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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 44




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 44

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


They were already seated at the dining table when I got there. Atlas's Aunt couldn't get her glaring eyes off me, and that made me uncomfortable. Of course, without being told, I know that I'm not totally wanted here. I didn't know that becoming a Luna to my mate is actually this difficult.

Atlas quickly raised his head and signaled me to come sit beside him. “Come on, Allison. You can sit right here.” He said with smiles all over his face.

Well, even though I wanted to smile at him, I just couldn't. The glaring eyes of aunt Barbara and that of Harper was making me feel uneasy.

“Can I… Can I skip meals please?” I mumbled, and Atlas raised his brow then replied. “Why is that? Aren't you hungry?”

Barbara cut in sharply. “You mustn't force her to eat, nephew. The food will be much digested if there are no peasants on the table dining with us.” 

Gulping hard, I got up immediately. Atlas was already furious, so he grabbed my wrist and whispered. “Don't go. I won't tolerate anyone making my Luna uncomfortable. Sit and eat your food.”

I sat down back, and glanced at Aunt Barbara who was obviously thrown unbalanced by my presence. Harper was quiet, and that was unlike her… probably because Aunt Barbara was speaking her mind.

“Allison, can you fill my glass with wine?” Barbara rolled her eyes at me.

My heart skipped a beat. Why would she want me to do that? There are many servants surrounding the table, why should I be the one to do that?

Without complaint, I got up and dropped my cutlery, but Atlas stopped me. “Aunt, I won't have you order my Luna around. There are many servants here to do that for you. Besides, she's eating.”

“Are you being serious right now? Your so-called Luna cannot even fill your aunt's cup with wine, huh? Is that the kind of proud Luna that you want for this honorable Pack?” Aunt Barbara scoffed.

I didn't want her to say another word, so I smiled at Atlas and mumbled. “It's not a big deal, Atlas. I can do that.” He tried to say another word, but I stopped him. “I can do it.” I reassured him.

Without hesitation, I walked up to her with the glass of wine and started filling her glass with wine. She nudged me with her shoulder, and I mistakenly spilled the wine on her dress.

Jerking up angrily, she landed a resounding slap on my cheeks, making me stagger backwards, as I wasn't expecting that. “You slowpoke, how dare you ruin my expensive outfit? What can you ever do right? Just to fill my cup with wine, you already spilled it all over me?” She yelled at me.

“Oh, my God! Aunty B, this dress costs a million dollars.” Harper sprang up, taking a serviette paper and rushing to help her clean her dress.

Tears were already rushing down my cheeks. “I'm…sorry.” I tried to talk, but I couldn't speak because tears wouldn't let me. 

Banging his fist on the table, Atlas flared up angrily. “Enough! No one is allowed to talk to Allison in that manner. I won't let any of you talk her down.”

“Atlas, she just spilled wine on Aunt B, are you still going to side with her?” Harper cried out, and held Atlas's wrist.

Pushing her aside roughly, Atlas yelled. “Don't you dare touch me with those filthy hands of yours. Aunt Barbara, I will not allow you to lay your hands on my Luna. Anyone who would not accept my Luna will be severely punished.”

“Nephew, how could you say that? I'm your Aunt, and…” Barbara tried to speak, but Atlas cut her off. “I don't care who you are, all I want you to know is that you are not allowed to talk to my Luna the way you just did, let alone slapping her on her face.”

With that, he held my hands and walked away with me. We walked down the hallway, and I continued sobbing helplessly.

“I'm sorry about my Aunt, Allison. That was why I didn't want you to do what she was asking you to do.” He explained it to me.

Forcing a smile, I replied. “It's okay. This is nothing compared to the humiliation I got from my very own Pack. I'm already used to this.” 

“I'm here now, I won't let anyone believe you, regardless of who it is. Okay?” He patted my shoulder and hugged me for a while before I left for my room, and he left for his as well.

Meanwhile, Harper was crying helplessly while Aunt Barbara comforted her. “There is no need for you to shed a tear for that useless girl, I already carried out my plans.”

“Plans? What plans?” Harper stopped sobbing, and turned her gaze at Barbara.

Smiling maliciously, Barbara winked at her and whispered. “Do you really think I will do such a stunt without having any plans? I added the aphrodisiac into his drink. It's going to take effect in the next 30 minutes, the ball is left in your court. You should know what to do, right?”

“Of course, Aunt. I don't need to be taught what to do. Thank you so much for your support.” Harper smiled.

On the other hand, Atlas got into his room while I went to mine. He took his bath and the moment he stepped out of the bathroom, he started feeling hot and ho*rny.

“What's happening to me? Why can't I seem to control myself? What is going on?” He mumbled.

But, the feeling got worse to an extent that he wasn't even stopping. Beads of sweat ran down his face. He thought of calling Beta Jackson, but that wouldn't solve his problem.

Just then, his door creaked open. The moment he looked up and saw a female figure in front of him, he quickly grabbed her.

Without hesitation, he threw her to the bed, and started kissing her neck region aggressively, then he whispered. “I'll make it up to you, please just help me.”

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