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Dear Ave - Episode 53&54




Dear Ave - Episode 53&54

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


 Joe laughed out, coming in fully to take his seat.

"The others aren't here yet?" He asked, and Chambers came in, making Joe sprang up.

"Why is Chambers here?"

"I invited him since he's part of the plan" Yolanda replied, coming in behind him.

"You involved him in the plan without telling me? He's not even part of the society!" Joe said angrily.

"But we need him! His son has to keep his mouth shut about Jayson and he's the only one who can make him" Yolanda replied.

"Where the hell is Alex by the way?" Jayson asked, taking another strawberry from the plate.

"Since I told him about the plan yesterday, he has disappeared. He's not even in Ava's place" Chambers replied, taking his seat.

"Even better" Yolanda smiled.

"Is Chambers gonna join the society or something?" Joe asked.

"Society?" Chambers asked.

"Actually, we three are members of Gemini" Jayson replied.

"The secret society?" Chambers asked surprisingly.

"Yeah, and Joe here is our boss. We get whatever we want, and whoever wrongs us, we set them straight just like Grayson and Ava" Yolanda replied.

"So you're behind the fire at his penthouse?" Chambers asked.

"It was me" Yolanda replied, having a quick flashback of how she threw the oil bottle over the fence that night.

"Whoa" Chambers clapped, resting back.

"So how's it gonna go from here? The only person left who can stand witness is dad, though he's unconscious" Jayson said, eating strawberries.

"I'll take care of him, and Gray will finally go to jail. Monsters like him belong there so we normal people can live. I'll reconstruct Famoux" Yolanda said.

"And Orbit is coming back up" Chambers said.

"My Moni got her revenge, and I got mine too" Joe said.

"And I'm back to where I'm supposed to be, though I still have to stay hidden for now" Jayson added.

"Where's the champagne?" Joe asked, and Jayson laughed as he went to get it.



The car conveying Gray and the cops stopped in front of the building, and the door was opened.

One of the cops made to hold Gray out, but he drew back.

"Don't touch me" he warned, and the cops exchanged glances as he came out on his own, still as confused as hell as he entered the station with them.

He was made to sit in front of the cops in the interrogation room.

"What's going on? Why am I hearing Ava's name everywhere? Why am I here? What did Yolanda do?" He asked all at once.

The interrogators handed him a tab with a video preview.

He clicked play on the video immediately, and his eyes widened as his hands tightened on the tab.

His jaws tightened madly, and blood stopped flowing in his system. His existence left him and he became hollow on seat.

"You posted that at exactly 7am this morning on your official IG account, and the white sheet too" a cop said.

"Weeks ago, it was revealed that you're a maniac. We were thinking it was a simple matter, but this is monstrous. The girl almost lost her life. She passed out and was barely revived cos of her heart" another cop said.

"Why did you do it? You even sent her a text" the interrogator said, bringing out Ava's phone with the text.


Gray spared it a glance, and he bit his mouth wall so hard that blood stained his lips.

"What assignment? Why did you do this Grayson Harper?" The interrogator asked again, and Gray stood from his chair immediately.

He was starting to walk out when the cops held him back, but despite his cuffed hands, he was able to push three of them away at once as his adrenaline boosted.

The other cops grabbed him immediately, holding him with every energy they have.

"That's not her in the video! That's not me too! That's Jayson! He probably edited it! Let go I have to go to her!!! Back the f+çk off!!!" He broke free from the cops and kicked the table to the wall.

"Get me out of here!!!!!! I'll kill all of you if anything happens to her! I'll kill everyone!!! Get me out!!!" 

Tears were brewing at the corner of his eyes as he growled like an animal, and Yolanda came in.

"I heard you mention twin, what twin? Nice try but you're not getting out of this. We're the only children of Harper" she said, and he tried to go closer to her, but he was held back again by more cops this time, and his tears finally fell.

"Where did you put Jayson? Have you been working with him all these while? He knowingly showed himself to me at the ice cream place to distract me. You hit me in the head!!" He yelled.

"Are you being delusional again? You came to the mansion yesterday and drank till you passed out while waiting for dad" Yolanda lied.

"Where's he? Where's dad?" Grayson demanded.

"He got diagnosed with heart attack, and he's currently unconscious in the hospital" Yolanda replied, and more redness painted Gray's eyes.

"You planned everything well...you said you and Jay would destroy me, and you did, but I'll make sure i give you the worse death ever..... I'll kill you both" he muttered.

"Just the way you killed your teacher? You've always been a dysfunctional kid since diapers, but I don't blame you cos dad doted on you too much. I'll never forgive you for what you did to that girl. Even if you're my brother, I'm a lady too and I know how it feels. You're going down for this!" Yolanda rigidly said and walked out of the room.

The cops vacated the room too, and he was left alone.

He sat on the bare groud, freely letting out his hot tears.

He should have told Ava immediately he saw Jay at the ice cream shop...

He shouldn't have doubted, and that guilt almost made him hit his head on the wall.

He remembered the cop's words earlier about Ava's condition, and he stood from the ground with difficulty.

He went to the door and began hitting his arm on it repeatedly.

It's metal, so his efforts mean nothing, but it's the least he could do.

He didn't stop hitting his arm on the door even when he heard a crack on that arm.

He kept hitting and calling Ava's name till his arm nearly fell off his body.

His blood pooled at his feet.



Noah was panting as he came out of a car in the lot.

He landed in the country just now. He actually went on a trip for Gray two days ago, and coming back right now, he met the country on fire with Grayson's news 

He ran into the hospital and met the other guards surrounding the ward door.

He rushed in, and he staggered when he saw Harper lying unconsciously in bed.

"Sir!!" He shouted, covering his mouth.

How did things get this worse overnight? Why all at once? And Gray is also in the police custody?

He was about to start crying for real when he heard heels approaching.

He stood and quickly hid behind the big air purifier in the ward.

Yolanda came in and walked to Harper's bed.

She sat beside him and smiled sadly.

"I never planned to say goodbye like this, but what can be done? You have to leave so I can live" she said, standing up.

Noah quickly got his phone and began recording on camera.

"Adios, papa" she said and turned off Harper's monitor at once.

Noah's eyes widened, and his hand tightened on the phone.

Yolanda walked out of the ward, and five seconds later,  Harper's neck went limp in bed.



Oscar rarely comes here since he spends most of his time with Alex, but he had to come here with him for the meantime.

Alex made the suggestion though, and he agreed with him.

Alex didn't step out, but he has been seeing everything going on through the news.

He's currently smoking the third stick of cigar as he sat on the living room couch, staring at Gray's arrest video.

"I'll disown you just like Harper disowned Jayson!"

His father's words made him heave, and he took another drag from the cigar.

Oscar suddenly sat beside him and snatched it from him.

"If you're gonna sit here and just smoke like this throughout, then I'll have to reconsider our friendship. Isn't it glaring to you that this is all a plan by Yolanda and your dad? The latest news said Grayson claimed it was done by his twin brother, and Yolanda debunked it as fake, but you're aware of his brothers existence. You should speak up" he said.

"And get disowned?" Alex looked at him.

"Screw you" Oscar stood and started going in, but a breaking news made him stop on his tracks.

Chairman Harper's death has just been confirmed!

"What the f+çk!" Oscar gasped, and Alex stood with wide eyes.



Ava is still unconscious, and it's even surprising that she's still alive cos she was already so gone when she was rushed here in the morning.

She has a weak heart cos of her surgery, and the whole thing took a big toll on her.

It was Demi who called the cops, thanks to her parents influence.

Octavia only followed them to the arrest, and she's back already.

For the fact that she supported Gray from the start, her tears didn't stop throughout.

Demi even had to start consoling her at a point.

She's currently in the washroom, so only Demi is beside Ava when her eyes opened, and she immediately sat up in bed.

"Ava!" Demi spranged up, and Ava held her chest as she came down from the bed.

"Gray ... Where's he?" She muttered weakly.

"With the cops, but...

Demi was still speaking when Ava staggered out of the ward barefooted.

"Ava! Ava!!" Demi went after her .



Noah was only permitted to see Grayson after signing a lotta papers, and his mouth widened when he went into the room and saw Gray's condition.

He hit his right arm on the door repeatedly till the arm began dangling from the joint, and it'd surely take surgery before it heals.

His blood is everywhere in the room, and he's currently sitting on the ground, backing the wall with tears and blood on his face.

"Young master" Noah rushed to him, and he lifted his lids slowly.

"Dad...he's dead?" He asked, and Noah wiped his tears before leaning in to whisper something in Gray's hear.

He was still on it when Ava came in with Demi, and Gray tried spranging up but his arms stopped him

Noah helped him up.

"Let's go" Noah told Demi, taking her out of the room.

"Ava" Gray whispered guiltily.

"What did do to you? Did I wrong you in my last life? Did I take what I shouldn't have touched? What did I do!!!!" She yelled, and Gray stopped on his tracks, blood dropping from his arm to the ground.


"You fooled me for your assignment. You used me you lied to me!! I thought you cared about me, I thought you loved me but I was wrong!!" She cried painfully.

"I love you!! I've loved you since you were 8!! I love you more than myself!! I as hell do!!" Gray shouted amidst waterworks.

"Shut the hell up you cruel liar!! You humiliated and tainted me!!! I knew something was wrong when you came to the hotel last night and...

"I never came to the hotel last night!" He interrupted.

"Stop the lies already!!! You came and behaved strangely different and when I asked questions, you practically ran out!! And because you didn't get what you wanted, you went ahead to make a fake video of us and posted! We both know I'm not the one in that video!!! It wasn't me!!! I'm still a virgin!!!" She screamed.

"Princess please... Please... please... Just... F+çk ... I can exp.... 

"Call me princess one more time, and I'll get a gun and shoot you down!! I don't wanna hear your voice I hate you more than my nightmares!! Ahhhh!!!!" She held her head as she screamed out madly



"I'll be having a press conference tommorow concerning Famoux since I'll be taking over after father's burial" Yolanda said as she sat on the couch.

"Shouldn't you be mourning in the mansion right now?" Jayson asked, sitting in front of her.

"I told the guards I wanna be alone, and I came here to spend time with you. I just have to cry and make my eyes red before going back" she replied, and he laughed.

"Wait... is it just me or your eyebrows got thinner?" She suddenly noticed.

"Gray's brows has always been thicker. He's hairier than me, silly" he replied, picking a strawberry.

"Then tell me about last night. I saw everything in the video but I'm still curious. I got so curious that I imagined the sèx yesterday" she said.

"Seriously?" He smirked.

"Yes. Gray adores her so much and would definitely go soft on her for the first time, that's why I told you to go soft. I imagined you grinding her gently but deeply, the bed squeaking and her moans like....Oh gawd! Gray!" Yolanda laughed, and Jayson stood.

"Nice imagination, i'll get us something to drink" he said, avoiding the talk as he went to the cellar.

He got there and rested his palms on the surface, thinking about last night.


Yolanda already messaged Jayson that Ava bought a lingerie earlier that evening, so he was already salivating for what her shape would be like in a lingerie as he went to the hotel.

They had a deal with one of the staffs, so getting the room key card was easy.

He got in, and just as expected, he met Ava all dolled up already, looking so sèxy in the black lingerie.

His throat dried up, and he cursed Gray immediately.

This is what he'd have enjoyed?

Not in this lifetime.

Before Ava could talk, he picked her up and dropped her in bed, coming over her to kiss her, but she broke it almost immediately.

"Why do you suddenly taste like strawberry. You're allergic to it when did you start eating it?" She asked.

'Shit!' he gasped inwardly.

"Can we just finish up first?" He said impatiently and made to reconnect their lips.

"Wait... your brows...what happened to them? Did you shave part of it?" She asked again, and he almost slapped her .

All his life, he has been trying his best to live like Gray just to accomplish this, and she's still being suspicious?

"Yeah...I shaved earlier" he replied and successfully reconnected their lips this time, but immediately he touched her body, she broke it again.

"Your touch feels slightly different too...What's happening Gray?" She asked, looking directly at his eyeballs.

Whatever arousal she had, it's all gone from her eyes right now.

"F+çk it! I'm out!" He spat, pushed her off and got down from the bed.

He left the room.

"Gray! Gray!!" She ran after him, but he was already inside the elevator.

He made a call to a sure plug immediately.

"I need you to edit a face with my face on a porn video. I'll send the right body proportions and details, and can you get me bloodstained sheets? Animal blood" he said on phone.


Jayson picked the first bottle of wine he got and threw it at the wall angrily.

"Jay!" Yolanda came rushing, and her eyes widened at the mess.

"Jay what's...

He walked out on her, and she gasped.



"Should I start counting the strange things last night? Your strawberry taste, your turn-off touch, and your thin brows. How come your brows are back to full? Are you trying to drive me crazy? Huh? Are you?" Ava was crying profusely as she talked.

"That wasn't me last night. It was Jayson...I have a twin. I should have told you but i was mad stupid. I saw him at the ice cream place that night, and that's why I was so scared cos the motherfûker scares me!" Gray replied in tears too.

"What!" Her mouth dropped.

"And even though nothing happened between you both last night, you're not a virgin" he said, and her eyes widened again.

"What are you saying?" She came closer.

"Memory of the 5th day of our kidnap that you still haven't gotten back" he replied.

"Yes?" She said impatiently.

"Riley made us...

"Talk to me Grayson!!!" She yelled.

"She made me steal your innocence. I had s+x with you, and you bled" he muttered.


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