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Dear Ave - Episode 61&62




Dear Ave - Episode 61&62

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


Gray clicked red after saying the burning words, and his palm folded tightly on the phone as he shifted his gaze back to the three.

Yolanda's burnt leg is already looking so disgusting, and any fragile person who beholds it right now would definitely puke.

He tucked the phone back into his pocket, swirling different methods in his head.

He planned a whole lot, so it's even difficult to pick one right now, but it has to start from somewhere anyways.

Pouring the water on Yolanda was nothing...at all.

"The pliers" he told Noah, and Noah passed the red pliers to him

Gray took it and walked calculated steps to Joe.

He squatted in front of him and tapped his cheek,, making his eyes open.

He looks dehydrated and near-dead.

He's probably in his late 70s, so it's understandable. He might as well spend the rest of his days here.

Gray took his right hand, placing the pliers on the tip of his thumb nail.

Joe began shivering, but that only made Gray's hold on him tighter.

"How did it feel when you started planning the revenge for your granddaughter? How did it feel when Jayson stepped up with the plan to taint her and frame me for it?" He asked, but it's obvious he didn't expect an answer.

"Thrilling, right? You shouldn't have felt that at all. Thinking of the smile on your face after you realized your dream came true, the champagne you popped after Jay announced his success... it's making me wanna bury you alive, but before you meet gawd, you'll meet pains first...here we go" Gray muttered, and he immediately clipped Joe's nails with the pliers 

He pulled out the nail forcefully, and some of his flesh followed it out, making the old man cry out devastatingly, but that was only just the start, cos Gray pulled out the second nail, then the third...

Joe's mouth almost tore off his face as he opened it wide to cry out, and Noah had to turn his back when he couldn't watch anymore.

His blood filled Gray's hands, and it's already pooling at the ground when Gray pulled out the fourth nail.

Joe's tears sounded more agonizing this time, like he's already seeing the pit of hell as he peed on himself.

Yolanda started crying again when she saw how it's going. Gray is not even on her side yet but this scene is scary.

She started trying to untie the ropes on herself, but she couldn't.

After removing the five right fingernails of Joe, Gray got another bowl of boiled water from Noah and dipped the bloody hand inside.

Joe almost cried blood this time, and his voice became choky as his cries became too much.

Despite it all, Gray didn't falter. He still wants more...he wants the blood to come out of his eyes.

How would it feel if he actually sheds blood? It'd be the most satisfying scene ever.

For hurting Ava, they'll all get more than what they gave. It's been a while since this side of him came out, but they called it out anyways, so they'll enjoy it.

He moved to the second hand and was about to pluck the first nail...

"Please!!! Please don't kill me! It was never my plan to hurt your girl, but I just couldn't sit still when Monica reported her to me everyday. Monica won't be able to survive without me please don't!!!" The old man desperately begged for his life, and Gray smirked.

"Won't be able to live without you? She has a date tonight. A date with her doom" he said, and Joe's eyes widened.

"No don't touch her too! You can kill me but please let Monica off the hook I beg you! She's just a child!!" 

"I won't touch her, who said I'd touch her? But by the time her doom is done with her, she'd either won't run mad or commit suicide" Gray replied and pulled out the first fingernail of the second hand, making him scream gain.

By the time Gray removed the tenth nail, Joe was already as good as dead. He passed out on the ground with blood all-over his body.

Gray stood, walking to Chambers next.

He's not crying, but he's shivering so much.

"I'd have lessened your pains if you didn't turn Alex against me too. You've always been a jerk to my dad and I, but involving Ava was your biggest mistake. I can actually kill myself for her, so who are you?" Gray said meanly, and Chambers opened his mouth to talk...

"I ... It was all Yolanda's idea... I told her I wasn't interested but she told me it was a master plan! Please spare me for the sake of Alex. For the sake of the initial friendship between our families, please...

Before he could talk further, Gray slammed the giant pliers on his mouth, and three of Chambers tooth flew out.

Yolanda started crying again as Gray went for Chambers toe nails.

He began plucking them out just like he did to Joe's fingernails, and Chambers cries echoed everywhere as hot water met with it.

He didn't pass out like Joe, but he was as good as dead when Gray finally moved to Yolanda.

"Since the day you tried to choke me with the pillow, I've always wanted to kill you too, but the pills kept me in check. Guess what,,, I'm not on the pills right now" Gray smiled poisonously.

"You can't kill me...I'm your sister no matter what. We're Harpers! We share the same blood you can't make that mistake!!" She yelled fearfully.

"Maniacs don't care" Gray replied, jabbing the pliers into her throat without warning.

Blood spluttered out of Yolanda's mouth to his face, and she automatically passed out half-dead.

Few minutes later, Gray walked out of the house with Noah. His shirt, face and hands still bloody from the exercise.

Noah quickly got him a change of clothes in the car, and he went to a nearby tap to clean up.

He came back minutes later already wearing the clean shirt.

"What are you going to do with them now?" Noah asked.

"I'll come back tommorow to torture them again, then the day after, and the day after... I'll come every f+çking day till I decide to end their sorrows, then I'll kill them" Gray replied.

"Jayson won't sit still" Noah said.

"Of course, and I'm expecting his next move. Don't worry, I got this" Gray said.

"Sure" Noah replied, getting a call from Harper immediately.

"Time to leave" Noah said, and they got in the car together.

The other guards rode behind them.

A radiant smile covered Gray's face when he received a text from Ava.

He clicked on the chat.

Princess: Where are you?

He licked his lips habitually before replying.

Gray: I thought the clingy part belongs to me? Are we switching roles, princess?

Princess: Don't be a jerk, tell me already.

Gray: On my way to the company, you?

Princess: On my way to the campus, wearing a body hugging top and bum shorts, and I love the Jon's perfume in the gifts. I'm wearing it right now too, and I stole one of your wristwatches.

He smiled as he read each line.

Gray: I appreciate the details, but it's incomplete.

Princess: What?"

Gray: the colour of your panty.

Princess: White, and I'm wearing same colour of bra cos I know you're asking that next... 

He chuckled immediately.

Gray: How eatable will you look right now? We should go out tonight.

Princess: let's go clubbing

Gray: Exciting, we'll do that.

Princess: Yay!! I can't wait cookie.

Gray: Me too, I'll call you at lunch.

Princess: Will be waiting... *Plenty hearts emojis*

He sent lots of kiss emojis too, and the chat ended.

He felt alone immediately, and Noah smiled from the front.

He saw his face through the mirror.

"What?" He asked.

"You have the most beautiful smile whenever you're talking to her or chatting with her. She's so lucky" Noah replied.

"No I'm the lucky one" Gray replied flatly.

"I guess" Noah said, driving into the company.

They already met Harper's car waiting in front of Famoux with lots of guards, so they came out at the same time.

Reporters shrouded them immediately as father and son started walking in.

* What are your plans now that Famoux is back?

* How do you feel about Orbit's betrayal?

* Do you plan on handing over to your son anytime soon?

The questions were choky, and they did their best to answer few before walking in together.

Noah coordinated the guards after them.



Ava came to school in a white Ferrari, one of Grayson's gifts to her this morning.

Though he got her a driver, but she wants her privacy for today only.

She wore a fur coat on her outfit, and immediately she came out of the car, mouths widened.

She flipped her hair before starting to walk into the hall, and girls surrounded her.

* It must have been so hard cos of Monica and her Grandpa!

* We're glad to have you back Ava!

* Aww, I love your perfume!

* You and Gray fit so perfectly! Heard he's your young love!

* Where did you get your thigh-high boots from?

She kept up her stylish walk, not replying any question till she entered her class.

"OMG Ava Huang! I've been waiting for you to come before I'll start the training! Your fiance called to say you'd be late" Mrs. Colour said.

"Girl! You look Peng!" Octavia shouted .

"Mhua!" Demi blew her a kiss which she returned immediately.

"I'll go change" she said.

"As your lordship pleases" Mrs. Colour clapped, and she left for the locker room.

"Look who's back" Sandra said beside Monica.

"I'm all about my date with Chad tonight, ion have her time" Monica replied.

"I'll help you dress up" Sandra replied.

Chad is at the far back, staring at no one but Demi who's currently talking to Octavia.



Tired trainees came to the cafeteria for refreshments, and Demi shared a table with Ava and Octavia

"Girl, you took Monica's place, queen bee! I can't believe Gray called Mrs. Colour to delay the class cos of you...he's so sweet!" Octavia gushed.

"Says a girl who punched him" Demi muttered.

"Stop shoving it at my face, I'm still gonna apologize" Octavia replied, and Ava laughed.

* Alex is here!

* I thought he wouldn't be coming!

* He's still so handsome!

* You're an hero!

* He stood up for Grayson Harper in court at the expense of his disownment, I'm so proud of him.

Alex couldn't believe his ears at what he's hearing.

He was expecting hate comments, but they even love him more now.

"I missed y'all more" he held his chest, and Octavia smiled.

He began serving the tables, and throughout... Octavia didn't stop staring.

When he finally left, she stood and followed him out.

"Where's she going?" Demi muttered, and she suddenly saw Chad's eyes from a table not far from her. He's staring hard at her.

She quickly changed tables, turning his back on him.



Jayson heard the ringing of the doorbell, and he got his gun before going for the door.

He's expecting someone, but in case of emergency, he kept the gun intact as he opened the door slowly.

The face of the middle aged man came to view, and Jayson shut the door after he came in.

"Shall we start planning?"

"Are you sure I'll be able to get revenge for my girlfriend? I've been after him for years but he always maneuvered" the man replied.

"You're Miss Riley's boyfriend, Vaughn, and you even lost your profession and girlfriend cos of him...you only have to chanel the rage, and we'll win" Jay smiled.

"How do you intend to do it anyways? Aren't you the greenhead twin? You're wanted...your pictures are everywhere online and offline" Vaughn said.

"I have my ways" Jayson replied.

"I'm in" Vaughn nodded.



Noah came out of a car in the building park, and Amy came out on the other side, both smiling as they walked to each other.

They held hands and went in together, and Noah was given the keys to their room.

He took it, and they were led in, but Noah's eyes widened immediately he opened the door.

Harper is sitting right there, looking at him with a funny smile.

"Boss!" Noah gasped.

Amy blinked.

"I knew it. I knew you were seeing someone, and that's why I took my time to follow you. You can't hide things like this from me yunno? You're like my colleague, more than just a guard" Harper said.

"Sir" Noah smiled, and Harper nodded.

Minutes later, they were already sitting together inside the room with several dishes on the table.

"Do you care to share how you met with me?" Harper asked.

"I met her when he was still a maid at the Hawkins house. She didn't see me though. I followed her secretly whenever I was free, and I made sure not to get caught. Then one night I was waiting for her in front of her house just so I could catch a glimpse of her, but instead of her, her brother came with a girl, one of Ava's friends. After the girl left, a black hooded person came to get the brother. I followed" Noah smiled before proceeding.

"He'd have killed him, but i luckily saved him. The bastard ran off, and I took Ethan back home, but I figured out it wasn't safe for them. I told young master about it, and he luckily knew Ethan when he was still staying at Ava's place. He offered to send them out of the country immediately, mainly for Ethan's surgery" Noah said.

"Wait .. when you went out of the country during my attack, this was it?" Harper asked surprisingly.

"Yes, and that was when....we..." Noah held Amy's hand, and she smiled.

"I'm happy to hear this, Noah" Harper smiled.

"Thanks, sir" Noah beamed.



The front door of the house opened, and a pair of dazzling white sneakers stepped out, holding up long legs which led to a handsome young face.

Gray looked younger in the school uniform he's putting on, thanks to Ava who forced him to do it. He even had his hair tousled like his young self.

She insisted that they should book an old school club, and he did that.

School uniform is the signature outfit, and she's wearing it too, even an expensive school bag.

Her hair was banded in two places on each side of her head, and she looks cute.

"I should have known when you suggested clubhouse. Damn this is +çking childish...I graduated school several years ago" he complained.

"It's just for two hours, cookie c'mon...the uniform is s+xy. We'll have fun like teens" she pulled him to the garage.

"I mean...

"Shh" she covered his lips, and he sighed.

"Fine" he frowned a bit, and she kissed his pointed chin.

"You're an handful" he said, lifting her easily.

"My man" she winked, and he laughed as he opened the car door with his other hand.

"My girl"



Demi spent much time at Octavia's place.

Her parents are out of the country as usual, so she's the only one at home 

She was already thinking about the boredom as she drove into the mansion.

The gate didn't get to close when another car drove in.

She came out of her car and was shocked to see Chad coming down from the second car 

"You followed me home? Are you like obsessed with me or something? What the hell are you doing here!?" 

The questions came out harsh and fast as he stopped in front of her.

"I wanted to wait till I'm done with Monica before telling you, but I can't handle the way you hate me" he replied softly.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's still me...I had surgery...I'm... I'm Ethan" he said, and her eyes widened.


"The blind bat... ugly arse... Scarface... Monica's punching bag...the boy you took out for shopping on his birthday...the poor guy... Your Ethan... it's me" he said gently, his eyes so emotional as he said each line.

He stepped closer to hold her, but Demi stepped back, still in shock as her glassy eyes kept widening.

"No. You can't be...it can't...

"You want prove? I'll give you one" he said and took one long step to her.

She couldn't step away before he held her face and lowered his lips to hers.

He kissed her, and Demi's bag fell from her hand to the ground.


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