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Obiageri - Episode 11




Obiageri - Episode 11

By Amah's Heart



I stayed in my chamber, I sat by the window and watch the outside world as I wonder about my fate in all of the ongoing drama with two brothers.

This is never how I planned my life, I never thought I will end up like this, in between everything and everyone.

 In the means of the most important people in the kingdom.

I miss going to the farm, checking my traps, harvesting my crops and getting things done for my father. 

I was lively, I was active and I loved my free life.

I have planned to marry a strong farmer, we will cultivate the land together and bring fort crops to be shared for people who can’t farm, people like the elderly woman who live by herself in the outskirt of the village.

 we will have enough food for ourselves and the children that God will bless us with.

I have planned my life and how I want to end up but never like this, never will I dream of becoming a problem for two brothers.

Two week has gone by and I still have not seen my flow, i will not give up in hope because that is all I have to do, to hope and to believe that my monthly flow will still come.

Things are bad enough and I will never want to complicate things more than it is already.

If I’m pregnant for Ukadike it will devastate prince Aka, it will not really go down well and may turn out to be war against two brother all because of me.

No! i will never allow that to happen and I also pray that prince Aka will not carry out his threats.

If he tells my father or the elders that my virgin parade was a sc@m, I will be termed as an outcast or infidel.

 I know Ukadike may not allow such but people will still see me differently.

I will be a liar and everything that they termed me to be and I do not want such.

The mess that I’m presently into is enough, I don’t want any other bad thing to happen.

I was just in my own thought when a knock was heard on the door and the maiden attending to me went to answer the door.

When prince Aka stepped in, he asked the maiden attending to me to leave and she left immediately.

My heart skipped as he walked towards me.

I stammered and greeted him as he came to stand in front of me. 

He tried touching me but i pulled back, he asked me to come and sit with him by my big bed side and I quietly did.

“I’m still your husband, I have paid your bride price and married as custom of the land demands, is unfortunate that you gave my elder brother your virginity which was suppose to be my entitlement, is unfortunate that you aren’t a virgin any more, you brought down my high hopes and broke my wings of pride when Ezenwa announced that you are not a virgin, he deflowered you and I guess that was the reason why you lied and said you were in your monthly flow because you are afraid that I will find out the truth..."

"...the truth can not be hidden forever Oby, despite that you are still my wife until I return your bride price which I will never do because you belong to me…and if you don’t want me to go talking and telling your father and everyone out there that you lied and paraded yourself with other virgins, you've to remain loyal to me and not to Ezenwa. Lying to me about your virginity was a great sin Oby, why will you allow Ezenwa to take what belongs to me, I’m so pained right now…"

"...is so painful but I will still manage you like that and I really do want to know that thing my brother saw in you, I want to know why he picked interest in you. you are my wife and when the time my father gave you is over then we can continue living together as husband and wife, if I ever see Ezenwa close to you I will be force to carry out my threats. I respect my father and I don’t want to disobey his orders neither do I want to be pushed by you or Ezenwa to do something rational. father has always favored Ezenwa maybe because he is the first son and the heir to the throne…but in truth, people don’t really know him, I’m the one the whole kingdom knows. just like you said that you thought he never existed, Ezenwa is not a people’s person but I am. He live his life outside the kingdom, going through rite and custom just as father has always wanted but I was here always with father and the people and now is time for me to be compensated and he deflowered you. my own supposed virgin wife, is really painful and I am trying to get over the hurt and betrayal. I want you to spend the night with me today, I want to have my first taste of you. I know you are not a virgin, but you are still my bride and I will have my wife anytime I so desire. so we will be together this night, even if you are on your flow I guess is over by now because you said two weeks and two weeks has gone by…"

I looked at him and remained speechless, I swallowed hard as he placed his hand on my laps and moved close to me, I shifted back, I was uncomfortable with his actions but he moved closer as he unbutton his weaved prince shirt that he was putting on.

And at that instant I started praying that Ukadike or somebody will come in.

Ukadike has not come into my chamber but he has stopped severally by the window to check up on me.

He did not want to disobey his father by coming into my chamber so he stays by the window and speaks with me briefly and has never stopped assuring me of his love which I take great strength from.

And this is the first time  saw prince Aka after the last fight with his brother.

Prince Aka brushed his hand toward my breast, I try to stand but he asked me to remain seated of which I did, my heart was beating as he robbed his hand around my neck then down at my back, he untie my breast cloth, he was still struggling to finish up with my breast cloth when Ukadike forcefully pushed my chamber door and stepped him.

And immediately I saw Ukadike I gave a sigh of relieve

I never knew I was holding my breath all the while with Prince Aka.

 Ukadike ângrily approached his brother and sl@pped him across the face.

Prince Aka fell down as Ukadike struck him hard on his cheek,

He held his face in pain as he bent his head.

Ukadike cursed out loud and turned to me

“What did he do to you…did he touch you…?

I shakes my head, Ukadike bit his lower lips as he came to me and quickly tire back my bréãst cloth, he held me unto himself breathing hard, he brushed his finger on my arms gently, his heart was pounding into my ears, he was trying to calm down.

And when he was calm enough he straightened to look at his brother who has Ukadike’s finger print on his cheeks.

“Akabugo, father warned you not to enter her chamber, what are you doing here? you want to lay with her, are you out of your mind?

"... I don’t want to hμrt you Akabugo…I don’t want to hμrt you but please…I am begging you in the name of the gods, Akabugo biko, hapurum nwunye mu…hapu ya aka (Akabugo, please, leave my wife alone…leave her alone) I will really hürt you if you come close to her. I did not spend my life in the forest to be taking advantage off or to be cheated on. if you try to outsmart me, I will be forced to unleash térrør on you and everyone who will challenge me or hμrt Obiageri in any way. find your solace with other maidens of the land but Leave Oby alone. she is mine, I’m pleading to you now…do not say I did not warn you. maka mgbe oga esu, I ga agba oso mgbe na onweghi onye na achu gi (because when it will start you will start running when no one is chasing you) we re ere gi guo eze gi onu (take your tongue and count your teeth)..."

Prince Aka picked up his cloth and left ângrily, I guess he was going to report to his father.

As much as I was happy Ukadike showed up just in time, I was also scared of the unknown.

Ukadike did not stay for long as much as I would have want him to.

But he later came in the night, I freeze at his touch when he quietly lay beside me.

And he made me lay in his arms, he was warm and I wish he will not have to leave again. 

We had a fun filled night and later laid awake most part of the night talking in whisper. He said to me

“I was afraid today…I have never been so afraid all my life when I noticed that Akabugo was in your chamber, I have my eyes on you every passing minute, I have guards reporting to me on Aka’s every movement and also yours. I have missed you so much and I just wish all this trouble with Akabugo will be over so that I can have you all to myself, I do not have to talk in whisper, or through your window or even sneak into your chamber at night just to be with you. I could have put Aka in his place but I do not want you to be hμrt in the process..."

"...he reported me to father again and father has prolonged your stay here for another three weeks in which none of us should get close to you, but I don’t know how I will cope with you in here for another three weeks. you belong to me and I’m dying to have you all to myself. after now, I may not come close to you again because father will be putting a bane to your door and guards reporting to him so I have to act fast but do not worry I will still find my way to you and everything will be alright. do you understand?

I replied quietly, speechless.

 "I love you so much Oby and I’m certain everything will be fine. you belong with me not with Aka…I will do everything within my power to protect you..."

I decided to tell him about my fears, I need to speak to somebody about it and I’m glad Ukadike was the closest person to speak to

“Ukadike…I don’t know but I have this feeling that I maybe pregnant, I have missed my flow and I have being hoping but nothing yet. I’m afraid but I’m still waiting for my flow maybe it will still come…I’m not yet certain but I’m just hoping I will see my monthly flow soon because I don’t want to complicate things any further…"

Ukadike sat up surprised at my word.

“woooow…i…I’m speechless. you do not have to be afraid Oby, if you are carrying my child right now I will be the happiest man alive…there is nothing to be afraid of. it will be a faster way to settle all this and finally have you all to myself. Oby, as much as you are expecting your flow I am also hoping your flow will cease to come so that you will carry my child for real. I want you Oby and I love you with everything in me…please make sure you let me know whatever happens. if you later see your flow or not…don’t fail to let me know…and do not be afraid I will always be here for you. I am not returning to the bush or leaving this palace. where ever you are there’s where I want to be…"

He stayed with me through out the night until the third cockcrow, which welcome the new dawn.

I told him I will let him know whatever comes up and he later left.

The Igwe placed a ban on my door preventing his two sons from coming close to my chamber just as Ukadike has said.

I spend all my day inside my chamber and comes out in the evening, I was restricted to walk far away from my chamber so I return to my chamber after few minute walk.

I was surprise when Mma came visiting me, she told the guards that she was coming to visit her sister and that my father sent a message to me.

They allowed her in after confirming from me if Mma was my sister.

Mma came and was so happy as she saw my big chamber and how I was treated so well, having everything I will ever want in my chamber, she told me that my father sent his greetings.

She said I was getting fat, and also said that rumors has it that Ukadike is the igwe’s first son who was not popularly known, she asked me if it was true and I told her yes.

Mma screamed in shock and said if she knew she wouldn’t have given up on him, she only left him alone because she thought Prince Aka was a bigger fish and also thought she will be chosen as his bride.

She bite her finger in regret as she asked me about palace lifestyle and also told me that there is some other gossip that the two prince are fighting because of me, I ignored her and later asked her if she came to the palace to confirm the rumors or to check up on me.

And with that question she became mute.

Mma suggested that we go outside and I did not want to tell her that I was in house arrest.

 so I decided to leave the chamber with her.

We walked round the flower lane and Mma kept on saying that I was becoming fat, she asked me if I was already pregnant for prince Aka.

I ignored her, she asked me how prince Aka, who suppose to be my husband was treating me.

I ignored some unnecessary question and answered some.

Ukadike walked past us and Mma suddenly knelt and greeted him, Ukadike looked at her then back at me, it was as if he was using his eyes to talk to me because anytime I see him and look into his eyes there’s always a message of “I love you”.

And that alone was enough for me, what he can’t say with his mouth his eyes says it all.

He wasn’t allow to speak with me or to come close to me until the king decided on what to do so is always a silent communication which we both have gotten used to.

Ukadike nodded at Mma’s greeting and walk past.

Mma was gushing over him as he walk past.

“Oby, Ukadike is indeed a prince, so handsome and huge. we were blind not to have noticed that, do you see the air he carried around him…he has so much strength and authority on his shoulder. oh mine, if he looks at me I will just melt under his gaze, since you are married to his younger brother Prince Aka, do you know if they are planning a virgin parade for Ukadike to pick a wife? please, you know I’m your only sister, don’t fail to let me know if such development starts so that I will prepare very well and you can also tell him about me..."

"…preach my goodness to him so that he will pick interest in me, it was somebody that told Prince Aka about you and that was why he chose you, I guess is Nduka, because my mother told me that somebody saw Nduka close to the palace one day and he was talking with prince Aka. So also preach my goodness to prince Ukadike so that I will belong here with you. I can not have pretty face for nothing that was what mother usually say to me that I’m beautiful for nothing. My mother will say “look at Obiageri who is just plain, not as beautiful as you and don’t even know how to dance yet she got prince Aka as a husband and you're just here eating and sleeping..."

I chuckled as Mma spoke like her mother

She sighed and continued

"...anyway, I miss you seriously, the bush meat and all the those fun time…and I will like to visit you often…"

I asked Mma about the elderly woman living at the end of the village but Mma didn’t know who I was talking about, she was more concern in talking about Ukadike and how I should help her get to him since he was not married yet.

Prince Aka walked past us and Mma greeted too, I also greeted, he ignored Mma and stopped to look at me for sometime, not with a frown, his face was straight as he stared at me.

I can see Ukadike watching us from where he sat in a distance. 

Prince Aka later asked me how I was feeling and I sluggishly nodded that I was fine.

He was not supposed to be speaking with me but he always want to dare Ukadike to do his worst.

I told him I was alright, he brushed his hand on my arm and I saw Ukadike was already on his feet coming towards us, Prince Aka gently withdraw his hand back.

Mma started talking

“my prince, you are really taking care of your wife, is just a month that she is married and she is already getting fat, I was even asking her if she was already carrying your child. you are such a nice man and my sister Oby will make you a proud father soon. she is so lucky to have you as a husband that is the dream of many of us, the beautiful virgin maidens like us will kill to have you call us your wife…but since you chose Oby no problem maybe we will have to wait until your elder brother is ready to pick his own bride. I’m so honored to be in the palace today…and meeting and standing with you…"

Prince Aka looked at her then back at me, and as Ukadike approached, he started walking away. 

I watch them stare at each other with a rivalry and h@te

Ukadike walked passed him and looked at me I can read something else in his eyes, he wants me to go inside.

And I quickly tell Mma that I want to go inside and she followed me while staring at Ukadike who never paid any attention to her.

I went back into my chamber and remain there with Mma who was offered different things to eat and drink and I later send my greeting to my father through her as she left and planned to come back again.

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