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Obiageri - Episode 7




Obiageri - Episode 7

By Amah's Heart



Ukadike apologies after the deed was done, I felt bad over what happened but I try not to worsen the present situation by acting all ângry.

Ukadike asked me to marry him, he said I shouldn’t go ahead with the maiden parade, he will come and see my father and do all the necessary rite that is required of him.

He also said after marrying me he will take me to where he came from, a place I have never expected, a faraway land yet is within me.

I did not understand but I can’t marry him when I have already been chosen to be among the virgin parade.

Maybe after the parade we can talk about marriage, will my father even accept a man without identity, even if he really want to marry me he was suppose to come with his people to see my father but he wants to come alone, is never done, what of his parents, where did he come from, who exactly is he? Those are the question? I will be asked but I don’t even know.

I went home that night, I did not tell anybody about what happened, I kept it a secret.

The festive time came, and I joined other girls to parade, I know I was no more a virgin and I dare not say such to anyone, I was scared but I act all fine. 

I can’t humiliate my father and myself, my father will be so disappointed if he finds out.

 And I will become a topic of discussion and warning for other mothers and girls, I dare not say anything to anyone.

I know deep down the prince will not even give me a second look if he wants to pick a wife so I felt calm.

As the said day arrived, I try as much as possible to hide behind some of the maiden as they proudly walk around, I bent my head as I felt ash@med of myself, I wanted the whole parade to end fast so that I can run back home and think about Ukadike’s offer and even how to present the marriage thing to my father.

 After that day’s parade was done I ran home as I prepare for the next day.

There were a lot of activities on ground as the new yam festival commenced, i joined other women in getting things done.

I couldn’t see Ukadike for some days, there was no time to even visit him, but i saw him one day while returning from the stream in the morning.

He looked at me and curved his mouth into a smile, I smile too, our eye contact has said enough already as other people were also coming to the stream and I don’t want them to start suspecting me, so I always pretend and walked away anytime I see him in the stream.

 If there was nobody around I will go to him he will squeeze my hand gently before letting go and that alone is enough for me.

He knows the time i was suppose to be in the stream and will always come around just to glance at me and I will also get to see his handsome face.

It was as if we were doing hide and seek love and I don’t want people to start thinking worst of me, he sensed my fear and tried not to exposed me to trøuble, people may think I shamelessly threw myself into Ukadike’s arm, they will never understand even if I explain it all to them.

And I was among the virgin parade, I don’t suppose to be seen with any man during this festive period.

I continued going to the parade, pretending to still be a virgin, joining other maiden in parading, I usually see the prince, the igwe’s son during those occasions.

They said he was the second son, that the first was probably married or away because he hardly associate with the villagers. People say he was married to a princess from another village and do not like a public life, while others said he was probably sick because is being years he was last seen.

So now it was the turn of the second son to pick a wife. 

 The day he was supposed to finally pick a wife, there was great dance and enough feasting and merry, as the virgins of the land were all dressed and beautifully decorated, Mma was among them as she has already concluded in her mind that she will be the chosen one.

 she said that she has the charisma and beauty that is befitting a Queen.

I watched as the igwe’s son stood and walked up to Mma when it was time for him to pick a bride, 

he looked at Mma and she blushed, just as expected I concluded in my mind that he has chosen Mma already, but the fine prince who looks like I have known him all my life, a little familiar which was normal, maybe I have seen somebody that looked like him before. 

He looked at the other maiden, and then when he got to me he suddenly paused, I turned my face and I didn’t even want to show my shame as I waited for him to walk past but he didn’t.

I was wearing one of my late mother’s wrappers, my father said it was one of her best wrappers, he bought it for her before she d!ed!ed and it was secured in a box containing some of her things.

I did not have many fine attire so I decided to wear it, I dressed well to the best of my ability but it can’t be compared to others, who decorated themselves with colorful beads.

The young prince stood there, I did not look up at him as I bent my head and patiently waited for him to walk away to the other maiden but instead he shocked me.

 I thought I was day dreaming, unexpectedly he took my hands.

As he announced he has seen his virgin bride.

“whaaaattttt…no…no….this is not happening…chineke, biko ewekwana…(God please forbid it, don’t let this to happen to me) I silently cried out as the crowd began to cheer and the drum was beating loudly.

The other maiden has shock written all over their faces and my own shock was already consuming me.

This was a real pot of trouble for me because I was not a virgin any more, how do I even explain that, what am i supposed to do.

 What of Ukadike, all this was going to be a disaster.

I silently cried as he parade me as his chosen bride.

I know I was in deep trøuble because this was not a dream.

 why in the wide world, among all this beautiful maiden, why will he pick me, why will he chose me, why me, I’m not even close to some of the girls in beauty or physical appearance.

girls like Mma, why will he blindly chose me, this was totally wrong and he must have made a mistake.

God, what I’m I suppose to do, instead of me to be excited i couldn’t even smile, my legs was already shaking as I walked round the cycle of people with him, as he held me in his hand excitedly announcing to the entire people gathered there that he has found his virgin wife.

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