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Obiageri - Episode 9




Obiageri - Episode 9

By Amah's Heart


I cried that day wishing my life will just end, I cried to the elderly woman's hut.

She was setting up her night fireplace.

"Ukadike is gone, he has gone back to wherever he came from...he is not in his hut. all his things are packed all together... where did he go to... where is he...I will go and meet him wherever he is. biko, ole ebe o gara (please, where did he go)

I cried out to the woman, she sat beside the fire which has her pot of soup on.

She was looking at the fire interestingly.

I went closer to her.

"Please say something, i need to see Ukadike...he can't disappear now... not now that he has landed me into trouble. mama bikonu gwanum..maka Ukadike egbulam...awualam (please Mama, tell me, because Ukadike has k!lled me.. I'm déâd)

I watched her move uncomfortably before saying

"Nwa m...ihe nile ga di cha mma...(my child, everything will be alright) egbe bere ugo bere nke si ebe ya ebela oku Igwe egba buo ya (talking in riddles) Ukadike is gone to where he came from but where he came from is not far, is within us and you will get to see him soon.. do not cry...i told you what you need is strength not tears or fear... you need to be strong for yourself and for what is yet to come. the creator of the land did not make a mistake in choosing you. even in imperfections there is perfection. wipe your tears and get ready for what is yet to come...Ichoro iri nri..(do you want to eat)

I told her I wasn't hungry, she asked me to leave before my father became worried.

I left and went home.

Two days later the palace maidens and guards came for me, Prince Aka awaits my return.

I was well dressed and I try to appear cheerful but deep inside me I have great fear for whatever is yet to come

I was treated as a royalty as I hugged my father good bye.

Happiness was written all over my father as he drop few words of encouragement for me before I left.

I got to the big igwe's palace, I have never being to a palace before.

 I look around the whole place and marvel at the beauty of the environment.

There were palace servants involved in one activity or the other

They greeted me as I walked pass them.

Prince Aka welcome me with a bold smile and open arms of embrace.

He took me to his father who was not looking too happy as he sat on his throne.

I greeted him by kneeling until I was asked to stand.

I heard his father say to Aka

"Aka, Che ma ihe na ime ache ma...(Aka think deep about what you are doing)

I was later asked to wait outside but I can hear Aka arguing seriously with the father before coming outside to join me.

I did not understand what was going on but I didn't care what they argued about, I have bigger problem to worry over.

Prince Aka took me round the whole palace, introducing me and showing me different things.

I pointed one status to him which looks so attractive, I asked him if they belonged to his father or to him. 

Aka mentioned his older brother, and he showed me many other beautiful carved art owned by his elder brother who is the right heir to the throne.

I noticed he wasn't happy When he said that but I overlooked the sadness in his voice as I asked him about the elder brother and where he could be. 

I said to him

" Rumour has it that he has not being seen for a very long time, for many years now. Villagers said they stopped hearing about him for almost two decades, I have never seen him before, even my father who knows almost everybody in the village doesn't know him but we know that Igwe has two sons and you are the second prince... some people said that the igwe's first son doesn't like public Life, others said he lives outside the village. maybe in another kingdom or city... and probably married. there were alot of rumour but the villagers recognise you more as a prince than your brother...is as if your elder brother doesn't exist because you appear more to the people and they recognise you more...

He pause and stared at another art work which was surrounded by flowers and I guess it belongs to his elder brother too. He turned to me and said

"Villagers will always have something to say about everything and everyone... in truth I have an elder brother who has not been seen or heard off for a very long time...but he is here and he lives among us, he lives among the people but is an unfortunately long tale which I can't tell, Ezenwa is following father's word on the rite of kingship which requires alot. but do not concern yourself with that. Ezenwa, my elder brother is many things in one that you can't understand... don't trouble yourself over him, you belong to me now... you are my wife...I know I did not make a wrong choice when I chose you. you are my virgin bride and tonight I will deflower you... I'm your husband. many maiden... both beautiful and plain will wish to be in this your position but I chose you because you delight me with the good record I gathered about you... and I'm glad I chose you... you have become a royalty, many maiden will be at your service. I have become your husband and you are mine. Oby...achara Ugo nwanyi.. Obi diya...(showering praises on the new bride)

I managed to smile.

as the night draw closer my heart began to beat faster.

It was obvious that Aka doesn't like talking about his elder brother, the real heir to the throne so I tried not to ask anything about him

Prince Aka looks familiar, it was as if I have known him before now, I had the same feeling the first day I saw him, his eyes and nose looks common to me but I waved it off as I thought of what to do.

We went into his chamber that evening, Aka locked the door firmly.

I was so uncomfortable, when he touched me I felt cold all over and walked away.

I miss Ukadike's touch, his hand is so warm and inviting, he cuddles me and makes me feel so special, I freeze whenever Ukadike touches me, my body shakes vehemently, and I love everything about Ukadike but now I'm married to igwe's son, Ukadike is gone, disappear like thin air, I may never get to see him again and such thought alone is k!lling me.

Prince Aka's mare touch irritates my body, the elderly woman said what I need is strength not fear or tears and that's exactly what i will do.

I need to do something to be able to escape this. 

immediately, an idea came to me

moved away from Aka, he stood for sometime before coming to me again, he asked me if there was a problem,

 I spoke out

"There's no problem my prince, but I'm on my monthly flow, it Just started this evening... you will have to wait until I'm done with it..."

I can see sadness in his eyes as he breathed deeply before saying.

" How long will it last... how long do I have to wait for it to be over... and why did it choose to come now..."

Prince Aka sounded so disappointed, I even started wishing my monthly flow will start immediately, but I have not seen my flow and I wonder what is wrong and hope is not what I fear most. I looked at prince Aka and told him that

"My flow last for a week or two weeks..."

He looked at me in shock, I looked away, my flow was supposed to last for five days highest but since I have started lying I needed to lie more to cover up.

Maybe within these weeks I will think of what to do and to know if I'm pregnant or not

May the gods not allow such an abomination, I will run away to another land, I can't stand the shame.

I have lied and deceive almost all the villagers. Is too much of a sin and i maybe cast out of the village if the truth comes out.

The only person that knows about all my secrets is the elderly woman whom I tell all my troubles

I will run away far away from the village, to another kingdom, I can't bring shame and disgrace to the entire land, to my father and to my self.

I won't let that happen.

Prince Aka looks so eager to have me on his bed but he stood there staring at nothing and maybe thinking how he has to wait for another two weeks for my flow to end.

He frown and I was shock as he screamed and threw punch into the air, he started saying angrily.

"Why must it be now...I allowed you one week to be prepared and why didn't you see your flow during this week, why must it be now... why now and you expect me to wait for two good weeks? that's like waiting for two years...does monthly flow last that long? why must it be two weeks... and why now that I need to be with you... why now Oby...?

I opened my eyes in shock as he move around angrily.

He looked at me and breathed deeply before coming to me.

"...My bladder is hot for my virgin wife, why did your flow chose to come now, in the wrongest time... what should I be doing for good two weeks... wha...

There was a big bang on the door, prince Aka turned as if he knows who was at the door, the bang came even more heavy

Aka shouted asking who was at the door, no response came.

the heavy bang came again, this time as if the building will collapse.

Aka went to the door and unlocked it and immediately a tall huge man pounced on him.

I stood in shock as I stare at the drama.

And I almost collapse in a heavy shock as I saw Ukadike, yes, it was Ukadike. 

He flew into the room in full rage, he held Aka and started cursing 

"I begged you, I asked you, I even screamed it to you yet you never listened. I asked father to beg you and you refused. do not allow me unleash terror because of you... stop daring me. I have Live and served every purpose and rite presented to me...I finally found the one woman I want, who loves me for who I am... after so many years out there, I was compensated with her... I was supposed to come home with her but you went ahead of yourself. why will you chose her? Aka she belongs to me...let her go.."

Aka pulled away from his grip and straighten himself before saying.

"Ezenwa, go and chose another, go back to living in the bush like an animal, go back to wrestling, go back to your stupid strange life until you find another woman but Oby belongs to me now. she is my wife...I can't leave her even if father begs me everyday, even if mother rise from the grave to plead on your behalf I won't listen. I want her...stop interrupting me when I'm with my wife. I paid her bride price... she is mine, there are still other virgins and far more beautiful maidens whom you will love..."

".... I'm the well recognised prince in this kingdom... nobody even know if you exist or not... they only knows that I have an elder brother but they don't know you because you are following all rites to please father and become a king after him... Oby doesn't even know that you are not what you appear to be. how can you claim to love somebody and still lie to the person. Ezenwa please leave my room.  don't have strength to argue with you...ever since you return we have been on this issue and I made it clear to you that I will never ever let you have my wife. go back to the bush and pretend to be whatever, you will still see fine maidens rushing at you like ant to sugar... you can chose a wife among them or you organise a maiden parade and make a choice of a woman...it will even be an avenue for people to know you better...but you can never have Oby, she's my wife now... leave my room I was Just about deflowering her before you interrupted..."

I watch Ukadike muscle shift in his face.

He was breathing heavily, his fist was tightened up, he looked at me, and I stood there speechless, in full shock I don't know if I will ever recover from it.

My heart was beating heavily like a constant drum to my ear.

 he was so handsome, more handsome than i have ever known him.

He has almost the same resemblance with Aka, their eyes and nose look alike.

He was more huge with heavy muscles, far bigger than Aka in size. 

I looked away as my leg shakes, This was so unbelievable. How can Ukadike, the stranger be the igwe's first son who people have different personalities about him.

This must be a dream.

 no, this is nothing but a dream.

I don't know if I should be happy on seeing him or should I be crying.

He boldly told Aka that he wasn't going to leave the chamber without me.

He started coming towards me, Aka ângrily pushed him to leave his chamber.

Ukadike didn't fall or retaliate instead he stopped mid way.

I wanted him to come and take me away but he pause and took a seat to sit down, ignoring Aka's threats and warning.

He appears to be ready for whatever may come.

Please let the ground open and swallow me because this is just too much

This is so unbelievable.

 Ukadike is not what he appears to be, Aka called him Ezenwa could that be his real name.

What if I'm pregnant, I guess Aka doesn't know that Ukadike has taken my virginity, Ukadike deflowered me, and I'm so scared that I maybe carrying his child.

Aka doesn't know all of that yet, there will be big drama if he finds out.

if this is really happening then I can sense big war ahead.

Let me just disappeared right now.

This is just too much for me to take in at once.

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