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Obiageri - Episode 13




Obiageri - Episode 13

By Amah's Heart


I stood in between Ukadike and prince Aka, preventing Ukadike from hitting his brother.

"Oby, stay away from this let me deal with Aka.

Ukadike warned me but I ignored.

He turned to Aka 

 "...Aka you like daring me, testing my patience, I will show you what fire feels like. father asked us to stay away from her, what is she doing in your chamber? even if you don't respect me why not respect father. why do you like daring me Akabugo...."

I spoke out as Ukadike angrily lashed out to his brother who was standing behind me.

" Ukadike, please stop it, he didn't force me to his chamber I came in here by myself to talk with him. please do not hit him,  prince Aka is still my....my hus.. husband until the igwe concludes on who among you I fully belongs to..."

Ukadike stare at me surprised. 

I wasn't expecting anything different from his reaction because even the word "husband" taste like bitter leaf when I referred it to Prince Aka.

I swallowed hard and looked away as Ukadike pause and kept staring at me as if I punched him in the face.

Aka saw it as an opportunity to talk back at Ukadike.

"You heard her Ezenwa, I'm her husband. you discovered her, deflowered her but I married her so she became my wife not yours, deal with it..."

"...With all your strength and might you can't find your own wife. you decided to start dragging her with me, shame on you Ezenwa... shame. Go and organise a virgin parade and chose a wife for yourself, leave my own for me Ezenwa. she loves me not you... Oby told me that herself, you stole her virginity which belongs to me but that will not stop me from being her husband. you have the throne after father I did not drag it with you because is your entitlement, why are you fighting me because of the woman of my choice? gaa choro nwunye nke gi, hapurum nkem (go and find your own wife and leave mine for me) why the jealousy, since you have been away I had peace in this palace, now you have returned to start troubling me. Ezenwa leave me and my wife alone, stop intimidating her she can never be yours.."

Ukadike stood looking at me as his brother kept talking.

He asked me to go back to my chamber but prince Aka asked me to remain where I was.

I didn't even know what to do as I stood

Ukadike tightened his fist in ángér as he looked at his brother who was still running his mouth.

Ukadike refused to leave me with Akabugo. 

He took a chair and sat down and did not take off his eyes from me.

Prince Aka continued to talk

I quietly walked to the door and left both of them inside.

I started going to my chamber

Ukadike came out after me halting me to stop.

"What happened to you Oby? wha.. what was that all about? did Akabugo did anything to you...did he threatened you or hμrt you in anyway because I can read through you. I know you like I know the back of my palm...but you are beginning to confuse me Oby. do you still love me and want me like I really do want you... do you?

"Ukadike, I do... but you will not understand. I..I need to go back to my chamber..."

"I will understand if you tell me what is going on but I will never allow Akabugo to have you. you belong with me and not with my brother. I don't know what he said or did but I will never allow him to take you away from me... Oby, please trust me and tell me what is going on..."

"... you also promised to let me whenever you see your flow, you hinted me about carrying my child...ar...are you pregnant Oby...?

I looked up at him and I felt like crying but held myself from doing that, I saw Aka coming, so I told Ukadike that i was not carrying his child before walking away to my chamber.

The Igwe summoned me the following day and when I got there Ukadike and Aka were both seated.

I knelt and greeted and was asked to go and sit down and I did.

Igwe spoke out quietly.

"With all that has been going on which is centred on you, Obiageri. I do want to apologies for all the trouble my two sons has put you through. Ezenwa, my first son found you and planned to make you his bride but it all turned out that Akabugo here stretch his hand over his elder brother's head and claimed you as his... Akabugo was wrong in..."

Before the Igwe will say another thing, prince Aka interrupted his father which was disrespectful to the Igwe

"Father... I'm sorry to interrupt you but I need to make this clear. I did not marry Ezenwa's bride. Oby is the woman I wanted and i went for her. Ezenwa should go and find where he kept his own woman because Obiageri is not his and will never be. father if you are going to support Ezenwa like you usually do then I will quietly leave this meeting in peace and not in disrespect to you or anybody. But I will not Just sit here and allow Ezenwa to take my wife from me... never..."

Everywhere was quiet, I turned and looked at Ukadike and he was just calm looking at his brother.

This is becoming more difficult than I thought it will be.

Everywhere was quiet again before the Igwe spoke.

"I just want to make sure you are done talking Akabugo, because if I speak a word again and you tries to interrupt me I will ask the guards to lock you up for two days without food or water...I will be doing that to teach you discipline and not because I hate you. I love my two sons but I dislike your behaviour, your attitude towards things is questionable, aside being your father I'm the Igwe of this kingdom and will not spare any of my sons that takes my word for granted..."

"... Now listen to me Akabugo, I will give you ten plot of land, a good plots of land located in a nice place, you can build or farm with it but that will be in exchange for Obiageri. You will have to hand Obiageri over to Ezenwa your brother, go back to her father and collect back your bride price. I will personally organise another virgin parade, where all the maiden will participate and you will choose another maiden of your choice.  many things will be awarded to you and your new wife all I kindly ask is to let your brother to have the maiden he truly desires..."

I watch Akabugo squeezed his face angrily. 

when his father later gave him permission to speak, he stood, bow to the igwe, apologies for his previous behaviour before speaking.

"Father to be sincere I don't want any of those things you are offering me, I want Oby to remain my wife, you should organise a virgin parade for Ezenwa let him chose his bride, I want Obiageri father... she is my wife, I will not allow Ezenwa to have her..."

He remained standing, I watch Ezenwa bite his lips in sadness, he breathed deeply, comb his hand into his head before standing up from his seat.

He cleared his throat, look straight at Akabugo his brother and said

"Aka, please tell me, what do you need, whatever you want I will give it to you in exchange for Obiageri. I want her Aka, please, let's stop this fight...I chose her and she fell in love with me even without knowing my true identity, she is real and never pretends or hides her feeling towards me. Oby is kind, filled with humanity love for her fellow. she is strong and relentless. I knew her even before she came in contact with me. Oby do not allow people's opinion to affect her personality. She is far more appealing and beautiful to me than any maiden will ever be, I do not want another maiden Akabugo. I want Oby, I want her to be my future queen because she merit it...I can't love another maiden except Oby. Biko... Akabugo hapurum ya aka maka Chukwu ( please, Akabugo leave her for me... for God's sake) please brother...I beg you Aka listen to father...or tell me anything you want then I will will do it for you..."

Aka turned to him and I can see a mischievous smile on his face as he looked at his elder brother.

I was almost rejoicing that all this trouble will finally be over when I heard prince Aka speak.

"You said you will give me anything in exchange for Obiageri... okay, there is only one thing that I so much desire to have. Just one thing, if you can give it to me then I will allow Oby to be yours, I will go and retrieve the bride price I paid to her father which will enable you to go and pay yours and become her rightful husband, I may even chose another maiden or allow her to recommend one for me. probably her beautiful step sister, who never stops showering praises on me ever since she started visiting Oby. I will chose a bride and allow you to have Oby but it will all be in exchange for something..."

Ukadike smile, I also smile because it seem we were making progress.

The Igwe wasn't smiling as he silently watch his two sons.

Ukadike appears happy and I can see the joy in his eyes as he asked his brother.

"Akabugo...what could that be? I'm ready to do it...Just tell me what your conditions are... I'm ready to do anything.."

The Igwe spoke out directly at Ukadike.

"Ezenwa...I have thought you many things, life itself has being a great teacher to you. Spending years outside the palace and living as a nobody is just for you to gather wisdom and be wise... you sound desperate and that is not befitting for a soon to be king. use wisdom in weighing a matter and don't be quick to agree to an offer from anybody because at the end you may not like what is presented to the table...I understand you my son, Obiageri is your reward for all your hard toil and I know she will complete you in a great way. she is a good maiden and worth all the fight but don't sound so desperate. ponder over what your brother maybe asking from you in exchange for her..."

 Akabugo hasn't said what exactly he wants but I don't think what he wants is doable 

"...Akabugo, tell us what you really want..."

Ukadike remain standing as he looked from the Igwe to his brother who was still having a mischievous smile because he probably knows that his brother will fall for what he was about to say

My heart began to beat louder as I wonder what Akabugo may want.

"The throne, I want the throne. I want you to step aside from the sit of power and let me be the next heir to the throne after father. let me rule the people, Let father be a witness to this day. Ezenwa, I will only let Oby to become your wife in exchange for the throne...let me become the next Igwe of our people who are already familiar with me, Igwe to this great kingdom...in exchange for Obiageri..."

I freeze in shock as he spoke, the Igwe looked at Akabugo with disappointment in his eyes.

Ukadike's smile turned into a frown as he sat hard on the chair and held his head in his hands.

just when I thought everything was beginning to turn out fine Akabugo release a shock to everyone.

Akabugo wants ukadike's birthright in exchange for me. 

I wonder what will happen next as everywhere fell silent.

Akabugo sat back on his chair as he waits for reply to his ridiculous offer.

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