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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 42




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 42

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“Atlas! Atlas, where the hell are you?” Aunt Barbara stormed into the Alpha's chambers despite being told that he didn't want any visitors. She was bound to see him, and no one could stop her. 

“Ma'am Barbara, the Alpha gave a strict order that he wants to be on his own.” One of the guards told her, and she glared hard at him, and said. “I can see you don't value your job, I'll have your tongue chopped off if you say another word.”

With that, she got into the chambers and saw Alpha Atlas seated on the couch with some papers in front of him. Without glancing at her, he asked. “Aunt, why is there a commotion outside?”

“You have the guts to ask me that, huh? Atlas, I demand an explanation of what just happened outside the castle. I just got back, and this is the best way you could treat me?” She shook her head.

Atlas exhaled deeply, and dropped the papers on the stool in front of him, and responded. “Aunt Barbara, you don't know how excited I am that you came back. Trust me, I'm so happy to see you, but you see that attitude you portrayed outside the castle today, I really do not appreciate that.”

“I beg your pardon?” She scoffed.

Atlas snapped at her. “You heard me, Aunty. She is your future Luna… my mate.”

Upon hearing that, Aunt Barbara burst into laughter, leaving Atlas confused. “What's so funny about what I said?”

“Do you seriously think that I'll believe that she's your mate, Atlas? Has it gotten to the extent of you lying to me just to be with that girl?” Barbara freaked out.

Atlas shook his head, and continued. “I know this is difficult to believe, Aunt. But I'm telling the truth, she's my mate, Aunt. I was as shocked as you are or even more because I never expected it.”

“Shut up, Atlas. You just want to get my approval to be with her. You can't fool me, Atlas. The only one that is right for you is Harper, not that slave girl who is trying to become a Luna out of the blues. No Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack has ever gotten a mate in the past six generations, and you expect me to believe that she's your fated mate, huh?” Barbara snorted. “You're unbelievable, my little nephew. There is no way I'm letting you settle for less.”

On hearing that, Atlas clenched his fist in annoyance. He was trying hard to hold himself back from yelling at his aunt. Then, he calmly replied. “And there is no way I'm ever going to settle for Harper. I don't feel anything for her. I see her as my sister, and nothing more. Aunt, I know you don't believe that Allison is actually my mate, but that is the truth.”

“Ridiculous! You sound absolutely ridiculous, Atlas. The earlier you realize that that girl is not the one for you, the better. Your father, my brother, knew that he would never find his mate, so he quickly got married to my friend, your birth mother. Don't you want the Pack to have a successor after you're gone?” Without letting him say a word, Aunt Barbara continued. “I don't care whether you want that or not, I'm here because I have to set things right. You have to marry Harper.”

Banging his fist on the stool, Atlas got up angrily. “Aunt, I will not have you insult my Luna. Allison is the only one that I've chosen, nothing can be done about it. No one can stop me, not even you.”

“Really? Well, you have to watch me push that thing out of the Cold Moon Pack. She's just a worthless slave, and she's not fit to be here.” With that, Aunt Barbara rushed out of the room fuming angrily.

“Dang!” Atlas growled, and sat on the couch angrily.

A few minutes later, Harper walked into Aunt Barbara's room, and she was still fuming angrily. If anyone had told her that a beloved nephew would refuse to do something that she asked him to, she would have not believed the person. Now, he had refused to heed to her because of a “slave”. That made her so uncomfortable.

“He even dared to call that slave my Luna?” She freaked out.

The door creaked open, and Harper walked in with a glass of chilled milkshake. Smiling cheerfully, she walked up to Barbara. “Aunt B, you look so tense. Are you okay?” 

“Okay? I am nothing close to being okay. You won't believe what my nephew said to me just because of that slave girl that he brought back to the pack house.” She lamented.

Immediately, Harper burst into false tears, and continued sniffing while Barbara consoled her. “Aunt, I feel terrible because you are the one going through all of this humiliation. I truly wish I was the only one being mistreated because of Luna, Allison.”

“Keep quiet! How dare you refer to her as a Luna in my presence? You have to work hard to get back your man, and not accept defeat from that slave.” Barbara yelled at her.

Harper bowed her head, pretending to be in tears. “Aunt B, I have already accepted my fate. Atlas doesn't care for me anymore. He embarrasses me in public just because of that girl, Allison. He just said it in the presence of everyone that she is his fated mate.”

Aunt Barbara laughed hysterically, and continued. “I can assure you that she's not his mate. That's just a charade.”

“Charade? What do you mean, aunt B?” Harper asked with her eyes narrowed.

“My nephew is cursed.”

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