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Priceless One - Episode 6



Priceless One - Episode 6



“What do you mean by he attempted to r@pe you?.....” Sandra asked Shalewa on Monday morning.

The midterm break was over and the students had resumed back to school.

Shalewa contorted her face into a frown.

“ I am not mincing words Sandra when I said the guy you gave to me tried r@ping me.” Shalewa retorted.

Sandra looked at Shalewa as if she was kind of crazy.

“ Are you a virgin?” She asked the question directly.

Shalewa blinked.

“ What has that got to do with a guy trying to r@pe me?” Shalewa returned the question.

“ Because you are talking like a virgin.” Sandra replied and scoffed.

"...I can’t even believe that was the reason you walked out on us at the party….. I mean I gave you the guy to have fun for the night and you ended up missing out in the fun…..why should he r@pe you if you had given him access to your body in the first place.” Sandra replied.

Shalewa chanced a glance at Sandra with her mouth agape, trying to process the meaning of what Sandra was saying to her.

“ So are you by any way, justifying his attempt to r@pe me?” Shalewa asked in bewilderment.
Sandra shrugged.

“ I’m only saying you shouldn’t have been selfish with your body Shalewa….. freely were you given the body, and freely should you share it.” 

Sandra scoffed, anger visibly brewing inside her.

“ I really can’t believe that you of all people, is saying this!!..... Jeez!.....R@pe is a very bad Sandra!!..... And can cause a high level of psychological trauma To it’s victims….. imagine if that guy had r@ped me now!!!..... Do you think I will just automatically snap out of it and sweep it under the carpet?....”

“ Ok I have heard you….” Sandra cut her short.

"...just try not to stay in a secluded place with a guy, under the influence of intoxication……. But anyway….. that aside……. Chioma is throwing a party next tomorrow, at her parents house, to mark her birthday….. and this one will be quite modest compared to the one you attended over the weekend.” Sandra said.

“ That will be nice, but I’m not coming.” Shalewa replied abruptly.
Sandra scoffed.

“ Come on Shalewa!!..... Don’t be a sissy…… I told you this one will be a modest one!!”

“ and I said I am not thanks but I’m not coming!”

Just then the bell rang for assembly time.

Sandra waved her hand briefly.

“ Anyway, let’s talk about this later, and go to the assembly ground.” Sandra added.

They both went to the assembly ground for their routine morning prayers and announcement. After the assembly was over, the students marched on to their classes and settled down for their morning lesson.

Sandra was talking about the newest set of trinkets she bought, when a teacher walked in.
The class stood up to greet him.

“ Good morning class…… my name is Mr Stanley……I am your new mathematics teacher and also your class teacher.” The man announced.

There were murmurs in the class. Some seemed to be happy about the change in their class teacher, while a lot of them were quite sad. Among them was Harriet.

“ What of Mr James……is he no longer our class teacher?” Harriet asked the new teacher.

“ Yes……Mr James is no longer with us anymore.” The teacher replied her and Harriet’s face fell.
Chima gave a smirk, while Habib had a smile on his face.

Sandra chuckled and whispered to Chioma and Shalewa.

“ I told you that I will deal with Mr James……. Can you see that I’ve dealt with him now?” 
Chioma and Shalewa gasped.

“ How were you able to do that?” They asked her.

“ I simply used my father’s influence…..I told my father that I wanted Mr James out of the school…… and that’s exactly what my father did at the PTA meeting.” Sandra bragged.

The teacher eventually calmed the class after series of attempts, and the lesson continued. But Sandra was still not done talking.

She whispered to Chioma with a mischievous grin on her face.

“ Now that Mr James is out of the equation, it’s time for us to deal with Harriet.” Sandra said.

“ Yes, I agree with you on that.” Chioma seconded.
As the class went on, an Admin staff entered the class and took permission from the class teacher, before facing the students.

“ Good morning class, Who is Shalewa?......” The lady asked.

Shalewa raised up her hands.

The lady nodded.

“ Please come with me Shalewa….. your parents are here to see you.” The lady said.

Chioma and Sandra grinned the more.

“ Wow! I wish this was break time so we can all sneak into the visitors section to see your parents.” Sandra said cheerfully 

“ And one of these days…… you will be the one to host us to a party in your house, just like Habib did.” Chioma added.

Shalewa feigned a smile and nodded, she followed the lady.

Her parents were seated in the principal’s office.
Shalewa was quite surprised that her parents visited her school without informing her beforehand. She greeted the principal and her parents.

“ Yes Shalewa, your parents came to see you…. They have an important information to pass across to you.” Mr Innocent; the principal said.

“ Ok sir.” Shalewa said and nodded her head.

Her father focused his gaze at her.

“ Shalewa how you doing my dear?” he asked her.

“ I’m fine dad..” was her reply.

“ The principal gave us really good report about you…… but I was surprised when the principal informed your mother and I that a PTA was held last week and you didn’t inform us about it?”

Shalewa feigned forgetfulness.

“ I’m so sorry Dad….. I actually forgot to inform you both about it….. I thought you saw the message on the school platform.”

Her father shook his head.

“ You know that since your mom and I were robbed some months ago, and we  lost our phones, we didn’t retrieve our old SIM when we got a new phone, and that was our contact number on the school platform…… so there’s no way we could have gotten the information of the PTA meeting.” Her father said.

“Oh that’s true sir…… I actually forgot dad….. I’m sorry about that.”

“ it’s ok dear…… the school has our new numbers now, so we are going to be directly messaged now if the school has an important information to pass across.” Her father said.
Her mother who clasped her hands on the principal’s table, finally spoke.

“ Anyway Shalewa, the reason we came to your school is to inform you that your father and I got an impromptu call to travel for a program at Abuja and so we have to leave today so we can make it for the program this evening……So we will be away for 3 days…… although we were supposed to take you and your siblings along, but we didn’t want to interrupt your education…… so please we want you to take care of the house and your younger ones when we are away.” Her mother said.

Shalewa nodded.

Her father counted some money and handed it over to her.

“ Use this to buy some foodstuffs in the house and take care of yourself and your younger ones…..we will be calling you to know how you are doing ok?” 

“ Ok sir.” Shalewa replied and took the money.

Her parents gave her some more instructions before leaving the school premises.

Shalewa heaved a sigh of relief the moment her parents left.

If the dynamite squad finds out that her parents were not wealthy, she would be in a serious mess, and that was her greatest fear. Especially now that she was already gaining so much ground and command over her peers as a member of the dynamite squad.

Break time came and Sandra and her squad strolled down to the school cafeteria to order their food.

Meanwhile, Harriet had ordered her food from the cafeteria and there were no vacant seats to sit on because they were fully occupied, except a round table seat at the middle that had only Chima seating in one of it.

Harriet exhaled, 

Chima was someone that reeked of trouble. She had made a mental note from the first day she came to Hamsford College, to stay away from him because of his recklessness and his oppressive nature. 

Although, she wasn’t a bit afraid of him. She had seen guys who were worse than Chima in her former school before, and she handled them very well. And From her experience with this kind of people, she knew that there was always a form of trigger of such a trait, and most children who exhibits such toxicity, were mostly from broken homes, especially ones due to faulty upbringing.

Infact!! She wasn’t afraid of anyone at all.

Not even Sandra and her crooked squad.
She knew quite alright that her favorite teacher’s exit from the school, was due to the fact that he corrected Chima.

She walked straight to Chima.

“ May I share your seat?” She asked him politely.

Chima looked up from his phone to Harriet.
He didn’t mind her sharing in his seat as long as she keeps shut and eat silently.

He shrugged in way that meant that he didn’t care, and continued pressing his phone.

Harriet sat on the seat beside him and dug into her food.

Everyone present in the cafeteria saw this and became surprised.

“ Wait a minute Sandra!!..... Isn’t that Harriet sitting with Chima on the same  table?.....are they now dating or what!!” Chioma gasped.

Sandra stood midway with a tray containing the food she just ordered, trying to comprehend how Harriet had the audacity to seat beside Chima….. and he didn’t react!!

 She got mad and advanced towards Harriet.

Everyone turned their eyes towards Sandra in eagerness of the scene that was about to play out before them.

As soon as Sandra got to Chima’s table, she dropped her plate forcefully on the table in a loud thud. Her hands folded akimbo as she fixed her angry gaze on Harriet.

Chima on realizing what was about to unfold, quickly intervened.

“ Whoo!!..... Easy Sandra!!!...She needed a seat so I permitted her to seat with me…… that’s it and nothing else.

But Sandra was already furious.

“ I do not care if she needed a seat or not!!..... What audacity does she have to seat beside you?” Sandra questioned angrily.

But Harriet was not moved by this, she simply ignored Sandra and continued eating her food as if nothing happened.

Sandra noticed this and became enraged.

She flung Harriet’s food from the table in ánger and sl@pped her.

“ Hey!! You stand up when I’m talking to you!!!” Sandra yelled in furiousness.

Harriet rubbed her red cheek, and held Sandra’s gaze in anger.

Her first instinct was to beat Sandra to a pulp before the other students, just like she did to a boy in her former school who also bμllies other students, but this was a new school, and she knew there were CCTV cameras planted everywhere. It was too early for her to get into trouble with the school authorities.

She decided to follow due process and first of all, report the incidence to the school authorities, then the school authority’s response to the situation will determine her next line at action.

She moved closer to Sandra and matched up her gaze. Harriet’s gaze was fierce, with an expression that depicted that she wasn’t afraid of Sandra.

As she did that, the dynamite squad surrounded her, obviously ready for an @ttack on her if at all she tried to retaliate.

Harriet’s brow furrowed into a defiant smile, and then a scoff followed, increasing the tension that was already in the atmosphere, before she eventually walked out of the cafeteria.

Sandra smirked and pushed her tray of food towards her, and started eating.

Her squad settled beside her, still surprised at Harriet’s reaction towards them.

“ That girl really has some audacity….. and I’m going to make it my project from now on, to deal with her until she gets fustrated and leaves the school..."  Sandra said furiously.

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