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Priceless One - Episode 3



Priceless One - Episode 3



Gathered in the school magnificent hall, were the parents of Hamsford College. It was their PTA meeting and majority of them were in attendance.

Mr Peterson; the proprietor of Hamsford College, was present as well as Mr Innocent; the principal, and the teachers.

Seated on the hightable was Mr Peterson, the principal, Mrs Robinson; the vice principal and a handful of the parents.

“ Dear distinguished and valued parents…. I welcome you all once again to Hamsford College’s first PTA meeting for the term. 
As we all know,…… this is a forum for us to ensure that your voices are heard and also for us to rub minds together to improve the learning environment for our students, ensuring that they get to as higher standards as possible.” Mr Peterson voiced cheerfully.."

The parents cheered and clapped, then the meeting kick started in it’s vigour.

Many of the parents contributed meaningfully and brought up suggestions on new innovative ideas that could improve the learning standard of the school. While some others were there to complain about one issue or the other.


Evelyn parked her car carelessly in the school’s parking lot. She was late for the Parents Teachers Association meeting and she needed to hurry up.
She quickened her pace, ignoring the noisy clacking her heels made. She quickly entered the school building and was directed to the hall.

Mr Ese was airing his complaint, when Evelyn entered, causing a huge distraction with her noisy heels.

Everyone turned to her direction, she felt akward at that moment.

She stiffled a smile.

“ Good morning everyone….. so sorry I’m late.” She said gleefully, and walked on to find a seat for herself.

“ Who are you here to represent ma’am” Mr Peterson directed the question to Evelyn.

“ I’m here to represent Harriet.” She said.

“ Oh!!.... You mean the new student in SS2 science, who joined us this term?” The principal asked.

Evelyn stood in a poised manner, facing the hightable, with her car keys hung carelessly on her hand. She was dressed in a short penciled carton colored designer gown, on a pair horseblood heels.

“ Oh yes!.... She is the one.”

Mr Peterson scrutinized her appearance and made a mental note that she was too young to represent a senior student of the school.

“ Are you her sister or a friend of hers?” Mr Peterson directed the question to Evelyn once again.

Evelyn shrugged.

“ I am her mother.”
Everyone was stunned, and broke into silent whispers.

“ Wow!!..... You look really young and beautiful for a mother of a teenager!!!” It was Mr Nwafor who spoke this time, as he ran his eyes over her figure.

Mr Nwafor was Sandra’s father and it was rumored that he and Chima’s father, were close friends of Mr Peterson; the proprietor.

“ You are welcomed ma….. please take a seat and make yourself comfortable.” Mr Peterson said.

Evelyn nodded her response and walked on to find a seat for herself.

The whispering grew louder among the parents until it was curtailed by Mr Peterson.

After everyone had settled down once again,
Mr Peterson asked Mr Ese to continue.

“ As I was saying.” Mr Ese began.

“ My daughter Osasuyi; scored so well in her Biology, Economics and Chemistry midterm test……. But when I called her to explain how she arrived at the answers, she couldn’t give any tangible explanation!!……” Mr Ese voiced.

"...Can I get a tangible reason why my daughter is unable to defend her results after a test was conducted?” Mr Ese asked.

The teachers exchanged glances among themselves while Mr Peterson stood up to address the parents once again.

“ Distinguished parents of Hamsford College…..” He said and paused.

“ As we all know,….. Hamsford College is not just a school for mediocrity…… Our purpose is to facilitate learning and empower our students by giving them the skills and behavior that helps them think critically, and solve problems in the society at large……

"...Having said this, I strongly believe the case of your daughter is a case of her cramming the solutions, instead of allowing the learning process pass through her, by taking her time to study and memorize….. because I can vouch for my teachers right here, that my teachers exhibits professionalism and are one of the best in their fields…..we do not encourage mediocrity here…… nevertheless, we would look critically into the case to check if there are any loop holes and the school will get back to you sir.” Mr Peterson answered and the Parents clapped cheerfully.

Mr Nwafor raised his hands from the hightable where he was seated.

“ I also have a complaint.” He said and stood up.

“ Let’s have your complaint sir.”
Mr Nwafor cleared his throat.

“ Your mathematics teacher; Mr James….. I want him fired!!!.....” Mr Nwafor said.

Mr Peterson and the principal exchanged a puzzled glance, while Mr James heart pounded hard.

“ For what offense sir?” Mr Peterson asked.

“ I got wind of the information that he bullies and verbally abuses the students, instead of correcting them in love, thereby damaging their self confidence and self worth…...and I believe such toxicity should not be condoned in this school…… and on this note, we the parents of Hamsford College, wants him fired!!!” Mr Nwafor said with authority.

Mr Peterson exhaled deeply.

Mr James was one of the best teachers they had in Hamsford College.

“ But there has not been any report of such on his account.” Mr Peterson replied.

“ There has been consistent complain from my daughter about him.” Mr Nwafor said.

“ I agree with what Mr Nwafor just said….. and as a chairman of the PTA in Hamsford College…… I also call for the dismissal of Mr James.” Mr Nwachukwu seconded.

Mr Peterson shifted uncomfortably. Knowing fully well he can’t refuse Mr Nwachukwu's request because asides from being Chima’s father, he was a major financier of Hamsford College.


Shalewa adjusted her tan top once again, as she glanced at her wrist watch. It was 9:30 pm already and she needed to leave now.

By this time, her mother and her other siblings would be fast asleep. Her father would not be home until weekend due to the nature of his work. So this gives her a good advantage in sneaking out of the house. 

Today was the night party organized in Habib's house and she must also prove her loyalty to the dynamite squad by attending the party.

She applied the red lipstick and adjusted her wig, until it fitted perfectly on her head.
The wig actually belonged to her mother, and she had sneaked it into her room earlier on that day.

“Tonight must be perfect and go according to her plans.” She thought and exhaled deeply.

Then with her heels in her hands, she gently sneaked out of the house.

First of all, she had made arrangements with Tayo that they would meet at the T junction, where Tayo would hand over the keys of his father’s car to her, so she could prove to her new found friends that she was from a wealthy home.
She breathed in deeply and headed to the junction in high hopes and enthusiasm.

It was 10am when she got to the T junction, but Tayo was not there. She had to call Tayo severally to ask him where he was.

Tayo told her he was almost there, so she should wait for him. And so she waited.

Ten minutes elapsed but Tayo hadn’t showed up.
Shalewa became agitated and contemplated calling Tayo for the fifth time, when the KIA model pulled up in front of her and she sighted Tayo.

Shalewa heaved a deep sigh of relief.

“ I told you to meet me up by 9:30pm….. but this is ten already!!” Shalewa lashed out.

Tayo hissed.

“ if you know what I passed through in bringing this car out of the house without being seen by my father, you won’t be here telling me such trash.” Tayo retorted.

Shalewa immediately became calm.

“ I’m sorry for my outburst Tayo….. I know it took you a lot of risk to get this car out and I appreciate you.” She replied.

Tayo nodded.

“ Please and please Shalewa…. Remember the conditions I gave you…… which is you must bring the car on or before 3am if you do not want my father to k!ll me…… I will be in the parlour waiting for your call….. please do not smash the car or dent it in any way….. please Shalewa, this is a risk I am taking for you…… please do not let it backfire on me.” Tayo pleaded with her.
Shalewa became impatient.

“ I have heard you Tayo…..you have said this like ten times and I understand very well what you are saying…..I will ensure I drive carefully and avoid being caught….. please just hand over the keys to me.” Shalewa replied, stretching her hands to Tayo.

“ Not so fast Shalewa….. you haven’t paid me my money.” Tayo said.
Shalewa let out a fustrated sigh and opened her purse.

“ Here… take your money so I can breathe!!…..” She said, handing him some cash.

Tayo collected the money and took his time to count it.

“ This money is not complete Shalewa!!..... Our deal is twenty thousand naira, but you just handed me half of the money!!” Tayo pointed out with a frown on his face.

“ I know Tayo…..I will balance you the rest when I get back…..I promise.” She said pleadingly.

Tayo hesitated for a while.

“ Please!!!”

“ Fine!”

He handed the keys to her.

“Please drive carefully Shalewa…… do not put me in trouble o” He warned further.

With a smile lurking on her face, Shalewa took the keys, entered the car and drove off.
This is a high risk she was willing to take to show that she belonged to the big girls.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART

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