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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 11




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 11

Written by Amah's Heart 


" I'm short of words sir. I do not know what answer to say to you because at this point I'm slowly giving up and accepting my fate. Ju..jus..just maybe Adanna and I are not meant to be together!" Emeka said sighing heavily.

Hearing this utterance, Adanna turned to look at Emeka in utmost disappointment. 

She couldn't believe that Emeka could give up on their relationship so easily.

" Is this how far your love for me can go...? Emeka you want to give up on us so easily..? really...?" Adanna asked with her hands outstretched in frustration

" Sister Adanna what do you expect brother Emeka to do...? did you even hear what I said earlier...? News has gotten out about your relationship with an Osucast and because of these rumors Papa's opponent Mazi Edochie is fast winning the hearts of the people" Adanna's younger brother Chimoby spoke out in his small baritone voice 

" Ewoh! Nnayi is what Chimoby said true..?  What is going on..?" Ngozi asked confused but instead of giving a direct response, Mazi Ebuka exclaimed aloud 

" Chai! My enemies has finally gotten into my nest by attacking my family!"

" Mama it is true. Mazi Edochie is now the chosen Onukwo of the people after  what the heard about Sister Adanna's intention to marry an Osucast!"  Chimoby begun whilst pausing to eye Emeka disdainfully before continuing 

"...right now papa is on the verge of losing his position as the next Onukwo of our land because of Sister Adanna... yet she's still insensitive enough to stand before us to preach about her love to us" 

" I'm finished! Ewooooooo...!" Ngozi blurted out lifting her two hands to place on her head in despair while everyone present looked on in silence. 

On her part, the sad news she brought earlier is that the king d!ed in his sleep this morning. This only means one thing which is that prince Obinna and his chosen bride would need to ascend the throne in three days time. As customs demands, a new Onukwo would need to be crowned and the late king will also be buried on that same day as well.

With this current happenings in her family, this is termed as sad news because it only means impending trouble for her daughter Adanna and for her husband Mazi Ebuka. 

Prior to this recent development, her husband is ought to take over as the new Onukwo but right now it is likely that it may not be so, since the position is now being threatened due to Adanna's adamant decision to marry an Osucast.

" Quit lamenting Ngozika...instead talk to your daughter! If Mazi Edochie ends up winning over me and emerge as the Onukwo then I'll never forgive her or this her Osucast lover!" Mazi Ebuka said angrily hitting his right foot on the floor

" Nnayi please calm down...it hasn't gotten this far. I'll talk to her but please keep it calm Nnayi!" Ngozi said in an attempt to pacify her husband 

" This isn't about being calm Ngozika. As a matter of fact, everyone is going to suffer for your daughter's decision. The prince Obinna I know will not let either her or her lover go Scot free. Do you want to know why...?" Mazi Ebuka asked and paused to look around to be sure everybody's attention is centered on him. When he is sure he has the needed attention, he said in continuation 

"...because his ego will be bruised to see a commoner an Osu for that matter dragging his love interest with him! The practice of sacrificing Osucasts to escort kings has been aborted but it's very likely that when prince Obinna takes over the throne...out of anger he will retrieve the evil practice and choose Emeka as the sacrificial lamb that will escort the king in other to spite you Ada" Mazi Ebuka explained and sighed sadly.

With the sullen look on Emeka, Adanna, Chimoby and Ngozi's face, it is obvious that what Mazi Ebuka had just said is sinking deep into everybody's head.

All four of them stood staring at Mazi Ebuka in sheer silence until Adanna broke the silence by blurting out

" It's enough Papa! You're just saying all this to scare us but I refuse to believe your lies Papa. Nothing will happen to Emeka and I. I believe that our love and blood convenant will conquer and defend us in times of adversities!"

Hearing Adanna's words got Mazi Ebuka erupting in laughter. As for Emeka, Chimoby and Ngozi, they remained quiet unable to say anything. They all knew that what Mazi Ebuka said is true.

Adanna's decision to marry Emeka will bring about doom for everybody and no one in the family would escape it, not even Adanna's innocent mother and her naive siblings. 

Ngozi will be exempted from all social women's gatherings and associations.

Every member of the family will be referred to as Osu individuals. Also, they will suffer severe stigmatism and discrimination from the entire villagers. 

It might even reach a point in which they will be coerced into moving out from their current residence to a secluded region in the village that is delegated mainly to the Osucasts. Sadly and unfortunately, it will be that messy!

Emeka after thinking things through thoroughly finally decided to speak out. He came to a decision and that is to let Adanna go so that peace can reign.

" Adanna your father is right. In the past, my late father use to tell me that when making a decision...it is best to weigh the consequences with the positive impacts and if the consequences overrides the positive impacts then it's best to compromise for peace sake. Ada I know you love me but I think that you should consider your family too. That's why I have decided that we are going our separate ways!" Emeka dropped the bombshell to Mazi Ebuka and Chimoby's excitement.

Adanna closed her eyes with hot tears running down her cheeks. 

She thought the same way too and that's why it hurts the more. Ngozi who could perfectly understand her daughter's pain sighed and remained quiet.

" You're right Emeka. Instead of innocent people getting hurt..lets go our separate ways but then what are we going to do about the oath...?" Adanna asked as she slowly opened her eyes

" Leave that to me Ada. With the aid of native doctors...I will surely find a way to break off the oath binding you two! Adanna all you will need to do is to focus on preparing for your marriage to prince Obinna!" Mazi Ebuka said before Emeka could give a response to Adanna. He later turned to his son Chimoby 

"...as for you Chimoby go and call the town crier for me. I want him to announce to the entire village that those rumors about my daughter's relationship with an Osucast isn't true at all! I will further maneuver words to make it seem like it's Mazi Edochie's handiwork in an attempt to ruin my reputation in this village. I'll paint him as a Coward man that he truly is!"

" Nnayi! Common stop this please...you don't need to call any town crier to announce anything especially when we both know that it is a lie. Please don't make it messier than it already is" 

Emeka lets out an heavy breath he never knew he was holding in, after which he walked towards the door. After pulling the door open, he held onto the door knob and turned to look towards Mazi Ebuka's direction 

" I suppose it's about time I take my leave. Thank you for listening to me sir and even though I never expected things to turn out the way it did, I still appreciate your reception. When you succeed in finding a way to break off the oath binding Ada and I...please do well to let me know if you'll need my help in anything. I'll readily offer an helping hand at anytime and anyday. Goodbye!" Emeka concluded his statement and finally walked out of the door.

" Adanna I think what Emeka said is the right thing to be done. Inasmuch as I don't fully support it...we are at a point whereby it is the best for now!" Ngozi said pleadingly looking at Adanna who seems to be deep in thoughts 

" Mama we keep going on and on about the same thing without first identifying the root of the main thing. Rumors is going on about my relationship with an Osucast. How is that even possible when Emeka and I had a strictly secret relationship...? It's obvious that someone who is an insider must have leaked it out intentionally. Papa is it you...?" Adanna quizzed looking intensely and suspiciously at Mazi Ebuka for a reply.

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