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Dear Ave - Episode 51&52




Dear Ave - Episode 51&52

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



Yolanda let out another victorious laughter before dropping her phone, then she walked over to Harper who's looking lifeless in bed.

She sat beside him and began stroking his hair like a child's.

"Things wouldn't have turned out like this if you treated us equally from the start, pity" she made fake pity faces, and her eyes went to the pillow.

She took it and considered choking him to death with it, but she changed her mind and dropped it.

"I'm impatient, but no. I won't ruin my good plans with that, you'll be unconscious for long anyways" she smiled again and stood.

She walked out of the room and went back downstairs where Grayson is still laying helplessly on the couch, and she bent over his body.

"Dear brother, you're about to hit the hardest phase of your life without your dad. I'm sorry it had to be this way but you deserve it for always being perfect" she muttered and stood straight, folding her right arm on her chest while the left one stayed below her chin.

"How far has Jayson gone?" She muttered.



By the time Felicia listened to the recorder, Ava left the campus already, and things got messy from there.

Monica mentioned Bliss Hotel in the record, and she has been searching for the location since forever.

There are so many branches of it in the city, so it was hard.

She went to three branches already before finally arriving here as the last place.

She rushed out of the taxi and made to run in, but she was blocked by guards.

"It's a VIP suite, ma'am. You can't go in without showing your ID"

She quickly brought her ID out of her bag, showing them.

"Here, let me in"

"Sorry but you're not allowed entry unless you wanna lodge, and you don't look like it" they replied.

"I really have to go in you guys should try to understand me! Someone is gonna get ruined or she might even be getting ruined as we speak! I need to stop it as fast as possible! I need to go in!" She forcefully pushed herself in again, but she was pushed back.

"Respect yourself miss, leave!"

"I seriously can't leave! Look at my desperate eyes, do I look like I'm lying? I'm going in there to save a life you bloody f+ckers! Let me in!" She forced herself in-between them again, and she was thrown this time.

She landed far from them, wounding her knees.

"If you come closer again miss, then we'll have no choice but hand you over to cops" they told her as she stood, and she dipped her hand into her hand, stumping her foot frustratingly.

"Monica can't win...she can't win again. She can't win!!!"



Alex got a call from his dad to come home for a talk, and he drove into the mansion just now.

He stayed in the car though, staring into space while thinking of what Gray told him earlier.


"Tell me everything, I'm ready to listen" he said, and Gray turned back immediately, walking to his car.

He followed him, and they got in his car together, then Gray played the assault video on his phone and gave it to him.

Immediately Alex took the phone, his eyes and mouth widened at the same time.

"Wait...no...no no Gray...this can't be you, right? It's not you in her mouth... she's not...she didn't...do this... right?" He said senselessly, facing Gray.

"Will you say I photoshopped it?" Gray deadpanned, and Alex's shoulders rose higher.

"You kept this to yourself? All of these? Why didn't you tell me? You should have told the students when they started pointing fingers at you!" 

"No one asked. Everyone including you. You hated me cos she was your favorite teacher but she always called me into her office instead of you. You've always been jealous. I got kidnapped and you didn't even ask about it after I came back. It was like you were happy I was gone. She did the kidnap, that psychopath did!" Gray snapped, and Alex's eyes widened again.


Gray went silent.

"Was that why you came to kill her immediately you returned from the kidnap?" Alex asked.

Gray remained silent.

"What happened during the kidnap? What did she do to you and Ava?" Alex asked again.

"Tons of dirty things I don't even wanna talk about, but on the seventh day when our memories were getting wiped, I secretly removed the major cord of my own machine, so my readings were fake. I never lost my memories, but Ava did, then the fire alarm sounded in the house" Gray explained.

"Then?" Alex asked impatiently.

"Riley and her boyfriend escaped, leaving us in the abandoned house. Someone came in to save us, a stranger. She was actually the one who pressed the alarm on purpose"

Gray sighed before continuing.

"She took us out of the house and contacted my dad. I dunno how she did it but she did. She took Ava away, promising to get her to her parents too. My dad came for me, and I got home to meet the burial of our mothers. I mourned for a week before returning to school with just one target, and luckily, she was still in school. She didn't run, thinking my memories got wiped, and that was the first time my demons got summoned" Gray said, and Alex gulped.

"I've never felt that kind of fury before, and it even got worse when she called me into her office again. I wanted to end her, send her to the deepest hell. I went there with my pen, and the moment she knelt in front of me, I stabbed her in the neck, on the right vein. She stopped breathing right in front of me" Gray concluded, and tears nearly came out of Alex's eyes, but he quickly wiped them.

"You should have told me. You should have ... You should...

He couldn't stop the tears this time, he began crying like a kid.

"I'm so sorry. I'm deeply sorry I was daft. I was blinded by my inferiority and jealousy....I was...I'm sorry Gray" he covered his face with his palms as he cried.

"Your tears... they're annoying" Gray muttered, and Alex faced him with teary face.

"I know...say whatever you want...I'm a fool too" he said and continued his tears.


Alex wiped the small tear that was already gathering in his eyes before coming out of the car.

He stayed in his room at Ava's place since he heard the story in the morning, and he only came out when his dad called him not long ago.

He can't even look at himself in the mirror, he's too ashamed.

He finally entered the house and met his dad pacing the living room restlessly.

"You're finally here" he rushed to him.

"Why the sudden call?" Alex asked dryly.

"Harper's stunt will be rendered useless tommorow. Orbit will rise to the top again trust me" Chambers replied.

"How? You're now a magician? For all I know, it'd take more than a year to fix the shit" Alex said.

"Not if Famoux goes down too with a bigger issue" Chambers replied.

"No what the hell are you planning again? Didn't I tell you? Stay still and just breath! I don't want you to do a thing again!" Alex shouted.

"Listen to me son! We need this, otherwise, we'll be a mess. An issue is gonna arise between Gray and Ava tommorow, and...

"Drop it! Whatever you're planning, drop the f+çk!" Alex interrupted.

"I am your father!!" Chambers yelled.

"Yes you are, and I've been listening to you since I was young but look where that got me. I lost my only friend cos of you! I'm so ashamed of myself right now" Alex shifted back.

"When the issue arrives tommorow, I need you to testify against Gray being a twin. If anyone asks, tell them he's the only son. No one must know about Jayson's existence" Chambers continued, and Alex's eyes widened.

"What did you do this time around? Don't hurt him and don't touch Ava. What did you do?" Alex asked breathlessly, and Chambers smiled.

"It's either you support me on this, or I disown you like Harper did to Jayson" Chambers said.




It's just Octavia with Demi as they came down from the car in front of the house.

Demi led the way to the door, ringing the doorbell without a word.

"Who the f+çk?" Luciano groaned as he opened the door.

His head is still plastered, and his upper body is n+ked.

He looks shocked to see them, so Octavia pushed the door open forcefully, leaving it open.

The girls stepped in.

He's with a guy, and the guy is totally naked, but he started dressing up hurriedly immediately they came in.

"Geezer! You're bisexual? You banged a guy? Holy f+çking hell you're dirtier than I thought!" Octavia gasped.

"Why did you come here unannounced? After what your piggy friend did to me?" Luciano faced Demi who immediately slapped him.

He made to go for her, but Octavia got in-between, making him step back.

"What did you do to Ethan?" Octavia questioned.

"And how is that your business?" Luciano replied, and Octavia dropped her bag.

"You see my dad is a mechanic, and I learnt quiet a lot from him, so you need to start talking right now, or you won't like it" she said, rolling her sleeves.

"I had plans to kill him. I ordered a shotgun to eliminate him, and I kidnapped him from his house that night, but he was saved by someone. I had to escape cos the person was stronger, and he had a better gun. I left Ethan with him, and surprisingly, he disappeared with his sister the next morning" he explained.

The girls exchanged glances.



Yolanda brought Harper in at exactly 10pm, and the nurses trolled out the stretcher.

His unconscious bulky body was placed on it, and she started crying as she followed them in.

"What actually happened? One of the doctors asked quickly.

"He was reading in his study when I suddenly heard his yell. I went there and found him like this. Is this heart attack? Huh? I won't survive it if I lose my dad!!" She cried loudly.

Anyone would pity her right now.

The doctor quickly entered the ward with the others, and she was still crying as her phone rang.

It's Jayson calling.

She quickly snuck to a corner to pick.

"Back from the hotel. I screwed her bad" he grinned.

"What took you so long? I was scared something went wrong already" she replied.

"I'm done now. How's it going with the old man?"

"The poison should make it look like heart attack in the tests they'd carry out. He'll stay unconscious for long, and I can kill him later" she replied.

"And the favorite child?" Jayson asked.

"He's still unconscious at the mansion. He'll be out till daybreak" she replied, and he sighed.

"Aren't you the best sister?"

"And you're the best brother ever"



Ava was expecting to meet Grayson beside herself when she woke up, but nothing like that.

She rubbed his side of the bed but it's still empty, so she opened her eyes and sat up, getting more confused.

He rushed out last night after behaving strange, and he's still not back?

She stayed up till 2am for him, and she even called but he didn't pick too.

If he's gonna continue being like this, then they need to have a serious talk cos she has no idea what he's trying to keep to the point of driving her this nuts.

She tried his line again, but it's still the same, so she got out of bed, looking upset as she entered the bathroom.

She had her bath, dressed up and left the hotel after switching off her phone intentionally.

If he's gonna play the crazy game, then she's not that easy either.

How can he cut communication so suddenly?

She boarded a cab directly to the campus since her first class is early.

Entering the campus feels different that morning.

All eyes are on her like she grew an additional head or something, and she started feeling uneasy.

The stares felt so unconformable cos they were glancing at their phones as they looked at her.

She slowed down, entering the hallway like that, and she almost choked cos it got worse.

She stopped walking and faced them.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Are you seriously asking?" Monica replied, appearing with Sandra in the middle of the crowd.

"Your boyfriend posted the video of the s+x you had with him last night, and it was spicy, but girl your m0@ns are so childish, and you're a virgin? Yuck!" Sandra laughed, and Ava swallowed hard, smirking nervously.

"What are you talking about?"

"Isn't your boyfriend Grayson Harper on IG? Is this not his account?" Monica replied, showing her her phone screen.

Ava's eyes widened immediately she saw the playing video of herself and Gray, s+xing!

It was posted on his IG account, and the likes and comments will probably set new world record...for real!

But that's not the only thing... there's also a picture of a white sheet stained with blood.

"No... this isn't me... this isn't...this isn't me!!!" She shouted as her bag fell from her.

"Then who's it? Look at that mole, look at your bracelets... You can't run away from this girl, you're trending!! Baby moaner" Monica laughed at her face, and the others carried on, throwing jabs and hate comments at her.

Felicia stood at the end of the crowd, watching Monica's happiness with folded fists.

Ava's throat started shaking, and she felt sweat climbing down her backline. Her palms and brows became sweaty too, and her body began shaking as she watched them.

Gray wouldn't do this to her... Gray wouldn't post this... Gray wouldn't...

She broke down in tears immediately, and she'd have fallen if not for the appearance of Demi and Octavia.

They covered her from the jeering trainees and started taking her out of the campus.

She was crying, she couldn't stop.

Her dignity got stained...she got trampled on... Disgrace!

Her tears were falling on her phone screen as she turned it on, and the first thing she got was a message from Cookie.

COOKIE: Nice fooling you. My assignment is done!

She felt her heart zipping and locking, and her phone fell from her.

She lost consciousness, passing out in front of the campus gate.

"Ava no!"




Gray's eyes opened at exactly 8:30am, and he spranged up from the couch, looking so used.

He remembered falling on the couch yesterday after getting hit on the head, and he held his head with two hands.

"Damn it! Yolanda!" He started running out of the house, knowing immediately that something huge is happening.

He didn't even have time to notice that his phone is missing.

Immediately he stepped out of the house, he was met with like six cops, and he stopped on his tracks.

"Grayson Harper, you're under arrest for s+xual assault and online defamation of Ava Huang" 

"What the...

He wasn't able to finish when Octavia came forward with tears all-over her face.

It's so red and her eyes are the same.

She punched Gray in the face, and his jaw wounded slightly.

"Trusting you was my first mistake, monster!" She sobbed painfully.

Gray was looking so confused as the cuffs were clasped on his wrists.



Jayson came downstairs with a towel in his hair which he's drying his hair with.

He was grinning till he got to the base of the stairs, taking the towel away from his head to reveal his green hair.

He just finished washing off the black dye.

He dropped the towel and picked one from a plate of strawberries on the center table.

He threw it into his mouth at once, chewing roughly.

While Gray is allergic to it, it's his favorite fruit.

He put on the TV, and he smiled devilishly at the chaos going on.

It feels too good to see Grayson and his dad finally paying for throwing him away.

The opening of the door made him look up, and his smile grew wider when Grandpa Joe came in.


"Isn't it amazing how we killed several birds with one stone? You're a tough rogue, Sky" The old man grinned.

"Yes. One and only Jayson Harper, the legendary 'Harperic' freak show!" Jayson widened his arms in victory.


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