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Dear Ave - Episode 55&56




Dear Ave - Episode 55&56

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"She made me steal your innocence. I had s+x with you, and you bled" he whispered, and she covered her mouth with her palms as torrential shock split through her bones.

Her eyes kept widening as heat shattered in the room, making the two all sweaty without running.

Her heart was beating so fast as her palms stayed on her mouth, and her barefoot refused to move from where she's standing at.

Gray's eyes are emotive pools right now...the emotions are too much in there as he stared at her, wishing he could just snap his fingers, go back in time and make everything right again.

"We did?" Her weak voice came in a whisper when she finally took her hands away from her mouth.

He was about to reply when another person came in, disrupting the moment.

Yolanda's sharp eyes glinted when she saw Ava.

"What are you doing here? To hear more of his lies? Yunno I warned you back then when I met you and your friend at the ice cream shop. I told you my brother is not stable mentally but you took my words for jokes, and now you're here instead of resting at the hospital? Are you planning to get yourself killed? Huh?" She held Ava by the shoulders.

"Get.Your.Hands.Off.Her" Gray's voice came as cold as a f+çking ice, each word meaning so much.

"Why? So you can continue the lies?" Yolanda scoffed before facing Ava again.

" Did he tell you he's a twin? Don't tell me you're planning to buy that cos we both are the only children of our father! He's a devil!" She said, and Gray charged towards her at once.

She knowingly didn't move till he got to her and lifted his right leg, kicking her in the face.

Yolanda flew to the wall, hitting her head so hard. She sustained a wound and began bleeding on the forehead.

Gray was still trying to catch his breaths when he heard shaky breaths from behind.

He turned to see Ava holding her chest, and her face is totally red as she tried to breath...she couldn't.

"Ava!!" Gray started rushing over frightfully, but she fell and hit the ground before he could get to her.

Demi and Noah came back in, and their eyes widened at once.

"Ava!" Demi gasped, and Noah quickly carried her.

Gray's cuffed hands and the damaged one made him helpless once again, and he began cursing himself repeatedly as Noah rushed out with Ava.

Demi followed, and cops came in to get Yolanda who's still bleeding on the ground. She was already shedding tears.

"I'm sure our dad's spirit will never forgive you for tainting the image of our family, you're a stain to the family and I hope you die in jail" she told Gray before she was taken out too.

Gray stood alone in the middle of the room, shutting his empty eyes and plotting several ways to kill in his head.

A lot is going to die.



"Isn't this campus so peaceful now that unwanted flies are gone?" Sandra said, coming out of the first training class with Monica who's smiling slightly.

"I didn't expect it to be this bad. I only wanted to teach her a little lesson but the bî+ch has a weak heart, her luck" she replied.

"Isn't today Grayson Harper's trial in court? Too bad I crushed on him once. You think he's gonna get vindicated?" Sandra asked, and Monica stopped to face her.

"Vindicated? Every single evidence is pointing at him, and his claim of having a twin is obviously a lie cos his sister denied it, so at the end of today, I'm sure he'll be a jailbird" she replied confidently.

Sandra was about to say another thing when trainees began screaming madly down the hall.

They exchanged glances before going there to see what's happening, and their eyes popped immediately.

There's a new guy in the campus! And he's currently walking down the hall with Mrs. Colour.

If hotness existed, then it's definitely him... handsomeness is oozing off him, and when he smiled, he stole several hearts including Monica's.

It'll be a first for her... she's not a fan of guys and she even vowed never to get married, but this guy right here...

He suddenly turned his face to the girls, and Monica's heartbeats went wild when he made eye contact with her.

He finally left, and Sandra gasped when she saw Monica staring at his back view.

"Don't tell me you're crushing on him too Moni" she said.

Monica kept quiet.

"OMG it's your first time I'm so happy for you!" Sandra gushed.

"Mrs. Colour, please tell me he's joining us!" Some trainees asked the woman.

"It's been two weeks since Ethan left...we needed a replacement and he came to take Ethan's place...his name is Chad" she replied, and the girls began screaming again.

"Chad is yours Moni! You get what you want anyways" Sandra said, and Monica smiled as they left the hall.

Felicia appeared in the hallway afterwards, folding her palm on the recorder.

"Today is the court hearing, right?" She smiled.



The court hearing would have happened since last week, but it had to get shifted cos of Gray's surgery.

His broken arm had to be operated on, so the case is happening today.

"We have an hour left before we leave" Octavia said.

She's in Ava's room with Demi.

They decided to skip campus today just for it, and they've even been skipping a lot throughout the week cos of Ava's health.

She has been terribly sick, and her nightmares came back. It even got worse this time cos she barely sleeps at night.

They had to start spending every night with her to monitor her well-being.

She's currently in bed, looking at the two of them like they don't even exist.

"We should move in the next thirty minutes" Demi said, checking the time.

Octavia sat beside Ava and began stroking her hair gently.

"Do you want anything?" She asked.

She shook her head, and Octavia smiled.

"To think that Alex and Oscar disappeared, isn't it somehow? I mean... whatever" Demi said.

"Their headache, I just want Ava to be back to her normal self" Octavia replied, and Ava sat up in bed immediately.

"I have to go somewhere" she said, her voice so low and lacking energy.

"Where?" Demi asked, but she got down from the bed without replying.

She put on her slippers and walked out.

They quickly followed her, and she proceeded to leaving the house.

"Where are you going?" Octavia asked in confusion.

"I need to go alone... I'll meet you guys in court" she replied.

"Go alone with your pale face? Ava you can't...

"I really need to do this alone. I'll be fine" she replied, walking down the street.

They followed her, and she flagged down a taxi before facing them.

"Alone" she told them again before entering the taxi.

"Gos lake" she told the driver, and he drove away immediately.

She rested on the seat, and the driver recognized her face immediately.

"The girl whose tape was leaked by her boyfriend? I'm so sorry about it" he said.

Ava closed her heavy eyes .



Since Famoux's downfall last week, the company rose to fame again.

New investors came in, and even Rawlings cancelled his contract with Famoux to sign a new one with Orbit.

Chambers has been living the time of his life, and now he can even go to clubs without being criticized cos everyone knows already.

Oscar returned to work four days ago as his General Manager. He finally left Alex at his house since he's not ready to talk in court.

"Have you been hearing from Alex?" Chambers asked him when he went to his office to get some paperworks signed.

"Nope. He has been out of reach since Grayson's case started" he replied, and Chambers rested back.

"Where is that corny son of mine hiding?" He muttered.

"Are you worried cos today is the Court's hearing? He hates Grayson and there's no reason for him to go there and testify, so be at rest" Oscar said, and the man nodded.

"I know, you can go"

Oscar left the office, feeling so down till he got to his office, but surprisingly, he met a masked Alex waiting inside.

Alex removed his mask immediately though.

"Dude, I'm not ready to look you in the face right now so just leave. You wanna remain silent? Your choice" Oscar said, and Alex sighed.

"I'll do it" 


"I'll testify" Alex replied.



The SESSION ON light came on, indicating the start of the hearing immediately the court body got completed.

There are a lot on seat who came to watch too since it's a popular case.

Yolanda's forehead is still plastered. She's sitting in the middle of the crowd.

She's planning to have Harper's burial after Gray gets sentenced to jail.

Chambers came in just now, and she sat not far from her, then several Famoux staffs and some trainees from the campus.

Octavia and Demi are among the people sitting in the front, and murmurs filled the space as Gray was taken in by two cops.

His handcuffs are gone, and he's wearing a arm sling on his arm which got operated on.

He sealed his ears shut to be murmurs as he was taken to his box where he sat alone, facing the judge.

"Where is the plaintiff, Miss Ava Huang?" The judge asked.

"Why don't we proceed? She had to be somewhere so she'll soon be here" Octavia replied.

"Also, where's the defendant's lawyer?" The judge asked again.

"He has none" Yolanda stood, and the judge pulled his brows.

"Does that mean he's admitting to the crimes?" He asked.

Gray remained silent, he's not even looking at anyone.

"We'll take a ten minutes break to analyze things" the judge said, and Yolanda bit her tongue.

WTF is the break for??? Screw the judge he should throw Gray in jail already!



Ava took off her slippers beside the water when she arrived, and she was already shaking as she walked towards it.

This might be her last dive cos there's no one here to revive her if she passes out, but she really has to do this.

This lake holds a large part of her memories and if she wants to get the 5th day back, she has to visit it.

She closed her eyes and jumped at once, sinking deep into it.

She kept her eyes closed, locked away other thoughts and focused on Grayson's young face and hers.

It did her a favor, cos she was thrown back to the past once again, to that big day.


It's the fifth day of kidnap without anything to eat from the evil teacher again.

The kids are only still alive cos of the bread Ava ate and the bottled water Gray drank.

Gray noticed she'd soon start crying cos of the hunger, so he cleared his throat..

"Do you want to know a secret about me?" He asked, and she lifted her head from his shoulder.

They both look haggard and pitiful.

"Tell me" Ava said.

"I'm a twin" he replied, and she gasped.

"Really? Is he handsome like you? Are you both identical?"

"We're the same completely, but he has green hair" he said.

"Meaning he's not handsome like you, I'm glad" she replied, and he smiled sadly.

"He got disowned last year though" 

"What! Why?" She asked shockingly.

"Tell me a secret about yourself too" he replied, and she stood, catwalking funnily that he almost started laughing.

"I'm a dancer. Dad said I started dancing from the womb" she said.

"Seriously? Can I see?" He said.

She cleared her throat and started humming a tune, dancing softly to it. Her bracelets were making beautiful sounds on her wrist as she moved.

It's the best sight Grayson has ever seen. It was so beautiful that he couldn't blink, and he smiled widely.

She was still at it when hunger gripped her tummy, and she fell as her eyes turned.

"Ava!" He rushed to help her up, and she held her tummy.

"I'm hungry"

Gray hasn't replied when the door slightly opened, and a tray of food was pushed in, then the door shut again.

Gray quickly went there and brought the tray to her.

She didn't even ask before taking a plate.

She started eating hastily, and he smiled before taking the second plate too, eating fast.

They haven't even eaten half when they felt changes in their systems.

Gray dropped the plate and clutched his arms on his middle, groaning out.

"Am I urinating on myself? My panty is wet" Ava muttered, sweating so much as she dropped her plate too.

"Ahh!!" Gray groaned again, holding his middle tighter.

"Cookie!" Ava made to go to him, but he shifted back.

"Don't come closer!!!"

"Cookie what's...

"Don't come to me I beg you... don't...ahh!!" He clutched at his middle again, and she went closer this time.

"I said don't...

She lifted his arms from his middle forcefully, and her eyes widened when she saw the rock-hard bulge.

Her arousal doubled up.

Gray made to cover it again, but she stopped him and started pulling down his pants.

"What are you doing!" Gray asked shakily.

Her body was shaking too as she pulled at the pants.

"I don't know, I don't know what I'm doing" she replied, finally pulling it down completely.

Whatever she's feeling right now, she has never experienced it throughout her 8 years of living, but a voice in her head is telling her it's the right thing to do.

Maybe the food, or the water... something went wrong somewhere.

Her clothes left her body too in the next few minutes, and as Gray penetrated into her, tears came out of her eyes.

She was bleeding as he took her, and his eyes are fixed on the surgical scar on her chest.

"What are we doing?" She hiccupped childishly.

"I don't know" he replied naively, bending over to lick her tears.

Miss Riley who has been watching from behind the door came in, smiling evilly.

She actually cooked the meal with Viagra, and even as kids, the liquid did the job of boosting their s+xual morales.

She was watching the kids with so much satisfaction in her eyes 

Scenes like this fascinate her.


Ava opened her eyes in the water.

Luckily, she didn't pass out this time.

She had a hard time swimming out of the water, but she did it anyways.

She didn't even wear her slippers before rushing to the roadside breathlessly, but the taxis she stopped didn't wait cos of her wet clothes.

"No...no... Gray..."

She started crying as the third one drove past her again.

She shook her head and stood in the middle of the road, and the fourth one almost hit her, but the taxi stopped.



The session resumed, and everyone sat back after the judge made his entry again.

Yolanda smirked...

"In the absence of the defendant's lawyer which definitely means you admits to the crimes..." he judge said calmly, and everyone tensed.

"Grayson Harper, you're hereby sentenced to...

The door opened roughly immediately, interrupting the judge as everyone turned back.

Ava rushed in still looking so wet and shaking.

Demi and Octavia were the first to sprang up, but she wasn't even seeing them.

Her eyes caught Grayson in the defendant's box, and she ran to him madly fast, confusing everyone.

She got to the box and pushed it open roughly, going inside to hug him insanely tight, making everyone gasp including Grayson himself.

Water was dripping down from her clothes and hair, wetting him too.

"I'm so sorry for remembering late... I love you so much Grayson Harper...I love you" she cried hotly, and eyes widened, but that wasn't the end.

Yolanda was about to scream when Alex walked in.

Chambers spranged up immediately.

Felicia came in behind Alex, breathing heavily.

The main bomb dropped when Noah came in too, but he's not alone.

He's pushing a wheelchair, and Harper is sitting sternly on the wheelchair!!

Chairman Harper of f+çking Famoux who has been confirmed dead!

The courtroom scattered with chaos immediately, and Yolanda felt her menstruation coming.

Even the judge stood and removed his glasses....

"I'm Alex Chambers, hidden heir of Orbit, and I have a lot to say" Alex said, looking at his father.

"It's been a while, who missed me?" Harper said.


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