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Obiageri - Episode 14




Obiageri - Episode 14

By Amah's Heart


Everywhere fell silent that even a drop of pin could be heard in such an atmosphere.

What prince Aka was demanding was outrageous and unthinkable. 

How could he even open his mouth to ask for a whole throne in exchange for me?

He was probably out of his mind and getting out of hand too.

 The throne rightfully belong to his elder brother Ezenwa, who spent years outside the palace, he lives like an outcast just because of the throne so that he can rule his people with wisdom.

Ezenwa practically grew up like a normal person and not like a prince, becoming a stranger and living among his people who did not recognise him and our path met and I fell for him not even minding if he was a ghost or human all that matters is that I loved him.

This is so unfair, why is prince Aka doing all this, I am really tired from all this trouble.

I was battling within myself when my stomach began to rumble up and down, I breathed in and out to keep calm.

I can’t afford to start throwing up now, not here. As much I wish this whole meeting could just end for me to leave or adjoin for another time so that they can come to compromise, I do really wish that prince Aka will just stop being a pest on me and Ukadike’s flesh

Prince Aka seem to be head strong in changing his mind.

The stomach rumbled up again and I gently massage it hoping it will just hold on until I’m out of here.

It suddenly flew into my throat and straight to my mouth, my mouth was filled as my cheeks swell up but I try to remain calm and see if I can hold on until the meeting which I hope will end soon so that I can leave to go and relief myself.

UKadike stood up and pause for some time without saying a word, he turned and looked at me.

I bent my head as I try to hide my fat cheek that was filled up.

Ukadike looked at his father who was just seated calmly watching his two sons.

“Father…i…I will do it….Akabugo can have the thro…

Before he could complete his sentence his father hush him to be quiet. He remained standing and looked towards his father who asked him to sit down and stop spilling rubbish.

I wanted to excuse myself out but I didn’t know how to do that because I was becoming so uncomfortable, my stomach was rumbling again and with little time another vomit may go right out and I may not be able to control it again.

How do I even take permission when my mouth is filled up and in a tensed up room when I’m the subject of everything happening?

The igwe turned to me and asked

“Obiageri, I want to hear you speak…tell me among this two sons of mine…Ezenwa and Akabugo who do you want as a true husband? Tell me what you love about the man you desire to be in your life, speak to us do not be afraid to express yourself. Is it Akabugo my second son who got married to you and has become your husband by right or Ezenwa my first son who disguised himself and you two clicked up together. Tell this small congress who among this men you desire? the gods made you special, you are chosen for a great course, with no royal bloodline yet you have the blessing of this land to have my two sons fight over your love…but I understand how traumatic this must have been for you. I did not plan for my children to be at war with each other over a maiden. Well, everything will soon be alright..."

"...Speak out to us who you really want in your life so that we will know which way to follow. Ezenwa may want you but it doesn’t mean deep down you also want him, Akabugo may want you but it also doesn’t mean that you really want to be with him, is a state of dilemma and you also deserve to be happy with the one you love. women are not giving the opportunity to speak or have much choice over who they want, they go with any man that come to claim them as wife but in this situation I want you to have a say and say out your pain and what exactly you want. go ahead and tell us…"

I was already standing on my feet as the igwe was speaking to me, I looked at Ukadike who was staring at me, there was pain mixed with passion in his eyes.

I looked at Aka, he was also looking at me and I can’t read anything in his eyes, he stare at me with a straight face and I wish I can read his mind.

I try to put my face in order despite what was filled in my mouth.

I know it was impossible to speak with my mouth filled, so I just stood silently not knowing what to do or how to start.

Everyone was looking at me as the igwe urges me to go ahead and not be afraid to speak my mind.

I quietly nodded, my leg was shaking and my hands were sweating as another rumble from the stomach kicked another content to my throat and I was on my toes.

Ukadike wanted to come after me as I try to run out but I heard the igwe say to him.

“hapu ya aka (Leave her alone)…she will be fine…”

I ran so fast and before I could get to a better place the whole content came pouring right out of me.

I bent by the flower lane outside the throne room, vømiting everything I have held in as it kept coming.

I was ashamed to go in there but I know they are still waiting for me. 

I looked for water to wash off my face and hands before quietly going back in.

They stared at me, I bent my head and quietly walk back to my sit and stood.

Ukadike stood up to speak when I was still standing

“father…I am not sure of what I’m about to say because she told me earlier that she wasn’t but am guessing Oby is with a child…she may be carrying my child…I hop..

Akabugo interrupted his brother.

“do not say what you don’t know Ezenwa, how can you claim pregnancy that you are not sure of, aren’t you supposed to be ashamed of yourself. Oby is still my wife remember that and she can’t be with a child…she can’t be pregnant, not now because I have not laid with her yet. I’m waiting for all this to be over first. Ezenwa you can’t deflower my woman which was a gr@ve sin and still get her with a child, you can’t do that, hell will let loose if Oby, my suppose wife is carrying your seed. Stop taking my silent for granted, I hate it. let father pass a fair judgement or give me what I want in exchange for her. Oby may not even know what exactly she want…as father asked her to say who she really want among us. Oby may point Ezenwa out because of fear or something but I am her husband and the question is not fair on my side if she decided to choose Ezenwa..."

"... Father please…I am not saying your ways are not proper or irrelevant but I really wish my feelings too will be considered in this situation because I already know what she will end up saying. if I have to let her go then the throne should be giving to me. Ezenwa can have her but I will become the next igwe of this kingdom in place of Ezenwa…."

Akabugo sat down and Ezenwa remained standing.

 Akabugo looked at me and his anger burn to my skin, I remembered his every word and what he planned to do to my father if I happen to be pregnant, I clutched my sweating palm together. I can also feel Ezenwa’s discomfort.

I feel so tired of all this empty fight.

The igwe asked Ezenwa to sit down but he plead to his father surprising me

“Father, please I’m no more comfortable sitting down, I want to remain standing. If Akabugo wants the throne in exchange for Oby then father please let him have it…all that matters to me is the woman I love and my happiness. I can’t rule with peace of mind if Oby is not beside me. I will end up being resentful and angry with everything around me, no matter the woman that ends up as my wife i will still want Oby. Father please, I know you sent me out of the palace for years to gather knowledge and wisdom…to be strong and command respect, I spent years doing your wishes and trying to make you proud in all my ways so that I won’t disappoint when I take over the throne…but in all the kingdom that I settled in before I finally came down here I have never found any maiden that got into my head like Oby, no one strike my inner man, not even a royalty because I met many of them, beautiful, glamorous and many virgins but none got my attention until I met Oby. Father let me have the wife of my youth that compliments me in every way…I don’t want the throne if she will not rule beside me, i’m tired of fighting over this…if having the throne will make Akabugo happy then is fine by me and having Oby will make me the happiest man. It will be better for all of us to settle with what our heart desires. nye ya ihe o bula o choro nna (give him whatever he wants father) ka mu na nwanyi n huru na anya biri (so that I can be with the woman I love).

I will not allow Ukadike to do such a thing, he can’t allow his brother to have the throne, and the entire kingdom will be at his mercy.

 Ukadike was trained and nurtured to be a king but Akbugo has no training at all, the whole kingdom will suffer greatly under him and I will never allow that to happen.

the Igwe refused to Ezenwa’s plea because he knew what the outcome will be if he agrees to it but Ezenwa did not give up in pleading to his father who cares so much about his people and was put in a complete confused state between granting his son his heart desire and the love he has for the kingdom.

He asked them to leave so that he can have time to think about the whole thing.

He will call back the meeting within three days and he asked his two sons to stay away from me in order not to complicate things any further.

I returned back to my chamber and remained there.

I was angry and blame myself for all the trouble and misunderstanding going on between the two brothers. 

I closed the window and lay down on my bed and did not even come out to take a walk the following day.

Ezenwa walked past my window, checking to see if I was there just like before. I just watch him from inside walking up and down.

In the night, I heard a knock on the window and I knew it was Ezenwa, and that moment I just wish he could just listen to his father and leave me alone.

All I want is to be left alone so that I can decide what exactly I really want to do but I will never watch Akabugo rule this beautiful kingdom

Never, I will never allow Ukadike to make such expensive mistake because as the igwe has fears of the danger and destruction prince Aka will bring to the land I also fear even more greatly.

I ignored Ukadike and remain in my bed.

Early the following morning on the second day I gathered few things I will be needing and tire them up into a ball with a wrapper.

On the third cockcrow I sneak out of my chamber and move to the exit gate.

The guards on duty were always alert as any tiny noise so when I approach quietly they stood up and ask me where I was going that early morning.

I told them that my father was sick and I just want to go and see him that morning before returning to the kingdom.

I told them I had a terrible dream about him and I could have informed the igwe first but he will still be asleep and I can’t tell prince Aka or Ezenwa because I don’t answer to them for now until the King decides on who I belong to.

The guards persuade me to wait for the day break, when the sun is up so that they can go and ask the king first before I leave.

I pleaded to them that I will return soon even before the igwe will wake up. Since I came down to the palace I have not seen my father, I just wanted to rush and see him, give my sister some wrapper and also return back on time.

After a long plead they decided to let me go with the agreement that one of the guards will go with me so I agreed because there was no way they will allow me to past the gate just like that.

So one of the guards followed me and we walked down that morning, as I got close to my kindred I began to find an escaping route.

I know all the apian way around that area so I told the guard to wait that I want to urinate.

He agreed and waited far while I entered the bush and that was how I went deeper and deeper into the bush, I can hear the guard shouting my name from afar but I was gone.

I ran as far as my leg could carry me.

I went from apain way to another until I was inside the main bush running as if my life depends on it.

I know if the guard can’t find me he will go and mobilize more guard to go and look for me and by then I will be far gone.

I grew up being a trap setter. I also knew how to manoeuvre my ways in the bush and those skills never left me.

And that was how I ran away from the palace, not to my father’s house because they will come to take me back to the palace but far away to another kingdom where I can be away from all the trouble and have peace for once.

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