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Obiageri - Last Episode




Obiageri - Episode 25

By Amah's Heart


Palace messengers were sent out to Nkuzi kingdom, to cordially invite his royal highness and the entire villagers to travel down to Umuaku village and witness the five days occasion which starts on the Nkwo market day.

The igba nkwo of prince Ezenwa, the first son of Igwe Amaobi , the great son of the soil and a heir apparent to the throne with his beautiful maiden Obiageriaku, Lolo1 of Umuaku kingdom.

Njideka and family were also invited to the igba nkwo (traditional marriage)

Mma told me that Akabugo picked interest in her during her visit to the palace, when she use to visit me back then, that was when Akabugo noticed her and after I ran away from the palace the guards went searching for me and when I wasn’t found the igwe and Ukadike blame Akabugo for my disappearance and he was thrown in between war with his father and brother

He apologise to his father for his unruly behaviour and to his elder brother who told him bluntly that he will only forgive him if he finds me.

Akabugo came down to the house and collected the token that was meant to be for bride price, he also apologise to my father for selfishly marrying his daughter to spite his elder brother so that Ukaidke will have no choice but to relinquish the throne to him.

He confessed to my sad father and also prays that I will be found and nothing bad will happen to me as the villagers were already assuming.

Mma told me some of the things that I already knew, the old woman has already said most of them and I wasn’t so surprise when I heard it from Mma

It was already obvious Mma was going to be Akabugo’s bride. Mma said that God use me to connect her to him, if not me she may not have gotten a chance to be seen or chosen and I did not feel indifferent with the news rather I was happy for her.

There will be different games played during the five days celebration. Wrestling, racing, dance and many other fun was also inclusive, the maidens and young men were in serious preparation.

Udoka who was always coming around to stay with me and helps out when needed

She told me that she was among the dancers on that day and even the other maiden who she was seen with on the day I returned to the kingdom will also be participating, rehearsal was already ongoing.

I strolled out with Mma who was carrying Ifeoma and Udoka who her presence has been warming.

I wanted to check if the elderly woman was back from Nkuzi village, I even asked Mma and Udoka about her but none of them knows who I was talking about.

They followed me to the outskirt of the village where the mama’s house was supposed to be situated but there was no house there.

I looked around the area and it was covered with bushes, they said there was never a house there.

I couldn’t argue with them as we turned back and left.

People pay great respect whenever they come across me. 

Women greeted me cheerfully, the men quickly respond to my greetings even before the greetings is said out, some of them asked of my father and extend their greetings to him.

The younger ones kneel in greetings before walking past.

I felt thrilled, it was a wonderful feeling to know that even though I’m not yet Ukadike’s wife but I’m treated like a queen.

In the past, during my trap setting and farming days nobody noticed me, I was a nobody. 

they only see me as a commoner and abnormal stubborn maiden, who keeps away from trouble and is hardly scared of anything.

I couldn’t even compete with the beautiful maidens of the land because I don’t belong in their league, I was just plain with nothing of interest attached to me, not beauty, not even a dancing skills.

I use to admire Mma and the rest of the beautiful maiden who dances so well. If I was ever told that I will be getting married to a prince or heir apparent to Umuaku kingdom I will never have believed it.

But is happening in few days from now. People who will never want to be close to me on a normal day wanted to be my friend, they want to be identified with me.

Indeed the rich has many friend while the poor is a friend to few, everyone want to relate with success but nobody will want to be identify with failure.

My sad days are over and I’m looking forward to another beautiful phase of life, a new beginning.

Njideka arrives with her family and they were lodged in the palace, given a beautiful reception just as Ukadike commanded.

I spend most of the day with them, sometime taking them round the kingdom and introducing them to villagers.

I told everyone who cares to listen that Njideka was my adopted mother and she should be addressed as such, she took care of me and my daughter even without knowing my real identity. She was a great mother and I will not trade her for anything.

Njideka felt like a celebrity in my village, Chioma was going to join Udoka and her crew in the dance, they began to teach her different steps and she quickly got adapted to the whole environment.

Udoka likes Nnamdi and asked me if he has a woman back in Nkuzi kingdom already and I was quick to tell her that he has nobody yet, she smile as she and Chioma left for Rehearsal that evening.

Nnamdi couldn’t hide his joy as he move around with me.

 He saw beautiful maiden dancing and asked me if i can recommend anyone for him.

I laughed and pointed at Udoka who turned back from where she was practicing with others, she looked at us before returning to her dance.

“She is really beautiful. There are many beautiful maidens in this land, your land is so blessed with good things. But don’t you think that a maiden as beautiful as that may have a suitor already…and may not even consider me…"

Nnamdi said to me as we stand at a distance and watch maidens rehearse.

 I told Nnamdi not to worry that Udoka also likes him and she will make a good wife.

Nnamdi thought I was joking until I introduced Udoka formerly to him, she blushed as she stood with Nnamdi who told her that she was a good dancer.

I left them alone and move away with Mma.

Ifeoma was home with Njideka and the Nkwo day starts tomorrow.

That night Akabugo came to meet me, we have been avoiding each other ever since I return but today he came to me.

I greeted him and watch him stammers with few words before apologizing for everything he put me through, he said nobody asked him to come to me and tender an apology but he felt the need to do so and he was deeply sorry for being selfish, greedy and h@teful all in the name of hurting his elder brother.

He said so many thing and appears to be truly sorry, he also told me about liking Mma my step sister. 

Akabugo said he was glad I took a drastic measure by leaving and it was after then he realized the harm he has cursed everyone.

 probably if Ukadike has handed the throne to him he would have make a mess of it because he was not destined to be an igwe, Ukadike was destined and went through severe training to be able to rule.

We talk for a long time and I felt free and he also was relieved from his past sins.

The next day me and Ukadike had our igba nkwo, a big celebration which many prominent men and women attended from different kingdom even the igwe of Nkuzi kingdom, Njideka’s village king was also present with his Lolo. (King’s wife)

They all came to grace the occasion and it was the best time to be alive, thinking that all the good things of life was actually happening to me in reality and not in my dream makes me want to scream for joy.

As father gave me a small calabash cup of palm wine to go and give to my husband as tradition requires, I sighted the old woman, the mama was standing at a distance smiling at me, I pause and stare at her, a lot of people look at the direction my eyes was fixed but I guess they can’t see her because I have come to understand she might be a spirit.

 I struggled with that fact but everything points to that.

The older woman urged me to continue towards my husband, I smile and muttered thank you to her, maybe that will be the last time I will see her and I really want to talk to her and appreciate her for everything.

But She Was gone within a twinkle of an eye.

The celebration goes on and ended on the fifth day.

I saw the mama again on the last day of the celebration and I rushed to where she was standing, far away from everyone.

H“aaah…mama…thank God, I thought I will never get to stand face to face with you and say a proper thank you to you. all of this happiness I feel was because you were always there to encourage and lead me through all difficult situation that I was faced with…I may not know you but I’m glad I met you when I needed a guardian and a friend. I went to your hut but it was gone, both huts…the one in Nkuzi and the one here are no more existing and it dawn on me that I might have being eating, dining and moving around with somebody from another world.  wherever you come from does not really matter to me…I’m use to you and I carry you in my heart and will never forget you mama. How long do you intend to stay here…maybe I will come visiting you wherever you are…"

“My child you cannot come where I am…my work is almost done here… hmmm…this is not a goodbye, I will be back on the day your husband will be crown as king. I was sent to guide you because you are a special being, you are a star who will go through many things before you shine fort… so my next mission is to watch you and your husband take up the mantle of leadership and rule the people of this kingdom in love and fair judgement. Ukadike, like you have always called him will make a great igwe, a great father, caring husband and he will be a people’s person. The gods are wise in their choices…I will roam around for now and return on the coronation day to say my final goodbye…"

Njideka and her family later went back to their kingdom and promises to come again.

Seven weeks later after my weeding to Ukadike, Akabugo also got married to Mma.

Nnamdi was always visiting our kingdom because of Udoka, he later organised his people and travel down with a big jar of palm wine and many other gifts to ask for Udoka’s hand in marriage.

Njideka came with them. 

She called me aside and told me I was God’s sent to her family but the fact is that she was actually the one that God sent to me.

Nnamdi got married to Udoka and Akabugo to Mma.

I and prince Ezenwa had another baby, a son and he was just like his father.

Njideka was around as always for omugwo and stayed for months, she left when she had Nnamdi’s wife, Udoka has put to birth.

Njideka left for another omugwo, she was just the happiest mother and grandmother alive.

Mma also conceived for Akabugo and the land was at peace and productive.

Years later after the igwe passed on, Ukadike was crown the igwe of the entire kingdom.

A lot of people came to his coronation. igwe from different kingdoms paid their homage to him and I saw the strange mama again after Ukadike was crowned the igwe of the entire kingdom.

She was there just as she said she will be. I went to her she spoke few encouraging word to me, I knew it was a good bye. 

How I wish she will stayed a little longer, her presence was so warm, I felt emotional because I may never get to see her again and as I try to hug her I ended up hugging the air, my hands was just out in the open air, holding nothing.

I couldn’t touch her because after her few words to me she was gone with the wind and her words keep echoing continuously before she finally disappeared.

Ifeoma who was growing into a beautiful princess and was also with me during my interaction with the woman saw her and I knew my daughter was special. 

She will someday get married to a king and become a queen of another kingdom just as the mama has said.

Father later kiss the earth good bye, he died a happy man and I mourn him for weeks, I miss him greatly but I’m glad God kept him alive to witness the good days and every of his sadness was just a story of the past.

standing here with my royal bead gracing my neck and hands, teaching my children never to look down on anyone, bringing them up to be strong and hold onto justice with two hands.

 Standing beside Ukadike who understand what true love means and fought hard for it.

 The people are so proud of him because his leadership was greater than that of his father and I’m more proud to have not just a caring husband but a people’s person.

Watching the entire kingdom flourish brings fulfillment to me and I know someday my dear son will make a great king just as his father and his grandfather.

May the land keep flourishing, may there always be reasons to celebrate, may Chukwu Okike, the God of creation take away our sadness and bring laughter to our lips.

And the people chorused

“ise!!!!. (Amen)


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