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Dear Ave - Episode 57&58




Dear Ave - Episode 57&58

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"It's been a while, who missed me?" Harper said, and Chambers fell back on his seat shockingly. 

Yolanda would have fainted, but she quickly held a chair.

"D-d....dad" she stuttered, gasping sharply when he turned his face to her.

"Longest time" he said, and she felt her intestines interlocking.

To even breath became hard, she had to hold her neck as she tried to balance.

The crowd are still in great awe, staring at Harper like a ghost. 

Chambers couldn't say a word, it's like his bum got gummed to his seat as he pinched himself repeatedly on the laps.

What the hell is happening?

Ava on the other hand is still in the box with Gray, still hugging him and taking his breath away with how tight it was.

She's still crying, saying she's sorry every second.

Gray slowly raised his free hand to her back, hugging her back and resting his chin on top of her head.

"I'm so sorry" she cried like a baby again, and he closed his eyes, stroking her wet hair.

"Stop crying, please" he said, but that only made her more teary.

Noah sighed, remembering what actually happened.


"Adios, papa" Yolanda said and turned off Harper's monitor at once.

Noah's eyes widened, and his hand tightened on the phone.

Yolanda walked out of the ward, and five seconds later,  Harper's neck went limp in bed.

Noah rushed out from his hiding place and quickly turned on the monitor, but Harper was already gone, and the monitor kept up the flat red line.

He quickly rang the emergency bell, and two doctors ran in with several nurses.

"He suddenly went limp, please check him out. We can't lose him" Noah said, panicking a lot.

He stayed back as the doctor grabbed the defibrillators, and they began giving Harper shock in joules.

His chest rose and fell at each shock, and Noah started praying inwardly for his comeback.

At the sixth shock, the monitor began beeping again, and the flat line rose to green full ones.

Harper's breaths came back, and Noah went on his knees weakly, catching the breaths he was holding.

"He's back to stable now" the chief doctor told him, and he stood.

"Announce his death instead" he said.

"Why would we do that? Aren't you his chief guard? I don't think you have that right" the doctor replied

Noah showed him the video of Yolanda's murder attempt on his phone, and the doctor couldn't believe his eyes as he watched.

"Now you only have to do as I say if we really want my boss to live. Please announce his death" Noah said, and the doctor agreed without arguing again.

The second day, Noah went to see Gray at the station, taking his pills bottle along.

Gray swallowed two with water and faced him.

"The cops arranged a surgery for your arm already, and don't worry young master. I'll do everything I can to prove your innocence, I'll keep boss alive at all cost" he said.

"You believe me?" Gray raised his full brows.

"You killed S+xtus because of miss Ava, so why would you post that stuff? It doesn't add up. I've been working in the mansion since you were 7, so I know you better than anyone" Noah said, and Gray sighed.

"I have a video on my phone, but it's still missing. Luckily, I have it on several flashdrives. Check my room in the mansion, you'll find one of the drives in the flower pot beside the bedstand" he said, and Noah stood.

"Trust me on this, young master" 

"How's she doing?" Gray looked up, and Noah blinked before replying.

"She has been terribly sick, but you don't have to worry. Her friends are always with her so I believe she'll be fine after all these"

"You do know I have a lot of people to kill for that, right?" Gray looked at him.

"You only have to give me the order. I'm always loyal" Noah bowed.


"Shall we begin the case proper, your honour?" Harper asked the judge who sat back immediately.

Everyone else sat back, and Chambers stood to walk out of the courtroom, but Alex blocked him.

"Why don't you see this till the end, dad?" He said bravely, taking him back to his seat.

He sat beside him, and Chambers began shivering.

Ava had to be forcefully taken away from Gray by the cops, and she had to sit separately cos of her damp clothes.

Harper and Noah were the first to go forward.

"With the list of evidences here, I figured out contacting my lawyer would be a waste, so lets get this over with" he said, and Noah brought out a big brown envelope which was handed to the judge.

It contains the certificate of birth of the twins in original copies, then their pictures as kids.

"My late wife gave birth to three kids. Yolanda, then Grayson and Jayson who're twins. I disowned Jayson when he was 9 cos he attempted to kill Gray, and I erased his name from my family register, reason why no one knows about his existence" Harper explained.

"But right now I think he's somewhere working with Yolanda, and it's their plan to take I and Gray down so they can take over the company completely. The two have always had a burning hatred for Gray since they were kids, all because he was perfect. I treated them equally but they started seeing him as a threat cos anywhere they go , he always stood out despite the fact that he rarely talked. Gray has always been antisocial" Harper continued.

"They distanced themselves from him and started excluding him from things. He was 8 years old when Yolanda tried to choke him with a pillow, but she got shot instead. Jay got angry and cooked the hatred for a year, so when they turned 9, he took Gray to the lake to drown, but he got drowned instead. I disowned him completely and exiled him, but Yolanda brought him back, and they're currently working together with Chambers, I'm very sure" Harper concluded.

Chambers gulped, and Yolanda continued getting choked as Noah passed another flashdrive which contains how Yolanda tried to eliminate Harper in the hospital.

Every eyes bulged, and Yolanda almost entered her chair.

Demi and Octavia's mouth refused to close as they kept getting hit repeatedly by the revelations.

"And he's not a maniac who killed his teacher without a reason" Noah said, submitting the flashdrive he got from Gray's room.

Another evidence.

It was played in front of the whole court, and gasps filled the air as they watched young Gray getting assaulted by the teacher.

The judge had to tell them to turn it off quickly.

"This same teacher kidnapped me when I was 8" Ava spoke up, and attention shifted to her.

"I and Gray. We were victims of her craziness, and she made us do adult deeds back then. I lost my blood already so I'm very sure the video is fake. That wasn't us. Jayson came to me and pretended to be Gray, but I caught on and he left, then he made the fake video to taint me and implicate Gray" she said, and another flashdrive was passed the the front.

The video was played...the s+x video.

"Bliss Hotel has their name customized on their bedsheets, but there's no such thing on the sheets in this video" Noah said.

"Also...the surgical scar on Ava's chest is not that big" Gray talked for the first time, and Ava quickly took off her top without minding, leaving her in her singlet.

Her chest scar came to view, and truly, it's nothing like the one in the video.

Alex entered the testifier box next. 

"Last week, dad told me about his plan to destroy Famoux with Yolanda, and he made me promise to keep my mouth shut about Jayson's existence. I wanted to do it cos he threatened me with disownment, but I couldn't, Gray is my childhood friend" he said simply.

"Here's the main one" Felicia passed the voice recorder, and it was played on speaker for everyone to hear.

Monica's voice played as she told Grandpa Joe's plans to Sandra, and people began gasping again, murmuring till the court almost became rowdy.

After the call to order, silence returned to the room.

"Joe Hawkins is the leader of the society, and he plotted all these to get revenge for his granddaughter" Felicia said.

Everyone began looking at the judge, waiting for what he has to say as he took his time to recheck the facts with the other members of the jury.

Ava's eyes wouldn't leave Gray, and it's same with his own.

Yolanda still couldn't breathe, and Chambers still couldn't get himself right.

It's all over...all plans, all efforts... Everything.

It felt like forever as they waited for the judge's verdict...

"In the presence of glaring evidences, Grayson Harper is free of all charges" he finally talked, and Ava spranged up with a big smile.

"And the confirmed culprits will be apprehended within or outside the court premises..." He finished the verdict, and more cops walked in immediately, joining the others as they went for Chambers and Yolanda.

"No I can't get arrested!! Dad!!! Dad you're not allowing them to take me away right? Dad!!! Dad!!!!" Yolanda was crying as she was handcuffed.

Harper wasn't even looking at her. She struggled with the cops, but they were stronger, and her tears came louder as they began pushing her out.

Chambers couldn't even make a sound. It's like his voice got stolen as he got handcuffed too.

"So I guess I'm not a Chambers anymore. I'm a disowned child so I'll just bear Alex only" Alex said to his face.

"I was doing everything for your sake, to set a bright future for you" he replied, and Alex went closer.

"No. You did everything for yourself. I worked for three months already, and I have enough cash to take care of myself. I'll work harder, and I'll live fine without your money. Enjoy your tenure in jail" he said, and Chambers found no words to reply as he was taken away.

"Good job, dude" Oscar said behind him, and Alex smiled.

"Why do I feel better?"

"Cos you did the right thing, bastard" Oscar replied, and they hugged.

"Can I stand up now?" Harper asked Noah.

"No sir. The doctor said you can't walk till you gather enough energy to do it" Noah replied.

"Aren't they so beautiful?" Harper smiled, staring at Ava and Gray who're currently hugging again.

They're in a different part of the room, lost in each other's arms, but this time there's no tears.

They're both smiling with their closed eyes, and he's stroking and pouring kisses on her hair

"Where are the other guards by the way?" Harper asked.

"They're busy, sir" Noah replied, pushing his wheelchair out of the room.

"What are you guys up to again?" Harper muttered.

"If anyone told me I'd see you here today, I'd place my life on the line to deny. You came to testify against Monica with a solid evidence" Octavia told Felicia.

"I noticed she's not mingling with them anymore, so she obviously did it go get back at Monica for whatever she did, but too bad she won't be getting arrested" Demi said.

"What do you mean?" Felicia asked.

"She's not part of the society, her Grandpa is the criminal" Demi replied.



Monica was in her room when the cops arrived in the house for her Grandpa.

She has been staring at the TV since she returned from the campus cos the court hearing was aired, and she saw everything.

She's currently fisting her hair tightly in her palms, walking around the room crazily.

"How did things get this messy? Sky uploaded a fake video? It wasn't her?" She muttered, going to the window to look down.

She saw how Joe was taken out of the house in cuffs by the cops.

He joined Yolanda and Chambers in the bus, and they drove off.

Monica returned to the room and smashed the vase on her bedstand before screaming out, breathing so hard.

"How could my plan fail like this? It backfired totally"


The bus conveying the three criminals was still moving on the road, steady on the journey to the jailhouse when another bus appeared from nowhere.

Before the driver could make a turn, the two buses jammed, falling on their sides as flames oozed out of their bodies.

Everyone including the cops in the police bus passed out, and five guards came out of the second bus...the guards from the mansion.

Yolanda, Joe and Chambers were taken out of the police bus unconsciously.

They were tucked into the second bus, and the guards took them away.



Jayson threw a porcelain tile at the TV immediately he finished watching the news.

His existence got exposed, and it's sure that by tommorow, his pictures will be pasted in every street in Spain and he'll appear on TV too as wanted.

No one can leave the country without proper scrutinization at the moment, Harper made sure of it so he'll get caught easily.

He can't escape.

He has to stay in this house if he wants to continue being free, but what if they torture his location out of Yolanda?

Then he'll be finished.

He pushed the TV down with his leg and started panting heavily.

"I should have just raped her that night. I should have slapped her when she started getting suspicious. I should have f+cked her forcefully, but it's not too late... We're not done yet, dad. You and your perfect son are still gonna cry" he uttered bitterly as raindrops began sounding on the roof.

A big rain started.



Ava was brought here directly from court since it got renovated already, and it even looks more beautiful than it was.

She was surrounded with guards, and new maids filled the house too, watching her every movement.

Gray is still not back, and she's already getting worried cos of the heavy rain.

Where is he? No idea, and she can't call since he's yet to get another phone.

She got an umbrella and made to step out of the house, but she was blocked by the guards.

"You can't go out, miss"

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm just gonna wait for Gray at the garage" she replied.

"And it's cold too, miss. Please wear this" one of the maids brought a trenchcoat.

She's currently wearing Gray's cardigan that reached her thighs. Nothing underneath except her panty.

The umbrella was taken from her, and she was about to wear the trenchcoat when she heard a car driving in.

"He's back!" She said happily, rushing into the rain before they could stop her.


"Miss!" The maids were running after her as she made her way to the garage where she met Gray just coming out of his car.

He's holding an umbrella, and he's with a new phone which is on his ear. He's on a call.

Ava stopped walking immediately, her heart beating so fast like it might explode as their eyes met.

His arm sling is still on, and he didn't break the eye contact as he spoke on phone.

"We captured the three of them...are you sure we don't have to take Monica too?" Noah asked.

"No. Her doom is already at the campus with her" Gray replied and hung up.

He returned the phone to the car and dropped the umbrella on the ground.

He began walking to her, still maintaining the eyes contact.

The closer he got, the faster Ava's heartbeats escalates. It's like she's just seeing him for the first time, like she's just falling for him.

Her feelings got refined, and she was unaware of when she started walking to him too.

They met right in front of the car, and Gray peeled the arm sling away from his right hand, dropping it on the wet groud before carrying her off the ground, and she gasped.

Their bodies were already soaked as he placed her on the car trunk.

He spread her legs and drowned himself in the middle before leaning into her, focusing on her lips.

Ava bit her bottom lip in anticipation, the tension too much to handle as her emotions spiralled.

Their lips almost touched, but he knowingly stopped moving to look into her dark eyeballs.

"Tell me you missed me" he whispered, the heavy rain having no hold on his deep voice.

"I missed you insanely, cookie" she replied impatiently, and he sighed hoarsely into her mouth, making her insides quake....

"Kiss me,... i beg you. Kiss me till I can't take it anymore" Ava whispered, pulling him to herself.

His head ducked in sharply, and his lips arrested her lips deliciously.


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