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Obiageri - Episode 17




Obiageri - Episode 17

By Amah's Heart


Njideka was worried as I arrived, the news of me falling close to the market place has gotten to her and she was searching for me and when I returned she has questions, I told her I was fine I only had a bruised knee, she quickly asked Chioma to boil water for me so that she can massage my bruised knee with hot water.

She asked me where I have been and I told her about the old woman and Njideka did not know who I was referring to and have never seen or heard of an elderly woman living in the outskirt of the village.

The hot water was ready and as I raised my cloth up for Njideka to begin working on the knee I did not see any bruises again, I was surprise as I searched my body wondering how the wound disappeared from my knee or I wasn’t sure it was my knee anymore.

Njideka notwithstanding massaged my body that night, she made red cocoyam porridge with dry fish and it was so delicious that I finished a full plate and asked for more.

I get hungry easily and Njideka never fails to make sure that food was always available in the house.

Njideka said I was eating for two, me and the baby so I need to be refilled all the time.

I laughed the day she said that and I still laugh now as I remembered it.

I asked her if I can take some garri to the elderly woman and she gave me a go ahead, I should take anything I want to take to the woman.

This days I was always craving for Nzu, the earthly smell anytime it rains reminds me of nzu and it increases the craving.

Njideka bought it for me and asked me to take it easy and not over stuffed myself with nzu.

I took some food stuff and garri to the woman, I even got oha leaf and few other things that I will use to prepare soup for her, I don’t think she has enough food stuff.

I wanted to go with Chioma but I remember the old woman said I should always come alone.

So I went alone and she was home.

I set the cooking and as we talk I made oha soup for her and even prepared garri that she will use to eat it.

I wanted to dish for her immediately after cooking but she asked me to eat to my fill first and she will eat hers later and so I ate to my fill and stayed a little while with her as we talk some more.

I find comfort in her every word, I later left and went home.

I hardly go out as my day of delivery draws near

And it was two month to go, Njideka’s son came home, he came to visit his mother and his sister and planned to stay for a while before he returns back so that he can assist his mother in every way possible.

Nnamdi was a good looking young man, Njideka said he looks so much like his father.

He was surprise to see a heavily pregnant girl in his house.

He asked his mother who I was and his mother gave him a brief explanation and asked him to just pretend as if he was my husband, if anybody ask him or say anything about me he should just act like I was his wife.

Nnamdi has this awful look on his face as he told his mother he can not do that.

“amaghi m onye obu mama, kedu kam ga e si me odi ihe a…mba…mba…(I don’t even know who she is, how will I even do such thing. No…no) mama..i can’t do that…this is my first time seeing her and I don’t even know who she is…"

The mother persuaded him, asking him to do it because of her and with time the young man agreed, he loves his mother so much and find it difficult to keep saying no to her anytime she brings up the topic.

Nnamdi agreed to act like my husband so that people will not have any reason to talk or ask.

He was either out to the farm to assist his mother in tilling the ground for cultivation or he was working within the house, either removing the dried sticks that was used for fencing the compound and replacing them with a new one.

Nnamdi was always working and helping out in every way.

 we did not get to talk much, he kept his distance from me and did not want to get close and is not because he hates me but he doesn’t know what exactly to say to me since I was a total stranger to him.

One day as I join them in peeling the cassava, his mother was talking and laughing with him when I join in, he pause from talking and face me as he speaks

“you do not need to do this, I suggest you take a rest because of your condition…looking at you is as if your stomach want to fall out. maybe you should just relax on that chair over there…mama, biko kwa ya ka o ga nudi ofu ebe (mother please tell her to go and sit in a place)

The mother smile and I told them I was fine, I wanted to do it but Njideka insisted that I take a rest so I left them.

I almost thought Nnamdi do not like me but he never show any action of hate he just like keeping his distance.

My day was at hand as Njideka called a midwife who lives a stone throw and has been nice to me.

She came and I was put in a room, Njideka made sure that everything was available in the room as I lay face up.

The midwife and Njideka were the two people in the room as they urged me to push, encouraging me and I kept pushing, it was lots of work because I was really exhausted

I was in deadly pâin but Njideka and the midwife kept encouraging me

I kept up until the baby was out. 

Her cry filled the whole room and there was this beautiful smile on Njideka’s face.

I was so weak and felt so tired as Njideka cleaned up the baby before bringing her to me.

"It's a girl…Nwanyi ka obu…ekele diri Olisa…(is a girl, all thanks to God)

I smile as Njideka was rejoicing happily before lowering the baby to me and I put my tiny bréâst into her mouth as she began to feed.

And when I looked down at her I felt tickle of tears run down my face, she was indeed a beautiful thing to behold.

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