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Dear Ave - Episode 59&60




Dear Ave - Episode 59&60

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


His head ducked in sharply, and his lips arrested her lips deliciously.

Ava's eyes did the closing honours immediately, and her arm found the right place to wrap on.

Their tongues played intentional hide and seek in their mouths for a while, but when the tongues finally agreed to meet, they smiled into the kiss, and the rain water mixed in their mouths. 

The kiss turned moister and crazier, and the clicking sounds of the kiss filled their throats, making their souls interact.

It's like when a kid gets a box of candy for the first time...baby would never give up till it's finished... They're far from done. 

They emptied their heads and concentrated on nothing but the effect they have on each other, and that drove them insane as the kiss turned rough.

Breathing became so hard, but they prefer choking on each other's lips right now than breathing.

Breathing became boring.

She massaged his scalp, and his hands are already rubbing her thighs, pulling her to his crotch so her middle met with his belt region.

She gasped into the kiss when she felt his bulge, and he picked her up suddenly, carrying her like a baby as he began walking into the house.

They never broke the kiss, and the guards and maids aren't anywhere around.

It's like they disappeared immediately the kiss started some minutes ago.

Gray climbed the stairs but stopped in the middle of it, enjoying the kiss like a velvet cake before resuming his walk to the bedroom.

He opened the door with his back, and he gently dropped her on the ground.

Immediately her feet balanced, he got a hold of her wet cardigan, and they broke the kiss as she raised her arms so he could peel it away from her body.

Though it's not his first time of seeing her nakedness, but they were still young back then.

They're all grown now, so the shyness crept in, and she bit her lip hard.

Her panty is still on, but her br+asts are pointing at him right now... begging for his touch.

Grayson watched her with so much adoration in his eyes, and he got harder underneath.

She's like a f+çking Christmas present, and he can't wait to open and explore...

It must be tonight, it has to be.

He lifted her chin with his curved index finger, and she saw the fear in her eyes immediately their eyes met.

"Are you scared, princess?" He asked somberly, and she shook her head.

"Why aren't you undressing me then?" He whispered, and she bit her lip again before raising her hands to his shirt.

It's armless and baggy, so it was easy to take off.

All along, Gray's eyes stayed on her br+àsts. Why are they so s+xy?

The last time he saw them, they were still two dots...they grew so big that he almost c+mmed just by watching.

Ava's hands reached his pants, and her fingers were shaking as she tried to unbutton it.

He smiled when he saw the innocence in her eyes... he's so gonna enjoy taking that away.

She dropped his pants after zipping down, and immediately he stepped out of it, he picked her up, reconnecting their lips as he carried her to the bed.

He placed her gently on it and hovered on top of her, grabbing her b👀bs suddenly.

She m0@ned softly when he began pressing them, showering more attention on the n+pples and tracing her areolas with his fingertips.

She was about to release another moan when she suddenly remembered his arm, and she suddenly broke the kiss.

"Your arm" she whispered.

"Not even that can stop me from taking you tonight, can't wait anymore" he replied, kissing her again before returning to her brè+sts.

He squeezed harder than the first time, and her middle screamed in anticipation as she felt herself watering.

She was a m0@ning mess under him as he touched every part of her.

Her tummy, bellybutton, her cleavage, hips....

His hand stopped on her p+ntyline, and he broke the kiss to come to her chest, kissing her surgical scar.

She was panting as he grazed the swell with his teeth, leaving hickeys on it.

He was still on it when his hand slid down...down her p+nty.

She moaned loudly when he slid in one finger, and he was about to start thrusting when her phone began ringing on the bedstand.

It's 'Dad' calling... She saved Harper's line like that.

His finger was still inside her when he picked the call with his second hand.

He couldn't even concentrate on the call cos he kissed her again.

"Hey daughter-in-law... is Gray beside you?" Harper's voice came.

"Right here" Gray broke the kiss to reply.

He began f+çking her with the finger, sucking on her right br+ast addictively.

Ava bit her lip continuously, trying to hold back her m0@ns as he ministered on her body.

"What did you do with the criminals? It was reported right now that the cops were attacked on their way to the jailhouse, it's you right? " Harper asked.

Gray moved from her right br+ast to the left one this time, moving his finger faster inside her p+ssy.

"Mmm...ah!" Ava m0@ned sharply, and Gray quickly kissed her mouth to muffle it.

"Gray? You're not saying anything" Harper said.

"We'll talk later, dad... I'll tell you everything tommorow. Just give me tonight I'm....

He added the second finger into her this time, and her m0@ns shattered.

"Cookie ouch!!" 

He quickly covered her mouth with his palm.

"What was that? Is it what I'm thinking? Gray!" Harper gasped.

"Goodnight dad" he replied, clicking red before tossing the phone away.

She couldn't stop the pleasure tears that gathered in her orbs as she moved her hips with his fingers, receiving more thrusts till she came hotly on his digits.

He withdrew them and ate the liquid off before pulling her panty down completely.

He rolled his underp+nts down his legs too, and she gasped when she saw his plunge.

She widened her legs readily anyways, and he settled on her entrance, holding eyes deeply with her.

"Cookie..." She muttered.

He could feel the fear in her voice.

"Don't worry, it won't break you into two" he said, and she chuckled as he caressed her face, smiling handsomely.

"I love you, princess" he said, kissing her eyes.

"I love you too, cookie" she replied nervously.

"Now tell me you can take it..." He whispered, rubbing her opening gently.

"Claim me" she whispered back, and that was all it took for him to slide his d+çk in.

It went down all at once, and she held him tight as he began moving slightly.

"I feel all of you..." She said.

"Me too, and you're the best place ever" he replied, and she pulled him into a heartwarming kiss, her legs wrapping on his waist as he began f+çking her softly but deeply.

"I love you...so much princess" 



Demi, Oscar and Octavia are currently sitting on the longest couch, watching a performance.

It's not a TV performance this time though. It's Alex.

He's surrounded by several bottles of alcohol, and he's dead drunk cos he's still drinking.

"I can't believe I suddenly became the son of a prisoner!!! How am I gonna show my face at the tarmac from now on? Sylvester and his gang will laugh till they pee on themselves!!!"

His face is so red, and he was looking so funny as he lamented, drinking from the alcohol again.

"He told me he was fine in court earlier, what a bum" Oscar muttered.

"He either smokes or drinks whenever he's stressed. Those two must be tired of him" Demi shook her head.

Octavia didn't say anything surprisingly, she's smiling as she stared at him.

"This is new, you're not badmouthing him" Demi said.

"He did a good job in the court today... He's not that bad" she replied.

"Whoa! I should write down today's date" Oscar clapped, standing up. 

"I'll get this drunkard to bed" he said, taking Alex away.

"I can't believe I punched Gray...gosh my temper" Octavia muttered.

"It's not your fault. No one would have believed he's innocent" Demi replied, and she nodded.

"True, but where do you think Ethan and his sister went?" 

"I dunno...all I can do is hope they're fine whenever they are" Demi sighed.



Ava met emptiness beside herself when she woke up, and that made her open her eyes fast.

Gray is not in anymore, and that made her gasp.

Is something happening again?

Several thoughts ran through her mind as she got down from the bed, and that was when she realized she's still naked, and her p+ssy is still so sore from last night.

There's a sweatshirt at the edge of the bed, so she took it and hurried to put it on.

She slid her foot into her slip-ons and rushed out of the room, going downstairs.

Her eyes widened immediately she arrived, and she had to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming.

The living room has a different decor entirety, and there are balloons plus different gift boxes, over fifty as if it's a gift shop.

There are several money bouquet too, and some of the gifts are even out. She's seeing designer bags and shoes and dresses already...

Gray is there with the maids. He's the one preparing everything though...the maids are just helping.

"She's here" one of them said, and he turned.

His face brightened immediately, and she blushed limitlessly

He strode happily to her and held her face, giving her a deep morning kiss first, then another one on her forehead.

"Goodmorning, princess" he said, and she replied with another kiss which made him chuckle.

They hugged tightly, inhaling each other.

"All these for me? Cookie" She pouted as she took one of the money bouquets

She doesn't even know which one to open first from the boxes... they're too many.

"Hmm... You ruined the most important part. I planned to come carry you from the bed myself" he replied.

"Then we can go back to do it" she said, and he swept her up in his arms immediately.

She was smiling prettily as she wrapped her arms on him, and he was about to start going up when the door opened.

Harper came in with Noah.

"Dad" he said, and Ava gasped in his arms. 

"Should I start printing wedding invitations? When is my first grandchild coming? Last night was spicy, isn't it?" He said, and Ava quickly hid her face in Gray's chest in embarrassment.

"Dad...it's too early for this" Gray said through his teeth.

"I'm dying to have a grandchild already...I'm 48 what are you talking about I might die of old age soon" Harper replied.

"Go away" Gray said and started taking Ava upstairs.

"Grayson!!" Harper shouted after him, and Noah laughed.

He got a call from Amy, and his smile grew as he stepped out to pick.



Monica looked blank as usual as she came out of her car at the park and began making her way into the building.

Eyes fell on her, and murmurs almost bombed her eardrums, but she remained straightened till she stepped into the hall where it all got heated.

* Daughter of a criminal

* She's a criminal herself too. Didn't she tell her Grandpa to do it cos of a silly revenge?

* She gives me the ick!

* So sick!

* She's a psycho!

She stopped walking this time, turning her eyes around to scare trainees as usual, but they started laughing.

* That doesn't work anymore bî+ch! You lost your place!

* Get the f+çk out!

"I think everyone deserves a second chance" a male voice said, and they all turned to see Chad standing behind Monica.

Monica turned too, and he smiled when their eyes met.

"She's human, and we make mistakes. She deserves forgiveness" he said, and her eyes shone with admiration.

She felt butterflies when he suddenly held her hand , and the trainees couldn't believe their eyes as he took her away.

"He must be the new Ethan replacement" Demi said from the midst of students.

"He's handsome, though" Octavia said, and Demi scoffed.

"Arrogance is all I see, and why would he defend Monica?"

"Whatever, Ava should be here any minute from now. She can't miss today's training again" Octavia checked the time.

"I'll meet you in class, need to change too" Demi said, walking down the hall.


Chad got to the end of the hall and faced Monica, letting go of her hand.

"Why did you save me?" She asked.

"I think you're pretty" he replied, and for the first time in her life, she blushed without realizing.

"Do you know the former boy? Heard his name is Ethan" he asked.

"That ugly blind thing?" she replied, and he secretly smirked.

"Really? Ugly?"

"Yeah, why?" She asked.

"Nevermind. Do you have some time tonight? We can go for dinner together and I'll take your mind away from your grandpa's case" he smiled.

"Dinner?" She smiled, and he nodded.

"I'll think about it" she said, trying hard to hide her blush.

"Then give me your number" he said, giving her his phone.

She typed her number and returned it, and she left all smiles. 

He smirked, clicking his tongue meaningfully. 



Demi finished dressing up in the locker room just now, and when she came out, she jumped and held her chest.

Chad is standing there, hands in pockets with a big smile.

"You scared me! What are you doing here newbie!" She said.

"Waiting for you... honestly you're the prettiest girl I've seen since I arrived here" he replied, and she scoffed.


"I'm for real...we should...

"We should rather not meet again cos there's nothing appealing about you. Your handsome face? It's a turn-off for me and I don't even wanna see you again... arrogant arse!" She shot and walked away.

Chad watched her till she went out of sight, and a big smile appeared on his face with a little sadness.

"I missed you...a lot" he said.



Grayson came down from his car in front of the house, and he met Noah waiting with six other guards.

"They're in" Noah reported, and Gray looked at the house in utter disgust before starting to go in.

"The maids reported that you didn't use your pills before leaving the house" Noah said, bringing out the pills bottle.

"I don't need it today" Gray replied.

"But you'll kill them" Noah said quickly.

"Who said i had plans to spare them?" Gray deadpanned and went in finally.

It's the same place he killed S+xtus in, and immediately he turned on the light, the faces of the three criminals came to light.

Yolanda, Chambers, and Joe.

There's no sign of torture on them... Gray told Noah not to touch them...

They'll be getting every single punishment from him.

He'll give them a taste of hell while remembering Ava's tears... they'll shed blood.

The three were tied up, and they're backing the wall weakly

Joe's eyes are closed, but Yolanda's and Chambers eyes are open... staring at him sickly.

"Welcome to my hell" Grayson smiled ominously, rolling up the cuffs of his shirt.

The ringing of his phone interrupted, and he creased his brows when he saw it's a video call from a new number.

Nevertheless, he swiped green, and a greenhead came to view...


"Look who we have here... My unfortunate airheaded brother" Grayson narrowed his eyes.

"Hey coward...I only called to sound a warning. I don't care about the other two but if you touch Yolanda, I'll kill you and f+çk Ava over your dead body" Jayson muttered.

Grayson turned the camera to Yolanda immediately, and Noah brought in a bowl of boiled water.

Grayson took it from him and poured it directly on Yolanda's two legs.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!" Her voice came out in a loud scream immediately, and the leg started peeling, but Gray poured the water again, up to her thighs.

Her skin began shrinking too, and the pains became abyssal.

"Jayson!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argghhhhh!!!" She cried out once again, tears trickling down her red eyes.

Grayson turned the camera back to himself and met Jayson folding his fist furiously on screen.

"How you like that? I haven't even touched her cos by the time I start, she won't have the strength to scream your name. I'll kill her and send you her body" he said.

"You're playing with fire, Gray" Jayson muttered devilishly.

"I'm fire myself. Fire can't burn fire, Jay. Show your face if you can... I'm not that weak @s$ dude who fears you anymore. I took the antidote to your fear last night, and for kissing Ava, I'll make your death f+cking bloody, and on your burial day, I'll be cuddling on my bed with Ava." Gray muttered darkly, clicking red.


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