now. She's his, only his.

Her smile is too gorgeous, and the way it showcases her cute tooth makes it contagious. She's the prettiest, and at this rate, he has to speed up their wedding process 

He has been planning things with Noah, but they're dragging it because of Jayson who's still out there.

Now he wants to catch Jayson more than ever. The moment he puts him to everlasting rest together with the other three, then he'd schedule the wedding for the next day.

She has to become officially his very soon ... VERY is the keyword.

"You're not interested anymore?" Ava's voice brought him out of his reverie. She's still placing the cookie on his lips.

He opened up and took it immediately, but he bent over and kissed her lips afterwards, making her cheeks turn crimson.

She smiled again, and he could swear that he wants to kidnap her right now and take her back home to properly deal with, but she likes it here, so anything for her.

He guessed they'd be going to the ice cream stand next, and she really made it their next stop.

Instead of two cones, she got just one cone, and he loves the idea of the sharing.

They took turns to eat from the cone, though it stayed in her hand throughout, and whenever it stained her lips, he kissed it away.

She ate the last mint cream in the cone, and he immediately pushed her into a dark corner, behind one of the stands.

She folded into him when he kissed her, both tasting ice cream on their tongues as his hand went under her skirt.

He pulled her p+nty to one side, and his fingers slid in, several inches inside her.

"My... cookie" her choked moan hit his throat as he fingered her gently, kissing her zestfully.



Ethan couldn't concentrate on his drive to the resturant cos of the shocked look on Demi's face earlier after the kiss, so he delayed the drive a bit.

She looked like she would cry, and it took a lot of efforts not to go back to her house.

He can't ruin the set-up with Monica, so he proceeded, and he got there at exactly 8:30.

Surprisingly, Monica is still sitting there, waiting for him while checking the time frequently.

He stood by the door, watching him with so much bitterness. She's the girl who made the past two years hell for him and his sister Amy. The unredeemable bî+ch who deserves to die in a ditch.

She even tried to ruin the image of Ava, the fiancee of his benefactor. Monica deserves everything she's gonna get, so he proceeded till he got to her.

"Did you wait long?" He smiled as he settled in front of her.

"Thought you wouldn't be coming" she smiled.

"Sorry for the lateness. I had a family issue" he said.

"Now that I think about it, no one knows your surname" she replied.

"Do you want us to date?" He asked, avoiding the question.

"Huh?" She blinked, and he stood, leaning carefully to her side of the table.

Monica's eyes went shut quickly, and he smirked at her anticipation.

Kiss? That's never gonna happen. He'd die if he does.

"Do you want us to date?" He asked again with us lips right in front of hers.

She opened her eyes slowly, unable to hide the disappointment, but she talked anyways.

"Yeah... very well" 

Ethan smiled, taking her hand to kiss while she smiled widely.



"We're here! Now that you have your complete threesome, can we drink?" Oscar said as he came in with Octavia.

Alex is already on seat with a sea of alcohol in front of him. Oscar went to Octavia's place to pick her actually.

"So what's popping?" Octavia asked, sitting at the same time with Oscar.

"I can't believe you followed me out of the cafeteria earlier just to tell me you're glad I'm back, are you crushing on me or something?" Alex replied.

"Crushing on you? I categorize that under present and future impossible tense so get over yourself" Octavia scoffed, and Oscar smiled at the two 

Their bickering never ends.

"So how's Orbit faring since jailing of chairman Chambers?" Octavia asked.

"I've been carrying the whole load on my shoulders since Alex is not ready to take over. We're currently the underdog so trust me when I say it'd take years to bring our company back" Oscar replied.

"Bad" Octavia nodded.

She's already on the fourth cup.

"Aren't you drinking too much?" Alex asked.

"Worry about yourself" she replied, and he blew raspberries.

"I need to use the restroom" she stood, walking away grudgingly.

"She's tipsy, after how many cups?" Oscar muttered.

"You brought her here so handle her when she gets back" Alex replied, and Demi rushed in breathlessly.

"Where's Octavia? I went to her place and her dad said she's here" She asked.

"She's in the restroom, any problem?" Oscar asked.

"Chad...the new guy in school...he came to tell me he's Ethan and I'm about to go crazy right now" she replied.

"Is that even possible?" Alex said shockingly.

"That's what I'm talking about, where's Octavia?" She asked.

"I'll go get her" Alex stood and head to the restrooms.

He met her just coming out, walking on her toes with a red face.

"Did she drink inside the restroom too? She looks worse than when she left earlier" he muttered, but then he saw her legs hitting on each other, and she staggered forward.

He quickly rushed to catch her, and they went down together, but not just like that..

Her lips met his own!



"Why do you never snap pictures?" Ava asked Gray who's sitting beside him. Her head is on his shoulder

They're still outside the clubhouse, on a bench beside the stall where he fingered her earlier.

Her middle is still throbbing for more, something bigger this time but they'd have to wait till they get home.

"Pictures? I dunno, I don't just feel like..." He replied, stroking the scar on her chest gently.

Her buttons are open, so he has access. She still hasn't figured out why he loves the scar so much.

"I got the surgery when I was 7. That's a year before I met you" she said.

"Did it hurt?" He asked, and she smiled.

"Nope. The only hurtful thing I experienced before meeting you was my mother" she replied.

"You've always avoided talking about her" he said.

"I always went to Gos lake to play, but that day I drowned, I went there to cry" she replied.


"My mother filed divorce after meeting another man. I begged on my knees, but she didn't even look at me. My father was crying, but she was so emotionless towards him. When I couldn't take it anymore, I went to my only friend...the lake. I went there to cry that day before I was pushed in." She replied, and his second hand fisted up.

Whoever did the pushing, he wants to cancel him from earth, but that can't ruin the moment right now, so she pulled her up with him.

"What?" Her face brightened.

"Wanna snap a picture?" He asked.

"Plenty of them!" She gushed, pulling him up before retrieving her phone.

She began snapping selfies of them, and he tried his best to smile in every take.

His arms stayed around her, and he felt her happiness with her.

Maybe it's not bad that they came here afterall. They didn't even go inside the club, but they still had their quality time.

"Do you wanna go home?" She suddenly asked.

"Thought you liked it here" he replied.

"I want something better" she winked, and he smiled before carrying her in his arms, striding towards the park.



The knocking on the door made Gray's eyes open in bed.

His naked body is wrapped around Ava's nakedness too under the sheets, and he could still feel her soreness on his skin.

Her arms are around him, and his are threaded in her dark hair.

He was already getting lost in her morning beauty when the door knocking came again.

He carefully left the bed and threw on his shorts before opening the door.

"You have a visitor, sir" the maid reported, and he followed her downstairs.

"Bro!" Ethan spranged up from the couch immediately he showed up. He's with Noah and Amy.

"Hey man, how're you doing?" Gray asked, and Ethan hugged him like a kid.

"Wait... isn't he 22? He's still a baby" Gray almost laughed.

"I'll remain your baby, you're my lifesaver" Ethan replied, and Amy came closer.

"Our lifesaver" she said.

"What's up Amy? Are you enjoying your new job?" Gray asked.

She's one of the staffs at Famoux, the top staffs.

"I wouldn't dare say no" she smiled.

"I got Monica last night. She agreed to date me" Ethan said.

"Cool. Just a little bit more" Gray replied.

"But Demi hates me. Even after I told her my real identity...she didn't believe" Ethan said sadly.

Gray was about to reply when the doorbell rang again, and the maid opened up.

Alex and Oscar came in, but they're with Demi.

Ethan's eyes widened immediately.

"Can i get a better explanation about this? Is he really Ethan?" Demi asked without breaking eye contact with him

"Told you we'll get answers here" Alex said, falling on the couch.

"Noah, the documents" Gray replied, and Noah went upstairs to get them.

He came back and handed them to Demi who quickly checked them.

They're consent forms signed before the surgery, and Ethan Cruz is the name on everything, then pictures of his former face 

"Why didn't you tell me?" Tears came out of her eyes, and Ethan went closer as silence hit the room.

"I wasn't expecting it either, I'm sorry" he said.

She took his hand immediately, dragging him out of the room.

"Hey, Grayson Harper!" Alex waved.

"Hey, Alex Chambers" he replied in same tone.

"You should at least thank me for saving your arse in court" Alex walked to him.

"Congratulations on being disowned, how's that for thanks?" Gray replied.

"Arsehole" Alex said.

"Dîçk" Gray replied, and they suddenly laughed at once before hugging like longtime buddies.

"Yes!" Oscar shouted.

"Cookie" Ava's voice made Gray break the hug, pushing Alex away.

Alex fell on the couch with a funny look.

Gray rushed up the stairs to carry Ava, and her drowsy eyes stayed on his chest as he took her back upstairs for her bath.

"That's...rude" Alex said, and Oscar laughed.

Noah pulled Amy to his side.


"I'm so sorry" Ethan said for the uptenth time outside, and Demi's tears continued falling relentlessly.

"I'm sorry" he said again.

"Stop saying sorry, please" she cried again, and he began wiping her tears gently.

"What are you doing with Monica by the way?" She sniffled.

"Playing with her, nothing more" he replied.

"I don't want to see you with her" she shook her head 

"Hey hey... It's you I like, not her...ok? Chill, I'll soon be done with her" he said, and she embraced him immediately.

"I missed you" he said, hugging her back.

"I missed you most" she replied, and he smiled.



Alex came back with Oscar for their morning routine, and they met Octavia at the dinning, eating bread and toast.

Immediately they came in, she took her bread and started rushing in.

"Wait!" Alex rushed after her, but she didn't stop till he caught up by her door.

"You kissed me last night" he said immediately, and she blinked.

"Me? How? Where? When?" She said funnily.

"You definitely remember, and that's why you're running away from me so don't pretend." He replied, and she blinked again.

"That can never be me...I don't even remember seeing your face last night" she said and quickly rushed into her room.

He could hear her stumping her foot and cursing herself, and he almost laughed as he left the door.



Vaughn and Jayson are currently on a table with different weapons which they're setting together prior to their attack, and Jayson couldn't stop smiling.

"Are you that happy about the upcoming attack?" Vaughn asked.

"Of course. We're capturing Harper himself, and I can get whatever I want from Grayson with him before I kill him off. If I get Ava too, it'd be a bonus. We only have to lure them into the hideout" Jayson replied.

"That doesn't seem like the only reason for your happiness" Vaughn said.

"Aren't you too smart?" Jayson chuckled, coming down from the table to pace around a bit 

"She once got pushed into a lake when she was 8...her father saved her but he got drowned instead" he said.

"So?" Vaughn asked.

"It was me" Jayson smiled.

"What!" Vaughn said surprisingly.

"A year before that, dad disowned me cos of the incident between I and Gray in that same lake. I was supposed to leave the country, but Yolanda made sure I stayed. Then that year, I came to take a look at the jinxed lake, and I saw little Ava crying beside it. I wanted to end her sorrows, so I pushed her" Jayson explained.

Vaughn stood too.

"I did it" Jayson grinned evilly.


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