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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 10




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 10

Written by Amah's Heart 


Emeka took a deep breath in and out in preparation to answer Mazi Ebuka's simple yet difficult question. 

Honestly, he didn't expect to be greeted with such a question;

certainly not after Adanna had told him assuringly that her father was now willing to give him a chance to prove himself as a potential in-law to be.

Or wait! Is this question a sort of trap to ascertain if he truly loves Adanna...? Emeka is confused as to Mazi Ebuka's true agenda but he still replied him

" I'm sorry Mazi Ebuka but I can not do what you are demanding of me. I love your daughter Adanna very much and we promised each other to stick together no matter the impeding storms or circumstances!" Emeka said politely.

Afterwards, he paused to shallow the saliva that remained stuck in his throat as a result of anxiety. Emeka later composed himself when he saw Mazi Ebuka's eyes intensely focused on what he had to say. 

He inhaled and exhaled before he continue with renewed confidence 

"... Sir I am a man of my words and promises so I'm still standing by my agreement with Adanna except maybe she decides to do otherwise. If that happens then I'll surely respect her choice and decisions...and together we'll join forces to find a way to break free from the oath unscathed!" Emeka concluded and gradually lets out a breath he never knew he was holding in

Almost immediately, Adanna bursted into the sitting room from the corner she had hidden to listen to their earlier conversation, and she came to stand directly in front of her father. 

Before now, nobody knew or even suspected that she had been hiding behind the curtains all along. 

And with the look of displeasure on Adanna's face, it is quite obvious that she isn't happy with the words she heard from Mazi Ebuka earlier. 

I mean why will her father go contrary to their agreement by asking such an audacious request from Emeka...? Was it only a trap to bring Emeka here..? 

Well she isn't so surprised since she knows exactly what her father is capable of doing. 

The main reason it pains her deeply is because she fell for his cunny schemes and by so doing she talked Emeka into coming here to meet with him.

Initially, when Adanna heard those words she wanted barg inside to voice her displeasure.

She later had to restrain herself until when an appropriate opportunity would present itself, and thankfully it did through Emeka's last statement.

" Papa how could you say that to Emeka..? Is this what you promised mama and I...? I've told you countless times that I do not love prince Obinna. Emeka is the man after my heart and I still want him regardless of his social status as an Osucast..that's my decision!" Adanna uttered angrily stomping her left feet on the thatched floor.

" Ada this isn't you talking. I suppose that you're allowing this useless boy and his mother influence you negatively" Mazi Ebuka said to Adanna. 

Then he turned his gaze to stare at Emeka and lifted the mid finger of his right hand to threateningly point at him

"...young man what charm did you use on my innocent daughter...? I believe you have an hand in this unfathomable attitude of hers because I know that no sane daughter of mine will vomit such jargons with her right senses!" 

" Oh spare him the emotional blackmail papa! I am the one you should be speaking to...not Emeka. Papa face me squarely and leave Emeka out of this!" Adanna thundered in a way that nobody has ever seen before, which shows how greatly angry she felt inside.

" Ada have you finally gone completely nuts...? Is it me your father that you dare to speak to in such a rude and disrespectful manner...eh Ada...?"

Seeing the tense atmosphere between father and daughter, 

Emeka knows without being told that it is about time he takes his leave before it became too late to do so. 

He is not a coward but he is a man who believes that not all battles are won in a day. To him, you leave when the battle is raging fiercely and you're at survival mode, that way you'll survive to fight another day when it's much calmer.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean if Adanna wants him to stay by her side, he will be insensitive to leave her alone with her father. He'll surely stay back.

" Calm down Adanna. I don't think disrespecting your father is the right way to go about this. Please calm down or would you rather I leave you two alone to sort things out amicably...?" Emeka spoke out calmly in a bid to soothe Adanna but he was abruptly cut off by Mazi Ebuka's rude remark 

" My friend get out of my house and stop pretentiously acting like a peace maker when in actual sense you're the one actually causing division in my family!" Mazi Ebuka blurted out angrily which got Emeka wondering if there will ever come a day when this man's heart will soften even a little towards him. 

" It's okay sir I'll take my leave right now" Emeka said each word slowly and eventually turned towards the exit door to walk out but he suddenly stopped midway as though he forgot something.

Emeka turned and moved to where Adanna stood still vividly fuming. When he was within Adanna's earshot he said with an inaudible voice to Adanna 

" Adanna please take things easy with your family. The least I want is to be the reason for you having issues with your father so my love calm down and if possible apologize for your disrespect. I'll get going now...please take good care of yourself. I love you now and forever!" Emeka said in conclusion and was about walking out with an heavy heart when Adanna's younger brother barged into the sitting room with the saddest news. 

Mazi Ebuka upon hearing the news became so disoriented that he sat on his chair in total surrender, 

whilst Adanna's eyes widened and her mouth opened agape in trepidation.

As for Emeka, he is emotionally tired and the sad news is placing him on the verge of giving up on Adanna to avoid further trouble from arising because of his social status as an Osucast. 

Just when they thought that was all, Adanna's mother Ngozi came barging into the already tensed room with her own share of sad news, all of which relates to his relationship with Adanna.

At this point, Emeka is contemplating finding a way to break off the oath binding him and Adanna.

That way he will set both of them free to go their individual paths since it seems like they aren't fated to be together.

Emeka is feeling downtrodden and it was vividly showing through the weary look he had on his face.

It is at this moment, Mazi Ebuka's question which is obviously directed at him broke into his thoughts and further pricked at his wounded conscience 

" Young man are you happy now that you're gradually ruining me and my family...? Are you still not convinced that it is best you let my daughter go and instead find an Osucast of your kind...?"

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