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Shackles Of Tradition - Last Episode




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 15

Written by Amah's Heart 



Coincidentally, Emeka came back to the village about two days ago because he couldn't get Adanna out of his mind no matter how hard he tried. 

Three years without her felt like another hell on earth and it took a great amount of self-control not to have ran back to the village and forcefully take her away.

Following the news about Adanna's marriage to prince Obinna two years back, a broken hearted him had left the village to the city with his mother and he had no intention of ever returning.

Emeka tried to start a new relationship before he left to the city but it didn't work out. His mother Uchechi tried matchmaking him with Chioma; a girl who was crushing on him and who was equally an Osucast like himself.

They begun a relationship but it did not last up to a week because that void and emptiness was still there. To Chioma and Uchechi's displeasure, Emeka ended the relationship and he doesn't regret it.

He believes he did the right thing as his heart was still craving for Adanna and he saw no point in leading Chioma on when he clearly may never love her.

At the city, within the two years that followed Emeka had gotten a good job and he is doing excellently well as an hardworking young man but he still couldn't deny that he missed Adanna.

After that failed relationship attempt with Chioma in the village, Emeka never bothered trying another relationship even in the city because he realized that no woman would be able to take Adanna's place in his heart or replace their past love memories together. 

Undeniably, Emeka nursed this secret jealousy towards prince Obinna for having the love of his life Adanna to himself. He sometimes wonders on how many children they have already and on how she was able to severe the oath.

It was not until a month ago when one of the missionaries came to visit him in his house in the city and filled him in on the recent happenings in the village, that Emeka finally summoned the courage to return to the village.

Emeka was told of all the good changes in the village which is credited to Adanna the new queen. He was further told how the Osucast system was no longer in practice and the equal rights that the Osucasts enjoy with freeborns.

Emeka was also surprised when he was told the sad news that Adanna is yet to have a child after her marriage to prince Obinna three years ago. He shook his head sympathetically and took that as a cue to return back to the village.

He wonders how Adanna must be feeling at this difficult moment. 

And out of empathy, Emeka immediately boarded the next available bus back to the village, he did so without informing Uchechi became he knows that she will disapprove of his decision.

Emeka has a pure heart so his sole intention of coming back isn't to take his woman back but to rather lend her a shoulder to lean on in this difficult time of her life. Because he has a loving heart that can not look the opposite direction when someone he loves is in despair.

He wasn't informed that Adanna was mentally derailed until he got to the village and found it out himself. He saw her haggardly dressed and roaming the village laughing and talking to herself.

Emeka made further discoveries and was told all that happened. He felt bad and guilty for leaving Adanna alone.

Everyday for the two days Emeka came back, he looks on from an hidden distance as Adanna strolls around the village smiling at the people in her mad state and then returns to a shabby shade looking somewhat sad and depressed.

Emeka hoped for a good opportunity in which he could get to reveal himself to Adanna and eventually hear her voice again. Thankfully, the opportunity presented itself today when Adanna ignorantly strolled into the secret place they usually met in the past as lovers.

With the way Adanna stood strangely staring at the place, it seems like she was having glimpses of the past. 

Could it be that she was regaining her sanity...? Emeka thought still staring at Adanna from his hiding place 

Nevertheless, Emeka decided that it was about time to show himself to Adanna. 

" A penny for your thoughts pretty one!" Emeka said cutting into Adanna's numerous thoughts and slowly coming out from behind the tree he was hiding

Adanna looked wide-eyed at who stood before her in flesh and blood as slowly every memory streamed back and she miraculously regained her sanity!!!!!.

From the look of vivid shock on her face, it's quite obvious she never expected to see Emeka there at that exact moment

As for Emeka, he just stood and kept staring at Adanna within this close range as his heart begun beating loudly.

Before Emeka could restraint himself he covered the short distance between them and pulled Adanna into a tight passionate hug not minding the dirts.

Damn!!! He missed his former girlfriend a lot and just can not pretend that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore!!!

" Emeka is..is..is.. is this you...?" Adanna asked stammering when she was finally able to find her voice and composure. 

" It's me Adanna. Are you sane now...? oh blessed the gods! I've missed you so much and I'm happy to hold you in my hands again my love" Emeka said and slowly disengaged from the hug with his gaze emotionally fixated on Adanna 

To Adanna, seeing Emeka in front of her still looked so good to be true. 

It felt like she was in a trance and honestly she did not to wake up from it.

" Is this real at all or is it my imagination playing games on me...?" Adanna queried in soliloquy and Emeka chuckled sarcastically

" So you've been seeing me in your imaginations...? Wow! It feels good to know that I wasn't completely forgotten like I initially thought I was" Emeka said caressing Adanna's cheeks. This act further convinced Adanna that seeing him before her was reality not a trance

Her eyes were becoming teary and she felt overwhelmed as all the emotions that she kept buried deep within her gushed out in huge torments.

" So it's real...? Oh the gods!!!!!!" Adanna exclaimed as she threw herself on Emeka for a second intimate hug

" Stop crying already. I'm here. I'm back and I came back for you...for us" Emeka said soothingly patting her back

" Emeka I've missed you a lot. I thought I'll never be able to see you again! Oh!!!" Adanna said hugging him tighter.

" Me too. I thought I had lost you forever. Thank the gods I can hold you in my hands again after three good years!" 

The hug lasted for long minutes before Adanna pulled away and smiled widely. Then she discovered that something seems off and odd about her. 

Adanna glanced at herself only to see how she dressed haggardly.

In confusion she lifted her head to look at Emeka and asked skeptically 

" What happened to me Emeka...? Why am I dressed this way...? I'm looking like a mad woman... what happened..?" 

" It's a long story Adanna and I think your family is in a much better place to explain things to your understanding. Please my love lets go home first, that way you can eat and get the needed rest...after that you'll be told everything you want to know okay..?" Emeka said and at the same time bent with his back turned to Adanna to climb on him.

Adanna nodded in agreement and climbed on Emeka's back. He took her home to the excitement of Adanna's family who were happy to see their daughter sane again after roaming about the village mad for a month now.

Ngozi prepared a sumptuous meal for Adanna to eat and thereafter she rested. After Adanna woke up, everything was explained to her in details by her father.

Oh! It hurts Adanna to know that she moved from being a queen to roaming the entire village as a mad woman. 

Adanna cried the entire night and it took the visitation of Emeka the following day to make her feel better.

" Adanna I understand how you feel about what happened to you but we both know that nobody is to be blamed for anything that happened in the past"

" I know that Emeka. I just can't help feeling dirty and shamed. I mean who will want to relate or even have anything to do with a woman with a previous madness history...? Tell me Emeka who will...?" Adanna asked sadly and bursted into fresh tears yet again. 

Emeka sighed heavily and from where they stood facing each other, he lifted Adanna's cheeks up to look at him as he begun professing his love for her

" Look here...I don't care what you think about yourself because I am very proud of you my love. You're a brave woman who has liberated us the outcasts. Besides, my affection for you has never changed in all this years Adanna. I want you back and I promise never to bring tears out of your eyes except tears of joy. Please give me a chance to be your husband. You don't have to worry about being shamed because after our marriage...I'll relocate you out of this village to the city so you will not have to be faced with any form of shame at all!"

" Is..is..is..this what I am thinking it is...? Adanna asked stammering and Emeka chuckled as he went down on one knee 

" I love you very much Adanna. Now I want to officially ask you my love. Please will you marry me and grant me the privilege of being a lucky husband to an amazing woman like you...?" Emeka asked Adanna who nodded in affirmation with multiple tears cascading down her eyes. She's genuinely happy for a day like this!

" Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course yes I'll marry you Emeka! I've also never stopped loving you too. Yes I will be your wife!" Adanna shouted in extreme happiness as she pulled Emeka up to his feet and threw herself on him in a tight hug. 

Adanna doesn't need a soothsayer to know that there's a beautiful future in light for them but above all, she is very proud of herself for being able to make the people understand that the Osucasts system is a onerous tradition that needs to be abolished permanently in Africa.

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