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Dear Ave - Episode 43&44




Dear Ave - Episode 43&44

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



It has been one meeting after another since 12pm, and it's still ongoing.

The third one just got over, and they're currently going for the third one which is exclusive to Chairman Harper, Grayson and Yolanda

"This is absolute crap" Gray complained.

"Chambers caused much harm to us with the news he spread about you, and this last meeting is to fire back at him, so there's no way you're missing it. It's just one hour, then you can go anywhere you want" Harper replied, entering the hall.

Yolanda sneered at Gray before entering with Harper, and Gray got his phone.

He quickly sent a text to Ava.

• What's the colour of the outfit you're dancing with?

She read it and replied immediately.

Ava: Why? Are you dreaming of taking it off?

Grayson smiled, thinking of the hot scenerio before typing a reply.

• That won't be bad. We can do the legs spreading stuff, and i'll make you scream.

She read that and sent a reply almost immediately.

Ava: Geez!, it's colour red!

Grayson: You could have told me when I asked gently, but you wanted to hear the dirty words first. Do they turn you on?

His phone started ringing immediately, it's her calling.

He was licking his lips as he picked.

"I wanna kill you! So bad!" Her voice came, and he almost laughed.

"Oh you mean kiss? I'd love that too, but not on your face lips though" he replied.

"Gawd! I can't with you" she said, and he smiled widely.

"Do well at the dance"

"You're not coming?" She asked.

He could hear the disappointment in her voice already.

"I still have one more meeting to attend, but I'll catch up after it ends, ok?" He replied.

"Promise?" She asked.

"I promise, princess" he replied, and her breathing reached his ears.

"Ok... I'll see you then" 

"Hmm..." He replied and hung up.

"Young master" Noah appeared beside him.

"I ordered something from the store. Take it to her" Gray replied.

"Yes sir! But there's something you need to know about miss Yolanda" Noah said.

"Spill" Gray said with raised brows.

"She met with Chambers earlier today. I think they might be working together" Noah replied.

"Cool" Gray said.

"Always loyal sir!" Noah smiled with a bow as Gray entered the hall.

"Took you long enough" Harper said as he settled beside him.

Yolanda is sitting on the other side.

"Yolanda needs to leave" Gray said flatly, and Yolanda gasped. 

"What are you planning?" Harper faced him.

"Are you out of your mind? How could you tell me to leave the hall?" Yolanda stood.

"I won't say it again" Grayson faced her. 

"You should leave, Yola" Harper said.

"I expected it anyways, you'll always be on his side! Foolish!" Yolanda spat and left the hall furiously.

"Now do you care to elaborate?" Harper said.

"Yolanda met with Chambers, so it's not safe to plan his downfall with her on seat. It should be between us two" Gray replied, and Harper smiled, patting him fondly.

"You're my son after all"

He turned on the wall screen afterwards, and a picture of Chambers came to view in a private club where he's in the middle of numerous strippers.

"Hot" Gray smirked.

"He won't see this coming" Harper grinned.



Just like the monthly routine, the hall is already getting filled up with people.

Rich personalities, invited guests, campus trainees, even trainees from other campuses who came to watch the dance.

The hall is wide with capacity of 500, so the crowd is much.

There's a show glass in front of the stage containing the awards (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)

The dressing rooms for students are all currently full too, filled with eager trainees who can't wait to show off their talents for the prize.

Ava shares a dressing room with her friends and most of the girls in her class, including Monica and her lapdogs.

She finished dressing up already, but she's in front of the mirror, checking out her makeup. She even used artificial lashes, giving her eyes a darker shade.

Octavia was right about the red dress cos it fits her perfectly. It was made for her. The skirt is not very long though, so her tattoo is out tonight. She's s+xy. 

She looked at her bracelets and kissed them one by one, but when she got to the red, she kissed it longer.

"Girl are you ok? You've been acting super hyper since you came back from Gray's place" Octavia asked behind her, and she turned to face her with a big smile.

Octavia's outfit is a really baggy joggers and a cropped singlet, then her hair got braided with colourful threads.

"Of course! I have a lot of gists after the ceremony. By the way what's taking Demi too long?" Ava said, and Demi came in almost immediately with a red face.

She's wearing her bum short and top already, but her makeup has been ruined with tears. 

"Babe!" The two rushed to her, and Ava palmed her face while Octavia held her hands.

"Fess up" Ava said.

"Ethan... Ethan left" Demi sniffled, and their eyes widened.


"He wasn't picking my calls, so I went to his place, and I found a letter. He's gone with Amy" Demi started crying again, and Ava quickly wiped the tears.

"Shh, you guys might still meet in the future if it's destined. Life works that way" she said.

"But why would he leave? He only has to win one more gold and his life would change" Octavia said.

"I dunno" Demi replied, and Octavia started stroking her hair.

"Chill, babe. You'll get over him" she said, and Demi hugged Ava tightly.

Monica and her sidekicks are watching them from an angle in the dressing room, all with sour looks on their faces.

"I hate them" Sandra said.

"You can't hate them more than me" Felicia replied.

"You guys ready? The drinks will soon come" Monica said.

"Ava Huang! Someone is here for you!" A trainee announced, and Ava broke the hug with Demi to face the door.

Noah came in, and she walked to him. Everyone started staring at them.

"Wait...I saw you with cookie by the pool when he made Sylvester apologize to me" she said.

"Cookie?" Noah said in confusion.

"Oh! Gray I mean" she quickly said, and he smiled before giving her the gift bag he's holding.

"From young master Grayson Harper" he knowingly said it loudly, and everyone in the room gasped.

Ava smiled widely as she took the small bag, then she looked over at Sandra and saw her gasping for breaths.

"When is he coming?" She asked Noah.

"As soon as his meeting ends. Have fun, miss" Noah bowed and left.

All eyes are on her as she took a wrapped gift box out of the bag.

She took her bottom lip in as she began unwrapping it till she got to the box.

She opened it eagerly, and she almost got blinded when a reflection hit her face.

It's a friggin diamond hairpin! Heavy shinny diamond!

* Oh my goodness!

* Diamond hairpin?

* Wait ... That's from Shawty! I'm still begging my mum to buy if for me and now she has it?

* And it's from the Grayson we all know?

* What the hell is she using? Is she the only girl in this campus?

Ava kissed the diamond right in front of everyone, and a lot got choked immediately, then she went to the mirror to insert it into her hair.

She stood out immediately, shinning with the diamond.

"Are you gonna tell us what's going on? Or should I beat it out of you?" Octavia asked from her right side.

"Are you both like... dating now?" Demi asked from the left, and she smiled before hanging her arms on their shoulders.

"Wait till we end this ceremony...the gist is delicious" she said and kissed the two on the cheeks.

A server brought in a troll and drinks almost immediately, and everyone started going for the drink to calm themselves down.

It was the server herself who gave Ava her drink when she got to her.

Octavia and Demi got theirs by themselves, and the server started pushing the troll out.

She exchanged secret glances with Monica before going out, and Monica sat back on her chair.

"Are you sure she added the green liquid to Ava's drink?" Sandra asked.

"Let's just wait and see, but why is she not drinking?" Felicia replied.

Truly, Ava is holding her cup firmly, not drinking a drop from it. 

Instead, she's glaring at Monica, remembering what Grayson told her earlier.


Her palm tightened on the cup, and she started walking to Monica immediately.

"Ava?" Demi and Octavia called at the same time, but they got no reply till Ava got to Monica.

She raised her cup to pour the drink on her face, but Felicia stepped in, so the drink landed on her face instead. Monica stood.

"What did you just do?" She muttered.

"You pushed me into the lake last night, and you're still asking me that sour question?" Ava glared.

* What!

* Is that true?

"My face!! My f+çking face!!!" Felicia started screaming as the liquid began acting on her face.

Within seconds, mighty pimples and boils with redheads filled up her face, and eyes widened.

* F+çk!

* The hell is that?

" My face!!!" Felicia started crying, unable to open her eyes.

Sandra quickly took her out of the room.

"You dumb f+cking c+nt! You poisoned my drink too!" Ava shouted and was about to attack her when the announcement came.

"Monica Hawkins! Dancer number one!" 

Monica quickly rushed out of the room, bringing out antianxiety pills from under her gown.

She swallowed them before stepping on the stage, and her breaths hitched for a second.

The hall is so f+çking full, and the spotlight shone on her. She's clearly seeing her Grandpa Joe sitting on the judges table.

He's the chief judge.

She inhaled in relief, and her song started.

Throughout the intro, she used just one hand since she can't lift the second one, and when the song started proper, she barely even moved.

It's like she's dancing to another song cos her dance didn't sync with the music at all.

She rushed out of the stage, and Grandpa Joe signalled to the other judges.

They all marked PASS for her in their sheets.

Demi Lovato came in next, and after bowing, her song started too.

She was doing well at first, successfully locking Ethan's disappearance out of her head, but in the middle of the song, she started missing the beats.

Ethan's letter messed with her head a lot, and she started crying on stage before she knew it.

She rushed out of the stage before her song even finished.

The judges started marking down immediately.

Next is Octavia Walter, and as she was rushing out of the dressing room, she collided into Oscar and Alex who're just coming.

"Damn, you look hot" Oscar said.

"Thanks" she smiled, facing Alex.

"Where's Ava?" He asked, and she rolled eyes.

"I have to get on stage now" she said and left hurriedly.

She didn't step on the stage directly, she landed on a huge swing seat, and immediately she jumped down, loud screams filled up the hall.

* Oh my gawd she's the best yet!

* I love her!!!

* Go girl!!!

Grandpa Joe was already feeling unconformable on his seat as the screams got louder than ever 

The crowd almost brought down the hall.

Her dance is energetic, and her energy remained unmatched till she left the stage.

She was escorted out with claps, and then Ava Huang was called in.

At the same time, Grayson came in in the crowd. 

The meeting ended less than twenty minutes ago, he had to speed here.

He found a spot at the back of the hall and sat there quietly, then his phone buzzed.

It's a new message.

• We landed safely. Thanks Gray.

He sighed after reading and tucked his phone back in his pocket before facing the stage.

Ava is already on stage, but no one is seeing her yet.

The suspense was already killing when a small fire suddenly started burning on the dark stage.

The spotlight finally came on, revealing her.

She's holding a bottle of oil, and the fire is coming from the top.

At once, she smashed the bottle on a particular spot, and fire went up, making everyone scream.

The fire went down almost immediately, and her song started.

* OMG I love the intro!

* She's so pretty!!

* Her outfit!!

* You got this girl!!

* You're IT GIRL!

Grayson sat back on his seat with an interesting smile on his lips as he watched her dance her heart out on stage.

She's not relenting, she's unstoppable, she's s+xy as f+çk as she made the moves.

She not big at the back, but the bead skirt she's wearing made it shake anyways, and her b👀bs are B cup size, looking so bursty in the armless top... she's just everything.

Gray couldn't stop staring, he dare not. The first time he saw her dance was on their fifth day of kidnap.

He was her first audience, and since then, he has always wanted to see that scene again, and here he is, but wouldn't it be hotter if he's the only one watching this s+xy dance right now?

Somehow, he hates that eyes are on her. Eyes of Alex who's beside Oscar 

He's seeing the two of them from his seat, but it doesn't matter anyways, she's HIS alone.

The screams from the crowd is just as loud as when Octavia was performing, and when she ended it with a go-down-low, they went crazy.

Gray felt a sweat falling from his brows, and something thickening in his pants.


He quickly shut out the thoughts... she'd pay for this.

She left the stage, and Ethan Cruz was called next, but he didn't show up.

"Why is he not here?" Oscar asked.

"Beats me" Alex replied, still unable to get Ava's s+xy dance out of his head.

The dance from the remaining students took just thirty minutes, then the chief judge climbed the stage to do the announcement immediately.

"The Bronze award goes to... Ava Huang" he announced, and people started murmuring.

* The s+xy dancer?

* How come?

* That's bullshit.

"Wait...are they for real?" Oscar said.

"Something isn't right" Alex muttered.

Gray remained silent on his seat, watching Grandpa Joe blankly as Ava climbed the stage to take the Bronze from him.

"And the Silver is for Octavia Walter" Joe announced again,

* The energetic dancer?

* What the f+çk is happening?

 Octavia came in to take the Silver, looking confused.

"And the Gold Award....is for Monica Hawkins" Joe announced, and Monica came out all smiles.

Silence fell in the hall as she took it, then she took the microphone too to give her speech.

Joe stepped away for her...

"I wasn't expecting this actually, but I guess my hard work payed off. I danced with a wounded arm" Monica said, and the silence continued.

"I'm glad I won, cos there are too many losers who wants the gold" she continued, glancing at Ava as if she's talking to her.

Ava scoffed.

"But gawd did, I'm their boss no matter what, Monica to the world!" She raised the award, and that was the last straw.

"F+çk, this bî+ch needs to be put down" Ava muttered ragingly, throwing down her bronze.

She took off her heels and went after Monica immediately.

Every single soul in the hall spranged up when she slapped Monica with the flat part of the shoe.

Monica staggered, and she slapped her with the shoe again.

Grandpa Joe held Monica securely, trying to shield her as the other judges rushed to the stage.

The crowd started cheering Ava up as she took Monica from Joe and slapped her with the shoe for the third time.

* Sheesh!!!

* I'm gagged!!!

* She needs the beating!!!

* Yes!!!

The crowd continued their chants as the hall scattered completely.

"Dude, Ava is..." Oscar said speechlessly beside Alex.

"I know, I wanna kiss her right now" Alex bit his lip admiringly as he watched her beat Monica.

Grayson who has been watching silently with a proud smirk on his lips got his phone and dialled Harper's number on video call.

He picked almost immediately.

"Son?" He said surprisingly as his face appeared on screen 

Gray turned the camera to the stage where the fight is still hot.

"Who please?" Harper asked immediately.

"Your daughter-in-law, making me proud as f+ck" Grayson replied. 


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