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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 14




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 14

Written by Amah's Heart 



Weeks ran into months and months into a year making it approximately three years since Adanna was crowned the queen and wife to King Obinna.

It was so far the best year for the Osucasts because their liberation and freedom made existence easier. But for Adanna their liberator, it was the worst year of her marriage to the king.

King Obinna's mother Uju was making life in the palace unbearable for her due to her inability to conceive till date. 

In the preceding months, her husband King Obinna usually defended her against his mother, but recently he too begun mounting pressure on her to get pregnant and at least give him an heir.

Nothing was easy on Adanna as the pressure from the queen mother and her husband for her to conceive intensified on each passing day. 

As a result of this, several herbal people had been consulted and a whole lot of remedies was being suggested as well.

Adanna ensured to acquiesce all the herbs recommended to her for fertility yet there's still no positive changes as she still hasn't conceived, instead it is having negative effects on her health.

It is also this period she found out how much of a weakling man her husband is in the presence of Uju who is his mother. 

Honestly, at first it wasn't much of a problem but since the beginning of Adanna's woes of childlessness, 

it is fast becoming a disturbing issue because he tends to listen to the queen mother's pessimisms a lot and also prioritizes his mother above everyone else including above Adanna his wife.

It wasn't until yesterday when King Obinna spoke to everyone about taking a second wife, that Adanna made up her mind to give herself a break from the constant pressure to conceive. After all, she isn't the gods that gives children.

Moreover, Adanna never expected King Obinna to be so feeble hearted to give up on her too soon. 

I mean is three years and childbearing all that his love for her was worth...? Adanna continually queries herself whenever she is alone in her bedroom.

King Obinna eventually got himself a second wife and in two months his newly married wife was confirmed pregnant for her husband.

On the day the news was announced by the herbal woman; Adanna, King Obinna and queen mother Uju was sitting in the thatched palace room. 

Immediately the herbal woman left, Queen mother Uju stood up and dramatically walked over to where Adanna was sitting and stood in front of her as she exploded in a loud voice 

" So you're still here..? barren and infertile woman!!! You are not ashamed of yourself that another woman came and within two months she is finally able to conceive and perform your wifely duties which you couldn't do for three years! Shame on you Ada!" Queen mother Uju shouted whilst clapping her hands in front of Adanna probably in an attempt to mock and scorn her

Adanna heaved heavily before she gave a response hoping it sounds peaceful 

" Queen mother I'm happy that at least you will finally be having a grandchild and my husband will be having a child. That's enough fulfilment for me whether or not the seed is coming from my womb...so allow me have peace please"

" Peace you say...? Do you even have an iota of shame...? because if I were you I will probably be hiding my face by now. Infact eh let me give you a free word of advice...Adanna leave my son alone and go back to your father's house please o.."

" Queen mother you want me to leave my husband's house and marriage and return to my father's house...? Why...? For what reason exactly...?" Adanna asked looking at King Obinna for defense but he kept mute and turned to the opposite direction in utter surrender 

" Why are you looking at him..? Isn't it obvious that your presence is no longer needed here as the queen...? My son no longer needs you so please be considerate enough to go and allow him focus more on his fertile pregnant wife!"

" Queen mother I don't owe you any compliance. My husband is the only one who will tell me to leave my marriage with him and I will...certainly not you!" Adanna fired back and that is when King Obinna finally had to speak out

" Adanna you shouldn't be raising your voice at my mother! What is wrong with you...? Anyways my mother is right! I don't think it is necessary for us to remain married when I have a second wife who can carry out a queen's duties and more...so from tomorrow I want you out of the palace!!!" King Obinna said unable to meet Adanna's eye. It is obvious that he is only acting under his mother's influence and advice to him

Regardless, that was all it took for Adanna to understand that truly she was no longer needed there in the palace. So the following day, she packed all her belongings and left the palace and her marriage with King Obinna.

On getting home, Adanna explained everything what happened to her family who wholeheartedly accepted her back.

In the days that followed, Adanna kept hoping that King Obinna would change his mind and come back for her in her father's house but it never happened. With that Adanna had to face the reality that she is no longer a married woman.

Then one morning after two weeks of returning back to her father's house, Adanna woke up mad! She was speaking incoherently to herself and eventually ran out of the house despite all attempt to keep her calm.

It was then realization dawned on Mazi Ebuka that it is now three years as aforementioned by the native man. 

The next day, Mazi Ebuka immediately ran to the hut of the previous native man he took Adanna to break the blood oath. As an Onukwo, he simply wants to seek solutions regarding his daughter's pitiful mental condition.

Mazi Ebuka got to the hut and after exchanging the necessary pleasantries, he went straight to the point of divulging what brought him there.

After consulting the gods, the native man shook his head pitifully and he said to Mazi Ebuka without mincing words 

" I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to help you Maxi Ebuka. For your daughter's fate now lies in the hands of the gods of the convenant she broke!"

" Please great one...do something please. My first daughter certainly can't remain mad and roaming the entire village!!!" Mazi Ebuka pleaded almost going down on his knees in front of the native man 

" There's a possibility that if the man she took the blood oath with returns to her..the gods of the convenant might pardon her and restore her sanity" the native man said shrugging his shoulders 

" You mean my Adanna will regain her sanity if eventually Emeka returns to this village...? oh that means all I have to do is to find a way of getting him here!!" Mazi Ebuka uttered with renewed hope

" Well like I said earlier it is only a possibility...which means the chances of that happening is very very very slim!" The native man further emphasized to Mazi Ebuka's disappointment.

" So what happens if the gods of the convenant doesn't pardon her...? Is there no hope for Adanna...? Does it mean my daughter will remain that way...?" Mazi Ebuka asked hopelessly 

" Mazi Ebuka I feel sad to have to say this to you but it's the truth. Yes Adanna your daughter will end up remaining in that insanity state until she finally joins her ancestors in a few days time!!!" The native man proclaimed sighing sadly.

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