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Dear Ave - Episode 45&46




Dear Ave - Episode 45&46

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"What the hell is going on over there?" Harper asked worriedly.

"Nothing to be worried about, night" Gray replied and ended the call.

He returned his eyes to the stage and found Alex there already.

He's trying to stop Ava from going closer to Monica again, but Ava stubbornly slipped off of him.

Octavia and Demi aren't even helping matters, they're part of the people hailing, especially Octavia.

Gray finally stood and walked down the stage.

His initial spot was dark, so people didn't see him till now, and they began gasping.

* Grayson Harper?

* It's the first time I'm seeing him in person.

* The maniac?

* Who cares? He's hot as hell!

A lot began snapping his pictures.

He focused till he got to the stage and slipped his right arm on Ava's tummy from behind, pulling her to himself possessively.

"Hey princess, it's ok" he whispered in her ear, and she stopped moving immediately, recognizing his touch and voice, and most especially... His scent.

She was panting for breaths as she stayed still in his arm.

"You're gonna make her pass out if you do more" he whispered again, and she inhaled as her ragged breaths continued.

"You'll pay dearly for this! bitc...

Grandpa Joe hasn't finished that statement when Grayson left Ava and appeared in his face.

"Finish that sentence at your own risk, old man" he warn gravelly, and Joe smirked. 

Gray leaned into his ear and whispered..

"Don't mess with what's mine, i'll unalive you" he whispered, and the old man shifted back, holding Monica. She has bleeding wounds all-over her face.

Gray picked Ava's shoes from the floor and grabbed her slim wrist

He took her out of the hall while Alex watched speechlessly with the rest.

"I feel you Grayson Harper!!" Octavia shouted.

Grandpa Joe left the hall with Monica too, and everyone else started departing.

"You girls wanna go for a drink?" Oscar offered.

"I need a drink more than anything right now" Demi said.

"Leggo!" Octavia added, and they all left the hall together while Alex trailed behind them, looking sadder than ever . 



Silence has prevailed in the Mercedes since Gray got inside with Ava minutes ago.

Her hair is slightly scattered, though there's no single wound on her face. Her shoes are still with Grayson.

She was holding her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought about what happened in the hall.

She's not the violent type, and she hug shit either, but even while settling things, she prefers softness.

Tonight, she broke that rule.

She lost her cool Monica started praising herself and and calling herself the boss on stage,  and how she got to her is still a mystery.

Gray remained silent, so she turned to him slowly, and she blinked when she saw him smiling amusingly at her.

"Thought you were mad at me" she muttered.

"I have no reason to be mad at you, princess" he replied, bending over to raise her legs up to his laps.

He touched her soft feet with his palms, making them warm before wearing the shoes for her, buckling them in place.

He started arranging and stroking her hair with his fingers slowly.

"It was enjoyable cos you didn't get hurt. I'd have killed that girl if a single scratch appeared on your face" he said seriously, leaning in to drop a smooch on her nose.

Ava turned red completely immediately, leaving her seat to go to him. She sat straddled on his laps, so she's backing the wheel.

"I love the dance too, wasn't expecting less from you though" he said, balancing her @$s on his laps, her b👀bs suffocating him but he loves the suffocation.

"You arrived before the dance?" Ava asked surprisingly.

"I arrived the moment you stepped on the stage, and I watched everything" he replied like a proud husband, and she smiled shortly before kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Just that? Try harder" he whispered.

"Thanks for the hairpin" she whispered back, caressing his eyebrows fondly.

"Ever been gifted by a man?" He asked in a whisper again, and she shook her head.

"In my ear" he replied, and she placed her lips on his ear .

"No...that was my first, cookie" she whispered and bit his ear teasingly before bringing her face back to his own.

"Good" he whispered, and before she knew it, he was already kissing her...DEEP on the lips.

She quickly circled her arms on his shoulders, letting their breaths mix and their heartbeats sync as they devoured each other madly, m0aning in tongues.

His hands crawled under her skirt to squeeze her @$s cheeks.

"Mmm" she mo@ned throatily into his hot mouth, and he gave her lip a gentle bite before eating deep into her mouth.

She smells so good, so f+çking addictive and delicious that he couldn't stop.

The fact that they're in a parking lot surrounded by other cars is not even his problem. The windows are tinted anyways.

He wants to embed himself deep inside her skin so much that she won't even he able to breath without sniffing him.

Their lips parted, and her back landed on the steering wheel as he began laying kisses on her neck, licking and biting on tendons.

He left deep hickeys that even makeup won't be able to hide.

His lips reached her chest, and he removed the skin plaster to kiss her surgical scar too, driving down to her b👀bs.

Ava just surrendered on the wheel as if she's boneless, too lost in his mouthjob to even think of anything else...

Her fingers got lost in his hair, and she bit her lip repeatedly as he drove her crazy with his own lips.

Thankfully, her top is armless, so it was easy for him to pull down, but her br@ is still an obstacle, he wants those babies in his mouth.

He badly wants to take care of them and show them how much he cares.

He was about to get the br@ away when the ringing of her phone interrupted, making her eyes open.

She got her phone from the second seat, and she smiled when she saw Octavia's number.

"Hey babe!" She picked fast, and Gray drove his lips back into her neck while she tried her best not to m0@n.

"Aren't you coming? The gist!" Octavia said.

"Where are you guys at?" Ava asked.

"The usual bar, come fast!" Octavia replied, hanging up.

Ava could already feel Gray's hardness on her butt, so darn rocky as it massaged her slowly.

His mouth is still working on her skin, currently on her shoulders.

"Cookie..I have to go" she said, and that even sounded like a m0@n.

He brought his lips back to her face and kissed her hard on the lips...hard enough to make her lose her breaths.

"My friends are waiting.." she was breathless as she said that, and he finally looked at her eyes.

"I'm sure you can feel the chaos you already caused on your bu+t, and you're gonna leave me like this?" He whispered deeply, and she caressed his brows.

"I promise it's just tonight, please?" she said, and he frowned a bit.

"C'mon don't frown...hmm?" She rubbed his lips, and he sighed.

"Fine... just tonight" he finally gave in, and she smiled, then he pulled her top up for her.

She left his laps, and he drove out of the park.

"Is your monster still awake?" She asked teasingly.

"Funny how you know how your questions always end up on my dark side, but you still do it anyways, that's hot" he cocked his head, and she chuckled.

"Tell me, is it still awake?" She teased again, and he took her right hand.

"Feel it yourself" he said, placing it on his p@nts.

She held his d+çk indirectly before quickly removing her hand, her cheeks so red as she stared out of the window.

"Cat's got your tongue? Hmm?" He said freely.

"I dunno" she muttered shyly, taking his right hand

She interlocked it with hers and started kissing the veins repeatedly while he drove with one hand.

They shortly arrived at the outdoor bar, and they could already see the   guys through the window.

"FaceTime before going to bed" Ava said.

"I can consider that if you wear lingeries while at it" he winked, and she pushed his head aside, making him chuckle softly as she got down from the car.

She rushed to meet her friends, and Gray glanced at Demi.

She looks drunk, obviously because of Ethan.

His blank look returned to his face when he turned his gaze to Alex who's obviously drunk too, then he looked at Ava and smiled brightly before driving off.

"Gawd, they're drunk" Ava muttered as she stared at Demi and Alex.

Their heads are on the table, and their faces are deeply red.

Oscar and Octavia are ok luckily.

"Whoa! You have handfuls of hickeys on your skin" Octavia smiled.

"Was just about to say that" Oscar added, and Ava's eyes widened.

She bit her lip hard... Gray is a devil, he knowingly did this.

"Tell me what I wanna hear, i'll tell Demi tommorow" Octavia said 

Ava was smiling as she started telling the story which left Octavia and Oscar gasping throughout.

"Wait...you got your memory of the kidnap back? And he's part of it?" Octavia said with wide eyes.

"I'm aware that Gray was kidnapped when he was 10, but he never told anyone anything that happened during the kidnap. He arrived after a week to meet the burial of his mothers" Oscar said

"Mothers?" Ava asked.

"His mother and Alex's mother, they were on their way home after hearing about the kidnap when they had a crash, and that's why Alex's father cut their family friendship, he believes his wife died cos of Gray" Oscar explained.

"Such low mentality... Ava came back from the one week kidnap to meet her father's burial too. They all had a rough childhood so blaming Gray is trash" Octavia replied, drinking from her cup.

"I'm glad you met him again though. Gray is cool if you can handle him. You know what I mean" Oscar said, and Ava smiled.

"I know, thanks Oscar"

Alex's eyes is secretly open on the table. He has been listening to everything, and it took everything in him not to break down in tears.

He suddenly stood, still feeling tipsy..

"Dude!" Oscar said loudly, and he fell back heavily, landing on Octavia.

"What the f+çk is..

Octavia was about cursing when he turned his red face to her, making her stop.

Before she knew it, he started bringing his lips closer.

"Alex!" Oscar quickly pulled him back.

"Are you ok Octavia?" He asked.

"Oh...yes" Octavia said awkwardly.

"I'll take him, see you guys at home" Oscar smiled, taking Alex away.

"Did I see you flush when Alex landed on you?" Ava teased Octavia.

"I would never" Octavia snapped, and Ava grinned.



"You need to go to the hospital for treatment, Moni!" Grandpa Joe was shouting after Monica as she entered the house.

"I'm not going" Monica replied, walking faster.

"Monica!!" Joe pulled her back,... she turned swiftly and pushed him away.

The old man staggered and nearly fell. 

"Don't dare! This is all your fault! You saw it for yourself didn't you? Ava is a f+çking witch that needs to learn her lesson as soon as possible! The hair she pulled out of my scalp still hasn't grown back and I'm even losing more everyday cos of my alopecia!" She shouted, showing  him a bald part of her scalp.

"I don't even know who sky is and I don't know the progress he's making! I'm here waiting for revenge and you're clearly not doing anything! Nothing at all! Go die or something!" She shouted and left the house angrily.

Grandpa Joe scrambled up to his feet and climbed the stairs, entering the secret room frustratedly.

He turned on the screen, and the society members appeared as fast as lightened.

"Plans changed. I want Ava's hunt done within two weeks" he addressed.

"It might not take up to the two weeks even. I'm getting there, she's gonna scream my name soon" Sky replied.

"And someone messed with me tonight, I need him a lesson" Joe said.



Monica had to cover her wounded face with mask as she entered the hospital, going straight to Felicia's ward.

She got admitted cos of her ruined face which is still worse.

"You couldn't even call, Moni. I took the juice instead of you!" Felicia stood from the bed immediately, and Monica removed her mask.

"I didn't tell you to take it for me" she said flatly.

"What!" Felicia gasped.

"What were you expecting? Compensation money? Sorry I think I'm done feeding your arse" Monica replied, and Felicia raised her hand to slap her, but Monica pushed her back.

Felicia fell on the ground.

"Let's be candid, you only became friends with me cos of my grandpa's money! You stupid poor rat!" Monica spat and threw the mask at her.

"We're over" she said and walked out.

Felicia continued sitting there, looking bitter.

"Let's see who gets hurt the most, Monica. I'll show you what wickedness feels like"



Ava woke up to an email from the campus.

She has been called in for questioning together with Monica.

She scrolled past the email with a hiss, then she went to her messages to see zero message from Gray, not even a missed call.

He promised to call last night but didn't. She called several times but he didn't pick, so she thought he was busy or something, but now it's seeming weird.

She was about to dial his line again when Octavia rushed in.

"You need to see this Ava!" She pulled her out of the room to the living room where Demi, Oscar and Alex are standing shockingly in front of the TV.

News said Grayson Harper's penthouse was set on fire overnight.

"Oh my f+çking gawd!" Ava gasped  as air got ripped out of her.

"Ava you should...

Before Demi could finish, Ava was already out of the house.

She took Demi's car, zooming off without wearing her slippers.

She was shaking on the wheel as she wheezed on the road, and it didn't take long before she started crying.

Did he get hurt in the fire?

Is he ok?

Wait...he didn't get burnt with the house right?

He better be ok, he better be fine cos she'd literally die if he she loses him again.

Her tears were still pouring when she got to the penthouse and flew out of the car.

There are several guards,cops and civilians in front of the house, and a barricade is already in place, keeping people from going in.

One part of the penthouse is totally down as a result of the fire, including the flowers and plants.

"No no no... Gray" she muttered, rushing towards the house, but she was held back.

"Entry disallowed, miss" the guards told her 

"I'm his fiancee! Just tell me where Gray is. I need to know if he's fine! Please let me!" She was crying like a kid as she pleaded with them.

"Fiancee? But he's...

"Tell me my Gray is fine and he didn't get caught in the fire! Let go of me and tell me where the hell you put him! Gray! Gray!!"  She was screaming, causing a big scene as she got dragged by two guards.

"Let her go" Noah's voice interrupted, and the guards obeyed immediately.

"Where's Gray?" Ava asked him breathlessly with low hiccups.

"Come with me, please" Noah replied, leading her to a car.

He drove her out of the place, and she tried her best to calm down till they arrived at a hospital.

Her heart began skipping beats as he led her in, and he didn't stop till he got to a private ward door.

"Get every suspect arrested! Whoever started the fire won't go scot free! They tried to kill him for crying out loud!" 

That's Chairman Harper's voice speaking to the cops inside, so she faced Noah.

"He's in" Noah told her, and she immediately pushed the door open, holding her breath.

She expected to see Grayson with a burnt face in bed with life supporting machine beside him, but that wasn't the case.

Gray is sitting in bed, he's not even wearing the hospital uniform.

A doctor is sitting in front of him, checking his BP, and Harper is beside them.

"Ava?" He stood immediately, and his eyes widened when he saw she's barefoot and the tears on her face.

"Ava Huang?" Harper walked to her, but she pushed past him, and Harper fell heavily on the ground.

"What the...

 Ava rushed impatiently into Gray's arms, crying on his chest as the shock started dissipating.

She couldn't form a word. 

"I'm sorry for scaring you, princess. I won't do it again" Gray kissed her hair.


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