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Priceless One - Episode 1


Priceless One - Episode 1


Sandra let out a cocky grin as she balanced cross legged on her chair, focusing her gaze on her class teacher as he was about to call out the name of the students who had the overall excellent performance in the mid term exam written just a week ago.

This was a normal routine she was used to already, and the answer is obvious off course, to not just her alone, but also the rest of her classmates.

At least, everyone knew she was the top student overall in the whole of the SS2 science classes. 

There was none to be compared with her.

Not now!

Not ever!

She was brilliant and exceptional. Even her teachers spoke of it. 

Asides from the obvious facts of her brilliancy, she was the best representative the school had, in terms of external competitions. It was so bad that if she refused to go for the competition, Hamsford College will back out of such a competition.

Not even the head girl or the headboy dared her. When she spoke, her classmates stoodstill.

The only person who could dare her and she would back down, was Chima her classmate.

But fortunately, Chima was her boyfriend, and their parents were not only the best of friends, but also major financiers of Hamsford College.

So you see,

In terms of power, she wielded it as she willed, and commanded respect among her peers.

 The teacher rested one of his palms on the front table of the class, and fondled the board marker with the other palm, as he rested his gaze on the students who were in for a surprise this time.

Ever since he had served as a class teacher in Hamsford College, for the past 4 years, he had never encountered a bunch of students that gave him headache as these ones.

He cleared his throat once again.

“ The student with the best scores in all the subjects for your just ended midterm exam, is….”

He paused for effect, taking his time to observe the students one after the other. 

Everyone listened with rapt attention, except for one.

And that was Chima.

Chima had an air of aloofness around him as he placed his phone underneath his locker and seemed to be watching something.

Teacher James felt anger wash through him at Chima’s disposition to his lectures that morning. 

What infuriated him the most, was the fact that this was his usual attitude to his academics. 

He remembered the first day he had rebuked Chima openly for being unruly, it was a day he would never forget, because he received a lot of backlash from the principal. Moreover his fellow  teachers had warned him to avoid Chima and his troubles, if he wanted to keep his job in Hamsford College. But putting up with the boys attitude as his class teacher, was somewhat like an Herculean task for him and he resented Chima for his sheer disregard to his  authority.

“ So put your hands together!!” The teacher continued in high spiritism after a long pause that had generated an atmosphere of tension.

“ Put your hands together for the student with the highest score in the midterm examination….. which goes to no other than!!!.”

Everyone’s heart skipped several beats.

“ Harrriet!!!!” 

There was a loud uproar of murmur as everyone turned to look at Harriet.

Chima looked up immediately in what seemed like a puzzled expression on his face.

Was the teacher mincing words?

Sandra; his girlfriend was supposed to be the one mentioned.

 She had been the best student since he took a bow.

He looked from teacher James to Sandra. 

Sandra was pink with anger.

All eyes were in her direction, flashing her a questioning look.

She scoffed unbelievably.

“ What?.... You must be mistaken tutor James!!!..... I am the best student with the highest score….. I have always been and I always will be!!!” Sandra countered with a loud voice.

There was another round of murmurs which went on for a while.

This made Sandra angrier as she drummed her hands on her desk in agitation.

Harriet remained still, watching as the commotion in her class unfolds.

“ Silence everyone!” Teacher James shouted at the top of his voice, but the noise grew louder.

“ I said silence!!!” the teacher repeated in a louder voice and an air of authority which made the class silent.

“ I do not condone noise making in my class….. And If I hear anyone constitute a nuisance in my class again,…. I will not hesitate to walk you out of my class!!” The teacher threatened.

Sandra scoffed.

“ Teacher James!!..... You haven’t answered my question sir!!!......” Sandra retorted.

“ And what is your question?”

“ You must be mistaken tutor James…. Check the records again and confirm it well….I am the best student!!.... I have always been…. Please check the records!!” Sandra said in agitation.

Teacher James gave Sandra a Stern look.

“ Life is full of surprises Sandra…. Accept your defeat and take it in good strides.” He replied Sandra and turned to Harriet.

"...Congratulations Harriet…. Despite the fact that you resumed with us this term, you did excellently well and even outscored our best students…… if you continue in this energy, then the sky is your limit…..” The teacher was saying but was suddenly interrupted.

“ How is it possible that Harriet comes out the best student?..... Harriet is a new student who just resumed with us this term….why should she be given such a position?” Chioma countered.

Chioma was Sandra’s best friend, and the assistant leader of the ' Dynamite squad' which is a group for the happening girls founded by Sandra.

Teacher James shrugged.

“This is a result of your assessment for the midterm examination, and the reason why I announced it, is so that everyone of you will go back to the drawing board and put in more effort.” Teacher James announced.

“ The second best goes to Sandra.”

“ And the third best is Shalewa.”

Chioma scuffled.

And the others quietly murmured.

“ Now we return to our lesson for today…..” he said and faced the board.

“ Today.” He continued.

“ We are going to be looking at the topic titled 

' Pythagoras theory'
Pythagoras theory simply means…..

The teacher continued with the lesson, but Sandra was already disoriented. 

She wrote a note and passed it to Chioma who was seated two seats away from her.

Chioma took the note and it read.

“ Gather the dynamite squad, we have a meeting during break.” 

Chioma folded the paper and nodded to Sandra.
As this was going on,

Chima on the other hand took out a bubble gum and chewed noisily, intentionally causing a distraction that made the students laugh. He poised himself in a manner that depicted a carricature of the mathematics teacher, and the students laughed the more.

The teacher, on turning, caught the students mocking laughter and traced it down to Chima who continued chewing the gum noisily with reckless abandon in a bid to füstrate him.

It worked!

Because teacher James flared up in an ângry outburst. He had tolerated the boy and his excesses for too long and has had enough!!

He glared at Chima.

“ You are just a good for nothing nønéntīty Chima!!!…. When your mates are busy working hard and scoring high grades, you are busy proving how useless and stμpïd you are!!!..... It beats my imagination to see a nønéntīty squander his parents money by being so us3less!!!! And you are not ashamed?..... Now stand up!!..... Take your things and get out of my class!!” The teacher yelled.

Everyone resumed their murmurings

Chima fastened his gaze on his furious mathematics teacher and wore a frown. He wasn’t expecting the teacher to reign insults on him heavily. He had rather expected the teacher to walk out of the class just like the other teachers did, when he misbehaved. He decided to deal with the tutor for embarrassing him before his peers.

He stood up and shot the teacher a deadly look.
The teacher grew angri3r and walked up to him.

“ tell me …. What was your position last year?” he asked Chima, and scoffed.

"...I checked your scores, and you came out 14th position…… if I were you, I would be ashamed of my self for being a dμllard…… you don’t want to learn, and you don’t want others to learn…. So get out of my class right now!!!!” The teacher commanded Chima as he matched up his defiant gaze.

Chima banged his fist ângríly on his desk, and stumped out of the class.

This ignited a reaction from his other friends, and they also walked out ângríly, generating more murmurings from the students.

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