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Dear Ave - Episode 49&50




Dear Ave - Episode 49&50

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"I need an explanation about why we left suddenly" Ava said as Gray drove out of the park.

"I saw someone, but I wasn't so sure, but still...I had to leave" he replied, focusing on his drive.

His hands were shaking on the wheel, and when Ava noticed, she placed her hand on it, and he looked at him.

"You're scared, cookie. Even when we were locked up together by your teacher years ago, you weren't a bit scared. I've never seen you scared before, and seeing it right now for the first time is making me scared too. Who's it?" She asked calmly, and he stopped the car beside a road.

"I can't tell you right now. I have to settle some stuffs before dragging you into it, but I promise I'm gonna take care of everything ok?" He asked, and she nodded.


"Sure" he smiled, and she hugged him.

"The ice cream will calm us down when we arrive back at the hotel. I'll feed you" she said, and he chuckled as he broke the hug.

"No. I'll be the one feeding you this time"

"I can't wait!" She stroked his face, and he laughed , driving off.



Felicia was already waiting beside a road when the taxi conveying Sandra stopped.

Sandra came out, and the taxi left as she walked to Felicia who adjusted the shoulder bag she's carrying.

"Why did you suddenly call me out? Is everything ok?" Sandra asked.

"I'll give you the chance to pick between I and Monica" Felicia replied, and Sandra gasped 

"You both fought?"

"My face is like this cos I was protecting that animal, but I realized it's a waste of time to be on her side. I'm done licking her arse so you can decide to join me or stay with her" Felicia replied, and Sandra gulped once.

"Monica didn't...do anything wrong to me...I have no reason to stop being her friend" she said, and Felicia scoffed.

"Friend? That bî+ch sees us as her bootlickers and nothing else!" 

"But still...." Sandra said.

"That's what I thought. Good luck with being Monica's lapdog" Felicia nodded, hugging her.

"I'm sorry" Sandra replied.

"It's fine, your choice" Felicia said and secretly threw a voice recorder in Sandra's shoulder bag.

Sandra broke the hug, and she waved at Felicia before leaving.

Felicia grinned.



"I said I'm not talking to you! You can't fool me twice!" Monica was shouting as she climbed the stairs with Grandpa Joe behind her 

"Just hear me out!"

"You and your useless society can go to ruins for all I care!" Monica shouted back, and he pulled her hand, making her face him.

He leaned into her ear and whispered something for close to two minutes, and her eyes widened afterwards.

"This is what you've been keeping from me?"

"It's because of the poor souls you call friends. You might spill it to them and they might ruin our plans" he replied, and she inhaled.

"Now I can smile. When is the plan happening again?" She smiled.

"Tommorow, or the day after...at most" he replied, and she hugged him.

"You're the best grandpa in the world!"

"Moni?" Sandra came in, and she broke the hug.


"Thought you threw them away already" Joe said.

"This one is loyal. Felicia is the rotten one so we're safe" she replied.

She went to her room with Sandra, and she got a wine bottle which she poured for the two of them.

"You're especially happy tonight, what's the occasion?" Sandra asked as she took one of the cups.

"My dream will come true tommorow. You won't know how happy I am for that" Monica replied.

"Tell me about it" Sandra said immediately.

"Are you still with Felicia?"

"Nope. I chose you" Sandra replied.

"Good. Now listen attentively to the plan" Monica said.

They sat together, and she began telling her everything.

The recorder beeped continuously in Sandra's bag, recording her voice.



Drowning himself in alcohol has been the only way to settle thoughts for Chambers since he grew up, but it's just not working this time.

He drank close to four bottles.

He's sitting dejectedly in his study, head on his palms while he thought about what Harper said earlier

It's all true... everything... they're facts that he can't even deny.

He became friends with Harper since their teenage days, and they stayed good till Harper's intelligence started overshadowing his own, and people liked Harper more.

He has been keeping in the jealousy and the inferiority since then, but it grew worse when they became company men, and though their companies are in the same level...it's still so glaring to him that Harper is a lot smarter.

Then the incident of Gray's kidnap happened, and they both lost their wives.

He didn't hesitate to pin it on him, taking the chance to dish out his hatred and turning their families to enemies, even going as far as poisoning Alex's mind against Gray.

He sniffled as he took the bottle to pour himself another cup, but Yolanda entered, accompanied by a maid 

"She insisted on seeing you" the maid said.

"You can go" he replied, and the maid left.

"So you're just gonna drown yourself in alcohol like this? It won't solve the problem at hand" Yolanda said as she sat in front of him.

"Then what do I do? Orbit hit rock-bottom" he replied, sparing her a glance.

"We're getting closer to the goal. You can't give up this way" she smiled.

"What do you mean?" He replied in confusion.

"It's finally happening tommorow. Famoux has to go down for you to come back up. It's happening" she said, and he frowned.

"I still don't understand why you're so interested in destroying Famoux" 

"I'm not destroying it. It'll only go down after the whole drama, and when I finally become CEO, I'll set it to my standards together with my brother...you in?" She asked.

"No one is aware that Grayson is a twin, right?" He asked.

"Except me, you, dad and your son. I know how to handle dad, so you should handle your son too" Yolanda replied.



"You won't do that ice on my face thingy again right?" Gray asked as Ava took the fifth spoon of ice cream from his hand.

He's feeding her like he promised, and she's joyfully taking every spoon.

"What if I do?" She asked, eating the cream in her mouth.

"I won't mind" he smiled, stroking her face with his other hand.

"You dare not" she replied, and he smiled again.

"Your talkative spirit still hasn't left you. You didn't change at all. You're still that little process who got locked up with me by my evil teacher" he said.

"Whatever" she hugged his face to her chest, and he chuckled, looking up to kiss her lips shortly.

"When are you planning to release the video of her assault?" She asked, caressing his brows.

"After telling dad all about it tomorrow, then I can release it" he replied, rubbing her tat.

"And you didn't tell me who you suspect to be behind the fire. You're not gonna kill the culprit, right?" She asked carefully.

"I'm spending all the time I can afford with you right now, so he'd think I forgot, but by the time I get to him, it'd take him by surprise. I plan to break his knees with bullets" he replied seriously, and her eyes widened.

"What! No"

"What are you saying princess? He almost got me killed, you cried cos of it! He made you cry!" He said a little bit loud, and she backed the ice cream to straddle him.

"I know, but...

"Shhhh...no more talks about him" he replied, and she sighed as he leaned in for a kiss, but she leaned back.

"Seriously?" He said.

"I just don't want you to do anything bad anymore. Can't you forgive him for me?" She said gently.

"Like how you forgave Monica in the hall?" He replied.

"That's different, jerk" she said, and he laughed.

"Fine, can we talk about it after this?" He said, and before she could breath out, he captured her lips.

She joined the sync immediately, returning the same energy as their tongues intertwined.

A few tug at her top made it it come off, and it landed on the ground before their lips found each other again.

Now left in her bra and his shorts, he picked her up in his arms and started walking into the bedroom, her core rubbing on his torso.

The air tensed up, and their feelings soared as their lips had the affectionate communication...it was insane.

Her bra straps were already away from her shoulders when they got into the room, and he gently dropped her in bed.

She broke the kiss and went on her knees, but he reignited the kiss while she began trying to unbutton his pants.

He didn't stop her.

Afterall, she has so many things to pay for, and he has been holding back so well, waiting for when she's gonna ask for it, and the time is finally here.

Though she's not saying it, her actions are enough words.

His hands went behind her, and just as he was about to unhook her bra, the face he saw at the ice cream place earlier pooped up in his head, and he had to break the kiss abruptly as his head banged.

"You ok?" Ava asked, unable to contain the wetness in her core anymore. It'd soon start dripping down her thighs.

"Headache" he replied, and she immediately held his face.

"Just now?" She asked 

"Yeah, I'm sorry it ruined the mood" he replied.

"No. Come here" she said, pulling him to herself.

Together, they fell on the bed together, heads landing on the pillow as they cuddled into each other.

"Just close your eyes" she told him, and he did.

It only took two minutes for him to drift off.

He landed in Dreamland immediately...or perhaps nightmare.

To the time his twin brother took him to the lake and tried to drown him, and how he drowned him instead.

He woke up with a groan, and luckily for him, Ava is deep asleep already.

He left the bed and went for the bottled water on the bedstand, then he went to the window to stay, restless.

Jayson...that's the name of his twin brother who shares the same face with him, but it doesn't stop there 

Sane height, same smile, same voice, eyes and stature. They share the same scent too. They both smell like rose since they inherited it from their late mother.

They even have the same red bracelet. Their mum gave it to them with the hope that they'd give it to the girl they'd like in the future...he gave his own to Ava already though.

The only distinguishing feature about them is Jayson's green hair. He has natural green hair and that makes him special.

Since the incident about the lake, Gray developed a big fear for him.

He was supposed to grow phobia for lakes, but all the phobia went to Jay instead, and that's why he's the only person he fears... Yolanda was right.

 Harper disowned him completely and even wiped his name from the family register.

He was exiled out of Spain when he was 9, and to everyone in Spain, Grayson is the only son.

No one knows he has a twin cos Harper claimed he's a blemish and would rather not let people know about him.

Grayson drank from the water bottle again, sighing out.

If he really saw Jay in the ice cream place earlier, then he needs to meet Harper.

He couldn't sleep till the next morning.

Ava was still fast asleep when he was about leaving the hotel, so he gave her a deep kiss on the forehead and dropped a note.

Ava woke up minutes later, and she squinted when she found the note.

• We have to cancel the plans today, princess. Something came up. I'm sorry.

"What's he hiding from me?" Ava muttered.


Gray was still driving his way to the mansion when he got a call from an unknown number, and he was surprised to hear Alex's voice.

"Let's talk, my car is right behind you"

Gray stopped his car immediately, coming out of it.

Alex did the same, and they met in the middle.

"What really happened back then? Why did you kill Miss Riley?" Alex asked straight, and Gray scoffed.

"After fifteen long years, you finally decided to ask the question"

"Tell me everything, I'm ready to listen" Alex said.



Felicia was the last to arrive among the trainees, and it's intentional.

She went into the locker room and opened Sandra's locker since she knows the code.

She got her bag and brought out the recorder she dropped yesterday, smiling at it before shutting the locker.

She left for class 5 and joined the trainees secretly, splitting with the others.

She could see Sandra and Monica in the front, and a smirk grew on her face.

"Luciano is a bastard" Ava said after Octavia narrated what happened yesterday.

"If he's really involved with Ethan's disappearance then I'll have to confront him again" Demi replied.

"We'll go with you" Octavia said and faced Ava.

"You spent two nights with Gray, don't tell me nothing happened" she said.

"Almost, but he's holding back and keeping something from me, and you know how folded he can be" Ava replied.

"Just s+duce it out of him, what are lingeries for?" Demi said.

"You think?" Ava said.

"Sure" Demi winked.

Monica has been staring at Ava for minutes, and a vile smile formed on her lips suddenly.

"She has no idea at all" she said.

"I know, right?" Sandra replied.



Ava has a eager smile on her face when she came out of a cab in front of the hotel.

She decided to follow Demi's advise, and she's hoping it works as she entered the elevator.

Immediately the door closed, Grayson entered the hotel too, using the second elevator.

Ava arrived at Grayson's room and  luckily didn't meet him.

She quickly brought out the black lingerie in her bag and dressed up in it.

She made sure her hair fell on her back and shoulders rightly before starting to get her makeup done.

She was applying lipstick when the door opened, and Grayson came in smiling brightly.

"You should have come in one minute later" she bit her lip, and he carried her when he got to her, making her giggle.

"I don't mind, we can finish the makeup in bed. You look too s+xy in the lingerie" he replied, kissing her afterwards, but she broke it.

"What did you see at the ice cream place last night? Tell me" She whispered.

"I promise to tell you everything after this" he whispered back.

"Promise?" She said, and he replied by reconnecting their lips, dropping her in bed and pinning her hands down as he ravaged her mouth.

Secretly, a camera is beeping somewhere in the room.



Harper has been unreachable since Gray got here.

He has been here for hours, waiting for him to show up, but according to Yolanda, he didn't tell anyone before going out, and he's not in the company so he has been waiting.

He stared at Ava's line for the uptenth time, feeling so guilty about leaving her in bed this morning at the hotel, but he really has to settle this, else...no one knows what Jayson might do.

He'll make it up to her after this.

He dialled his dad's line again, standing from the couch he's sitting on, but it's still not reachable.

"The f+çk is really happening?" He muttered and was about to turn back when his head was hit with something from behind.

He fell heavily on the couch, and Yolanda's face came to view. She's holding a metal pipe, and a victorious smile.

"Out" she flexed her neck and rushed upstairs to her room

Harper is laying on her bed unconscious too, thanks to his poisoned morning coffee.

She met her phone ringing with 'Boss' on the caller ID, and she quickly picked.

"How's it going?" Grandpa Joe's voice asked.

"Father and son are out, easier than I thought" she replied.

"Cool, let's leave the rest to Jayson" Joe said.

"You mean Sky?" She laughed, hanging up.



The bed was squeaking underneath as Jayson buried himself deep inside Ava.

He didn't even bother to cover them with the duvet so the camera will capture everything.

Her arms were still pinned gently on the bed as he f+çked her slowly, gentle and calm like Gray would do.

"Oh gawd! Gray!" She gasped, feeling him deep inside.


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