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Dear Ave - Episode 41&42




Dear Ave - Episode 41&42

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"Gawd damnit! Say that again, princess" He said, looking totally overjoyed.

"My cookie" she was smiling and crying and giggling all at once as she repeated the words.

Her tummy is a whirlwind of emotions right now. 

Gray placed her on the island and snuck himself between her legs, then he held her face and started kissing away her tears, licking them off without a word.

Ava closed her eyes, allowing him to do justice to everything.

Feeling his lips on every part of her face really did calm her emotions down a bit, but she didn't let go of his shoulder throughout.

Her arms were circled around the broadness till he was done drying off the tears, then he placed a soft kiss on her closed eyes.

She opened them slowly, and immediately she saw him again, the emotions came back in folds, and she started hiccuping as she held his face.

He couldn't hide his emotions too, they're all written boldly on his face, and his eyes are slightly red. It's obvious he's shedding tears of joy inside of him.

"I...I was wondering why...I badly wanted the rose tattoo... didn't know it's...it's you" she was hiccuping like a kid as she talked, and Grayson had to smile widely at her cuteness.

She's so darn adorable, she has always been.

"I recognized you immediately Noah showed me your picture as the house owner. We might have been apart for years, but I would never miss this mole under your left eye" he said, kissing that spot.

"And your bracelets" he said, taking her left hand to kiss the bracelets.

"I recognized you as my little princess immediately, and I came back to stay with you for that reason. I didn't expect you to recognize me though since the bî+ch wiped all your head, but she's not the owner of the game after all... you're back to me baby" he smiled sweetly, and she broke down again.

"You should have told me...you should have..."

"Would you have believed if I told you I was kidnapped with you by my evil teacher? I knew this day would come when you'd remember everything, and here it is" he said, rubbing her ears.

"I don't remember what happened on the fifth day though" she hiccupped again.

"That's a special edition" he said with a slight lip bite.

"And...and what happened after my memory was wiped? How come yours is intact?" She asked like a baby.

"I don't think today is the day for that, princess. You need a lotta rest and I'd rather not tell stories now" he said, and she nodded, still not letting go of his face.

"Good. I'll get you to the bathroom for your bath" he said, and made to carry her, but she held him back.

"No don't look away from me. I want to continue seeing your face like this" she held his face still, and he chuckled.

"Trust me" he said, carrying her in a bridal style.

She hung her arms around his neck, and their eyes stayed on each other as he walked out of the kitchen.

"I miss your tousled hair, but the full brows are still the same, and the lips" she hiccupped, and he stopped walking.

"Shall we stop the hiccups?" He said, and she was starting to get confused when he changed the bridal position.

He carried her from the front Instead, like a baby, and her legs belted his waist.

"You'll pay heavily though, for the long wait you made me do" he whispered, sliding his hands on her hips.

"Anything you want...take anything. Don't hold back" she whispered back, and like the eager ends of two n+ked wires, their lips crashed so hard on each other, and they stopped breathing as they kissed into each other's souls.

Gray walked slowly to the couches, placing her on one before laying on top of her.

They were smiling into the kiss, biting each other's lips and tickling their tongues...it was hard and soft at the same time...mild and sweet.

His hands found both of her thighs, and just the way he likes it, he started caressing the tat, making her fold insanely into him.

Now she knows why his touch has been so magical and effective... He's hers..HERS!

They lost each other for years, and now that they found each other, there's no letting go.

Gray broke the kiss, and they smiled beautifully at each other, catching their breaths.

"So adorable" he whispered.

"So cookie" she replied, and they smiled again before capturing each other's lips again.

What's bliss?? This is it.



The living room is in two dimensions right now.

Demi is in one side, and Octavia is in another.

Each girl is with her mp3 player which Spanish songs is booming from.

They've been practicing their dances individually like this since 5am, and this is the last round.

Octavia loves boyish, so her dance requires a lot of energy. She's sweating so much as she made the last move.

Demi's dance is cunty, she ended it with a lick of her finger, and they both fell on the ground at once as the music stopped.

"I'm so exhausted" Octavia breathed out.

"I just wanna get silver. I'm not even after the gold when Monica, Ethan and our Ava are available" Demi panted.

"Remove Monica Hawk from the top list. The top 2 are Ethan and Ava. Monica is only popular cos of her Grandpa" Octavia attacked.

"Sureee" Demi replied.

"And why is Ava not back yet? She needs to get to practice" Octavia sat up, getting her phone to dial her line.

"Not picking? What's going on in Gray's penthouse actually" she narrowed her eyes 

"Even if she doesn't practice, she's fine. She's Ava Huang anyways" Demi smiled, and they stuck hands.

"Gawd, finally the noise is over" Alex yawned lightly as he came out of his room .

Octavia smirked and started glaring at him immediately.

"You puked on me last night" 

"Me? Wrong person" Alex replied and head for the kitchen.

"You think pretence will help you? I'll tear off your face!" Octavia spat and went after him, pulling him back so they fell on the ground together. She sat on him.

"That joggers was new and you destroyed it with your puke! I had to throw it away last night you punk!" She was still pulling his hair as she talked.

"Let go of my hair I don't wanna struggle with a girl" Alex glared.

"Apology is not on the Chambers family list? I said you puked on me!" She glared back, pulling the hair harder.

"F+çk! Octavia!!!" He cried out.

"Apologize to me!!" Octavia pulled again, and Alex grabbed her hands this time, changing their positions so he could come on top.

"Stop being childish I'm sorry!" He shouted, and she calmed down , breathing hard under him as they stared at each other.

"Wait ..is this a Bollywood movie?" Demi said, and Octavia hit her forehead on Alex's.

He rolled away from her, and she stood as he started rubbing his forehead.

"Good riddance" she rolled eyes and entered the kitchen.

"Here" Demi gave Alex an hand, and he took it as she helped him up.

"Sorry" she laughed.

"Why is her forehead so hard? Damn" he muttered, looking around.

"I'm not seeing Ava" he said.

"Oh... she spent the night at...

Demi was about to mention Gray when she stopped, but he got it immediately.

His countenance changed, and he walked back in.

"Alex?" Demi called after him.

No answer till he went outta sight.

"Ouch" she muttered, getting her phone.

She was smiling as she dialled Ethan's number, but he's not picking.

"That's new. Is he busy?" She muttered.



Monica stood in the middle of her room with her tube singlet and shorts on.

Her bandaged arms hurts like hell, but she has to really do this.

The last practice means a lot to her. She can't bomb it.

She picked the remote and turned on the Mp3 player.

She went back to stand straight, then she started moving to the song with the right arm.

The moment she tried to move the second arm, pains poured into her, and she landed on the ground looking defeated.

"Argh!" A low groan left her lips as the arm started bleeding again, staining the bandage.

She remembered the lake scene last night, and she gritted her teeth.

She was ok with the green liquid from Grandpa Joe before, but after seeing Ava near that lake last night, she decided to just end it once and for all.

Making her die in the lake would be a better option, but Gray had to ruin everything to the point of shooting her.

Ava sure has a lot of protectors, and the fact that the maniac is among them means he's not Sky, but why did her Grandpa show her his picture as Sky then?

She tried to stand, but her arm sent her back to the ground.

"Ahhh!" She gasped painfully.

"Moni!" Felicia and Sandra rushed in, gasping when they saw her position.

They quickly helped her up.

"Stop bothering yourself about this. Your grandpa can pull some strings and you won't even appear on stage, and you'll still win the gold" Sandra said.

"Are you dumb? Several personalities will be there, and the campus will just announce me as the gold winner without dancing? I have to dance, and I'll do it. Ava can't trump me again" she replied.

"You're only worried about Ava? Ethan is more dangerous" Felicia said.

"By the way why isn't Amy bringing in your morning coffee" Sandra asked.

"She's probably mourning as we speak" Monica smiled.

"Meaning?" Sandra asked, and she showed them her phone screen.

It's a message she received from Luciano this morning.

• Ethan cleared.

Sandra and Felicia gasped.


"And Ava will be taken care of, with this toni" Monica brought out the green liquid from her drawer.

"Now I can't wait for the ceremony tonight" Felicia smirked.

"Me too!" Sandra squealed



Chairman Chambers was about to leave his office for a meeting when his secretary reported a visitor.

Hearing who it is, he left the door open, and Yolanda walked in.

"Yolanda Harper?" He smiled.

"Morning" she replied with a bigger sly smile, sitting in front of him without being told.

"Why is this meeting happening, miss Yolanda?" He asked.

"You want the downfall of Famoux, right? I can help you" she said, and he raised his brows.

"Why? Famoux is your dad's company. I see no reason for your interest in it's downfall" 

"He deserves everything he gets for choosing Gray over me and disowning my brother. I lost my mother too because of this same Gray. I don't care" she said, and he sat back.

"I've always known you're a different breed, Yolanda. What's the plan?"

"A storm is coming to Gray very soon, we only have to wait" she replied, and Alex barged in.

"Alex?" Chambers stood.

"Look, whatever you're planning, better thwart it cos it's all going down the drain! You're more useful when you don't do anything dad! Just stay still and breathe cos despite all your drama, Ava spent last night at Gray's place and I'm about to f+çking die!!" Alex shouted.

"What!" Chambers gasped.

"Yes! So just leave my life alone and face your group! Stop butting in!!" He yelled and dashed out of the office.

He left the company and drove straight up to his shooting range.

He didn't even bother to use ear earmuffs or eye protection before grabbing the gun.

He started shooting without target till he exhausted all the FMJ bullets, then he threw away the gun.

He was about to punch the wall when Oscar appeared and stopped the fist.

"Do the calms, dude" he said, and Alex turned his back, roughing his hair.



After the bath and clean up, Gray made a full table of breakfast and desserts, all Ava's favourites.

He even ordered her favorite mint ice cream from the resturant she likes, and they're currently at the dinning table.

Gray is the one sitting on the chair, and she's on his laps, eating from the pasta dish.

He's watching her with so much adoration in his eyes, and his fingers are busy rubbing her tat.

She's wearing his woolen sweater, nothing underneath except her p+nt, though the sweater is reaching her mid-thighs.

"How's it?" He asked.

"Delicious" she replied bringing a forklift to his lips.

"Open" she said, and he did.

She fed him with a large smile, then she kissed his lips afterwards.

"Good girl" he winked, and she dropped the fork to take the ice cream.

"When did you get the tattoo?" He asked.

"It was last year. Octavia and Demi were going to get tats, and I tagged along. I had no plans to do it, but then I saw a rose sample on the wall, and I instantly decided to get it done on my left thigh. You've always been in my heart, I just didn't remember" she replied, and he brushed her hair back.

"You have a lot of things to pay for, including the meal you wasted last time" he said.

"I'll do more things to pay for. I can't wait for the price" she winked, and he chuckled, taking her hair away from her neck to kiss her there too.

She scooped some of the ice cream in her palm and rubbed it on his cheeks and chin, then she started laughing.

"Stop that" he grinned, and she rubbed on his lips this time.

"Come finish what you started then" he picked her up.

"Where are you going?" She laughed.

"Bedroom, to spread your legs" he winked.

"Drop me Gray! Gray!!" She was screaming as he started climbing the stairs, but the ringing of his phone stopped him.

He had to take it, though he's still carrying her with an hand.

It's Harper calling.

"Dad?" He raised his brows.

Ava started licking the ice cream on his face with her tongue tip.

"I told you the meeting is 12pm right? This is past 12 where are you? You're currently recognized as my heir and not having you at the meeting means problem! Get here Gray! I mean now!" Harper said.

"Damn, it's today? But dad...

"No buts! I'm waiting" Harper hung up immediately.

"F+çk it, f+çk" Gray muttered.

"You have to go? I can use that period to do my last practice" Ava said, licking the last trace of ice cream from his cheek.

"You'll stay till I return?" He asked.

"You wish. I need to go meet my friends, there's a lot to gist about" she replied, poking his nose.

"Then why are you clinging? Shouldn't you be coming down from my arms?" He asked trickily with hooded eyes.

"Because...you're mine" she replied, and he laughed shortly.

"I'll go change, I need to suit up. I'll drop you on the way" he said.

"You'll allow me to drive right?" She asked, and he kissed her throat before answering.

"Nah, the only thing you're allowed to drive is me" he said rawly, and she chuckled, hiding her face in his chest.

"Dirty mouth" she muttered, making him smile.

She was inhaling him deep as he carried her into the bedroom.



Demi has never been this worried all her life.

Ethan still hasn't been picking her calls, and some minutes ago, his number went off, and it's roughing up her thoughts.

She had to leave Ava's place and come check on him.

She was restless as she came out of the car and rushed in.

She met the door open, and it's even more suspicious, but no one is in.

No Amy or Ethan in sight.

"Ethan? Amy! Ethan!" She was calling their names as she ran around the house.

The bathroom, kitchen... They're nowhere.

"Ethan!" She shouted fearfully as she rushed back inside, then she saw his ceremony outfit on the bed.

On top of it, there's a white paper.

She took it, and her eyes widened as she started reading the letter.

• I'll be gone for years, and I dunno if we'll ever meet again, Demi. Thanks for all you did, I'll never forget__ETHAN.

The letter fell from her, and she followed it, landing on the ground as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"No it can't be...you can't leave like that Ethan! You can't leave!!!!"

Her tears ran like a river, and her nose joined in, producing the water.

"I fell for you...I fell...I fell hard...I fell too hard please don't do this to me... Ethan!!!"

Her cried echoed on the four walls of house.

Somewhere outside the house, Luciano's car stood in the dark, and Luciano himself is smiling inside as he listened to her cries.

"I own you baby...no one else!" He grinned darkly.


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