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Obiageri - Episode 12




Obiageri - Episode 12

By Amah's Heart



Mma started coming often and on, as much as I don't like this new development of hers but she was keeping me company, she talks alot and ask unnecessary questions and will wants us to go outside and stay Just for her to have a glance at Ukadike

And showers praises at Akabugo who was always looking for a new means to spite his elder brother.

One of those days as I walk round with Mma, I felt like throwing up but held it back.

It came again with force, pushing it's way from my throat to my mouth.

And before I could move away from Mma the vomit was already out of my mouth.

I vomited everything I ate that morning.

I did not want to give Mma something to talk about but I couldn't just help myself.

After the whole thing was over, I know Mma had a thousand questions running through her head.

This was not the first time I was throwing up.

It started few days ago when the smell of food and few other things affects me in a funny way.

But today is the first time that I vomited outside in the presence of Mma who has suspected me to be pregnant but I denied it, telling her to stop imagining rubbīsh.

I know this will confirm her suspiciousness.

"Oby, hmmm...I think I was asking you if you were pregnant and you said I should stop asking you stùpíd question. Is not a sin to be pregnant for your husband, prince Akabugo will be so delighted. you are pregnant right?

I looked at her and ignored her and just then we saw prince Aka coming towards us.

Mma wore her best smile as she greeted him.

"Good day Prince Aka, you are looking great as usual. your lovely wife and I decided to take another walk again today...a little exercise is very necessary for her now that she is expecting your child..."

I opened my mouth and swallowed hard, Aka looked at me in shock on hearing Mma, he stare right into my eyes with a questioning look before saying.

"Expecting who's child? my wife is carrying my child without...hmmm.ar...! are you pregnant Oby?

"No, I'm not pregnant, I Just had cold and threw up few times and Mma thought is pregnancy..." I quickly replied

"...please don't listen to her... she has a wide mouth...".

Aka heaved in relief, stared long at me before walking away.

Mma turned to me.

"What is going on, why didn't you tell him, you just lied to your husband. you look pregnant, adding weight all of a sudden and now the vomiting thing.. you should tell him the truth. he deserves to know...Aka is your husband and will be a father soon..."

"Mma stop assuming things, did I tell you that I was pregnant, what is the meaning of this? if you can't keep your mouth shut don't ever come looking for me again, if you do I will ask the guards to send you out. what is wrong with you? please start going... leave, you have over stayed your welcome..."

Mma started grumbling

" Is it not a good thing to be prégnant for your husband,?... why are you covering it? Well, since you said you are not, I totally believe you. Is not something to be angry over, you have just made it clear that you are not pregnant. why are you sending me away, maybe today is not a good day for you...I will come another day..."

She kept talking as she walked away.

Ukadike was with his father and few elders in the igwe's throne room.

Aka did not join the meeting so I guess Ukadike was going through some training from his father and the elders.

As I was returning to my chamber after Mma left I heard Aka called my name, asking me to stop.

I pause while he approached me.

"I need to talk with you follow me..."

"I...I can't follow you my prince..."

"Why can't you? you are my wife and I'm your husband...Oby. no matter all the restrictions and everything going on you are still my wife. I paid your bride price remember that and I still I have full right over you..."

"Prince Aka, I'm asked not to do that... I'm suppose to be within my chamber for the period of time until the Igwe lift the ban off..."

" amaghim ihe I na ako ako...(I don't know what you are saying) did father's ban stops you from being my wife... I'm not going to eat you, I just need you to follow me, I need to speak to you, very important or do I have to take excuse from somebody before speaking to my wife..."

He wasn't going to give up and looks like he will follow me to my chamber.

I followed him and when I saw that he was about to enter his chamber I pause asking him to tell me what he has to say outside.

"Are you daring me Obiageri, I guess Ezenwa asked you to disrespect me, Ezenwa gave you the wings to disrespect your own husband, do not dare me Oby because I h@te it, I said I wasn't going to do anything to you, I Just want to talk. I'm a royalty and we keep our word..."

He looks like he was going to be violence with me, I followed him into his chamber and stood as he closed his door.

"...i know your father is all you have and he is a man with no name, just a poor farmer who has become popular and weathy because of my marriage to you. Ezenwa is my brother who disguise himself and you fell for him, do you think Ezenwa loves you? think again, Ezenwa is going to be a King so he will need a royalty as a wife. I know he went out there and spend many years with the people who did not recognise him. moving from Kingdom to kingdom was only to find a humble princess not a nobody like you. Forgive my rude approach to the truth..."

"... My late mother, the Queen was a princess who was chosen for father by my grand father who was a king and reign for years but my mother troubled her husband greatly before she d!ed and father vow never to allow Ezenwa to make same mistake, and that was more reason he was sent out to find a wife for himself, to find a royal virgin maiden not ordinary maiden with no name and he fell for you but I got Married to you, Yes...I married you Oby. He deflowered you, painting it to my face that he is not sorry about it, I felt hürt but I let it go and with father's word I withdrew all the threats I have wanted to carry out. I did not do it for you or for Ezenwa, I did it for father's sake, hapu nwakita ka orahu ora na udo...obu ihe mmere (leave a sleeping dog to sleep in peace... that's what I did. (Proverb) I have planned to unleashed t£rror on you but I held it all back Just because of one thing..."

"... Your suppose step sister that comes visiting mentioned that you are with a child but you said it was ordinary flu and your sister took it for prégnåncy...?

I Watch him pause and move close to the window before asking me to go and sit on the bed.

He said it in a nice way as he urged me ahead.

I quietly walk to the bed and sat while he walk back to me, stood watching me. 

He continued

"...So I decided to ask you calmly and in a reasonable manner, Obiageri are you with a child... are you pregnant...?

I saw the fire as it burn in his eyes, he was hùrting inside but appeared calm. he stood waiting for my answer.

"No, I'm not with a child my prince..."

He nodded, walked to the window again and return. He continued

" Good, it will be better for you and for your father if you are not carrying my brother's child, because I held onto my threats before doesn't mean I won't carry it out when pushed to the wall. don't use your hand to hurt yourself Oby, my brother defiling you and robbing it to my face was enough shame for me, you parading yourself with the virgin of the land when you know deeply that you are not one was another slap to my face but if you ever dares me again... Oby if you are found carrying my brother's child in your womb, that I will never take. I will disobey father and do harm to you and the people you hold dearly.."

"...I will hürt them and watch them súffer. Ezenwa can not even stop me or save you when it happens, I don't go back to my words. Don't make me húrt you, don't make me húrt your father. Obiageri, do not push me far more than I have already been pushed. I swear to the gods of this land and with my late mother's gr@5555ve I will hurt you so that at the end neither me nor Ezenwa will have you...if I can't have you then Ezenwa won't have you... there will be war between me and Ezenwa and I don't care how long the war last..but if any of us die in the process Just know that you caused it and you should be held responsible... there is enough sadness already all because of you don't make this fight to become bloody, you better not be carrying Ezenwa's bastard child...hmm... this is my sweet warning and I know you are a good maiden you will harken to it...is not an empty threat, do not mistake it for a joke and if you tell Ezenwa and he comes for me or lay a finger on me again because of you then I will have no choice than to revenge with your father. Ezenwa is way too stronger than the strongest man in this village but I will use you to bring him down...I will use you to destroy him and he will not become a king after father... instead I will take over the kingship and becomes the next Igwe instead of him and it will be all because of you... Oby, we re ire gi guo eze gi onu (Oby use your tongue to count your teeth. (Proverb) avoid further calamities and shield yourself from future harm..."

Someone was banging on the door of his chamber and it was Ukadike.

He was shouting and hitting the door hard.

Prince Aka went to open the door.

I did not stand up from the bed immediately as he came in.

He tried hitting his brother but I rushed to him and stood in between him and his brother.

Ukadike was surprised to see me defending Aka as if he matters greatly to me.

Aka doesn't matter to me but my father does.

Every word Aka said was too heavy for me not to heed.

He said if Ukadike hit him my father will be the one to suffer for it.

My father is all I have left in this world, I can't stand seeing him sad or hurt.

I lost my mother and brother, my father is the closest person to me and I will never let harm come to him or to Ukadike.

I will do anything I have to do to protect the people I hold dearly to my heart and also to protect the innocent child forming in my womb.

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