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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 12




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 12

Written by Amah's Heart 


" So what if I did...? what are you going to do about that...? Would you change your mind and allow all of us suffer for your self-centeredness...? Tell me Ada!" Mazi Ebuka rebuked with a raised voice

Adanna shook her head not at all surprised at her father's response. She has decided to accept her fate since she no longer have anything to protect, after all her boyfriend gave up on her first.

" You can keep it calm because I will do no such thing Papa. Since you earlier promised to break the oath...there's no problem you are free to go ahead and do so. Is there any other thing...?" Adanna asked pretending not to know the main thing her father is expecting from her

" You know that's not all Ada. I want you to agree to marry prince Obinna! That's the only way I can be assured that the Onukwo position is mine alone as the inlaw of the royal family!" Mazi Ebuka replied as a matter-of-factly, which caused Adanna to smirk mischievously 

" Papa is this a kind of bargain...? are you planning to finally sell me off..?"

" Well if you choose to see it that way then no problem. But bear it in mind that I love you Ada and all I want is what will be good for you and for us all!" Mazi Ebuka said to Adanna who rolled her eyes as an indication that she doesn't believe what he is saying 

" It's okay Papa. I have heard you but I will only agree to marry the man you've chosen for me only on one condition. If you say yes to my request then no problem...I'll leave Emeka and then I'll marry prince Obinna like you want me to" Adanna said shrugging nonchalantly and in the process caused everyone to stare at her in confusion.

Till now, Ngozi and Chimoby couldn't find appropriate words to contribute to the father and daughter's discussion so the simply remained quiet. Mazi Ebuka heaved before finally giving a response 

" You're always unpredictable Adanna. What is it you want to say this time...?"

" Is this suppose to substitute for a yes Papa...?" Adanna queried in sarcasm 

" Enough of the sarcasm Adanna. First of all lets hear what your condition is... then we can take it from there!" 

Adanna looked at Ngozi and Chimoby and pleaded with them to leave her alone with Mazi Ebuka for few minutes. According to her, what she has to request for as to be said privately.

After they left them alone, Adanna took a wooden stool and placed it beside Mazi Ebuka before sitting down on it

" I am agreeing to marry prince Obinna solely because I want to use my position as the queen to fight against the Osucast system and practice. Think about it Papa..these Osu individuals are human beings too and deserves to be seen and treated as freeborns in their land of birth instead of all this discrimination and stigmatism..." Adanna begun and took some time to exhale before continuing with a firm resolve

"...in my lifetime, I want to ensure that all this myopic tradition and beliefs about the Osucasts gets wholly eliminated. Papa I want positivity and equality to be evenly embraced by all and sundry. I believe in the mindset that absolutely nobody is an outcast! I want people to be allowed to freely live their lives without the shackles of this Osucast system holding them back!" Adanna uttered whilst shrugging her shoulders 

" I'm still not understanding where all this is going! Where do I come in and how does what you are saying have anything to do with me...? Ada try and be more specific about this condition of yours because I'm getting more and more confused with your long talks!" Mazi Ebuka said feeling exhausted by today's unending drama and talks 

" As a new queen I know that I'll stand a greater chance to make my desire and vision come to pass but I will not be able to do this alone without supportive hands...that's why I'll need your help Papa! My condition is this; when you are crowned the new Onukwo I want you to join forces with me to fight and eventually expunge the village of this Osucast system!" Adanna dropped the bombshell which got her father staring at her in disbelief and amazement

" Adanna are you completely out of your mind...? You never cease to amaze me. So you're agreeing to marry the prince and then afterwards you will dig your own grave with your own hands...?" 

" I'm not digging any grave for myself or anyone. All I want is fairness and equality in this village and the world as a whole. Papa I know it will not be easy but lets find a way to get everyone to see the light as regards to the negative impacts of this mundane outcasts practices...please Papa I'm begging you"

" I'm sorry Ada but I can not join you in your thoughtless vision. Do you even realize that what you are desiring and hoping to pursue as the queen is more like a suicide mission...? Common Ada... why not just tell me as matter of fact that you want to die before your time!"

" Papa this is suppose to be a bargain but I am pleading with you as well. You want me to marry prince Obinna solely for your interest in the Onukwo position while I want the throne as the queen because of my pursuit for a new change in beliefs. I am like a sacrificial lamb who is compromising my happiness and love on the altar of this marriage so what more is there to be afraid of...?" Adanna asked staring back at her father who sighed in exhaustion and surrender

" Adanna this path you've decided to take might not favor you in the long run. Have you even taken time to consider the fact that the ordained king Obinna who will be your husband might not agree to this vision of yours...?"

" Well he is going to be my husband so I will take that as my cross to convince him. If he truly loves me like you and everyone else claims he does then he'll eventually succumb to his wife's pleas!" Adanna replied putting on a stern look

" Okay Adanna...lets actually assume that Obinna finally agrees to your pleas because of his love for you. How about the people...would the villagers not want to revolt if they do not accept what you are trying to shook down their throats and talk them into desisting from...?" Mazi Ebuka quizzed with his eyes fixated on his daughter. He wants to understand her stern facial expression.

Adanna's face remained unreadable. Inasmuch as she is having conflicting emotions, she doesn't want to succumb to discouragement or be disheartened by her father's witty responses.

" When I reach that bridge I'll cross it Papa...for now I just want to take it a step at a time. Papa you don't have to be scared because I'm not asking you to get involved directly. All you'll need to do is to use your influence as the Onukwo to help me in convincing my husband; the king to make a decree which will erase everything regarding the Osucast system...while I use my influence as his wife and the queen to do my own deal of convincing him behind the scenes..." Adanna explained and paused to allow what she said earlier to sink in

"...if everything goes well and he makes the decree then it will become easier as the queen to educate and convince the people about desisting from the Osucast practice because of its negative impacts. So papa are you in or out...?" Adanna expounded and asked with her gaze intensely fixed on Mazi Ebuka.

Deep down, Adanna is hoping for a positive response but at the same time she can't be so sure knowing fully well how unpredictable her father can be.

" Well I have thought it through and Adanna my answer is..." Mazi Ebuka begun saying to Adanna who listened attentively with her heart racing fast.

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