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Obiageri - Episode 15




Obiageri - Episode 15

By Amah's Heart


I ran through the bush path until I was exhausted, I don’t exactly know where I was going but I really do want to get as far away as possible.

This decision was not the best but is the only way to avoid more trouble, to get away from Aka.

I do not want to overlook his threat on my father. if anything happens to my father I will not be myself.

Mma and her mother do not care about my father rather they will make sure they collect the little he has. 

i'm glad my father was back to his feet, he has resume farming and with that he will be able to provide for himself.

My pregnancy will reveal with time and I won’t be able to hide it any longer and with the revealing of the pregnancy comes an intensified war between the two brothers.

This is never how I plan my life to go, I wanted a quiet life with a strong farmer who will till the land, work alongside with me as we cultivate and also harvest our crops, we will get to have enough to eat and to share among those who does not have much, like the elderly woman living in the outskirt of the village.

I don’t even want to think about Ukadike, he will be devastated but I’m sorry I have to do this, is all for the best.

The throne cannot fall into prince Aka’s mercy, he was not born to rule, and he doesn’t even know what it takes to be the igwe of this great kingdom.

If he happens to become the next igwe he will even give power to people like Nduka to do whatever they pleases to do and they will take such privilege to torment innocent people.

Things will be so bad but is better to be avoided than to worsen it.

When I’m no more, Akabugo will calm down because he will not have anything to use in spiting his brother again. 

The igwe will have peace for once, Ukadike will get use to my disappearance and marry another maiden.

My father will be troubled but he will be fine, is far better than watching Aka hurt him because of me.

The kingdom will have the right igwe on the throne and there will be peace.

I am doing this for everyone who matters to me and for the entire village.

I don’t know how it will all end up because of this pregnancy, I don’t even know how I will pull through all of this but whatever may happen I plead to the gods to keep me and the baby yet unborn safe.

Ukadike will become the next igwe and he will rule with wisdom and honour as it should be.

 Aka will get over it and get married to another woman, he will not have much choice than to go and collect back the bride price he paid to my father in other for him to marry another maiden.

I sat to rest before I continued my journey, I ate few wild fruits and drank water from springs and anywhere I come across drinkable water, be it river or tiny stream.

I walked throughout the morning until evening came and night was about to settle, I can see light and hear people’s voices, I know either a village was nearby or farmers going home from the farm so I doubled up and followed the sound of their voice

that was how I found myself in another village.

Farmers were returning back from their farms, everywhere was busy. 

houses were either cooking evening meal or eating.

Children played around in the sand, while some played a hide and sick game. I can see fowls matching in forms to their place of rest.

I walked until I found an empty mud house which was not properly roofed.

I passed the night there and when I woke up in the morning my whole body was filled with dust.

I saw villagers with their pot of water going to the stream so I followed behind and when I got to the stream I stayed in a far end and washed up myself, I had my bath and changed up to something else.

I went back to the empty house and cleaned up the place 

I was famished so I entered the market, I have few coins with me so I bought few things and returned back.

I gathered fire wood and set the fire and that was how I prepared my first meal in a strange land.

I used one of my wrapper to cover the entry, the room does not have a door so with the help of my wrapper I felt better.

Rain fell that night and the whole place was almost flooded.

I moved my things away from the licking roof which was covered with palm leaf.

The first day was not easy but the second day was worst but I still try to survive.

That evening I heard the town crier announcing that a message is being sent to different villages in search of a maiden, a suppose prince wife who ran away from the palace and have been missing.

The igwe of that kingdom promised to reward anybody that will have a useful information about her.

The moment they mentioned the name of my village, the name of the igwe and also announced the name of the missing maiden “OBIAGERI” 

I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that I was the one and I need to leave immediately before my presence becomes suspicious.

I don’t know where else to go but I gathered all my things, wrapped them up and left as darkness fell on the fifth day.

I walked and kept moving with speed until I saw a palm wine tapper who was going to tap some wine, he was riding a bicycle.

I asked him if he can kindly carry me out of the kingdom.

The man asked me where I was going to but I didn’t even know where I was going so i pretend to be a stutterer, I was stammering and couldn’t give any reasonable answer so the man began to pity me and ask me not to bother saying anything that he will help me.

He asked me who I was going to see, I managed to say my husband and my children who I left to visit my grandmother in a faraway village.

The man carried me until we were out of the village and when I thought he will stop he kept moving until he was close to another village before he stopped.

I thanked him and even try to pay him with the money I had with me but he rejected it and waved me goodbye before riding off.

I continued my journey from there and I did not stop until I was so exhausted. So I rested at a market place and waited for morning to continue

I did not know what to do as I set out that morning, looking for a place to stay, I saw an elderly woman carrying some grass on her head, she was slowly moving with her walking stick.

I followed her behind and doubled up to catch up just to ask her where the village stream was located

As I got to her I fell into shock as I stood face to face with the same old woman from my village.

The elderly woman living in the outskirt of the village.

At first I wasn’t sure if she was the same woman. I was dumb founded as I stammered and greeted her.

I pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream, if she is the elderly woman in my village what Is she doing here and how did she journeyed down all by herself. 

Who exactly is this woman? I wondered within myself.

“mma, biko awela iwela I ma onye mbu (please do not be angry ma, do you know who I am)

She smile and did not answer me immediately but later said

“I know a lot of people my daughter and I can’t remember them all because of old age is really catching up with me, remind me of who you are again…onye kawanu ka I bu (who exactly are you)

I breathed down, her smile made me to relax as I try to remind her of who I was and where I came from

“Are you sure that is who you are my daughter, I’m not sure you know who you truly are…"

“I do, I’m saying the truth, I live with my father back in the village, you look exactly like the woman that lives in the outskirt of my village…and everything I told you earlier is true mama…I don’t know what to tell you again…"

“What are you doing here my daughter…you are far away from home…your father must be so worried…and Ukadike…hmmmm

The moment she mentioned Ukadike I knew I was talking with the right person, I felt so happy that I have seen somebody I know, I asked her what she was doing in a faraway land and how she got here all by herself.

She told me that she was on a long journey, she travelled down here to see somebody.

The elderly directed me to a house and said I should go there and ask of a widow named Njideka. When I get there I should tell the woman that I need a place to stay.

I obeyed and went to the house as I was directed. 

I met Njideka, a widow who lives with her daughter.

I explained myself to her and told her that I needed a place to stay for a while and the woman smile and asked me to come in, that she has enough room on and the house is so quiet and empty.

She was happy as she takes me to different rooms asking me to make my choice of the one I want to stay in.

Me and Njideka connected so well as if we have known ourselves for long.

I was so grateful to her and to the elderly woman that directed me to my new home.

I asked Njideka if she knows the elderly woman that directed me to her and she said she haven’t seen any elderly woman that fits into my description.

I wish I know where the old woman is staying so that I can always visit and also thank her for helping me get a comfortable place to stay.

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