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Dear Ave - Episode 47&48




Dear Ave - Episode 47&48

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"I'm sorry for scaring you princess. I won't do it again" Gray whispered, kissing her hair.

Ava didn't stop the flowing tears, she couldn't stop, and her hiccups soon crept in, making Gray break the hug to hold her face.

He began kissing the tears away, and she held him tightly by the sides.

"You promised to call last night but you didn't...I called too but you didn't pick...you could have at least informed me" she sniffled.

"I was actually unconscious since last night. I woke up not long ago and haven't even seen my phone" he replied, and her eyes widened.

"What! Are you ok? How did it happen?" She asked in a rush, raising her hand to his right cheek to hold dearly.

"I was able to get out before the fire spread, but the flames affected my bronchial tubes, and that's why i passed out" he explained, and she held his arms this time.

"I thought you were hurt, I was scared" she said, and he smiled shortly.

"I'm fine now, I promise" he said, pulling her back into the hug.

"You know how dangerous it is when you go barefoot. I hate it" he said, and she looked up at his face.

"I rushed out of the house and wasn't even thinking! Don't even think of getting mad about it!" She retorted sharply, and he chuckled, caressing her face.

"You're so adorable"

"I hate you" she replied, and he laughed as she returned her head to his chest.

"I'm sorry" he said, and she tightened the hug.

They'd have continued the hug till whenever, but Harper cleared his throat, and that brought them back .

Slowly, they broke the hug to face him, and Ava's eyes widened when she saw him still sitting on the ground.

She had a flashback of when she pushed past him earlier, and her eyes widened again.

"Oh my gawd!" She gasped, rushing to him.

"I'm so sorry it wasn't intentional!" She was pleading as she helped him up, and Gray just sat back on the bed, staring at them with a smile which indicates he's enjoying this.

"I'm so sorry" Ava apologized again after bringing Harper back to his feet, and the man smiled.

"Aren't you the superwoman from the ceremony?" He said, and Ava gasped.

"Gray showed me your toughness on a video call" he continued, and her eyes widened.

She turned back to Gray slowly and smirked at him. He winked.

"You're so pretty, and I think I know why he's so obsessed with you" Harper said as she turned back to him.

"Thanks, sir" she smiled.

"You can just call me dad too. I won't mind" Harper said, and she blinked.


He nodded once, and she hugged him, but Gray stood immediately, separating her from him.

"You're the only one who stops his girl from hugging his father. Nice one, son" Harper smiled.

"Thanks, father" Gray nodded, and Ava smiled, loving their relationship immediately.

"Here" Noah came in.

"What took you so long?" Gray replied, taking the box he's holding.

He brought furry slip-ons out of it and placed them in front of Ava's foot.

She wore them, and they fitted perfectly.

"I... never knew you both were engaged" Noah said, and Harper faced him.


"Back then at the penthouse, she told the guards she's his fiancee" Noah said, and Ava bit her lip hard, hiding her face in Gray's arm.

"Is that true?" Harper asked, and Gray took her hand, showing him the red bracelet.

"Here, our ring" he said, and Harper came closer.

"She's the girl? The one you were kidnapped with? You said you wouldn't tell me anything about the kidnap till you find her" he said shockingly.

"Yeah" Gray replied, and Harper almost started crying as he sat back in bed.

"I'm the happiest today. It's odd to say but I'm so happy" he held his chest, looking at Ava with grateful, fond eyes.

"How did the fire start though?" Ava asked.

"Someone threw a lightened bottle oil over the gate, and it landed in the middle of the flowers, producing flames for over thirty minutes. I just finished taking my drugs, so I was napping during that period. When I woke up, flames already filled the house, and I had to escape through it. The fire started immediately I got out, that's all I remember before passing out" Gray explained.

"A oil bottle? Meaning the culprit didn't want to kill you, but who?" Noah said.

"Yolanda tops that list of suspects" Harper said.

"Remove Yolanda and everyone else, I know where it came from" Gray said 

"You're not planning to kill again right?" Harper asked quickly.

"If it requires killing, then I'll gladly do" Gray replied, taking Ava out of the ward.

"Follow him secretly and make sure he stays cool. Contact the right person to renovate the penthouse within one week. The flowers and trees should be replaced too" Harper told Noah who immediately left the ward.

Harper sighed and got his phone, dialling his secretary's line.

"At your service, sir" his voice came 

"Prepare to drop the bomb by 12" Harper replied.


Harper suggested that Gray should come back to the mansion till the penthouse renovation will be done, but he declined.

He'd rather go into the caves than live in one house with Yolanda again. He'd kill her within one hour.

He decided to go to an hotel instead, and Ava went with him to Bliss Hotel.

She was expecting him to use mask for the fear of recognition, but as usual, he doesn't care.

He held her hand tight till they got to the reception where he got his keys, and the ladies there couldn't stop fawning over his face and looking at her with envious eyes 

She could see some of them secretly snapping their pictures, and she didn't even try to hide her face. She was even smiling for the cameras till they entered the elevator.

She was caught off guard when Gray suddenly grabbed her and pinned her to the metal wall, locking their lips affectionately.

She didn't wait before starting to respond, eating him up too like a crazy addict that she is.

He lifted her by the arse, and her legs tightened around his torso as the kiss went wild.

He's not kissing like a boyfriend does to his girl. He's kissing like he's claiming her, marking and possessing her.

Her teeth tore softly into his flesh in a slight bite, and a metallic taste filled the kiss as his blood trickled, but they didn't stop.

His hands got a hold of her boobies, and he squeezed them so hard, making her m0an loudly, and he felt a tingle in his panties.

He drove his right hand under her PJs shirt and held her babies directly since she's not wearing a br@, and her m0ans came out again, making him harder.

He almost undressed her in the elevator, but then they got to their floor, and the bell chimed, bringing them back.

He broke the kiss, and their pale swollen lips stared at each other.

"Baby" he said, and she blushed, hiding her face in his neck as the door opened.

He stepped out of the elevator with her in his arms.



Demi left long ago, but Octavia is still in with the two boys, sitting in the living room and munching fries as she watched a show.

News said Grayson is ok, and that calmed everyone down already. Ava will probably return when she spends as much time as she wants with him.

Oscar is busy cooking in the kitchen, and Alex came out to the living room, sitting with her surprisingly.

"Childish show" he muttered, resting back on the chair.

"I knew you'd say something to deserve the pulling of your hair" she replied, taking the remote.

"Don't even try to change the channel" she said, and he sighed.

"I'm barely seeing you right now, so just pretend like you don't see me either" he muttered, closing his eyes.

Octavia focused back on the TV, but after a minute, she turned back to Alex, staring secretly.

She remembered how he drunkenly tried to kiss her last night, and she quickly looked away, clearing her throat.

"About Ava..." She said, and he opened his eyes.

"I'd rather not talk about it" he said, and she looked at him.

"Why? you don't even know what I wanna talk about...

"That Gray is her childhood lover? That they were kidnapped together when they were young? That they're currently in love? What else?" He cut her off.

Her eyes widened. "You heard everything last night?"

He nodded slowly, resting his elbows on his knees 

"I was wondering what he meant by they have a deep connection. I shouldn't have fallen for her in the first place, I wouldn't have done it if I knew I'd be losing to Gray" he said regretfully.

"Wait .. is love a competition to you? You're actually not sad about losing her, but you're sad that you lost her to Gray?" She said, and he faced her too.

"Gotta console myself one way or the other, don't you think? I'm gonna just do my father's wish and get out of this house as soon as possible" he said, hiding the pain under his voice.


Octavia was still talking when he stood and started heading in.

"Alex! Tune in to channel 100, the news!" Oscar rushed out of the kitchen.

Alex stood confused, so Octavia did the change, and they all gasped when they saw the news about Chambers involvement in almost all the strip clubs in Spain.

There are pictures for evidence, and they're so clear.

"Damnit!" Alex gasped, rushing out of the house with Oscar, but surprise surprise... reporters are already in front of the house, and immediately they showed up, they started bombarding Alex with several questions.

* Were you aware of your father's involvement?

* Is it true that he spends his workers salary in clubhouses instead of paying early?

No matter how much Oscar tried, he couldn't get them off, and he was already losing energy when water from nowhere landed on the reporters.

They stepped back immediately, and Octavia appeared with a pail. She poured the water actually.

"Go guys" she told them.

"Thanks Octavia" Oscar smiled, pushing Alex into the car. He drove him away.



Yolanda said 'f+çk' close to hundred times since she saw the news, but nothing can be done.

His father and Gray must have plotted this when they chased her out of the hall yesterday,.

"F+çk!!" She shouted again, and the doorbell rang.

She opened the door herself, and Chambers came in.

"Where the hell is Harper?" He demanded impatiently.

"Here" Harper replied, coming downstairs.

"You've finally gone mad! How could you post such pictures of me everywhere! Every big shot investor withdrew their cooperation with me already and my stock prices plummeted insanely!" Chambers shouted.

"I clearly told you that you won't like it when i fire back, and now you're acting like the victim? You started this!" Harper shouted back.

"You're a devil incarnate" Chambers said with shaky lips, and Harper came closer.

"We were good friends remember? Everything was going well till you started feeling inferior and getting jealous of me! You started hating me even before the death of our wives, but you used their deaths as a camouflage to show your hate! I even went on my knees to beg you back then Chambers, but you never listened!" Harper shouted, and Chambers staggered.

Alex came in with Oscar that moment, and they stopped when they saw what's going on.

"It'd have been curable if it was only you, but you poisoned Alex's mind too, and he started hating on my son too, why? Cos of your blind jealousy!" Harper yelled, and Alex gulped.

"You claimed to love your dead wife, but you visit strip clubs every night. You shouldn't have done it if you didn't want to be ridiculed in the first place" Harper said finally and went back upstairs.

Yolanda remained rooted on her spot, and Chambers fell on his knees weakly.

Alex left the house quietly, and Oscar went after him.



The parents aren't around, so it's only Demi with the maids.

She finished her bath minutes ago and was sitting in front of her mirror when she got a text from Octavia to check the internet.

She went online, and her eyes widened when she saw the news about Orbit Group CEO Chambers.

"Geez! It'd only take God's intervention for the company to keep standing" she muttered, scrolling down.

She lost interest and dropped her phone, then her eyes caught a teddy key holder.

The keys belong to Ethan's house. She locked it since it was left unlocked.

"Are you really not gonna come back for years?" She said with an heavy heart, folding the key on her palm.

The door opened roughly, and Luciano barged in.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She spranged up.

"I hate that look in your eyes cos if it was Ethan who came in just now, you'd have flown into his damn arms!" Luciano spat.

"How did you know Ethan?" Demi's eyes widened.

"Does it matter? He's out of your life for good and it's time to come back to me!" He said, and her eyes widened.

"Wait...wait ...you didn't hurt him, right? Are you behind his disappearance? What did you do to him!!!" She yelled, and he came closer to grab her face.

He tried to kiss her forcefully, but she kicked him.

"Has he been down there? Has he f+çked you? Is that why it's so hard to forget?" He demanded.

"I'll kill you if you're in anyway involved with this! I'll kill you Luciano!!!" Demi started crying, and he went for her again.

He was about to grab her when Octavia came in, giving him a flying kick from behind.

Luciano fell forward and hit his head on the wall, landing unconscious on the ground.

"Octavia" Demi sniffled, and Octavia hugged her tightly.

"To hell with him" she said, stroking Demi's hair.



Gray came out of the bedroom with Ava at the same time...she's holding his arm and smiling as they started heading out of the room.

They're going to get ice cream outside. The hotel has it, but Ava insisted they get it themselves, and he dare not say no.

She has been with him since last night, and she's already thinking of how she's gonna leave when it's time to leave for the campus tommorow.

She wants to spend every damn minute with this guy. Seeing him smile for only her is an expensive privilege.

"Why that face?" He asked as they entered the elevator.

"I was called in for discipline by the campus tommorow. I and Monica" she replied.

"And you're scared?" He asked.

"Nope. I just don't wanna go to the campus. Can't we spend all day in again?" She asked, and he rubbed her knuckles. 

"We'll just do whatever you want. I know what to do to make the campus give their trainees a free day tommorow" he said.

"Seriously?" She beamed.

"Trust me" he winked, and she kissed his lips, making him chuckle as they came out of the elevator.


The drive to the nearest ice cream place was short, and Gray ordered the biggest mint flavor bowl.

"I told you I can't finish the biggest. The last one wasted remember?" She said.

"I'll have it with you" he replied.

"But you don't like ice cream" she said.

"I like what you like" he replied, and she blushed hotly.

He was already paying when he suddenly saw someone in a corner.

His eyes widened a bit.

"What?" Ava asked cluelessly.

"Stay here ok?" He replied, and before she could reply, he left in the opposite direction.

"Your ice cream is ready" the machine said, sliding out the package.

"I'm back" Gray said behind her, and she turned to see him.

"But you left in the opposite direction earlier, where did you go?" She asked.

The machine signalled for her to take her ice cream, and she took it, but Gray disappeared again before she could look up.

"Is he playing games with me?" She smiled and turned the opposite direction to go look for him, only to see him again.

"F+çk! Where did you go?" She gasped, and he took her hand.

"Let's get outta here" he said, taking her out before she could talk.

A minute after they left, someone else came out from the corner, wearing exactly what Gray was wearing.

His face stayed hidden, only his hands are showing, and he's wearing a red bracelet on his left wrist.

"Long time no see, brother" his deep voice said.


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