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Obiageri - Episode 23




Obiageri - Episode 23

By Amah's Heart



When we got to the farm we joined hands with Njideka and Chioma to harvest the corns.

After we were done harvesting I told Ukadike that I will like to tell Njideka the truth right there in the farm.

He nooded and urged me forward.

Njideka was eating with Chioma when I joined them.

Ukadike was holding Ifeoma, he moved closer and stood beside us.

I began to speak to Njideka about the real village where I came from, I told her about my family, my real name before telling her the reason I ran away from my village.

She was surprised but I wasn't done as I pointed to Ukadike as the real father of Ifeoma and the next Igwe of our Kingdom.

Njideka looked up at Ukadike then back at me.

She was shock as she suddenly stood and knelt before Ukadike in respect but he pleaded to her not to kneel before him because he has not yet assume the throne

I apologized to Njideka for not telling her the whole truth before now.

She was not offended at all and said somethings are better left unsaid until the right moment.

She said all the shocking discovery about me doesn't really matter so much to her, all that matters most is that I will still be a daughter to her and that won't change.

I hugged her warmly before asking her if she will come visiting me while I'm gone.

She laugh and said

" My daughter, I know I did not give birth to you but I will always be a mother to you and a grandma to all the children that God will bless you with... I will definitely travel down to visit, that is the duty of every mother... to look out for their children.."

I looked up at Ukadike and he was smiling so real this time.

I told Njideka about Nnamdi and what he told me.

She smile and said she knows how to talk to him and he will understand.

We stayed right in the farm and talked for long before going home.

The second day Njideka called her son and spoke with him for a very Long time

I silently prayed there won't be trouble.

Nnamdi came to knock on my room the following morning.

"Why didn't you tell me that Ukadike was the real father of Ifeoma...you watch me make fool of myself right in his presence... and your name is never Obianauju.. you kept so much away from the people who took you in as a family..."

"I'm sorry Nna, it was the best i could do then...I did not want to expose myself or anyone to trouble...if I revealed my real self I will easily be searched out and once news get to my village the guards will come over here and drag me right back to the palace and things will worsen even more. I and also the entire kingdom maybe affected...I needed to act fast... I'm deeply sorry Nna... please forgive me for lying and deceiving everyone..."

He breathed in before relaxing.

"I guess I just have to accept it all like that, I don't really have a choice... you will return to your kingdom and marry your prince charming then Live happily with him but me... hmmmm well, it doesn't matter. It hurts but I will be fine..."

"Nna, you will always remain special to me and if not that I was already involved with Ukadike you would have make a great husband and father..."

Nnamdi's eye shone brightly as he asked

"Do you think so? that I will make a great husband and father to my kids...?

"Yes Nna. I remembered when I came here without anything to my name or even a family... Your mother took me in, she accepted me with my pregnancy, she made everyone to believe that I was your wife and the child was yours. Nna when you returned and your mother told you about me and pressurised you to accept me and not allow me to be reddiculed...it was hard at first for you to accept a total stranger with different baggages but you later did. Nna you accepted me and loved me and Ifeoma as if we truly belongs to you..."

"... you played a perfect role of both a husband, a father, a friend and also a brother... and I can boldly say without fear that you will make a fantastic father and a caring husband. after I'm gone, if you can't find a woman who suits you down here, I know there are alot of good maiden right in this village but if you couldn't get hold of any... please travel down to my village and I will recommend a well trained maiden within my kingdom for you. since I couldn't be the wife of your youth please be the brother that I never had. your mother has automatically becomes my mother too, she has become the mother I never grew up to know...I love her so much for her understanding and selflessness. I love Chioma like my kid sister, we make a great family together and that will not change for anything. thank you Nna for everything..."

Nnamdi smile before nodding in silent.

I went into his arms and hugged him for a very long time before letting go.

He felt relaxed before walking away.

Few days later everything was all settled, I was happy that there was no misunderstanding even after revealing to Njideka and Nnamdi who I was truly.

I decided to visit the elderly woman with Nnamdi and Chioma also came along.

I wanted to tell the mama that I will be leaving the village back to my kingdom in about seven days time and also to thank her for all her undiluted kindness.

Nnamdi and Chioma also wanted to meet this elderly woman I always speak off

As we got to the outskirts of the village I was surprised that I couldn't find her place anymore.

The place her house was supposed to be suited was Just an ordinary bush.

I couldn't believe it as I began to search the whole place.

Nnamdi jokingly said maybe I have been visiting a spirit.

He started laughing and Chioma joined him.

I told him that it was not possible because she cooks and I sometimes cook for her too.

She goes to the market and moves around like everyone.

She talks and laughs with me but I doubt if any spirit can actually do all the things she was doing and spirits can't easily be seen with an ordinary eyes but the mama was never invisible to me.

We decided to ask around if anyone knows the old woman with gray hair who moves around with a walking stick sometimes.

I gave them a good description of her but everybody claims not to know her.

No one has seen or heard of her before.

After a long fruitless search we decided to go home and I kept wondering how possible to know somebody who does not exist.

How did her house disappear and the place becomes a bush

Many things clouded my mind

Ukadike have already sent news back home to our Kingdom that he has found me and we will be coming back in few days.

He sent the news through a guard from Njideka's village.

The igwe of that village invited Ukadike and he took me along.

Information got to the Igwe of Njideka's village about Ukadike and i he decided to honour us.

We dined with the Igwe of that village who congratulated Ukadike for being the next man of the throne.

He also asked him why he didn't come to the palace to take abode knowing well that there are different chambers for a special royalty like him.

The Igwe was also told of the kind woman who accommodated me all through.

Njideka was later invited with Nnamdi and Igwe showered praises and gifts to them for being a good citizen and an example to many other villagers.

After the seven days was over it was time to bid everyone good bye, as igwe's men came to give us a parcel and excursion signed by the Igwe.

It was a beautiful time as many people came to know the truth about me and they hail Njideka for accommodation and taking me like a true daughter, Njideka became more popular after the Igwe spoke greatly of her and her son Nnamdi.

"You brought good luck to me and my household... goodness and blessings will not depart from yours..."

Njideka prayed for me while shedding tears of joy that she was recognised by the Igwe of their land.

I couldn't hold back mine either as I thanked her over and over again for being a true example of a good woman.

Even without a husband she did not derail.

I also hugged Nnamdi who whispered to my ears that he will be coming over to my kingdom to get a wife so I should get a well trained maiden ready for him.

I laughed before hugging Chioma, who was also teary.

I promised her that she and mother will be coming over to my kingdom soon and that information made her smile.

Most villagers who were used to me came and bid me farewell.

Ukadike was holding Ifeoma and watching the whole farewell unfold, some guards from the Igwe stood beside him.

Ukadike shakes Nnamdi's hand and thanked him for making his winning easy. 

He said Nnamdi handed him his long awaited trophy without much fight.

Nnamdi began to laugh.

Ukadike also thanked Njideka and everyone present before we finally left.

The women were singing, children too joined in the dancing.

they made me feel like a celebrity the way they celebrated me and Ukadike.

They later stopped half way before turning back while we continued our journey.

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